Is it Better to be a Boss or Employee?

What is better, to be a boss or employee?

A lot of you will think being a boss is better, but some will think being an employee is the best way to go.

I must say, they both have their pros and cons. And to be completely honest with you, it comes down to the person in general.

I will get into the specifics of this topic inside this article, because at the end you will know which one IS right for you.

I know what I like, but everyone is different and you know yourself better than anyone else. So lets get started!

What Makes Them Different?

Their Responsibilities

A boss and an employee has different responsibilities.

A boss has very important responsibilities, and more of them in general, while employees responsibilities aren’t THAT important, and there aren’t as many either.

Your job as an employee is to show up to work on time and do your job

However, a boss has to make sure employees turn up to work, to organize where everyone is going to be working and to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Basically, it is much harder to be a boss than an employee and most of the time more stressful.

Their Earnings


Because a boss has more important responsibilities, they make more money than employees.

But is the extra stress from being a boss worth the extra mula?

That’s the all-important question you need to ask yourself before applying for such positions.

An employee can earn a good amount of money, however, their monthly earnings don’t even come close to what bosses are earning.

I don’t care what anyone says, if a boss isn’t making a large amount of money they might as well become employees themselves.

That is why it baffles me when bosses say they don’t make enough money.

It’s simple, if they weren’t making enough they would be closed down. Most of the time they are lying.

Different Paths In Life


Each and every one of us are on our own paths.

Bosses are on their own paths, coworkers are on their own, and you are on your own path also.

A boss may enjoy his lifestyle but you may want something different in life.

You’re probably an aspiring boss yourself but finding it difficult to get there, or maybe you want to quit your job to do something you love.

Bottom line, everyone is different and we are all chasing something in life. You might be comfortable with being an employee, and that is completely fine. If you are happy I have no problems with that.

The problem I have is when people are unhappy in their job but don’t do anything about it.

Which One Are You?

Leader Or Follower

Leaders and followers are two different things.

There’s nothing wrong with being a follower, it just means being an employee is better for you.

But if you like to take charge, to be a leader that can easily tell people off and give warnings, to organize everyone in the company and love every moment of it, then being a boss is for you.

However, followers will not enjoy being a boss. They will hate turning up to work because they aren’t the “type” of person that’s required.

If you’re a follower but don’t like being told what to do from a boss, being an entrepreneur might be your only other option.

Boss Or Employee

A boss takes on more responsibilities. His job is to organize and operate a business, a business full of employees.

A boss has to know the ins and outs to the company. He can’t become a boss without knowing anything about the company.

That’s why people have to climb the corporate ladder, because everyone starts from the bottom and goes up the ranks as they learn more about the industry.


However, employees have a more “laid-back” approach. An employee doesn’t have to organize anyone. They just need to worry about their own job and how effectively they are doing it.

As a rule of thumb: Bosses make sure everyone does their job correctly so the company can profit – Employees try to get their job done quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Want To Be Neither?

If you are anything like me, even just a tiny bit, there’s a good chance you don’t want to be ANY of these.

To be honest, I think bosses care more about themselves. They think they own everyone in the business.

One boss told me if it wasn’t for him I would still be on the benefit (receiving money from the government instead of working).

He was a control freak. He always liked to be in charge.

I knew I could do better than been controlled to make somebody else richer, to make his dreams come true and not mine.

So what did I do?

I sure as hell didn’t sit in the same job for years complaining about how much I hated my life and the job I was in.

No, I did something about it.

I decided to become an entrepreneur myself, to be my OWN boss, not to boss other people around.

I am not a boss, nor an employee. I take control of my own life and live it how I want to!

I do not answer to anyone (apart from my other half :P) and have complete freedom with all the money I need + more.

I have an online business my friend. I have a website that I created myself, and now I make commissions on a daily basis.

I have never been happier and only recommend it for you too.

It is free to join so you don’t have to pay anything just yet. Just test the waters and see how you go. You might surprise yourself more than you think!

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Thanks for reading.

Do you think it’s better to be a boss or an employee? Answer in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “Is it Better to be a Boss or Employee?”

  1. Hello Brandon. I think this post is great and I totally relate to you. I am in a job working at home right now that I want to get out of and be my own boss. Not the boss of other. The 9 to 5 grind is a rat race and it is better to work for yourself because that is where the true money is. The sky is the limit. Excellent post Brandon.

    Steve Eisbart

    • When you realize the sky is the limit and no one can stop you from reaching your goals, you are already halfway there my friend.

      The most difficult part is getting around obstacles (family and friends, situations, emotions, living arrangements, etc).

      If you KNOW, 100% that you’re going to become rich one day–without a shadow of a doubt–then it will indeed become true. That is the true power of the mind, I can’t stress that enough.

  2. It’s a tough choice as there are so many benefits of being your own boss but so much responsibility.
    I kind of swing on both sides of the fence. I work for a boss but also have my own business. I found as my business builds bigger every year, I can work less for my boss and become my own boss.

    I guess it’s whatever suits your situation.

    • Most people actually have a full-time job before they start an online business. The grind and struggle is real at first because they have to juggle a 9 – 5 and a personal business on the side.

      However, when the hard work pays off you can leave your job and work on your business full time. That’s when you can concentrate on it the most and make bigger and better things happen.

      Right now it is difficult and never will be easy until you axe the day job. Until then it’s a pure struggle and the reason why most people quit before even getting started…

  3. I know I don’t want to be a boss … not where I’m working right now, anyway. I’m much happier being an employee.

    BUT, I much prefer to be my own boss, which is just what you found out about yourself. I really feel like 2018 may be my year to really make this happen for myself. 🙂

    • Exactly…I’d rather be my own boss than a boss of somebody else.

      I can promise you success is inevitable if you decide to not make up excuses, put your ideas into action and make things happen.

      Seeing success in an online business with just 1 year is completely attainable. It’s just a matter of being consistent, persistent and never giving up.

      Good luck, from the Job Quitters Unity.

  4. Hi Thanks for the nice article. For me, I would like to be a boss. I am a workaholic, always look for new ideas in my fields, and try to execute the plan flawlessly. As an employee, I could not make final decision on what I am going to do. As a boss, I could take responsibilities and make the final decision. Sometimes, especially when the project don’t go well, it could be hard for a boss. But such challenging time also provides learning experience. Learning from mistakes and move forward. Believing yourself and that every problem there is solution. Never give up. Always believe that tomorrow will be better than today!

    • I’m quite the opposite of you, Anthony.

      I’m not a workaholic and actually hate working, so I find ways to make money via the easy route. I don’t want to spend 8 hours a day in a job working for somebody else.

      I want to work 2-3 hours per day instead…then be finished for the day, AND make more money than working for someone else!

      And that is entirely possible with a system called Wealthy Affiliate. Go here for my review

  5. I think it is better to be neither. Right now I am an employee but I hope that going through the training at Wealthy Affiliate I will become financially independent.

    • Well that is the ultimate goal for a lot of us here at Job Quitters Unite. We want to make a living by others means rather than a boring 9-5 job. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate already and know that if you put the work in you WILL succeed!

  6. Hi Brandon, I live in the UK and as a long-term sick/disabled person we are being totally screwed by our government! I think it’s vital that people start looking at working for themselves, building our own businesses has never been easier now we are in the digital age.

    I think in the very near future, working for ourselves via websites and blogs etc will become standard. I also think due to everything becoming automated, people will naturally progress towards self-employment via the internet as there will be very little option to do anything else! But the freedom that will come with that will be very welcome to most of us. Great website : )

    • It will become standard but it’ll STILL be difficult.

      It’s harder to get at the top of search engines, more difficult than before to get people signing into your list, and don’t even get me started on selling products to people.

      The many scams out there have “re-wired” people not to trust anything on the internet. So that is why making money will become harder and harder, as the scams aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

  7. I am trying my best to run my own business and be my own boss for a year .. I am working on my 2 business right now. your post is very helpful I enjoyed reading it. Everyone can be a boss .. I hate to be follower.

    • I highly recommend sticking to 1 online business at first. Stick to 1, smash it, earn money and make profit, then quit your day job.

      You will then have plenty of spare time to pursue other online ventures such as a new website, building an email list, etc.

      Creating 2 websites only requires double the work, and we all know how hard it is already just to manage 1 site.

  8. Entrepreneur!!! Oops…that wasn’t one of the options!

    Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” explains the 4 quadrants perfectly. When all is said and done, Brandon, I think people need to think about not only what they want, but also their strengths and weaknesses as well, to see what would be a good fit for them.

    • Don’t you worry, Veronica. I’ll be putting an article up about that as well!

      Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ve seen it around many times before so it really must be THAT good.

      And yes…if you’re a leader, a boss/manager may be your ideal job. Whereas a follower may be more inclined to be an employee or entrepreneur.

  9. Brandon,
    I really enjoyed this post. Who wouldn’t wnat to fire their boss? I am waiting for the day to say screw you.
    I work about 60 hours a week, while my boss work less than 40. As a matter of fact, she walks around all day and take 3 hour lunches, while I don’t take lunch (just too much to do). She gets in 9 and leave at 3. I get in at 7 and leave at 5…plus I work on my days off and weekends. So, as you can see, I need to make a change in my life and stop doing the work for everybody else.

    So to answer your question, I would like to be the boss’ boss.

    • Haha, that is on a lot of peoples bucket list actually!

      WOW. That is outrageous at what she is doing. And we all know that she is probably getting more pay than you as well.

      Some might say: well she is the boss she can do whatever she wants. However, being a boss means being a leader, to set an example for employees.

      It’s all about working as a team, not an “employees VS bosses” situation.

  10. Great post Brandon! I think the most important thing you’ve pointed out in this article is that it’s up to the individual person on who they want to be and what makes them happy – and if they are not happy, they need to change it!


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