Is It Time to Quit Your Day Job & Get Out of the Rat Race?

Is it time to finally quit your day job once and for all?

Does the sound of quitting your job make you extremely happy, even just the thought of walking out and never going back?

Then there’s a good chance you dislike your job very much and axing that day job might be the best thing you ever do.

However, before we start putting down your boss or throwing judgments at the state of your workplace, let’s see what we are dealing with first.

Is Your Health at Risk?

Many times we are exposed to harmful chemicals, dirty facilities (inhaling dust and mold 8-hours a day), loud noises, etc. – all are detrimental to our health over a long period of time.

These long-term effects don’t kick in until 10+ years down the line.

So if you feel that your health is at risk due to the lack of Health & Safety, you’ve done everything in your power to prevent these hazards and the bosses still won’t do anything about it, then maybe you’re wasting your time staying in your job.

I did not care how ridiculous I looked wearing my earmuffs, safety glass and knee pads in the last job I had.

My health is highly important and so is yours. Wear the proper PPE gear and you can eliminate most of your workplace hazards.

Are You Constantly Stressed?


This falls under the same category as above.

Being stressed all the time doesn’t do any harm in the short-term, apart from the massive mood swings and peak performance.

I should point out that there is indeed good stress and bad stress.

That’s right. Believe it or not but short-term stress can help us in our day-to-day lives.

The good stress is the short-term – the bad stress is the long-term.

Good Stress

Short-term stress increases your immune system, raises your awareness, concentration and most especially brain activity.

The good stress is what helps you get through your day.

A healthy person can experience short-term stress many times in a day and it won’t do any damage in the long-term.

But it all depends on how well that the person can handle it.

Bad Stress

On the other hand, anyone that cannot handle this type of stress and experiences it all day, everyday–or close to it–will crumble and melt in the future.

Basically, you are a ticking time bomb for depression, increased inflammation, oxidation damage, and more.

The secret is to have more resting time. Stop working overtime. When you’re at home, wind down with something that relaxes you and take your mind off of work completely.

Have You Lost All Passion?

Is there nothing more to look forward to in your current career, or is the general work boring and making you hate every single day?

If you are on auto-pilot 99% of the time and simply do not care about the customers, your boss, work mates, or most definitely the work itself etc. then you have lost all passion for your job and you’ve probably been itching to get out for a long time now.

Now don’t mix up lack of passion with being bored.

Most days are boring in any job. Basically, do you take PRIDE in your work or don’t care whatsoever?

If the answer is; “do not care whatsoever”, then you have lost all passion for your job.

Is Your Hard Work Not Being Noticed?

Maybe the passion is still there but nobody bats an eye on the hard work you’re putting in or how much skill you really have.

Here’s a great example:

My ex colleague (in my last “real” job I had) was previously doing the exact same work as we were doing.

I was in the job for 2 months before he showed up, however, what we were doing he had done for 2 years already.

He knew how to do the work and I was just an apprentice.

But because he didn’t have the papers to say he was qualified, he was “just another apprentice” even though he has taught me almost everything I know today about the career we were in.

That’s right – he was training me and STILL getting the same pay as I was.

But the boss didn’t care.

My colleague asked for a raise many times, but he just brought up the same excuses every time (not proficient enough, need more time on site, etc – it was all just excuses and nothing more).

He knows what he’s capable of and how much money he SHOULD be earning, but he was on the same pay as I was even though he knew a lot more.

Because of this he told me he wanted to get out many times and I didn’t blame him. He should be earning more since he has more experience.

However, this just goes to show that many bosses don’t care and are just in it for themselves.

It Doesn’t Align With Your Lifestyle


Does the job not align properly with your lifestyle?

For example: if you want to go camping or fishing in the weekend but you have to work, then when you have days off your friends are working. You never can find the right time to hang out together.

Or maybe you work a night shift but want work during the day instead.

Another example here is when you simply don’t like the hours. Try get them changed to suit you more efficiently.

If not, I would not recommend staying there because your job has to fit with your lifestyle in my opinion.

There’s no point staying in a job that messes with your home life when there are FAR more opportunities out there that can actually fit you and your needs much better.

Are You Sick & Tired of The 9-5 Rat Race

Now here is the most important part of this whole article. This is the reason why I went searching for better alternatives myself.

I’ve met many people who don’t care what job they have, they STILL don’t want to be in it (myself included).

Even if I had the best job in the world, if I had to work for somebody else I still would want to get out.

The truth is I dislike working for others. I don’t like making other people rich and I don’t like being told what to do.

I would rather live on my own terms so I can do what I want, when I want.

Are you an aspiring traveler, someone who wants to work from home so you can have more time with friends and family, or do you just hate working for somebody else?

Over at Wealthy Affiliate there are thousands of people just like you who are making their dreams a reality, and I hope you become one of them because no one should have to stay in a job they hate.

Axing Your Day Job & Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve resonated with most of these questions, then it is definitely time to get out before it’s too late.

However, that does not mean right now because you may be left worse off.

Quitting your job the right way requires a solid plan so you’re not left searching for another J.O.B again.

Do what I do – sell other peoples products and earn commissions.

This concept is called affiliate marketing. It is passive income and has the potential to earn you more than your current day job.

As always I’m open for discussion. Do you think it’s time to quit your day job? Let us know in the comments below.

Otherwise, good luck and I really do hope you reach your dreams soon, whatever they may be.

24 thoughts on “Is It Time to Quit Your Day Job & Get Out of the Rat Race?”

  1. Interesting. There sounds like there is more going on in most cases than meets the eye. It is true, however, the traditional employment situation in not for everyone, but then again neither is working for yourself for many people. If you have the means (financial) to go for it and the patience for the learning curve you will experience in working from home, you could find yourself a little gold mine. Thanks for the post.

    • You are correct. Everyone is different and so is everybody’s situation.

      I am providing a solution for anyone that wants to get out of their 9-5 job. If you are actually willing to work and put in the action, anything is possible and that is the case with an online business.

      There are no handouts here, just an opportunity to beat the system and work for yourself (at home) with no boss other than yourself 🙂

  2. I definitely understand Good Stress vs Bad Stress and its effects on ones health. I’ve had jobs where Good Stress was a major part of the day, and I’ve had jobs where Bad Stress was predominant. Jobs where most of the stress is good stress are challenging, yet fun. You can enjoy working in this type of environment. The other, you feel like you just want to take extra sick days and go home.

    Affiliate Marketing really can fall under the good stress category, for you are working for yourself, your deadlines and goals are self imposed, but like you say, don’t quit working until you are in a position to do so or you can be left worse off-total bad stress.

    Nice article Brandon,

    • Good stress is one of our survival techniques and is activated automatically. It helps us perform better so we can actually get through our day more efficiently.

      However, yes the bad stress is what we need to stay away from at all costs. I never really had stressful jobs, just ones where I lost passion and/or had trouble with the bosses regarding healthy and safety and the like.

      But I NEVER liked working for anyone anyway. Hence why I turned to the net for answers and found the Wealthy Affiliate. I never turned back.

  3. I too am looking forward to get out of the rat race. Although not so much because I hate or dislike my job or my employer or my superiors but more because I want to have the freedom with my time.

    One caveat though that I’ve realized in doing affiliate marketing is that it should not be presented as an easy alternative to a day job. Because it really is not. You will still have to put in the hard work to market the products you’re looking to promote.

    Nevertheless, this is indeed a means to an end to get out of the rat race. Thanks for writing this article.


    • Wow, the resemblance is astonishing. I could have the best job in the world with the best bosses, co-workers and environment, but I would still search for a way to reach that all-important freedom. That is why I dislike jobs, for the simple reason that there is no freedom. I want to use my time spending with my FAMILY and doing whatever I want.

      In all respect, it is indeed an alternative because you can actually get out of the rat race, as thousands of people have found out firsthand within the online world.

      But yes, it is not easy and does require hard work. But the question is; what does working from home mean to you? If you want freedom, you better be prepared to put in the work because nobody’s going to give you handouts.

      Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a great day!

  4. I like the name of your site. This was an interesting post, as I usually don’t read through the whole post but I did with this. I think this site will attract a lot of people who are tired of their boring old jobs. Nice post!

    • Well I hope so…there’s no worse feeling than staying in a job you hate just because it “pays the bills” when there are better ways of earning income – especially because we are in a time where the average Joe is supplementing his monthly income within the online space.

      More and more people will be chasing it but only a small portion of them will succeed.

  5. This is a great article! I can resonate with many things here. I have worked for a well known company, that had all employees sitting in dust everyday. I have bad allergies so, that definitely gave more of the reason to never show up again. I couldn’t take it because, my health is more important than that job. they truly did not care about my health or anyone else for that matter.

    In the past, I had been under so much pressure with working and home life that, it did cause a lot of stress. I definitely agree long term stress can cause a lot of health problems.

    Oh and then I was at a work place where, a co-worker of mine went to Texas A&M University, received a degree and all. And we were both received the same pay for being Account Managers for the Newspaper. I did not have a degree at the time and she did. I thought for sure they would pay her more but, nope they never did.

    I had so many issues with working for others, it is ridiculous. I mean they can fire you with no excuse in the state of Texas because, they are an “At Will Employer” and when they pulled those cards on me with my last job. I never, ever worked for anyone else again.

    I am so glad that I found Wealthy Affiliate because, my life is really starting to look brighter and the future. I know it can only get better. Thanks for this article and for helping others go in the right direction.

    • Damn, that is so rude when they don’t care about their workers, even when there’s serious Health & Safety problems at hand!

      That was the same with my workmate! It’s simply unbelievable how employers treat their employees. I’m just glad I don’t have to put up with them anymore and that I can help OTHER people escape their miserable jobs as well.

      Props for going out and DOING something about it. Most people (even statistics prove) will continue staying in that job even though they hate every single day.

      Because you’re taking action and responsibility for your life and the path you take, I wish you nothing but success at Wealthy Affiliate. Remember, you can’t fail if you don’t quit.

  6. I am working for a well know company. After pregnancy I have decided to go part-time to be able to balance the work and private life. Because of the pregnancy and health problems I had before, I am unable to do certain tasks at work (f.ex demanding heavy lifting). I am a “skilled” co-worker and I work as a part of the team in charge of the operational system at work – but the policy of our company is “work rotation” in many areas. So one day is a desk job, the other is heavy lifting. As I can’t do what is demanded I am unsure about the future. And because of health condition I’d prefer to focus on online business, which I hope will bring a proper profit in the future, so I could completely quit the “real” life job.
    Thanks for this article!

    • That sounds similar to one of my old jobs. I was in a meat processing plant and everyday we would rotate and swap jobs. And because I knew a lot of them, I was one of the few that would be anywhere and everywhere – an all-rounder, if you will.

      Basically, wherever they needed me I was there.

      You are taking a positive step towards your families future. Just don’t lose sight of the goal and you’ll attack it head on, and eventually reach them 🙂

      Good luck, Gosia. I wish you all the best.

  7. Hi Brandon

    Loved your post. Its inspired me for today. I am interested in Affiliate Marketing and will pursue wealthy affiliate as a direction for me to learn from others who are already doing it. Thanks so much I love to be encouraged by direction. Thanks 🙂

  8. Hi Brandon,
    Great information here! It’s hard to actually find a day job that you can be excited to go to. Most times we work because we have to, not because we want to. Personally, the thought of being your own boss and working from home is very appealing. I love it!

    • That is indeed a problem with millions of people around the globe. Not many people actually like their job, and statistics prove that.

      Working from home is very appealing and can definitely be done IF you’re willing to put the work in. If it was easy, everyone will be doing it.

  9. I think everyone can relate to misgivings about working a J.O.B. I’ve written about how jobs don’t do income well, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Adam Smith the economist wrote rather bluntly in one of his books that jobs make a man “as stupid as a man can be.” I’m paraphrasing, but it was something very much like that. It’s the lack of variety, I guess, the lack of autonomous thinking and so on. And as you point out, there’s often serious health risks too. Even with protection and training, if you spend all day climbing scaffolding or fiddling with electric wires you’re going to be at risk.
    An alternative such as WA is, as you say, an excellent alternative for just about anyone.
    Keep up the good work spreading the message!

    • Absolutely, Iain. The thing is; anyone can build a successful online business IF they are willing to put in the work take action.

      However, the matter of fact is not everyone WILL search for an alternative because they are “set in stone”. They know their job is having a deteriorating effect on their health, or that they hate waking up everyday to go to work, but they don’t do anything about it.

      They still complain day after day, year after year just waiting for that important day to retire. How sad to be honest.

  10. Hi Brandon,
    This post was a great read and an eye opener, I have been looking at doing something from home to earn money. Affiliate marketing seems to be the way to go, I will be taking some of your advice for sure.


    • Hello Paul.

      Great choice. Affiliate marketing is growing every year since big companies are starting to pay affiliates much more.

      These companies know how much of an effect authority sites really have on the public and the people in the industry.

      They know we can send traffic to them at will and make both of us money, so they will do everything in their power to build a great relationship with us. It’s awesome.

  11. I recently quit my job and started blogging. Although, I won’t look for another job until my blog income is built up more, I’m glad that I have a few months to focus on this and to get a head start on research and setting up my first posts before going back to work full time. I totally agree that if your job is killing you mentally/physically/emotionally, it’s not worth the $$$.
    Hope all goes well for you, Brandon and thanks for sharing this awesome post!

    • Nice. Getting a head start is a great idea because you can get a feel for what’s required before jumping in the fast lane again. You can then plan out your day accordingly since you will know how long you need to work on your business for. I wish you all the best.

  12. Great article and I liked that you looked at all the different factors – rather than just money – that come into play around jobs.

    • Well there are certainly more factors that come into play. I just wanted to cover the most important so people know where they stand in their current job.

      Glad you found it useful 🙂


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