Lotto Dominator System

Is Lotto Dominator a Scam? (And a Big Waste of $147?!)

Winning the lottery sounds awesome, there’s no denying that.

However, your chances of winning the lottery are slimmer than slim…basically almost nothing.

You have a higher chance of making that money by putting in the work.

I don’t buy lottery tickets but the Lottery Dominator really did grab my attention.

When someone claims they have all the secrets to winning lottery, I’m all ears!

And personally, I like to see if systems are legit or a big fat scam.

At a Glance

Name: Lotto Dominator


Lotto Dominator System

Owners: Richard Lustig

Price to Join: $147 one-time

My Rating: 0.5/5 stars


About Lotto Dominator

Lotto Dominator is an e-book created by 7-time lotto winner Richard Lustig.

Richard Lustig 7-Time Lotto Winner

Richard is from America and has won lotto 7 times from 1993 to 2010 and claims to have the secrets to winning the lottery.

Richard has the record for the most lotto wins, not the total amount of money won.

His winnings total over a million dollars, so not a significant amount but definitely a lot of money.

But does he really have the secrets to winning the lottery or is he just incredibly lucky?

Winning the lottery 7 times is impressive and not an easy achievement.

So lets find out what’s really behind Lotto Dominator.

Richard Lustig’s Claims

Richard claims to have all his winning secrets inside Lotto Dominator.

He claims to have won lotto 7 times and wishes to pass on his knowledge to help other lotto players win.

This isn’t his first book since he came in the spotlight. He also wrote the book “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery”.

Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

Yes he won lotto 7 times, that is 100% fact, but maybe he is just very lucky. Literally everyone who purchases Lotto Dominator have nothing but bad things to say about it.

So What is Lotto Dominator?

Lotto Dominator is nothing more than e-book with tips and tricks to winning the lottery.

Mind blown? Didn’t think so. There is no special software. It’s just a bunch of tips compiled into an e-book.

However, at the time of writing this article, Lotto Dominator isn’t accepting new members.

I don’t know why but maybe Richard will open up registrations again in the future.

When you pay for Lotto Dominator you will have access to the members area.

This is where you download your Lotto Dominator PDF.

The E-Book

So I want to talk more about the actual e-book because that’s what you’ll be getting for your purchase.

This is the “meat” of Lotto Dominator.

It consists of 181 pages and 20 chapters, which is a considerable amount I must say.

Lotto Dominator Chapters

To be completely honest with you, the book is nothing special and sometimes contradicts itself in some parts.

It says when you get a win, use that money to purchase more tickets. Then later on it says do not spend your winnings.

The e-book has lots of information, however, a lot of the stuff is fluff…low value content that’s been put there to increase the word count and make it look like it’s worth more.

It even has spun content from earlier chapters to increase word count even more.

Are People Really Winning the Lottery With LD?

The million dollar question is, are people really making bank with LD?

No, people are not making money with this system.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I would love a system that can win me the lottery too, however, no such thing exists and probably never will.

Just look at the bigger picture.

If this man was really using these tips to make him a millionaire, why has he only won 1 million dollars and not 10, 20, or even 30?

It just doesn’t make sense.

He might be a very lucky person, that’s more believable than becoming rich with a low value e-book full of fluff.

Plus everyone would be using it and making millions by now.

So I have come to the conclusion that no one is making money with Lotto Dominator.

The Red Flags

1. Multiple Name Changes

Lotto Dominator is NOT the first name it’s been given.

In fact, it has gone through multiple name changers throughout the years, probably because their low quality system keeps getting exposed.

Rehashing the landing page and changing the title allows them to sell it over and over again.

2. False Owner

Richard Lustig is definitely a real person but further proof shows that this man is not the name behind Lotto Dominator.

It seems someone is trying to make money off of this guys fame, and succeeding with it!

There is NO mention of this system on Richards official website and the domain name has been registered in Panama, which is nowhere near the United States (where Richard is from).

Richard has also never mentioned this e-book at any of his live events.

3. Free Information

It is low value, so there’s nothing groundbreaking about Lotto Dominator.

You can get the information they offer from other sources on the internet, such as YouTube or blogs dedicated towards helping you win the lottery.

Lottery Post is one of my favorites.

They have an entire community over there in their forums section, which is something LD doesn’t have. Plus it’s free!

4. Negative Feedback Everywhere

The online community all have negative things to say about Lotto Dominator.

Everywhere you look on the internet, everyone will tell you it doesn’t work and it’s low value.

People are spending their hard-earned money on this system thinking they’re going to become rich like Richard claims, but they quickly realize it’s nothing special.

So they’ll continue to re-release it with a different name, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon.

5. Amazon Has Removed The E-Book

This e-book was on and even they removed it from their website.

That’s how bad the negative reviews are and it’s good to see that Amazon are cracking down on e-books that mislead people.

This is a big red flag that the owner has bad intentions and you should take your money elsewhere.

Pros and Cons


  • There is a product
  • Has 181 pages of tips and tricks
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • The owner says it is written by Richard Lustig the famous lottery winner, but strong proof suggests it’s not him
  • It’s extremely low value
  • You can find the information for free on the internet
  • It’s overpriced
  • It has many red flags
  • It is a high-risk product

Price & Purchase Details

Before you go off thinking you’re going to become the next Richard Lustig and make $1,000,000, think again.

The price to join is a whopping $147.

Plus they’re not even accepting new members right now. Maybe they will in the future.

You can check the official website here.

Is Lotto Dominator a Scam?

Lotto Dominator is a definite scam.

It’s a money-grab scam.

As in, whoever is behind this system is taking your money and running, leaving you nothing but low quality tips…tips you can find for free.

They make promises that they can’t keep and will continue scamming people UNLESS we can come together and bring them down.

You can do this by sharing your thoughts about Lotto Dominator in the comments below.

If you’ve been involved with LD and actually bought their e-book, did it work for you and did you make money?

Because at the moment, this is a complete and utter scam and you should not put all your faith in a system that uses a false name and gets removed from Amazon.


Lets Talk About The Lottery For a Second

I want to talk to you about your odds of winning the lottery.

You actually have a higher chance of being a millionaire by working hard for it (1 in 423 chances).

Whereas your chances of winning the lottery are 1 in 7,000,000, and often times higher.

You also have a higher chance of being killed by a dog, to appear on a late night talk show, to spend time in jail, and much more.

The below video explains it in more detail, and I highly recommend you watch it.

So after watching the video above, I hands down know that I will not be participating in lottery.

Fortunately I have not done so and do not plan on it.

I would rather invest my time and energy working on a business (just like the one you’re on now) and creating wealth over time.

However, it is completely up to you but I’m only steering you in a better direction where your chances of making making money are much higher.

What I Recommend

Winning the lottery is not likely to happen, lets face it and be real here.

You have more chances of making it big by putting in the work yourself and not relying on something that you could be waiting for for the rest of your life.

I recommend affiliate marketing because you can get started for free and it works.

If you keep the mindset that you are going to win boatloads of money with the lottery, you will continue to fail over and over again.

I want you to succeed and that’s why you should get started with an online business today.

It’s how I make a full-time income completely online and you can too as long as you put in the work.

Well that’s what I recommend and I hope you found what you were looking for in this review.

Let me know what you think of Lotto Dominator in the comments below.

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