Is PHP Agency Better than Primerica?

PHP Agency and Primerica are similar in their own ways, but what MLM company should you get into?

I have actually reviewed both of these systems in the past and I have seen a lot of people comparing the two.

So stick around if you want to know which one is better.

What Is PHP Agency?

PHP Agency Logo

Name: PHP Agency
Price to join: $400-$500
Owner: Patrick Bet-David
Business Type: MLM
My Rating: 0.5/5 stars


PHP Agency is the magic behind Patrick Bet-David.

It is a financial services company. You become an agent and sell insurance plans to families and friends to make money.

Otherwise you can recruit others to sell products so you can make money off of your downlines sales.

The insurance plans consist of term life insurance, return-of-premium, indexed universal and no-medical exam.

However, keep in mind that PHP Agency has been under fire for the way their Agency’s recruit members.

They recruit young people and low-income people seeking better opportunities.

And of course these people don’t know better so they usually hand over their money without knowing what they’re getting themselves into.

You can read more about that in my PHP Agency review.


  • Making money is possible


  • Lots of fake reviews out there
  • Most Agency’s lie just to make a sale
  • Have to pay 4-5 fees just to get started
  • Lots of work required before you can start promoting

What Is Primerica?

Primerica Logo

Name: Primerica
Price to join: $100 one-time + $25 per month (optional)
Owner: Arthur L. Williams Jr
Business Type: MLM
My Rating: 2.5/5 stars


Primerica is also a financial services company and MLM with shady recruiting tactics like PHP.

However, Primerica’s price to join is a lot cheaper (only $100).

And although they have a small monthly fee of $25, that is totally optional.

It allows you to use those first couple of months to see if it’s something you want to get into.

Primerica aims to help middle-income families get out of debt and earn more money, while PHP Agents go to low-income individuals to sell them a dream, a dream of making lots of money and living “the life”.

Primerica are public with their statistics while PHP Agency hide everything from the public.


Because they want you to “see for yourself”. More like they want your money without telling you what you’re getting first!

Primerica also allows you to sell the products to earn money, otherwise you can recruit other agents.

Recruiting agents allows you to earn money off of THEIR sales (passive income).


  • Lots of services to sell
  • Great team focused on helping the people
  • Affordable entry costs


  • Shady recruiting tactics
  • Agents mislead those who don’t know better
  • Undisclosed commission rates
  • A little hypey, although not as hypey as PHP Agency

PHP Agency or Primerica? My Recommendation

I think the answer is in my star ratings.

Although they are both the same type of companies, both do things differently.

Primerica is much cheaper, they are public with their statistics and the owners really want to help the people.

Whereas PHP Agency disclose the way they do things, you have to pay lots of fees before you can start recruiting or making money and the owner can’t be trusted.

It is safe to say that agents on both sides hype these systems up as much as they can just to get someone in their downline.

And they usually do this with a promise of living the good life, but without actually living the good life themselves.

It is a fake it until you make it approach.

Personally I wouldn’t get into any of these systems if it was me, because I’ve found the best opportunity here.

However, if I had to choose I would go with Primerica.

Thanks for reading.

What do you think about these two companies? Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Is PHP Agency Better than Primerica?”

  1. Brandon, thanks for your thoughts on these companies. However I live by experience and not from a perspective of surface reviews. Unless someone has personally experience a person, business, city or tasted the food it’s surface thinking. Life in general is an MLM. Here’s why, where you shop or purchase anything for your well being, you’ve just helped increase someone’s bottom line. The only way this doesn’t happen is for you to not be born or don’t become a responsible adult. With that said, I’m an rep for Primerica and the business is awesome. I Know this because of experience and not Googling it. They are the largest financial services company in America that’s produces the most 6 & 7 figure earners. Google that please! Again Thank you!
    Mr. B. Hood

    1. I know how popular Primerica is and where they stand within the financial services industry, and I’m glad you found success with them so far.

      Good luck for the future!

  2. There are no shady recruiting tactics with Primerica. Commission is not concealed from anyone either. YOUR info is misleading about this company. You are correct that they do not hide anything. Commission is by a contract rating, not a price.

    1. I could not find the commission rates, although one website claims it is 25%.

      However, they don’t mention any of the commission rates on Primerica’s official website so I can not confirm this.

  3. Hi Brandon,

    I am an Agent of Primerica, as well, and find that some of your information is misleading.
    I agree with Brandon on living by experience and being your own review. As for the Agent promising a good life, it is very much possible. However, it does take hard work and dedication. With little to no work ethic there is a high chance that one will not succeed. Personally, I ask my associates to meet me halfway and to be patient; because as any business owner, one must start from the ground up. As a single mother of four, I can say that Primerica is legit. My success so far has not been handed to me, rather, I’ve worked for hard it. Lastly, to cover commission, 25% is the starting contract. We do train our associates out in the field during the process of getting their state license. In which during this time, they have the ability to earn a bonus. Once licensed, everyone has the ability to earn a passive income.

    1. I know that Primerica is legit and how good they do things. I actually prefer Primerica over PHP Agency any day.

      Glad you’ve found success with Primerica and I wish you all the best.

  4. As a ex Primerica agent, I can say Primerica targets the uneducated, and are misleading in every turn. They make you recruit before you’re allowed to make any money and don’t offer you many essential products many people could use, and some need. The policies cost significantly more with less riders than any company. Only care about sales, not what they’re selling.

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