Is Reverse Commissions Paying or is it Nothing But a Scam?


If you’re thinking of getting into this “Reverse Commissions” game, you better read what I have to say first.

I just stumbled across this system today and thought it looked too good to be true.

Of course I didn’t want to jump to conclusions so I thought I would write down my findings so that people in the same boat can see what they’re offering as well.

People seem to be loving this system on the official website, however, these types of testimonials are known to be fake in the past.

That’s why I’m doing a full review on this system, debunking everything I can find and then documenting it right here.

Enjoy my Reverse Commissions review!

At a Glance

Name: Reverse Commissions


Owners: Calvin Harvey and Dale Payne Sizer

Price to Join: $25 to $550 per month (depending on the package)

My Rating:

1.5 out of 5 stars

About Reverse Commissions

Who Created this System

Unfortunately there isn’t any information regarding the owners of this website; anywhere!

Even when searching the domain registration there is no name mentioned. This is kind of a big red flag in my eyes.

Luckily for you and I, their Facebook page has their names slapped right on the admin page: Calvin Harvey and Dale Payne Sizer.

I do not know these people nor have I heard of them in the past, but I do know is that they are hiding something.

When did it Launch

Upon checking the registration date, the site was launched back in 2015-10-11 but reviews didn’t start popping up until late 2016.

This means it was likely launched around mid 2016.

Here’s the latest traffic sources:


Most of their traffic is coming from the “social” category (social media).

They are also ranking in Google for keywords like: “reverse commissions” and “reverse commissions login”, which seems to be where the majority of their organic traffic is coming from.


Why did they Create it?

There’s nothing that states why these two guys started this company and absolutely no “about us” page, so we can’t even determine what their ultimate goal is.

Good news: It’s not much of a big deal.

Bad new: Something smells fishy.

Their Claims

What I don’t get is that there’s not much information telling us what we’ll be doing other than “getting on the fast track to success”.

That’s all fine and dandy, but anyone can slap that on a website…it’s nothing new or extraordinary.

They also claim that you can run your business anywhere in the world while it runs 24/7, even when you’re sleeping!

So that’s what you’ll see on the official product page, plus a bunch more “platforms” that allow you to build success.

However, whether it is all of true or not is a different story. Lets find out!

So What Exactly is Reverse Commissions?

Reverse Commissions is a multilevel marketing venture that offers marketing tools that people can purchase, read and use to make money on the internet.

Otherwise they can join the compensation plan and earn income that way.

More on these methods below.

The Process/How it all works

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program consists of online marketing tools that affiliates can promote.

Affiliates can purchase and use these while they promote the exact same affiliate scheme.

These are:

  • Personal Branding E-course & Blogging Platform ($25 p/m)
  • Business Automation E-course & Email Marketing Platform ($100 p/m)
  • Social Media Mastery ($250 p/m)
  • Digital E-Business ($500 p/m)

These are the ONLY products available, and you actually have to purchase one to be able market them.

Compensation Plan

This is where the compensation plan comes into play. It is where the big dollars are made (as with all MLM systems).

The compensation plan works as a cash-gifting scheme. When you invest into one of the 4 packages, that money goes to the person that recruited you in.

Reverse Commissions Product Packages

It is really confusing, however, lets break it down so you understand it better.

  • Affiliate 1 recruits person 1
  • Person 1 invests $500
  • Affiliate 1 earns $500
  • Person 1 is able to market that same package and earn the same amount of money (if he gets at least one paying customer)

Now you’re probably wondering how the heck the owner of this system gets paid.

Well each of the packages require a “hosting fee”, and that fee goes straight to the owner(s).

The fees cost $5 to $50 p/m.

Are People Really Making Money?

There is more than enough of these systems out there and I’m glad I can get in front of you and tell you the real truth.

Of course people are making money with Reverse Commissions, but those are the ones at the top of the ladder.

As with all MLM systems, the marketers that know what they are doing are the ones reaping the rewards.

If you’re trying to recruit your friends and family, you’re going to get nowhere.

You have to have big email lists, a website with lots of traffic or at least large social media following if you want to make big money.

If not, you’re not going to make a dime and I can almost guarantee that.

The Red Flags

Like I said, the owners don’t want to be identified.

It is a big red flag in my eyes because it shows they don’t have good intentions.

They know they’re running something illegal, so there’s a good chance that they’ll run off with everyone’s money when they get exposed.

Also there is $875 upgrade fee for people that decide to upgrade their package after they’ve already purchased one.

This is exactly why they force buyers into getting the $500 package from the get-go, and people are actually doing it!

And of course a lot of these people are newbies…and they just end up making little-to-no money (mostly none).

Does it Cost to Join?

Yes it does.

You can’t join without buying one of the packages first.

The package prices:

  • $25.00 + $5.00 hosting Fee
  • $100 + $10.00 hosting Fee
  • $250 + $25.00 hosting Fee
  • $500 + $50.00 hosting Fee

Now keep in mind…these are monthly prices, not one-time.

There is no free trial and no way to see what’s available other than the small amount of information provided on the official website.

Pros and Cons


  • Can make money
  • A small investment opportunity (if you purchase the $25 package)


  • High-risk
  • Non-sustainable
  • Shady owners
  • Highly illegal
  • A pyramid scheme
  • Not good for newbies

Is Reverse Commissions a Scam?

This is clearly a pyramid scheme and cash gifting scheme.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out!

You have to pay money to join, and then promote what you just bought.

I mean, even a 5-year old can see that that it is not right.

The MAIN AIM of Reverse Commissions is to get in more and more people by means of recruitment and cash gifting, and then they do the exact same thing.

I’m surprised this is still running considering that it is against the law!

But that won’t be for long once the word gets out about this pathetic scam.

I would not recommend Reverse Commissions one bit as you’re only going to be joining something that’s highly unsustainable, not to mention illegal.

Yes, Reverse Commissions is a big fat scam.

Scam logo cooltext

What I Recommend

Reverse Commissions offers a small investment opportunity but as you can see, the cons outweigh the pros by a long shot.

If this thing wasn’t against the law and actually had a great product line–with the products actually being the main aim and not the gifting scheme–then maybe it will be a viable option.

However, these types of business models come and go and the only thing I’ve found that DOESN’T go is your very own website.

Now hear me out.

You won’t be doing any type of recruiting (I’m not even a fan of it anyway) but actually creating content and making money via means of affiliate marketing,

For those who don’t know, affiliate marketing is the act of selling other peoples products and earning commissions.

It doesn’t sound like much at first, but when your traffic begins to snowball so does your income.

I could go on but I would rather you check it out for yourself then you can make your own final decision (heck, it has a free trial so at least give THAT a go).

Well thanks for reading and I hope you make the right choice 🙂

Please leave your thoughts, questions and queries in the comments below 😀

Have you tried Reverse Commissions yet?

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