Traffic Ad Bar Website

Is Traffic Ad Bar Legit or Free Traffic Scam?

Free website traffic and free advertising like clockwork? What is this, a literal genius system?

Traffic Ad Bar Website

Or is it just another hype scam?

Uhhhh, traffic exchanges. Love ’em or hate ’em, people still use them and I don’t know why.

They never get anyone GOOD results, just enough to see that something is happening and that’s it.

I have used Traffic Ad Bar before and wanted to give my open and unbiased Traffic Ad Bar review.



Name: Traffic Ad Bar


Owner: Darren Merrett

What you’ll be doing: Surfing websites to advertise your own website

Price: Free to join or payments of $9.99/month to $335/year

My rating: 5/10

What is Traffic Ad Bar?

This is a website designed to give you free traffic and free advertising.

Basically, it is a network of ads in which you can advertise your own product or website and make sales.

But first and foremost you will need to surf other peoples websites to earn something they call “points”.

When you earn points, you can use them to get views back to your own website.

This is what we call a “traffic exchange” because you’re viewing other websites in exchange for views to your own website.

Now that sounds great in theory because it seems like a win-win, but in reality it’s not all rainbows and roses and I’ll explain why in a second.

But first lets talk about how it all works.

How It Works

So what you’ll be doing is adding your own offer which others will be viewing.

This can be a website, a page, a product, an affiliate marketing product, it can be anything.

First you will have to add your website and wait for it to get accepted.

You’re allowed up to 5 websites with the free membership.

Traffic Ad Bar Add Website

You can also add banners if you upgrade to Pro or Platinum, but more on that later.

After you’ve entered your link, press “Click Here to Earn Points NOW” and you can surf other websites.

Once you start surfing, you will earn points and people will start seeing your own website.

Making Money With Traffic Ad Bar?

There are a few ways to make money with Traffic Ad Bar.

All of them are not easy and require lots of work.

Selling a product

One way to make money is by advertising a product and hoping to make a sale.

However, the chances for making a sale are extremely slim because those who use the website are not looking to purchase programs.

The traffic is simply not targeted so your chances of making direct sales are little to zero.

Capture Leads

The other option is to capture leads and is my preferred method if you decide to join Traffic Ad Bar.

Lead capturing is all about offering something free in return for their email address and selling products and services to them once you build enough trust.

You could give away anything from a free e-book, a free product, a video, etc.

As long as it’s helpful, it’s free and gives lots of value, you can build trust.

However that means having a great landing page which is going to attract the visitors and get them to put in their email address.

That’s not easy to do either.

Getting Referrals and Making Sales

The other way to earn money directly through Traffic Ad Bar is to get referrals and earn commissions when they upgrade their account.

The good news is that upgrades are monthly payments so as long as they continue pay their monthly membership, you will earn a recurring income.

Here’s the commissions:

Traffic Ad Bar Upgrade Packages

If it’s a little hard to understand, basically it means you earn commissions both as a free and paid member, but more as a paid member.

You’ll earn 4-10% commissions as a free member and up to 35% when you upgrade.

You will also earn bonus points when your referrals surf and earn points.

==> Sign up with Traffic Ad Bar

What Makes Traffic Ad Bar Different From Other Traffic Exchanges?

Traffic Ad Bar is not like your traditional traffic exchange where you only earn traffic today, you will actually receive traffic for up to 3 months.

Also they don’t only advertise your ads on their website, they advertise throughout their entire ad network.

This means on different traffic exchanges and websites to get the most exposure to different people all over the internet.

They are much more popular than others too.

They’ve held a solid reputation since 2009 and people keep coming back for more because they actually like and enjoy their time on the site.

My Experience

Yes I tried my cards at traffic exchanges. Multiple times in fact.

And Traffic Ad Bar happened to be one of them.

I created a leader capture page to capture emails with an enticing offer. The offer was an e-book I created myself.

I was surfing for hours a day and managed to get some sign ups.

However, I was only getting like 2-3 emails a week.

Now when you calculate that, that is 3 x 52 = 156 emails in a year.

There was no way that I was going to surf for hours a day to get 156 emails a year.

That means it will take 7 years to get 1000 emails.

Yeah, there are far better ways to capture leads which is why I gave up on TAB, and that’s when I found this system.

What I Don’t Like

What I don’t like is that you’re only tied down to one niche, the “make money online” niche.

Lets face it, people use traffic exchanges because they want to make money online, it’s a fact.

This means everyone is in the same niche, trying to find their way in the internet marketing game and get their slice of the pie.

And when you stop and think about it, it is a huge problem.

Because what makes your “opportunity” different from the rest?

You’re doing the exact same thing as everyone else, advertising your latest and greatest make money opportunity hoping to make a sale here and there.

Do you stop and read the websites you’re surfing? Then why would they stop and look at yours?

Personally I think it’s just a huge waste of time and false hope.

Yes it sounds like a good idea until you realize traffic is low quality and full of freebies seekers.

Price & Purchase Details

So joining is completely free and you can advertise your website at no cost.

You’ll just need to surf other websites to earn points for hits to your own.

There are also upgrade options:

  • Pro Lite – $9.99 per month
  • Pro – $19.99 per month
  • Platinum – $39.99 per month

All of these offer different perks, bonuses and rewards.

Is Traffic Ad Bar Worth Your Time?

In my opinion there’s just no way that this can be worth any time or money.

I’ve tried it for hours a day and never found any success.

I did capture emails but it was going to take farrrr too long to see any revenue for my effort.

The only way it could be worthwhile is if you build a huge downline.

The more people in your downline, the more sales you make and the more commissions you earn.

Otherwise I would not bother with advertising. Just get referrals and make lots of money.

==> Sign up with Traffic Ad Bar

Is Traffic Ad Bar a Scam?

No it is not a scam.

They are a legit website with a legit system and real traffic.

I have no problems with the way they do things and think they’re doing everything right.

They have the peoples best interest at heart and that’s what’s important in systems like these.

They’re in it for the people and not themselves and that’s why Traffic Ad Bar is 100% legit.


What About Free Targeted Traffic in Any Niche?

Like I said, those who use TAB are tied down to the make money online niche.

Well I have found a way to get laser targeted, free traffic on auto pilot, like clockwork.

I don’t mess with advertising and I don’t sell a damn thing.

Now I earn a living on the internet and love every second of it.

This is the exact same system I use

That concludes my Traffic Ad Bar review.

Have anything you would like to add? We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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