Is Vindale Research a Scam or Legit Survey Site?


I come across this system while scrolling through Facebook and saw a bunch of people praising it, trying to get people to sign up under them.

I have never heard of Vindale Research before but decided to do my own research.

So in this Vindale Research review I will be discovering what it is all about and if it’s a legit site or a scam.

Without further ado, lets get right into it!

At a Glance

Name: Vindale Research


Owners: Vindale Media LLC

Price to Join: Free

My Rating: 2/5

2.0 out of 5 stars

About Vindale Research

Who Created this System

I can not find the owner of this system anywhere. I checked their social media accounts and still no name has popped up.

However, I did find that they are registered under Vindale Media LLC, and that they are located in New York.

When did it Launch

They are ONE OF the oldest survey sites. It was founded back in 2004 and still continues to rise even to this day.

Here is the traffic coming from Google alone: traffic

Keep in mind, that’s not including traffic coming from blogs, social media and word of mouth.

Why did they Create it?

They wanted a system where people could voice their opinion and earn rewards for their efforts, while consumer brands could receive real feedback from real people.

It helps with market research and shows them exactly what the people want.

Their Claims

They claim that you can get paid real money to your PayPal account or check just by participating in the surveys provided.

They are “easy” and have hundreds of surveys added daily.

They have given over 5 million dollars to their users so far, and that number keeps rising since more people are joining the site every year.

So What Exactly is Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a paid survey site. You earn money by voicing your opinion on the surveys.

New surveys are added daily so people can continue to earn money on a daily basis.

As with all survey sites, the pay varies extensively.

Vindale Research Surveys

You can earn anything from $1 to $5 for the surveys, and more for the other methods.

It all depends on the difficult of the survey and the time it takes to complete it.

As you can see, it shows you how long it will take you (based on the average takers), the popularity of that survey and how many have taken it.

Some are easy and some are hard, but you can see what you will be earning beforehand, which is always good to know.

Other Ways to Earn With Vindale Research

Evaluation – These are products people can review. You give your opinion on it and earn anything from $5 to $75.

Reward Mail – You will receive mail from brand companies sending advertisements. When you open and interact with the mail you get around $0.10 cents.

Videos – This is one of my favorite methods since the videos are short. You watch short videos and earn around $0.25 cents for every video watched to the end.

Referrals – You earn $5 for each person you send into the system.

Deals – Not really earning money, but you will get deals if you’re in certain parts of the world.

Contests – New contests are added every week. It’s good to be on the lookout because they don’t stay around for long. You can earn up to $15 each contest

Testimonial – When you send a photo with your check you earn $5. This is so they can provide testimonials on their website for proof they pay their customers.


Are People Really Making Money?

People are indeed making real money from this website. However, as with all survey sites it isn’t going to allow you to quit your day job.

The time spent VS the money earned is far outweighed.

It takes hours to earn a few dollars, and it’s not long before you run out of surveys to do.

This means it can take months before you reach the minimum threshold of $50.

Any Red Flags?

I couldn’t find any red flags on the actual website itself.

However, it was the reviews from other websites that got me thinking about the legitimacy of it all.

There were more than enough people disliking their experience and time on site than I wanted to see, because I really did want to like Vindale Research.

What red flags?

  • People being qualified for a survey and then NOT being qualified near completion. The system then boots them out of that survey;
  • Spending 30 minutes on a survey only for it to be “unsuccessful”;
  • Handing your personal I.D. over many times just to be told it is no longer available;
  • Cancelling your account before you reach the minimum threshold;
  • Getting your thoughts on surveys but not paying you for them

These are just a few of the many common complaints I found all over the internet.

Does it Cost to Join?

It is free to join this system and participate in the surveys, evaluations, and the other methods to earn money.

However, sadly when I tried to sign up I was told I couldn’t. You have to be in the US, UK, Canada, or Australia, whereas I am in New Zealand.

Maybe in the future they will stretch to other parts of the world.

Pros and Cons


  • Can earn money if you’re willing to wait months to reach the minimum threshold


  • Too much negative reviews
  • Not enough earnings for the time spent doing the surveys
  • So many flaws in the system (kicking you out of the survey before finishing it, saying it is unsuccessful, etc)
  • Only available in 4 countries

Is Vindale Research a Scam?

No, Vindale Research is not a scam but it is VERY borderline.

A vast majority of customers are heavily complaining about it, and that worries me.

I really wanted to like this system but it has been wasting peoples time.

It kicks them out before finishing surveys, they cancel peoples accounts whenever they feel like it (mostly JUST before they can withdraw their earnings), and people are getting errors like “your survey was unsuccessful” – even after spending 30+ minutes completing it!

Even though it isn’t a scam, it is NOT recommended!

Not Recommended Logo

What I Recommend

You’ve probably already guessed it by now – I am not a big fan of earning pennies for hours of work.

Why earn pennies when you could be building something much more rewarding, something that’s going to make you passive income down the line for many years to come?

It’s what I have been doing and what I highly recommend for you if you really want to quit your day job.

Well I think it’s time to wrap up this review.

Vindale Research is not recommended, as it contains too many flaws and a lot of people aren’t getting paid for their efforts, and especially because you don’t earn much for the hours of work put in.

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Thanks for reading.

If you would like to share your experience with Vindale Research we would love to hear it!

Leave your feedback in the comment section below!

4 thoughts on “Is Vindale Research a Scam or Legit Survey Site?”

  1. Hey Brandon, your review was so simple and clear. I loved your way of explaining each element of Vindale Survey website. Pros and cons are clearly mentioned. Actually I’m not great fan of Survey sites and If we invest the same amount of time in Affiliate Marketing we can earn huge full time income. Hope you will write interesting articles in future like this and help newbies.

    Your Friend

    • Writing articles is exactly what I plan on doing 🙂

      I have a site making money on autopilot, and now I want to show people that it is 100% possible to earn money online.

      But yes, affiliate marketing and running a blog is the very best way to make money on the internet in my opinion. Spend a few hours a day on your blog and reap the rewards for years to come.

      Alternatively, Spend hours on survey sites and earn a few bucks one time. It is short-term money only, whereas ranking your site is long-term AND passive!

      Glad to help 😀

  2. Hi, I love to read your articles. I am following your guidance and now I am making money through online survey. I am following dailyonlinesurvey too.


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