Is your Job Making you Unhappy?

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Over 70% of U.S workers do not like their job, which means you are likely one of them.

If you are always complaining about your job and looking for a way out, there’s a high chance you are unhappy with your current employment status.

Many of my friends are always complaining about their boss and their co-workers, and it worries me because nobody should have to feel that way, especially when they have to spend 40+ hours a week with them.

Of course a job doesn’t always have to be enjoyable, but there’s a fine line between getting through your day quickly and efficiently, and receiving nothing but negativity that drags you down and makes you hate every single day.

What side are you on?

Do you struggle to get along with your boss?

Sometimes it feels like bosses are picking on us when in reality they are just trying to do their job, just as we are.


However, other times your boss might not like you and you can clearly see that.

He is always putting you down, giving you the “worse” jobs and the co-workers the best ones, always blaming you, not thanking you when you’ve gone above and beyond, and most of all talking down on you like you have no idea what you’re doing.

But the worst of them all: Talking down to you in front of everyone.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one and definitely won’t be the last.

Are you always complaining?

We don’t always have to love what we do, because there are days when we complain about it.

But once again, there’s a fine line.

If you find yourself complaining about your boss at the very first chance you get, the workload, and the workplace in general, you might be unhappy with your job.

You constantly complain about everyone and everything, at work and at home. It is not good for your well-being and not a healthy way to live your life.

Do you find it hard getting up in the morning?

This one is a biggie and resonates with many people.

If you have a job that you’re passionate about, you love doing it and you are proud to be in your industry, you will find it easy getting up in the morning.

On the other hand, when you struggle to get out of bed because the thought of your JOB makes you miserable each and everyday, there is a problem.

You should be jumping out of bed like a spring, ready to tackle anything that comes your way for the day.

But as you and I know, this is not the case and a good reason why you landed on this page.

Does your co-workers make you angry?

I’ve told my friends time and time again, it is the people within the workplace that can make or break your career.

This is my opinion and I will gladly back it up every time.

Your co-workers should not be there to bring you down, to bully you and ruin your day.

They are suppose to laugh at your jokes (even if they’re lame), to back you up when you complain about the boss and to ultimately make your day go faster.

So if you have co-workers that ruin your day, bring you down and make you feel worthless, it is a sign, and not a good one.

It is a sign that you are in a bad environment every single day and it’s messing with your social and personal life.

Do you wish you had a new job?

You may have considered taking a new career path, and that’s completely fine.

Change is always good – for the most part, but not many people like to make changes, and that’s probably why you’re too scared to move on too.

Fear of change is no laughing matter and is actually one of the main reasons people are set in stone.

People will stay in a job they hate for the rest of their lives because they fear change.

It’s as simple as that.

What should you do?

Make a Change

You have a choice, you have a chance, so make a CHANGE before it’s too late!

If you agree with most of the questions I asked above, I hate to say it but your job is making you unhappy.

Jobs make the world go round.

Jobs are the reason we have food on the table for our kids.

Without a job we will be on the streets.

But that does NOT mean you have to live a miserable life.

Like I said, people do not like change. And sadly it kills dreams.

However, you landed on this page for a reason. It wasn’t to see if you are unhappy with your job because deep down you already know that.

You want answers and I don’t blame you.

Listen, I was in a miserable job and I found a way out (I was in multiple actually).

It wasn’t until I realized being my own boss was going to make all my workplace problems go away.

Ever since I began my journey at Wealthy Affiliate I have never looked back, and I only recommend you do the same if you want to escape the 9-5 rat race too.

Well thanks for reading.

What do you hate about your job? Comment below!

22 thoughts on “Is your Job Making you Unhappy?”

  1. Hi Brandon,
    When you feel any of the things in your post, it really does affect many other aspects of your life. Most of us have to work, so we really should focus more on something that makes us happy. Thanks for pointing out Wealthy Affiliate. How long has it taken you to transition out of the 9-5 world and into being your own boss? Thanks!

    • Indeed it does Jackie.

      An unhappy employment can lead to things such as depression, mental illness, etc.

      And that’s probably why so many Americans experience any of these at least once in their life time. Being unhappy in your job is never good, no matter how much money you earn!

      To answer your question; I started Google Sniper back in 2014 and didn’t make any money. I then tried other money-making methods but none of them worked. It wasn’t until I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate that I was able to break the 9-5 rat race and I’ve never looked back since!

      So all up it took over 3 years, but only 1 year since I started WA.

  2. Awesome!
    I totally agree with you and if someone is feeling unhappy with their job I think they should look for something else. You’re right with everything you say.

    • Well thank you 😀 I’m all for promoting happiness and positivity, which is one reason why I had to quit my job. It was draining all my positive energy.

  3. hey brandon, I love the title of this site Job quitters unite very thoughtful, but you are right, and I think wealthy affiliate would be a great choice for me, thank you for telling me about it..

    • Haha, thank you Dennis.

      I’m sure if I could make it work for me you could as well, if you’re willing to put in the work of course.

  4. Brandon,
    Great article, unfortunately we all know people who complain about their boss or job or coworkers but never do anything about it. I don’t know about you, but I lose patience with them quickly. If you are not willing to make a change, then don’t expect a change!
    As far as WA goes, I couldn’t agree with you more, I have looked into many online “opportunities” and WA is probably the best one I have found. so keep up the good work!

    • It’s really far-fetched to be honest with you. I just don’t understand the logic of people sometimes (or most of the time for some).

      However, if you aren’t happy with your job you might as well DO something about it, because if you’re going to procrastinate now you will always procrastinate.

      The time is not tomorrow, not next week, the time to do something is now! Thanks for your comment and feedback on Wealthy Affiliate 😀

  5. Great article
    I agree with you that we stay at our jobs because we’re afraid of change, afraid that we will fail whatever we attempt to do next, or simply afraid that we are not good enough to start our own business and be our own bosses.
    I will definitely check wealthy affiliate out .

    Thank you

    • Yes. You hit the nail right on the head! Fear of change is a dream killer. People don’t want change because they don’t exactly know what the end result will hold for them. I’m glad you are aware of that now and you can pursue something you truly enjoy.

  6. I completely agree with you… No one deserves to wake up and have to go to a job they hate.

    What makes matters worse is when you feel like you have no choice. Furthermore, when your co-workers and boss are making your life difficult this only amplifies the pain.

    There was a time in my life where I thought I had no other options but to be a car salesmen. The money was good most months but it was inconsistent. My bosses were always in my face about something. It’s not that i was a lousy worker or a burden to them they just wanted the most money coming through the door.

    I just couldn’t do it anymore. So, like you, I found an alternative. I kept my job for the time being and did’n’t become a crummy employee I just smiled and continued on as I always had.

    But, when I got off work I went to town on building my website, teaching others how to buy cars from the dealership.

    Like you, I found a home at Wealthy Affiliate and was finally able to quit my job and work on something that i really enjoyed. Teaching others how to succeed when buying cars..

    • I know right. So many people think they have no choice but to stay in the same old job that’s making them unhappy and stressed out, but thankfully that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.

      When you have coworkers AND the boss bullying you and ruining your day, it is not the most healthy way to live your life. However, when you hate your boss but have coworkers on your side, you might be able to tolerate it, but that only goes for so long.

      Eventually you have enough and have a mental breakdown. You can only stay strong for so long.

      Something has to give in! It might be your mental health or it might be you quitting your job. I know what one I’d rather choose!

      I’m super glad you found a way out. I know the feeling of feeling free, and it’s something you can’t explain until you experience it yourself.

      Great job buddy 🙂

  7. This was a great article! Well, I don’t have an employer because of the same exact reasons you mentioned in this post. Like 7 years ago, was the last time I worked for anyone else. All jobs I was put in my best effort but my very last employer, I worked my bones off and one day, I went to work.

    They actually let me work all day and on my way home for the weekend. They called me on the phone while I was driving down the highway and said politely that they had to let me go. When I asked why and what did I do they said, “Well, you did not do anything and we are not sure why were letting you go. You were an excellent worker.”

    With that response, it just had me heated. So, from that day forward. I refused to work for anyone else again! There is too much people have to go through. I would encourage anyone to work for themselves, even if you have to slowly work your way towards becoming a full-time boss of your own self.

    I see you mentioned Wealthy affiliate. I actually joined them recently and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about leaving their job because, they will actually teach you how to build an online business. I am so glad that I came across them, without them I would be where I am today!

    Have an awesome day!

    • Good example, Lakisha. Working for somebody else means you do what they say, when they say (within reason of course). There is no ifs no buts.

      The thing is, we don’t have to live like this anymore. The people who want out of the rat race can DEFINITELY do just that. I’m glad you found a way out. You are living proof that working smarter triumphs hard work.

      Good luck on all your future ventures!

  8. Great read!

    This is definitely a struggle among so many, I know its definitely something I can relate to. I am now a true believer in doing what makes you happy, don’t do it for anything else. If you do something you enjoy you will never work a day in your life! I’m slowly making my transition to becoming my own boss and cant wait till this finally becomes reality. Even though I currently often work much harder, put in more hours, and do it for a lot less. I am much happier because its something I am passionate about.


    • It’s weird because this online thing is actually exciting and fun, especially when you start seeing results – traffic and income!

      I highly agree. When you finally start seeing your hard work pay off it is the best feeling in the world. Because you know you’re getting close to living out your dream.

      When you reach it…well…that is on a whole other level.

  9. Great Post! I like this article, I really don’t like co workers and bosses bullying and ruining your day. I will take a look into Wealthy Affiliate. I saw it from your other post it looks great!

    • Nope, it really does make you hate every single day you go to work. It leads to depression and other related illnesses. It’s best to get out before it’s too late.

  10. It is a correct assumption about the overall working population disliking their job. There is an equal share of job hoppers that are out there bouncing around along with others that stay with the ball and chain attached.

    There are other choices that people don’t know about and could benefit from. It maybe a sacrifice in the beginning, but pay dividends later. This is what every Entrepreneur went through before becoming successful.

    You have some very good information on this subject. Great job pointing it out!

    • You are right about the whole ball and chain thing.

      Workers are SO set in stone it’s not funny. They hate their job, dislike everyday but STILL stay in the same job because “it pays the bills”.

      I think being happy is far more important than trying to make ends meet in a deadbeat job.

      The hard part is getting out of your comfort zone so you can actually start looking for something else. This is the most time-consuming and the reason why people just stay in the same job anyway.

      People are lazy – it’s in our DNA. We procrastinate so much, and even though we know we’re doing it we still do nothing about it.

      Sad but true.

  11. Yes, I know the feeling – the 9-5 rat race, very apt. And that’s exactly where my initial motivation lays. The part time job I am in now is possibly the only job that I have stayed at for longer than five years. Because in the past after five years things and people started becoming too ‘the same old’ every day. When complacency hits, there’s nothing worse, and then yes you do struggle to get out of bed!
    I do like my 9-5 job now, but only as I have reduced my working hours. So, do I watch telly all day those days that I don’t work? Not at all! I have my own part time business (yes, like you, I work with Wealthy Affiliate, not for Wealthy Affiliate!), and I look forward to that part of the week when I can make something for myself. I highly recommend this fine balance!

    • Complacency is the absolute worst. When there’s nowhere else to go in your job, it’s difficult to even go to work because you’ve reached the highest level you possibly can.

      That is when you need to create new goals, new challenges, and not just stick to a regular 9-5 job.

      Thanks for your feedback into all of this. It is much appreciated 🙂


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