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It Works! is Not a Scam and You Can Actually Make Good Money

Building a successful online business is hard. Most MLM companies make it sound easy and that you can make lots of fast money, but that is almost impossible.

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There are hundreds of these MLM schemes coming out and claiming you can build a successful business, but most of them fail to deliver the promises.

A lot of them are downight pyramid schemes yet people still defend them, until they wake up one day and their entire business has been shutdown.

So what makes It Works! different from the rest?

Can you actually build a real business or is this yet another get-rich-quick scam targeting those with little-to-no knowledge of the internet marketing world.

Well my friend, my name is Brandon and I want you to keep reading this review for the truth.

It Works! Review – Product Overview

Name: It Works!


Owner: Mark and Cindy Pentecost

Price: $99

Overall Rating: Legit!

What Is It Works?

It Works! is yet again another Multi-Level Marketing company which sells skin care and nutritional products.

Founded in 2001 by Mark and Cindy Pentecost, they released their first product called “the crazy wrap thing” and it quickly become hugely successful.

Until this day that is still their hottest selling product!

Before we move forward, I would like to mention that most MLM companies hype their products up without actually proving if they work or not.

What I have found is that people KNOW these claims are outrageous and too good to be true, so they don’t believe them in the first place and never give them a second look.

However, It Works! uses this to their advantage by actually describing their products as “crazy”.

It’s like a reverse psychology thing, as in, “no way this shouldn’t work but it does”, and this type of marketing is working for Mark and Cindy.

People are purchasing their products because they work.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about the business side of this company.

Basically, I want to find out how to make money selling these products and is it a viable business opportunity.

What is an It Works! Distributor?

This is the business side of It Works! This is their business opportunity everyone talks about.

Becoming a distributor means you sell the products and earn commissions.

First you will sign up as a distributor and receive the package called “Business Builder Kit” ($99).

It Works! Business Builder Kit

This kit gives you everything you need to become successful as an It Works! distributor

The package includes:

  • 1x Half Size Fab Wrap
  • 4x packs of Sample Defining Gel (1/2 oz)
  • 4x packs of Ultimate Body Applicator (AKA Crazy Wraps)
  • 1x #IW Adventure Bracelet
  • Business Tools
  • 1 Month of eSuite and replicated website
  • Allows you to begin earning commissions

It Works! recommends that you sell the 4 wraps asap since they sell easily and you can make your investment back fairly quickly.

The business kit also contains marketing materials to kick start you on your journey of buying and selling It Works! products.

With the starter kit you get the first month free for your online store. Future payments are $20 per month.

Making Money as a Distributor


When you become a distributor, you purchase products and sell to others.

You will earn 10% commissions for each sale which is not that impressive considering the products range from $5-$120.

Since they only pay 10% commissions, you’ll have to sell $1000 worth of products per day to make $100 a day.

Not spectacular numbers but fortunately there are other ways you CAN make more money.

1. Buy Low, Sell High

A lot of the time IT Works! has product discounts. Purchase products at discount price and sell at retail price.

However, this is risky if you purchase lots of products and no one buys them.

2. Recruiting

You can also earn more money by recruiting others to become distributors. When they purchase the $99 starter kit, you earn a 5% enroll bonus.

When those people start selling the products, you earn 10% commissions for each of their sales too.

This is where your income can sky rocket and passive income can occur.

However keep in mind that it’s not easy and chances of making lots of money via Multi-Level Marketing are slim…very, very slim.

So don’t think you can dive in, purchase the $99 starter kit and begin selling to friends and family.

This is usually the go-to method and you’ll just annoy people more than anything.

They will say no and wish you all the best, but deep down they don’t really care.

3. Loyal Customer Membership

If you have no interest in recruiting people into the business and just want to sell the products, you’ll want to join the Loyal Customer Membership.

There is no signup fee, just pay for your membership and begin selling the products.

While signed up as a Loyal Customer, you cannot recruit or enroll people in your downline but you do get some massive discounts.

To gain access, simply pay the monthly price. The products of your choice will ship to your address, automatically, every month.

Note: Your monthly membership price is determined by the products you purchase.

The Loyal Customer Membership offers huge discounts of up to 45% – Another great way to get your wholesale prices down so you can sell at retail price and make even more money.

Keep in mind that you will have to stay a member for 3 months minimum or face a $50 cancellation fee.

Distributor Statistics

It Works 2018 Income Chart

I know this looks all confusing upon first glance, but I’ll break it down below so you understand it easier.

  • Income is in US Dollars
  • Active Distributor defines a distributor who earned at least one commission for the year
  • Income is from downline commissions and not money earned from personal retail sales
  • Average monthly income for active and inactive members are $173. This does not include expenses such as the monthly website fee or promotion. This is just money earned
  • 95.44% of all distributors received income
  • 4.56% of all distributors received no income

So what can we do with these numbers and statistics?

Well now we know the type of income distributors are earning, lets make it more readable.

On average you will make:

  • $47/m as Distributor
  • $223/m as Executive
  • $471/m as Ruby
  • $1,084/m as Emerald
  • $2,036/m as Diamond
  • $4,710/m as Double Diamond
  • $9,491/m as Triple Diamond
  • $13,880/m as Presidential Diamond
  • $24,798/m as Ambassador Diamond

These numbers are only attainable by taking action and putting in the work.

Signing up and buying the starter kit is the easy part, actually selling products and making money is where the real challenge begins.

Where to Market the Products?

As a distributor selling health and skincare products, you have a chance to make good money…if done correctly.

You could invite your friends and family to a “wrap party”, promote your products at local trade shows or community events.

People have promoted their wraps on Facebook and Twitter and found lots of success.

It Works! claims that when people use their product and see the results for themselves, they keep coming back for more.

Also if you don’t have experience in sales, consider using the products first.

That way you know the product and have actually used it, selling will become much easier as you can share your experiences with your customers.

MLM Is An Unsustainable Business Model

Here’s the bottom line, Multi-Level Marketing is unsustainable unless you build a huge downline or attain hundreds of returning customers.

If you aren’t selling hundreds of dollars worth of products everyday, you better be building a large downline.

If you’re snoozing, you are losing. Treat it as a real business and you may make some money.

And if you treat it like a little side hustle, you’ll likely not work as hard an no money will be made.

What Do I Think Of It Works?

If you haven’t guessed it already, I am not a fan of MLM companies due to the hype involved around them.

However, thats not the case with It Works!

I am actually surprised by the income report.

The top guys are making $24,000 per month while other MLM systems can’t even crack 6 figures per year.

The top dogs at Herbalife are only making $7333 per month. Just goes to show what’s actually selling out there in today’s market.

It Works! seems to know how to market their products and they are doing it so well.

They are everywhere on social media it’s so hard to miss them.

People are getting involved and actually making money.

And even though it’s minuscule, it’s proof that the products sell and the majority of those who sign up are at least making some money back.

The income report is enough proof that the focus on this system is the products.

Those willing to start a real online business can do so knowing the products are loved by the community and they will continue to sell for years to come.

Great job, It Works!

Is It Works a Scam or Legit?

It Works! is definitely not a scam.

The people love their products, the owners really stand by their the company and it has clearly stood the test of time.

The “Crazy Wraps” were a huge hit in 2001 and they continue to sell to this day.


Because they work as intended and people keep coming back for more.

I have no issues with It Works!

I love that distributors are making lots of money and even the newbies coming in have a fighting chance.

This makes It Works! a great business venture and a legit way to make money.


What I Recommend

I dislike sales, I dislike social media promotions and I dislike recruiting people.

I’m the type of guy that chases income that’s much more passive.

As in, making money with a website 24/7, like clockwork.

This is the type of business model that can also make you thousands of dollars per month,

My recommendation is good for you if you don’t like selling or recruiting people.

What you’ll be doing is building a website, getting it ranked in the search engines and making money with targeted traffic.

Yes it takes time to build up, that’s why I only want you if you’re willing to work.

The good thing is that no one can shut your website down because legally you own it.

It is a piece of digital real estate unlike MLM companies that can shut down instantly (which is another reason I don’t like them).

Well my recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate and I’m waiting to greet you on the other side 🙂

Thanks for reading and have a great day?

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