Leveraged Breakthrough System Review – Pay to Promote Scam?

So you’re probably wondering what the Leveraged Breakthrough System is and if you can actually make money with it.

Well that’s also what I was wondering, so I have decided to do a full, unbiased Leveraged Breakthrough System review.

Lets dive deep into this system, see what they’re really all about and find out if it’s a scam or legit business opportunity.

If you’re struggling to make money online and still don’t know where to start, keep reading until the very end because I have something exciting for you waiting on the other side.


Quick View

Name: Leveraged Breakthrough System

Website: leveragedbreakthrough.com

Owners: Unknown – hidden identity

Price to Join: $3,247 – $21,847

My Rating: 1/5 stars


About the Leveraged Breakthrough System

Who Created this System

After some digging around, the owner is hiding his identity because the domain name has been registered privately.

No one else can seem to find who the real owner is either.

When did it Launch?

Whois information shows that it was launched early 2018, so it is really new. Other reviews for LBS started popping up in the middle of June.

A whopping 71% of their traffic is coming from search engines!

Their Claims

The owner claims you can earn $500 all the way up to $10,000 without lifting a finger because your coach does most the work for you.

One of the biggest claims I found was that you can become WEALTHY in a matter of days with absolutely no experience and that it’s not even hard.

Now when I hear talk of becoming rich with almost no work, I throw my shield up as far as it can go because this is a big red flag.

When someone claims you can get rich quick, be skeptical, be very skeptical my friend.

Now lets see what it is all about!

What Is the Leveraged Breakthrough System?

It is nothing more than a high tier affiliate system where you join, pay for one of the high priced products then start promoting it yourself.

Now I don’t know where they got “easy” from, because selling high-priced products like these are simply out of the question even for intermediate internet marketers.

One question worth asking here is; why do we have to pay to sell these products when there are literally thousands and even hundreds of thousands of products out there that you can begin promoting completely free of charge?

They do NOT require you to purchase before selling them yourself.

Here’s a system that offers $23.5 recurring monthly commissions just from one sale! And it’s free to join and promote.

But moving on…

When you purchase one of the available packages, you can only promote that exact same product.

So to make higher commissions you will have to purchase a higher-priced package.

When you purchase the most expensive, you are able to promote everything in the Leveraged Breakthrough System.

Keep in mind that these are only one-time payments.

For continual income growth, you’ll have to constantly be sending traffic and making sales.

How You Earn Money Through Leveraged Breakthrough

So the main way to earn with this system is to promote your affiliate link in the hopes someone will sign up and buy.

The reason they say a “success coach” does most the work for you is because if one of your visitors decides to ring the company, they will help close the deal for you.

First and foremost, your affiliate link will send them to the LBS website with a video of your success coach talking about how easy it is to make money with this system.

When they are finished watching and ready to talk with your coach, they will ring up with your unique ID so they know who to pay for the sale (which is you).

When the coach closes the deal and the customer hands over their money, your commission will show in your account.

This could be $1,500 or even a $7,000 commission, it all depends on the package you purchased in the beginning.

Realistically How Much Can You Earn?

Of course selling high-priced products like this is a real thing.

I’ve seen it done, not personally, but it is possible.

However, you need to understand that it comes down to the individual themselves.

If you’re a complete newbie to the online money making world, you will not make any money.

If you’re an intermediate, you still won’t make money.

If you’re an expert, you might actually have a chance at this thing but still a very slim one.

Realistically you can earn thousands of dollars if you’re an expert marketer, otherwise don’t even bother.

Some Red Flags

To be honest, they have really concealed what they are all about, what you’ll be doing and everything else in between.

You can’t even see the sales video until you are personally invited by a member!

This means I can’t even see the sales video and all the red flags.

However, I more than know that they are promising you fast money and a completely easy way of making money online when this is downright false.

Does it Cost to Join?

Yes, and there are 4 total packages to choose from.

Gold – $3,247 with the admin fee

Platinum – $7,447 with the admin fee

Diamond – $14,647 with the admin fee

Ultra Royal – $21,847 with the admin fee

Each package offers 50% commissions, so if you purchase the platinum membership for $7000 and pay the admin fee of $447, each sale you make will earn you $3500 in commissions.

Pros and Cons


  • May work for you if you’re an expert internet marketer


  • Way too expensive. No one has thousands of dollars to throw into a system with no guarantees or refunds!
  • The concept is silly. You do not and should not have to pay to promote something. There are thousands of others you can sell completely free
  • The owner stays anonymous and has bad intentions. He doesn’t identify himself AT ALL
  • There isn’t much value for your money. When you spend thousands of dollars you should be getting a top-notch quality product, but it definitely is not
  • There is no training involved, you’re just left to promote an affiliate link on your own in the hopes it will sell

Is Leveraged Breakthrough System a Scam?

Understand that the ultimate winner here is the anonymous product creator.

Listen to what I’m saying here very carefully.

There is NOT a lot of sales happening on LBS, but there is more than enough to keep the system going for a short period of time and a lot of money made for the owner.

You see, you only get 50% commissions so the owner gets 50% of all profits made on the website, from everyone!

Not to mention that there isn’t even a money back guarantee.

As soon as you hand over your $3000, or $21000 if you go all in, you better kiss your money goodbye because there’s no way you’re getting it back unless you make some commissions asap.

It does do some things differently to other online businesses, however, the product creator stays hidden, it costs WAY too much, you can’t get a refund and newbies will almost certainly fail…every single time.

There’s just too many promises of getting rich easily with little value in return and no promises being fulfilled whatsoever.

This is a scam and a really bad one at that.


My #1 Recommendation

Affiliate marketing definitely works because it’s how I make my money on the internet.

The program I use does NOT require you to pay thousands of dollars before you can join and promote it.

You can try it out for free and even promote it completely free of charge.

If you decide to upgrade and become a paying customer, you gain full access and your monthly recurring commissions will go even higher.

My #1 recommendation offers residual income because commissions are recurring per month and not just one-time.

This is my full time job and I love every thing about it, so if you’re ready to quit your day job just like I have, go here and see what it is all about!

Thanks for reading my Leveraged Breakthrough System review.

If you would like to add your experience with LBS, please talk to us in the comments below!

Otherwise have a great day 🙂

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