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How to Get The Job Of Your Dreams Using LinkedIn

I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Finding a job through LinkedIn isn’t easy. Well it definitely can be easy if you follow the tips in this article.

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LinkedIn claims it’s a social media site which focuses on professional networking and career development.

But try telling that to the thousands of people who still struggle to find a job through LinkedIn.

If it was really that good, there will be lots of people finding success, right?

Not necessarily.

There are some things you need to do that will help you find the job you’re after.

I have some tried and true methods that will get your LinkedIn knowledge up to par with today’s employer expectations so you can finally get the job you desire.


Maximizing LinkedIn’s Potential

Sure, LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networking sites and a great way to find the career of your dreams.

It’s been proven over and over again.

Clearly if it wasn’t working, no one would be using it.

You can find the job you desire with LinkedIn but you have to put a little effort in, and I’m today going to tell you how.

1. Complete Your Profile

LinkedIn Profile

Step number one is to complete your profile page.

This means putting a picture, bio, your skills, your knowledge, past jobs, how long you’ve worked there, etc.

It’s facts, not rocket science people…you WILL have more views if recruiters know who you are and your past jobs.

Just think about it:

Would a potential employer take a second look at your profile if all you had was a picture?

No past careers, no skills, no talents.

Of course not!

Pro tip:

Make it a habit to update your profile often.

2. Network, Network, Network

It is a social media platform, use it to your advantage by networking as much as you can.

It doesn’t have to be random people, but definitely can be if you’re looking to maximize your chances of landing a job.

Fun fact:

64% of job seekers get hired through a referral. That’s why networking is going to be your secret weapon from here on out.

Liked that fact? Tweet it now.

To start, I recommend you add people that you know already.

This can be past coworkers, bosses, people you’ve meet in your job, classmates, professors, teachers, even friends and family.

Having contacts like this is invaluable. These people already know you, know your skills and know you’re a good person.

So when you eventually put yourself out there, they will help you out by giving you a job or even a recommendation.

3. Get Recommendations

What makes LinkedIn so amazing in terms of finding a job?

The fact that you can get recommendations from people you know or worked for in the past.

When you’ve built up a network, reach out to them one by one and ask for a recommendation.

Then it’s just a matter of potential employers finding your page and becoming interested in the skills you possess and how much people love you.

4. Follow Companies You’re Interested In

When you follow companies you’re interested in working for, you will get updates on upcoming positions, promotions, and changes.

Every time you log on you will see these updates on your news feed.

When you see a position come up, apply for it right away.

And if you have your profile up to date, nothing else is required on your part and all you have to do is wait for that phone call for an interview 🙂

Bonus Tip: Treat Your Profile Like a Portfolio

Treat your profile like a resume that displays who you are, your skills, assets and your past jobs.

Furthermore, post pictures of certificates and achievements.

This is going to make you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of landing a great job.

Here’s how to make your profile stand out

How to Write Your Job-Search Post

Now that you know how to make the most out of LinkedIn, it’s time to start posting stuff and increase your chances of getting the job you desire.

Keep it short, sweet and concise

Short and sweet is the key when writing your job searching post.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

“Currently looking for a job in the construction industry. Do you know anyone that’s hiring?”

Another great example is:

“I am a freelancer that specializes in website development and Click-through rate. Do you know anyone that wants their website revamped for better usability, more leads and conversions?”

Those two examples are much more compelling and likely to get more clicks than something like this:

“Hey everyone. I am currently looking for a job and can’t find anything anywhere. I am unemployed but willing to work hard in whatever position I get”.

Employers will look at that and scroll straight passed it.

Don’t highlight the fact that you’re unemployed

As you can see in the examples above, nowhere did I mention that I was unemployed and in need of a job.

Other than the third one which is an example of what NOT to do.

You aren’t completely saying you’re out of work but you are highlighting your expertise and skills and asking if anyone knows someone that needs your skills.

See the magic happening?

If someone sees that and recommends you to someone, that is almost guaranteed work.

However, if for whatever reason you do want people to know you are unemployed, there are better words you can use.

You can use things like:

  • Qualified builder of 15 years available for employment
  • Freelance website developer available for new opportunity
  • Qualified carpet layer of 10 years available for work

Get the gist?

The key is to highlight what you’re good at first, and then letting them know you are available.

Avoid words that make you sound desperate

Desperate Man

When you write your job searching post, avoid words that make you sound desperate.

Things like “seeking opportunity”, “seeking new career”, “actively seeking”, etc, does absolutely nothing.

You’re not showing what you can bring to the table, you’re just showing that you’re out of work and desperately need a job.

There are literally thousands of these posts on LinkedIn, it’s not hard to stand out from these people and get clicks.

Plus employers don’t search up “opportunity seekers” when trying to recruit people, they type exactly what they want – website developer, construction worker in Texas, etc.

Have good grammar

I know this shouldn’t be a problem but it definitely is when it comes to looking profesional.

Things in text come off much different than saying them in real life.

And sloppy grammar makes this much worse. It makes you look desperate and if you can’t check you’re writing, what else will you let slip in your job?

Be active on the site

Being active means not JUST writing job searching posts. You should be making yourself an authority, a person that stands out from everyone else.

This is easily done simply by sharing interesting articles, commenting on articles, networking with others, chatting in groups, etc.

Imagine if an employer came to look on your page and saw nothing but “seeking a job opportunity” posts one after another.

That reeks of desperation and doesn’t spell out professionalism at all.

Write your job search after working hours

Most people scroll through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during working hours.

There are far less people using LinkedIn during the day so make it a habit to update your status after working hours.

A time I highly recommend is 6pm, because that’s when people are home, they’ve had dinner and shower, and now they are relaxing on the internet.

Your job search posts will get the most exposure.

How often should you write a looking for job post?

This should be no more than once a week as long as you’re active on the site everyday, sharing articles, commenting and standing out.

Once per week is good enough. You are a professional and that’s what employers want in their company.

What Do Employers Want?

Employers want the most in-demand job seekers, because they are the ones with all the skills and knowledge to bring to the table.

Employers aren’t looking for people that are “just looking for anything out there”.

So by using the tips I mentioned in this article you’re going to give employers exactly what they are looking for.

You’ll Have Messages Coming Left, Right and Center

If you follow the tips I outlined in this article, your messages are going to sky rocket from recruiters wanting to interview you.

I know because this is the stuff that makes you stand out from 90% of others using LinkedIn making all the mistakes under the sun.

And if you really are a professional and completed your profile correctly (posted pictures of achievements, highlighted your skills, your expertise), and have lots to bring to the table, you are a very in-demand person and everyone wants you for your skills.

Is LinkedIn Essential For Job Search or Simply Overrated?

Nope, it is not essential but it is a tried and true way of finding jobs that you are an expert in.

It connects the recruiters with the people in the know, and that’s why it has over 610 million users.

It is the only place where you can contact CEO’s directly without having to go through personal assistants and multiple phone calls.

It is hands down a great place to be if you want to always be hirable and have the contacts to score a new job when you unexpectedly get laid off or fired.

It is not essential but definitely a weapon you want to have in your back pocket so you always have something to fall back on.

Has LinkedIn help you get a job? Share your experiences in the comments below 🙂

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