LiveOps Review: Scam or Real Deal?

What is the so called LiveOps system? Can you really make a decent income with it, or any money for that matter?

There are a lot of claims on the official website, but I like to do in-depth research on a system like this before making a final decision.

So without further ado, lets get started with this LiveOps review and see what we can dig up!

At a Glance

Name: LiveOps


Owners: Unknown

Price to join: $60 one-time

My Rating: 4/5 stars


What is LiveOps?

So after scouring the internet to find out exactly what this system is about, there were no clear answers that the average newbie could understand.

I decided to put it in plain, simple English to make it as easy to understand as possible.

LiveOps is a call center that hires agents (you) to make and receive phone calls.

Basically, when you ring a company and it’s an odd hour of the day (like when they are closed), you will get taken to customer support.

The person on the other line doesn’t even work for the company you rang, they are an independent contractor whose job is to help you get where you’re going while the company is offline/closed.

And that’s where call center companies like LiveOps come into play.

But before you can do any calling and helping people, you will need to become an agent.

Becoming an Agent

Becoming an agent means you can make and receive phone calls, but there are specific requirements before you can do this.

When you become an agent you become an independent contractor for 6 months, which means you can set your own hours and don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder every second, because you’ll be working from the comfort of your own home.

First and foremost, to become an agent you will need to have a bubbly personality, to be in a happy mood on every phone call (or at least sound like it) and have a strong desire to help people.

You must be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the United States.

What it takes to Become a Successful Agent

Of course the longer you stick it out for the better you become, but as a rule of thumb here is what you should expect if you decide to become an agent:

  • You need to be quick on your feet, have the ability to solve problems in a fast manner and completely on your own without the help of anyone else
  • Have a decent understanding of the category you wish to participate in
  • Have the ability to critically think so you can come up with a solution to someones problem as quickly and effortlessly as possible

Ultimately that is all, as long as you have a landline phone, high speed internet, a headset and a quiet area to answer phone calls, you are good to go.

When you fill out your details and apply, it will take at least 2 weeks before they make a decision to accept or reject you.

Now keep in mind that there’s a high possibility you’ll get accepted because they’re ALWAYS on the lookout for more workers 🙂

Training and Tools

Once you’re accepted, you will not be thrown in the deep end and left to fend for yourself.

There are multiple training steps you need to take in a specific order before you start talking to real people and solving problems.

This is a really good idea especially if you’re a newbie getting started in this business.

You’ll be watching videos, receiving live feedback from your trainer and using an app to cut out all the nonsense and getting straight to the point.

There’s something that LiveOps does differently than other call center companies.

They steer clear from scripts and want you to answer calls the way YOU want to, to make it feel more natural and not forced.

The Positions

Now you won’t be thrown into anything and everything, you actually choose your own position so you know what to expect as soon as you pick up the phone.

This prevents you from having to try and solve something you have no idea about.

Here are the main calls you can participate in:

  • Sales
  • Insurance sales and claims
  • General customer support
  • Technical support
  • Roadside assistance
  • Healthcare
  • Payroll support
  • Food orders

Now that you’ve got a general idea about what you’ll be doing, what’s required to join and get started and what it is all about, lets talk about the more important stuff, like making money and how much you can earn!

Can You Really Make The Money People Are Claiming?

Like you, I was very skeptical when I heard about people making $85/hour answering calls and solving problems, so I decided to do some digging around and see what you can really earn.

Yes, making money with LiveOps is completely possible and you can earn a decent income with it.

If you become an expert at this thing and put in the work and invest some time, you can certainly make more than $25/hour.

On average you can make around $15/hour, so to sky rocket your income you have to get really good, try to make each call better than the last and constantly improve your skill set.

The Dark Confessions

The good news is that LiveOps is not new so there are a lot of people sharing their stories and explaining what really goes on behind closed doors.

  • A lot of people are complaining about the training, saying it is horrible and that they skip over a lot of important stuff
  • There is a lack of support for agents. You get basic training and that’s it
  • There are a lot of newbies who participate, so if you are on the receiving end of an enraged caller, it doesn’t go down well when you tell him you don’t know how to solve his problem and that you have to hand the call over to someone else. Sometimes when you hand this caller over to someone else, they also don’t know what they’re doing and it escalates the problem even more
  • It’s not easy to work your way up the ladder. As a newbie you’re constantly trying to move up the ranks, so as soon as you receive a bad review for a call, you will go down, and when you go down you receive less calls until you work your way back up again. It’s a constant struggle to say the least

What I liked about Live Ops

I love the fact that you can set your own hours and answer calls when you feel like it.

You don’t have to be home all day, the hours are flexible and you can be a night owl if you want to and work night shift!

Many people have said this is a great idea because not many callers will be on during the night so you’ll receive lots of business while everyone’s asleep!

I also like that anyone can join as long as you’re a happy person and willing to learn and help people.

You are a contractor so you’re really your own boss and don’t have to anyone to answer to.

But what I REALLY like about LiveOps is that you can make a damn good amount of money when you receive good feedback often and move up the ranks.

Because that’s when you receive more calls and even more good feedback.

What I didn’t Like About LiveOps

It is not passive income so when you stop answering calls and you go to bed for the night, you stop getting paid.

It is active income and you get paid for every call and that’s it.

I also have an issue with the lack of training.

There are way too many people complaining about it and saying they skip over too much of the important stuff.

Newbies will struggle big time.

If you already have a bubbly personality, you talk confidently and fluently, then you might actually have a chance at making it big in this call center.

Is there a Fee to Join?

Unfortunately yes, there is an application fee of $60 that needs to be paid when you apply.

Is LiveOps Legit or a Waste of Time?

The good news is that LiveOps is one of the few legitimate business opportunities on the internet.

There are many obstacles you have to overcome such as the $60 application fee, going through the training, constantly applying yourself to become a better customer support person and moving up the ranks.

When you start getting good reviews, you will start receiving more calls and more good feedback and money.

That is the gist of it all anyway.

There are no handouts here, just an opportunity to learn, grow and earn a lot of money.

It is legit and definitely not a waste of time if you want to make a good income online.


A Free Alternative

There’s this false assumption going around that people need money to make money.

This is totally wrong as I started a real online business with $0 back in 2016 and it is now making me a consistent 4 figures per month.

This is how I make my money online

Well that concludes this LiveOps review.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this website, please talk to us in the comments below!

Otherwise thanks for reading and have a great day 😀

6 thoughts on “LiveOps Review: Scam or Real Deal?”

  1. Its nice to see a somewhat positive review on something for a change as opposed to all the scam reviews out there.  I guess something like this would be perfect for the stay at home mom or someone who just wants to work from home and doesn’t want to put in the effort required for an affiliate marketing or online career.

    I did notice you said it is only available in the United States.  That is absolutely a con for a lot of people.

    Overall this was a great review.  thank you for taking the time.


  2. Hi,

    Your article was right on time! Great in-depth review of LiveOps! I say right on time because I am currently unemployed and in doing research looking for online employment jobs, I had come to discover that affiliate marketing proved to me to be a fairly lucrative business. Thus my goal to become an affiliate marketer, brought me to discover Wealthy Affiliate and their Affiliate training program. I am currently in the early stages of my training and learning in leaps and bounds with them!

    Your article believe it or not has been a Godsend!

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    Secondly, your in-depth review of LiveOps and your good news conclusion of them being LEGIT, offered me an opportunity to make some extra money to assist with my goal of becoming an affiliate marketer.

    You have no idea, but take my word, you have created a level of joy in my life that has brought purpose and clarity!

    Take my word for it!

    Thank you!


    • Fortunately if you’re on a budget or have no money to invest at all, Wealthy Affiliate provides a free trial so you can step your foot in the door and start your online business right away.

      You can stay on the free trial for as long as you want until you’re back on your feet or simply stay on the free trial and still make money.

      It’s completely up to you the route you take but do keep in mind that the free trial offers lower commissions.

  3. Hello Brandon,

    Thank you for this great review of LiveOps and whether it is a scam or legitimate company to do business with. It looks like you have been able to try it out and make some money with it. That is a good sign, even if some others do not succeed with it. Not everyone will have success with every profession or every new skill. 

    Some people excel in these areas and others not so much. I was never that great at telemarketing. I am more of an introvert, so I didn’t really enjoy doing those type of calls. I have found that there are so many other ways to make money online that fit my skillset and passions, that there is not much of a need to go back to this model to make money. 

    I like that you break down the pros and cons of the program and what exactly they have to offer. It looks like they pretty much have basic training, but it would be nice if someone offered a mentorship or coaching program to go along with it. Some people take longer in their development of certain skills or just don’t get it at all and decide to quit. At least people are able to make money with it and it isn’t a complete scam, like some other promotions out there. 

    Thank you for this insightful review and I look forward to your future scam alerts.

    • I’d have to agree with you about mentoring/coaching.

      There is help available BUT they only help you when you’re stuck and will only send you to the required training manual anyway, even when it’s confusing to understand for the average Joe.

      If you can figure things out for yourself, don’t mind a challenge and you’re willing to learn, then LiveOps can work for you.


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