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Lotto Black Book Is a Scam and You Will NOT Win the Lottery

If you think you’re going to be the next millionaire with Larry Blair’s Lotto Black Book system, think again.

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This system claims to have a 48% success rate and you can make you millions of dollars, yet no one is coming forward with any success stories.

Getting involved with this system is only going to bring you heartache and an empty wallet.

In this review I explain why this system is a scam and why you will not make any money.

At a Glance

Product name: Lotto Black Book

Owner: Larry Blair

What You Get: Lotto Winning Strategies (E-Book)

My Rating: SCAM!


What Is Lotto Black Book?

This is a book about the secrets to winning lotto.

It was written by a man named Larry Blair, a math professor from Oklahoma, United States.

He has won lotto 3 times and totaled 3.5 million dollar earnings as a result of the strategies inside Lotto Black Book.

He claims to have all the secrets to winning the lottery. Lotto Black Book can supposedly win you lotto 5 out of 10 times.


By utilizing past pattern numbers.

Basically, you choose a bunch of past winning numbers and the formula inside Lotto Black Book will choose the next winning numbers for you.

Any newbie can purchase the book and learn the strategies, and by putting everything you learn to use, you can increase your odds of winning the lottery.

…so they say.

Many, Many Red Flags

So as I’m reviewing this program, I see nothing but negative reviews and red flags regarding this system.

It’s not as straightforward as it sounds. There are lots of things they aren’t telling you and I’m going to expose them.

Red Flag #1 – Larry Doesn’t Exist

Larry Blair isn’t even a real person, the name is completely made up.

The REAL person is a shady internet marketer who created this system to make money and scam people into thinking they are going to get rich overnight.

There is no mention of Larry Blair being a big time lottery winner anywhere on the internet.

When you search up his name, only the Lotto Black Book site comes up.

Red Flag #2 – Fictional Story

The story you hear about Larry winning lottery 3x by using LBB are all fake.

The entire story is made up because like I said, if this guy really has won lotto 3 times, he would be all over news websites.

It is a fairytale that the internet marketer uses to suck people in.

I mean, come on, really, does he think we’re going to believe that he got shot in the leg for this system?

Apparently we’re all fools and believe such BS.

Red Flag #3 – No Proof of Winnings

Most people on the front page of Google reviewing this system are promoting the hell out of it.

They are affiliates who are trying to make a quick buck. They don’t actually have proof that they have won from the strategies inside the book.

I have yet to find a legitimate source or website that claims that the book is legit and the strategies work as claimed.

Red Flag #4 – No Positive Testimonials

Again, no one is coming out and saying that LBB is working or has worked for them.

There are only bad testimonials. These people have all tried LBB and found no success with it.

And those who do claim they have won, those pictures have already been debunked as fake by other reviewers.

This is a huge red flag!

Red Flag #5 – Fake Refund Policy

The say on their official website that they have a 60-day refund policy, because well, they were a product of

Clickbank has a 60-day return policy, however, LBB is not on Clickbank anymore.

Probably because they have also caught onto their scam.

News flash, people are trying to get their money back with no such luck.

If you purchase this system, know there’s a high chance of not getting your money back.

Is Lotto Black Book a Scam?

Some might say that LBB is not a scam because you actually get something for your money.

But in my opinion, it definitely is a scam.


You do not have a 48% success rate and you will not make millions of dollars.

That is a lie because absolutely NO ONE has had success with this system.

It has been around for years and there are nothing but negative reviews.

Stay away from LBB at all costs if you don’t want to waste your money.

Instead you could try my #1 recommendation which is actually free and you have more chances of making money.

Well I hope you found this review helpful.

Anything you would like to add about Lotto Black Book? Tell us in the comments below 🙂 🙂 🙂

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