Lucktastic Review: This Scam is Not Paying

Uhhhh, the get paid to play apps that claim to win you thousands of dollars just for playing small games. Lucktastic

I have literally reviewed about 5 of these systems so far and they have all turned out to be scams.

Taking a look at the reviews and the downright negative comments about this system I can tell from the get go that it doesn’t look good for Lucktastic so far.

But I’m one to look even deeper to find the real truth and that’s what I’m going to do in this Lucktastic review.

At a Glance

App name: Lucktastic

Owner: Jump Ramp Games

App type: Play to win

Price: Free

My rating: SCAM!

What Is Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is a completely free virtual scratch card app.

The whole idea is to provide their members with virtual scratch-offs in the hopes to win money and tokens.

The money can be cashed out when you earn enough for minimum payout and tokens can be redeemed for gift cards.

Basically, you will receive a certain amount of free scratches everyday.

Yahoo Finance claims that one Las Vegas man won $1 million dollars using the Lucktastic app.

Of course that was a little hard to believe, so I done some digging around.

And what did I find?

Absolutely nothing.

Absolutely no proof that this man named Larry R was actually real and could not find any proof of anyone winning 1 million dollars with Lucktastic other than a shady article on

There were no credentials whatsoever and the links on Yahoo were broken.

So that rules that out. In addition to that, there are even more red flags in which are dead in line with other scammy apps like Lucktastic.

These are:

Lucky Day

Lucky Money

Lucky Go

Lucktastic Red Flags

Takes years to earn any money

People have literally been playing Lucktastic for 2-3 years and still haven’t managed to earn enough to cash out.

I mean, that’s dedication and you’d think 2-3 years is a very long enough time to at least win SOMETHING.

Need to download apps to cash out

One HUGE red flag is that when you have enough tokens to redeem for a gift card, they ask you to download a hell of a lot of apps first.

And most of them no one even likes.

Then when they’ve completed downloading, low and behold the gift cards are suddenly “out of stock”.

What a complete and utter joke.

Never any gift cards available

One common tactic these scammers use is to make their app say “No gift cards available, come back another time”.

So they’ll replace the current card with a more expensive card to make you keep playing.

For example: If you get accumulate enough tokens for a $50 gift card, it will be replaced with $100.

This is because they’re not actually giving anything away, they make it seem like they are so people continue playing.

No customer service

There is literally no customer service.

People are emailing them over and over again because they have questions about their winnings and concerns about how they’re operating things.

And they never get a response back.

This is because there is no customer service and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a one man show, making all this money off of advertising and not paying his members anything!

No One Has Any Proof

Literally nowhere on the internet there is anyone coming forward claiming they’ve actually received their winnings into their bank account.

Sure there are people with photos of checks but who’s to say those aren’t photoshopped?

It doesn’t add much credibility when everyone’s calling it a scam.

How the Owner Makes Money

The owner makes money with ads.

Advertisers pay the owner to put ads on his app and that’s why there is an ad almost every second playing the games.

The more ads he can get in front of people, the more money he makes.

And that’s why I wholeheartedly believe he is not paying his members the money they are promised or gift cards that they’re trying to get.

He wants all the money to himself while making people think they’re winning but really they’re only seeing numbers on their screen, not numbers in their bank account!

Signing Up & Limitations

It is free to download the app and you can begin playing right away.

All that’s required is some quick details.

They will also ask for your zip code so they can send you targeted ads.

However, they only accept US citizens so if you’re not from that country you will have to look for another app.

It’s a Scam, it’s as Simple as that

No one is making millions of dollars, no one is making thousands of dollars, no one is making hundreds of dollars.

In fact, no one is making a dime and that’s the cold hard truth.

Out of the 15 million downloads, I have yet to see anyone come forward with proof that they’ve been paid their winnings.

Lucktastic are just like all the other scams I mentioned in this article.

They don’t pay, they have sh*t customer service, they don’t care about their members and they will say anything they can to make you think you’re doing the right thing by playing their app.

I’m sorry to say but Lucktastic is a complete and utter SCAM!


Making More Money Without Actually Being Scammed?

Getting scammed sucks!

I have been scammed multiple times and unfortunately for Lucktastic players, they have been scammed of their time which is the most important asset we have.

I was scammed from my time and thousands of dollars from systems just like this one promising me quick and easy money.

But you know what?

Anything that promises rags to riches is a huge liar because no such systems exists and never will.

There are no legit push button systems, no real get rich quick schemes and no way to win hundreds of dollars with apps like Lucktastic.

Fortunately I did eventually find a system that taught me how to make REAL money online.

The kind of money that I allowed me to quit my job and work from home.

And I have Wealthy Affiliate to thank for that.

Thanks for reading my review. I hope you found the answers you were looking for, and if you did, please leave a comment below 🙂

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