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Lucky Money App: A Full On Scam!

I just started playing this app called Lucky Money because it claimed that I could win lots of money daily.

Well I have been playing for a few days now and something caught my attention.

I decided to check the online reviews because winning hundreds of dollars can’t be that easy.

Luckily I did because this app has got a lot of negative feedback.

People are saying it’s rigged. They’ll get to $9.95 and stop winning money, gift cards disappear and there’s absolutely no customer service.

These are all clear signs of a scam and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

At a Glance

App name: Lucky Money

Owner: Unknown

App type: Win Money (Gambling app)

Price: Free

My rating: It’s a SCAM!


  • Fun to play
  • Good time killer
  • Free to download


  • A waste of time
  • Can never reach minimum payout
  • The app is rigged to stop you from reaching minimum payout
  • Gift cards magically disappear as soon as you get enough tokens to redeem
  • The owners are shady
  • Customer service is non-existent
  • No one receives their gift cards


Lucky Money is an app where you can play games and win cash.

However, it’s rigged because it doesn’t let you get passed $9.95 ($10 is the minimum payout).

Whenever you have enough tokens to cash out, the gift cards are “magically all redeemed” and customer service is non-existent.

No one is getting paid and all they’re doing is using members to make money off of advertising.

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What Exactly Is Lucky Money?

It is a free mobile app which you can play games and earn money and tokens.

However, you will have to watch at least a 15-30 second ad between each game which can get annoying, but that’s why it is free to download and play.

Most of the games will reward you with tokens which you can redeem for gift cards later on, but sometimes you could win cash as well.

The cash can be anywhere from $0.05 to $1000s, but in my experience after days playing, my highest was $0.09.

How Do You Earn Money?

Lucky Money Spin the Wehel

The way to earn money with Lucky App is to play the games daily. Playing the games often will give you more chances of winning.

The games include:

  • Spin the wheel – Spin to win
  • Scratch offs – Scratch the cards for a chance to win
  • Lucky code – A slot game. Match 3 to win
  • Lotto – A chance to win big
  • Jackpot – Another slot game but with higher earnings

These games are very fun to play and can fulfill your gambling needs.

To receive your winnings you will have to reach the minimum payout of $10 or earn enough tokens to convert into cash.

The more tokens you get, the higher the gift card you can redeem for.

It’s a Scam – These Red Flags Prove It

The app is 100% rigged

The app is rigged, there’s no two ways about it.

You’ll win lots of fast money within the first couple of days, but then the closer people are getting to minimum payout, the less money they earn.

So basically when you get to $9.95, you suddenly don’t win anything for months.

This is not happening with a couple of people, this happens with every single person that plays. All you need to do is look at the reviews on the Play Store.

Then when people do eventually reach the $10 minimum payout, none of the gift cards are available.

Gift cards suspiciously become unavailable

There are lots of gift cards available as you’re playing the games and winning lots of money, but when you eventually reach minimum payout (after months of playing), the gift card isn’t available anymore.

Now players have to make another $10 to get the $20 gift card, which is going to take another couple of months.

Then it’ll do the exact same thing, say it’s not available as soon as they’re ready to redeem.

No ones receiving gift cards

Another huge red flag is that nobody’s receiving their gift cards in the mail.

Users are supposed to receive the card within 7 days but it never comes. Some have even been waiting for months!

So the only rational thing to do is to contact customer support which is literally non-existent.

Customer Service is non-existent

Just like another scam app that I reviewed two days ago called Lucky Go, customer service doesn’t exist here either.

They ignore emails so they don’t have to deal with people asking for their gift cards, yet they’re active on the Google Play Store only to get people to continue signing up to their scam.

All These Gaming Apps Do Is Scam People

These “play to win” gaming apps are becoming more popular and they are all scamming people.

It’s so sad what they’re doing. They claim you can win lots of money, but they’re rigged and never actually pay you for your time.

They make money from advertising and that’s why you have to watch a 15-30 second video pretty much every couple of minutes.

They get rich while their members hope and prey they win the 1000s of dollars that never comes.

There are lots of these apps coming out and until they’re exposed, they will continue scamming people and using them to make money.

It Must Be Legit, It’s on the Play Store

Well that’s what I thought too. I literally thought that these types of apps would pay because there are definitely some that actually do pay you for your time.

But it turns out, a lot of them are scams and Google doesn’t check legitimacy of apps before putting them on the Play Store.

The only thing they do is look into the app when it gets reported and ban it when it gets too many reports.

Lucky Money is Nothing But a Scam

Lucky Money? More like Lucky waste-of-time.

Lucky Money is out to do one thing, get as many people playing so they get rich off of advertising.

There’s nothing special about this app, you aren’t going to win 1000s of dollars and they aren’t going to send you any money.

I can say with 100% certainty that no one has received any gift cards in the mail. If they tell you otherwise, it’s probably a paid review or someone from the developers.

Lucky Money is a scam and no one is making real money.


How to Make Real Money

I get it, making money playing apps seems like something amazing considering it’s free money.

However, it would be a good idea IF they actually paid or if they paid decent money.

But the apps that do pay only pay pennies for our time which is not something we should give away lightly.

I have tried make money apps, gaming apps, survey sites, tasks sites, and none of them were worth it in the end.

I finally decided to create an online business and now it is my full-time job and I love every second of it.

This is what I do to make money online

Well that concludes this review and I hope you learnt a thing or two.


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