My Daily Choice Review: Finally An MLM With Legit Products?

Too many times have I seen people think they can jump into a system and make a boatload of  money.

They think their new shiny object is going to allow them to quit their day job.

Then more times than not they’re left with no money made, less money in their pocket and further away from their dreams than ever before.

Let me tell you that there are definitely legit opportunities out there, you just have to find the calm in the storm.

But before we move on with this review, check out the Wealthy Affiliate for a legit way to make money online.

Otherwise keep reading My Daily Choice review to see what type of system they’re running and if you can actually make real money with it!

At a Glance

Name: My Daily Choicemy-daily-choice


Owners: Unknown

Price to Join: $69+

My Rating: 3/5

3.0 out of 5 stars

About My Daily Choice

Who Created this System

I cannot find who created My Daily Choice literally anywhere.

There is no “about” page on their website so I can’t just look up who’s running it.

I mean, if I were to join I’d like to know the type of leaders, who they are and what their intentions are.

At least give us a name and a picture, but there is none whatsoever.

Now I’m not saying this is completely bad, but it’s not doing anything helpful when it comes to finding the true legitimacy of it.

When did it Launch shows it was first registered in 2006 and won’t expire until 2023!

This is a clear sign that they’ve stood the test of time and have the confidence they’ll be in it for the long haul.

Below you will see the current traffic stats.

They have an average visitor duration of 6 minutes, 5 pages per visit and 25% bounce rate which are all really impressive stats!

All are good stats and shows that people are coming, sticking around for a while and surfing the website.

Their Claims

My Daily Choice claims to provide business owners nothing but the best and most attractive product lines.

They claim to bless people around the world with great health, a life-changing income and ultimate freedom.

They claim not to be just one product company, but instead they’re apart of the top industries so they can dominate virtually any marketplace.

They also say they have something called “Cloud Technology”, which allows them to have the least amount of overhead expenses as possible so everything can be put back into the business to make it better for everyone.

One claim I want to look deep into today is that everyone who joins My Daily Choice has the potential to earn over $1,000,000 per month.

Honestly they say a lot of things so lets continue this review to see what the real truth is!

So What Exactly is My Daily Choice?

I’m not going to bore you with the nitty-gritty stuff here, I’m going to get straight to the point and tell you how it is because I’m sure you’re not here for the products that supposedly reverses aging.

I’m here for the compensation plan and I bet you are too.

So here goes:

My Daily Choice is nothing more than a Multi-Level Marketing system that sells health and well-being products with the opportunity to start a business.

You can either purchase these products yourself or simply join the compensation plan.

Their motto is: “success with a choice” because they believe anyone can become successful as long as they make the choice to do so and continue to make the right decisions to make it happen.

The Products

Like I said, I’m not here for the products and I bet you ain’t either.

So I’m just going to give you a basic idea of what they offer and then we can get into the more important stuff! (making money, of course)

Health Products

  • Sprays – Sprays onto the skin which is absorbed into the blood stream
  • Brain bears – For kids, looks like gummy bears but actually has a lot of healthy nutrients
  • HempWorx – These are hemp-oil products that help reverse aging. They are completely legal in all states
  • Brain fuel plus – Capsules that promote mental health and clarity

Discount Products

  • Cash back on travel
  • Daily savings

Now these products might seem amazing because honestly, they kind of are.

But they are really expensive so keep that in mind if you’re deciding to purchase some or thinking of being a distributor.

If you decide to sell the products to make commissions, I hope you know a lot of wealthy people who take care of themselves because that’ll be your target audience.

The Compensation Plan (Business Opportunity)

Now this is where things get a little exciting.

This is the reason why My Daily Choice has been getting a lot of hype lately. It is their appealing business opportunity they offer.

Well, they claim it’s one of the best but to be honest it is pretty much identical.

To join the compensation plan you will have to purchase at least one of the packages.

The cheapest package costs $69 per month which is the Spray Builder Pack.

One thing I do like is that you don’t have to buy the package that you want to promote nor do you have to keep buying them.

Once you complete your purchase, you are in the door and you can begin promoting anything you want.

So what does all this mean?

Well, the more packages you purchase and the more you build your team, the higher you rise in ranks and the more benefits you get and more money you make.

Any Red Flags?

At the bottom of their website they have an FDA disclaimer that states they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and they say over and over again that they take no responsibility for the improper use or treatment of their products.

Furthermore, there is no name registered when I search up who owns the domain name:

I can’t find the founder or co-founder of this website ANYWHERE.

However, there doesn’t seem to be much complaints or red flags I can see about My Daily Choice, which is a pretty good sign considering it’s an MLM system.

Can You Really Earn $1,000,000 Per Month?

The owners of this website claim everyone has the POTENTIAL to earn one million dollars per month.

Everyone might have the potential but the chances of that happening a very minuscule, and let me tell you why.

You are told to build a team but aren’t told exactly how.

So you’re only going to recruit your family and friends, and of course this means you are limited on the people you know, which also means you’re income potential is limited.

So in my opinion, everyone does not have the potential to earn one million dollars per month.

Not to mention that you have to be a great sales person if you want to make it far in this business.

Because why would anyone buy anything from you if you don’t believe in the products and they absolutely know you’re just in it for the money?

And trust me, it’s not hard to figure out.

Does it Cost to Join?

You will have to purchase one of the packages before you can join My Daily Choice.

As soon as you purchase one of the many available packages, you can begin your journey.

You can then start building your team who will sell for you which is where you will earn commissions on their sales (the one million dollars per month business opportunity.)

The cheapest package is the Spray Builder Pack and costs $69 per month.

Pros and Cons


  • Legit product line
  • Been around for a long time and shows no signs of dying down
  • You only need to purchase 1 package to gain access to everything


  • High priced products that make it difficult to sell
  • Products have not been evaluated by the FDA
  • Not the best option for newbies since selling is extremely difficult
  • You’re limited to your friends and family unless you know how to reach other people

Is My Daily Choice a Scam?

I evaluated My Daily Choice as much as I can, and although I was sure it was going to be a scam, it is not and I’ll tell you why.

The products are actually legit and the main focus IS the products.

The products are expensive BUT there’s a large variety of them and only proves they have something of value here and it’s not just another MLM trying to use their products as a cover up.

They really do want to provide great products to help people have better lives, and I believe them.

They’ve gone the extra mile by having a brick-and-mortar office and renewed their domain name for 8 more years which is a big positive in my books.

It only shows they’re in it for the long haul and they are confident things are bright for the future.

This is one of the few MLM systems that aren’t trying to scam their audience.

A big thumbs up from Job Quitters Unite.


My Personal Recommendation

Yeah yeah I know, I just told you that My Daily Choice is legit and a real business opportunity, but hear me out.

It is not for everyone and at least 95% of people who join will quit before they make their first commission.

And that is nothing but cold hard truth. It’s in the statistics which is the same as every other MLM out there.

MLM is good, but it is not for everyone.

My personal recommendation is actually affiliate marketing because it truly is for everyone and anyone can do it AS LONG as you’re willing to learn and work.

It most definitely is easier than Multi-Level Marketing and allows you to create your own business and not work on someone else’s.

You build a website about your passion and within a few months of consistency, you will be gaining traffic and earning a passive income flow.

After a year or 2 you could be replacing your regular job.

But do keep in mind; that will depend on your work ethic and dedication to succeed.

There is a free trial and you can get started immediately.

Go here for my #1 recommendation

I’m interested to know what you think of this review.

Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “My Daily Choice Review: Finally An MLM With Legit Products?”

  1. Hi Brandon, does not sound too bad to me. This article was a real eye opener. However, the trick with MLM’s is to get free traffic to your products!

    Any suggestions on how to get free traffic to one’s products – would I need a website? Thanks Brandon.

    I did read once that in order to succeed in MLM’s structure business you should look for others to go under you.

    Those that can then are successful. Those that can’t well then its just a waste of time but you still have the benefit of the reduced prices of products.

    Thanks Brandon as I didn’t know if MyDailyChoice was scam or legit – now I am wiser.

    • No Philip, MLM systems do not require a website. Everything you need to become successful with MLM should be provided by the owners themselves, you do not have to go out of your way when everything is readily available. You’ll only be creating more unnecessary work for yourself and making it harder to make money when it already is.

      Of course this only applies to MLM, I’m not talking about affiliate marketing because if you choose this route, then yes, definitely get a website.

      And of course you should recruit people you think are going to be successful. It’s a lot better to do this than to recruit people than you KNOW are going to fail but you just want a quick buck or two. That’s the wrong way to go about it.


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