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My Passive Trades: Legit, Scam, or Ponzi Scheme?

“Passive” is a strong word when it comes to internet marketing, because everyone wants everything to be done for them on autopilot.

My Passive Trades Logo

My Passive Trades just hit my radar list because of the title alone.

And of course that’s not easy to come across, it’s no surprise that this set off my radar. I wanted to see what this system was really all about.

It is owned by a man named Darren Bradbury who has also been involved in companies such as: My 24 Hour‌ Income, Power House Feeder, GiftoBit, and more.

But enough about this man. In this review I want to discover the facts, if My Passive Trades is real or just another scam.


At a Glance

Name: My Passive Trades


Owner: Darren Bradbury

Website type: Investment opportunity

Price: $5-$450

My rating: 2/10


  • Only $5 to get started


  • No proof of earnings anywhere
  • It’s a high risk investment especially if you put in hundreds or even thousands of dollars
  • Can only pay via Bitcoin
  • Unrealistic return claims
  • It has ponzi scheme written all over it


My Passive Trades is an investment opportunity which promises 1.25% daily returns.

Although there is no proof of them making this for its members and all the numbers they showcase can be all fake.

It has all the red flags of a ponzi scheme and I do not think anyone should get involved with this shady business.

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What Is My Passive Trades?

My Passive Trades Official Website

Essentially, it is a website where you are able to invest money and make more money back.

They promise a return of 1.25% per day of your investment but it usually stays a consistent 1%, which is some outstanding numbers if you ask me.

That means you should expect a return rate of 30% per month for your investment.

So if you invest $50,000, you will get back $15,000 in 30 days. The more money you invest, the more you get back.

But are all of these claims true?

Or are we dealing with yet another trading investment ponzi scheme?

That’s the million dollar question which I’ll find out shortly.

How Do You Make Money? (The Process)

So first and foremost you will need to become a member by signing up and buying at least a $5 advertising pack.

The advertising pack is what they promise 1.25% returns daily.

There is no limit on how many advertising packs you can purchase but all you need is $5 to get started and you can begin making money within the next couple of days.

That’s it.‌ The process really is that simple.

From here you can set and forget and wait for your profits to climb, invest some more and make more money, or wait and even invest your profits for compound interest.

Advertising Credits

Every time you purchase an advertising pack, you will be given advertising credits.

These allow you to advertise your own website or product. Think of it as a “bonus”, or “thank you” for your investment.

How They Make Your Money Back

So they claim that they will be performing financial trading to make all these profits which is how they pay their members.

They have “master traders” who does all the trading for them.

Of course anyone can say that without any proof, and sadly, they have no proof other than unrealistic numbers of people getting paid.

This is the page that set off my alarm bells:

My Passive Income Recent Payout

As you can see in the screenshot above, they claim to be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in earnings to their investors.

This raised many red flags for me but I’ll get to that soon.

What is Their Affiliate Program?

Their affiliate program is a way to promote My Passive Trades and earn even more money.

They offer 50% commissions on the sale of the affiliate program and an additional 3-8% on all your downlines investments.

They operate on a 2-level basis.

Level 1 (which is your immediate downline) pays 50% commissions for the sale plus an additional 8% on investments made.

And Level 2 is your downlines downline, which pays 3% commissions on their investments.

The Trading School is one of their products inside the program and shows you how to “trade like a pro”; everything you need to know from beginning to the correct mindset.

The Compensation Plan

They also offer a compensation plan which is what makes them a MLM company.

The compensation plan operates on a 3×1 matrix, meaning you will need to have 3 paying members before you can get paid from your downline.

Once you have 3 paying members, it will start a new tier where you will need another 3 paying members.

The cheapest package to join the matrix is $99 and you will earn $33 for every person you recruit.

So before you can get paid, you will need at least 3 members paying $99 each.

Here’s the 2 packages:

Mentor = $99 ($33 commissions)

VIP = $450 ($150 commissions)

Now the Inevitable Red Flags

1. Outrageous numbers

Anytime you see someone showcasing unrealistic numbers, they are trying to show you that there are real people making lots of real money.

It is their “proof” of earnings. But in reality, it is just a page of a bunch of numbers, anyone can put them there.

2. Unrealistic returns

The average returns for normal investors are 5.19% PER YEAR. Even Warren Buffett, the top investor in the world, just manages to get over 17% per year.

Yet somehow these “master traders” think they can make a consistent 1% return per day?

Yeah…maybe if you were Warren Buffett x1000.

3. Can only pay via Bitcoin

This is a huge red flag, it’s exactly what Bitclub Network was doing.

They were accepting only bitcoins because Bitcoins cannot be tracked.

5 years later, Bitclub Network was exposed and 5 guys were arrested for running a huge ponzi scheme.

It is alarming to see that My Passive‌ Trades only accept Bitcoins too.

4. You have to invest before you can buy the products

What makes a company like this legit is if it has retail products which can be sold to people without having to join or become a member.

Well frankly, you cannot sell the products inside MPT to a customer without them becoming a member first.

This brings up some major red flags.

Now the main intent of this system is to recruit, recruit and recruit some more and get as many people as possible to invest in the company.

What I Personally Think of My Passive Trades

I think that the owner isn’t being genuine about what he is offering here.

The numbers are unrealistic and even Warren Buffett, the biggest investor in the world, isn’t even earning 1.25% returns per day.

This makes me believe that they are definitely lying about how much money you can make and brings up even more questions.

Such as:

Are the numbers under the “recent payout” tab true or a lie?

Are they actually paying members?

After some thorough research, it’s clear that no one is making money with it.

There are only biased reviews who are trying to promote this system to make a quick buck.

So what do I personally think about this system?

That they’re running a huge ponzi scheme.

They’re making people think they are earning real money but only showing numbers.

Because at the end of the day, that money isn’t going back into their bank account, so they aren’t really earning anything.

So Is My Passive Trades a Scam or Legit Investment Opportunity?

There are far too many red flags to believe that they’re still running something legit.

They aren’t the first to run a system like this and won’t be the last.

In my opinion, MPT is a ponzi scheme and they will get caught sooner or later and run away with everyone’s money.

Consider this your warning sign.


How I Make Money Online

It’s only a matter of time before MPT gets exposed for the real system they’re running.

And I hope you’re not caught in the crossfire.

I’m glad I have found something that makes me real money online.

Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate, I am finally living my dream of working from home.

They have a free trial which is what got me interested when I first joined.

This is the system I’m talking about

Well that wraps up this review of My Passive Trades.

If you have anymore questions about this system please ask in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


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