(My Personal Story) Hard Work Isn’t Enough When You’re Using The Wrong System

Today I want to talk with you all about hard work.

I have a personal story I want to share about when I first started my online business venture.

You see, everyone thinks hard work is all you need to do to succeed, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth…as you’re about to find out.

You’ll hear it everywhere you go.

“work hard because that’s how to get what you want in life”

“work harder and you’ll get the things you love”

Let me tell you that I worked hard for a long time and it got me absolutely nowhere.

And I’ll explain why below…

My First Online Business Venture

Google Sniper 3.0 Logo

Okay, so my first online business venture started back in 2014 with a system called Google Sniper.

I knew money could be made on the internet because so many people were doing it.

I loved the thought of flash cars, big mansions, , the beaches, big holiday houses, etc.

And this is actually what motivated me. I didn’t want to continue working my job I absolutely hated, so I started with Gsniper.

I worked hard everyday after work on this new business of mine.

I implemented the steps every day for weeks straight.

There was no money being made whatsoever even though I was working hard…every…single…day.

Even my weekends were spent on this new business of mine!

I thought okay, my first few sniper sites didn’t work so maybe I just got unlucky, then paid even more money for domain names just to try and rank them in Google, still with no luck.

I decided to purchase the upsells cause I thought maybe that’s where I was going wrong, not taking full advantage of the system.

The upsell was around $299 USD with private coaching included.

However, when I tried to contact customer support for my coaching I paid $299 for, no one viewed my ticket for literally months.

One day I decided to check it to see if they responded, and they had marked it as RESOLVED, yet no one had even responded to my ticket! They literally just read it and resolved it.

Yep, you can guess how furious I was.

This was the breaking point for me and so I had enough and gave up with Google Sniper because I felt I got massively ripped off and the owner doesn’t even care about his customers.

I got scammed big time.

I didn’t check online reviews because I was a newbie and didn’t know better

Back in 2014 online review sites weren’t as popular as they are today.

Well they were, but so many people still didn’t know you could slap “review” on the end of a system and find the real truth about it (me included).

So I did not do that with Google Sniper because I was a complete newbie to all that sort of stuff, so guess what?

Yep, I worked my butt off for a couple months straight creating these little sniper sites that weren’t even ranking or making me ANY money.

But why didn’t I give up? I thought hard work is where you want to get in life, that’s what I’VE always been told my entire life.

Little did I know that the system was outdated by a long shot and Google had already changed its algorithm so all sniper sites being created after and beforehand were dropped at least 100 rankings.

All sniper sites at the top of page one had dropped down to page 10 and lower.

Yet look how hard I worked…really really hard and invested hundreds of dollars.

If you still need proof of my sniper sites, here’s a screenshot of all my domain names I created.

Domain Names List

Domains List

There’s about 20 domain names there and I created WordPress websites for all of them.

I followed the system, put in the HARD WORK and most definitely the hours, but I was still left out of pocket with still no money being made.

The Moral of the Story

You can be told to work hard by almost everyone you come across, but hard work is simply not enough if you’re using the wrong system.

You could be told you can make $30,000 per month and if you see enough proof you’ll probably try as hard as you can, put in all the hours and still not reach your ultimate goal.

Because the moral of the story is: don’t go all in unless you know it’s legit and they stand by their promises!

You could spend so much money and hours just like I did all for literally nothing…well, I got a valuable lesson out of it so I thought I would share this with you so you avoid the same mistakes as I did.

Do the needed research before diving in willy-nilly and going all in on something that could be a big fat scam!


Just because I said take your time and do the research, that does not mean spend a year or even more doing your research on things trying to find the “perfect” program.

Being indecisive and not taking action at all kills dreams and stops you from failing, but failing is where you learn from your mistakes, it is how you grow as a person.

You will not grow freezing up every time you think you might fail, which will lead to not doing anything at all and no growth happening.

So all I’m saying is to just do a quick Google search on a system to get a general idea of it. You do not need every single detail.

It is 2018 now and most people know how to find if something is legit or a scam just by doing a quick Google search.

Well that concludes this article and I’m happy to say that I finally DID reach my goal of quitting my job and making money on the internet after George Brown scammed me with his Google Sniper system.

It is called Wealthy Affiliate and yes I have a full review on it so you know what you’re getting yourself into before investing your precious time.

Thanks for reading one of my personal stories and experiences. I hope you learned a thing or two from my mistakes!

Want to ask me anything? Leave all your questions below 😀

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