Nextgen Paid Surveys Review – Is It Really Worth $20?

Making money with paid surveys is a real thing, as I’ve done it in the past but refuse to do it nowadays due to the amount of time you spend to only make a few dollars in return.

However, there are still some decent online paid survey sites out there that’ll pay for your beer money – or if you save your earnings for an entire year – your end of year vacation.

Taking into consideration that you’re applying yourself to many different survey sites and not just one, of course.

I found Nextgen Paid Surveys while looking at online income opportunities and wanted to see if it’s a good choice or a waste of time and money.

Keep reading this Nextgen Paid Surveys review to find out if it stands out from the thousands of other survey sites on the internet.

At a Glance

Name: Nextgen Paid Surveysnextgen-paid-surveys-logo



Owners: Jason Webb

Price to Join: $20

My Rating: 1.5/5 stars

1.5 out of 5 stars

About Nextgen Paid Surveys

Who Created This System?

Jason Webb is the name behind Nextgen Paid Surveys, and although it is unknown whether it is a pen name or not, at least they have the decency to tell us.

Jason realized the amount of opportunity there is in the online survey industry and made a consistent flow of $1,157 per week and wanted to show others how to make the money he was making.

He claims he has a unique approach and the reason why he has gained much success.

When Did It Launch?

The domain name www.nextgenpaidsurveys was registered on 2011-11-10 but has been registered privately, which is a bad sign in my opinion and may further prove that Jason is a made up name.

There is almost no traffic coming from the search engines but show that 38% is coming from direct and 43% are referral traffic.

Referral traffic is from blogs, forums, etc and “Display” is advertising traffic.


Their Claims

Before we begin this review I want find out exactly what they claim, then I can find out if these claims are legit or just huge lies.

Nextgen Paid Surveys claim:

  • You can make an average of $1,157 per day with no experience
  • Making real money on the internet is much easier than you think
  • You can enroll in minutes and get started immediately
  • You work from the comfort of your own home and get paid weekly

So What Exactly is Nextgen Paid Surveys?

It is a website where you complete surveys and earn money in return for your opinion.

Big companies want to know what the people want, and by completing surveys you are giving them your thoughts and opinions on products and services.

Most of these services and products aren’t available to the public yet so you’ll be letting the companies know what you think of them before they are released to the public.

This allows them to make tweaks and changes to to their products to give it a higher chance of being successful upon launch.

This is why big companies will pay you, because in the long run it’s going to make them more money.

But unlike most other survey sites, this one has a fee of $20 before you can sign up and begin filling out surveys.

Once you pay with your credit card, you gain access to the members area where you can start earning money right away.

You get paid your earnings each week via check, PayPal, AlertPay, direct deposit or wire transfer.

Another Way to Earn With Nextgen Paid Surveys?

One OTHER way to earn money with NPS is to promote the system itself.

By doing this you gain a commission every time someone clicks your link and buys.

However, this will require you to sign up with because they handle all the payments, customer service, etc.

Are People Really Making Money?

Money definitely can be made by completing online surveys, yes.

Completing surveys and earning money for your efforts is a real thing, as you’re able to earn a few dollars per month if you stick to it everyday.

However, people joining Nextgen Paid Surveys are not making the $1,157 that was promised to them on the sales page, and not even close to it…

Even when you complete ALL surveys available to you, there is no way you can make that amount of money and especially not each and every week!

The Flaws

There are many, many flaws when it comes to Nextgen Paid Surveys.

There are reports of people paying the $20, getting inside the members area and then finding out the surveys you are filling out can be done on OTHER survey sites…ones that don’t require a fee to join.

One thing worth mentioning is that you will not be getting paid $5-$75 per survey.

This is a flat out lie or highly misleading at best, as there are opportunities to make that much money for a survey but there is a very low chance you will qualify for them.

The high-paying surveys have strict rules and regulations that only a few people qualify for.

So in reality you will be earning $0.25 to $1.25 per survey, and most of the time you have to wait for new surveys to become available to you.

Basically: you’re not consistently completing surveys so you won’t be making a whole bunch of money like they claim.

Does it Cost to Join?

Yes, there is a fee of $20 that needs to be paid before gaining access to the members area.

There is no free trial but there is a 60-day money back guarantee if you think you wasted your money and can get a refund, no questions asked.

Pros and Cons


  • You can make some money
  • They pay weekly


  • There is no free trial
  • You have to pay a fee, whereas other survey sites are free to join
  • It is highly misleading people because the high-paying surveys won’t be available to you
  • You will not make the money they claim, nowhere near as much to be honest
  • Takes a large chunk of time just to make a few pennies

Is Nextgen Paid Surveys a Scam?

It’s not often that someone would call a paid survey site a scam because most of them are legit.

The ones that I actually find decent are iPoll and Pinecone Research (both free to join).

However, Nextgen wants you to pay to get in and they do this by hyping it up with high numbers and words like “make serious money online with no experience”.

Of course this will get the attention of any average person wanting to make money online.

And the fact that Jason Webb claims he has a secret that other survey sites don’t have makes him stand out from the crowd.

But the sad truth is that Jason Webb does not have a secret.

The surveys can be found other survey sites but without paying anything to sign up, and the $5-$75 surveys are almost a once in a lifetime opportunity anyway.

Yes, they really are that rare. Most people don’t qualify for them.

There is no way you will earn the claimed $1,157 from the sales page every week as this is all hype to make you think you’ll make easy and fast money when this is not the case.

This is a borderline scam because you can definitely make money with their system but you will not be making the money they claim.

So yes, Nextgen Paid Surveys is a scam.

If they didn’t lie so much in the sales page then my conclusion would’ve been much different!

Scam logo cooltext

What I Recommend

Getting paid to complete surveys is a big time waster in my opinion.

You work for hours at a time but only make a few dollars, and if you’re an avid survey taker you already know what I’m talking about.

Why not use those precious hours to build a business that you own, one that cannot be taken from you.

I’m talking about your own website, one just like this.

You don’t make money one time, you make money over and over again even when you’re away from your computer.

Yes…even when you’re sleeping since your website gets ranked in the search engines.

I now work full-time from home thanks to this program right here!

Well thanks for reading.

What are your thoughts on Nextgen Paid Surveys? Let us know in the comments below.




14 thoughts on “Nextgen Paid Surveys Review – Is It Really Worth $20?”

  1. You are so right, online survey’s are such a waste of time. I’ve tried them before and would never do let alone recommend them again!
    I’m really glad you wrote this because I knew they weren’t a real “money maker”, but I had no idea the real statistics of them! They are more time wasted then money made from the looks of it!
    Your recommendations seem to be the way to go, they are very appealing and seem to be on the line of a more income based system.
    Thank you for this info!

  2. Great review, there’s too many of these scams out there. It’s all just a cheap hoax and they put in all their efforts to leach people of their money. Thanks for exposing them, love these types of articles!

  3. I have personally tried paid surveys and I find it a waste of time as well, This article definitely gives insight to anyone who is looking to go towards that way. It is very time consuming to get through every survey and they are very long to complete. Starting your own business and securing what is yours is definitely the right path to go, that is the way I am choosing to go, and I am very excited about the outcome it will bring.

    • I think almost everyone that’s tried internet marketing has come across at least one survey site and tried it out, only to be let down when they’ve made little money for lots of time spent on the site.

      Great choice creating your own website Ashley. I wish you all the best, and remember, I’m always here to help 🙂

  4. Back in the days I really wasted a lot of time trying to make a little money online, I could make some extra bucks, I went through a lot of scams sites until I found WA, but I had never tried Nextgen, fortunately. You did a great job by reviewing this one, and I am looking forward to warning others about this site.
    Great Job and thanks for sharing

  5. Brandon,

    This was an excellent review. I think it is very important to research these sites that claim that you can make money quick and easy. That within itself is a red flag and all the cautionary signs that are so blatant – like pet names and lack of traffic, etc. I think this review was very helpful and will definitely help people to understand that all online surveys and businesses are not always looking out for our best interest – some just take your money if you are willing to give it to them without the due diligence of conducting research in advance of making a decision that could impact the rest of their lives.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • I highly agree with you Rayon.

      As soon as someone promises you quick and easy money, you should put your guard up asap because 99% of the time they are lying, or at the very least highly misleading you.

  6. Great post, I heard about these online surveys that people can make and get pay but to be honest I wasn’t sure which websites where secure and not scams and which one to look and now after reading these I have a better understanding of these type of websites and how they work and as a plus I learn about a couple websites that are free to join and that are very good. This post helped me to understand and know how this work.
    Thank you for the information.

    • That’s what I’m here for, to show you what to look for when it comes to online business opportunities.

      Because they may seem like the next biggest thing UNTIL you undertake further investigation and find out they’re just lying and scamming you.

  7. Thanks for taking your own time to do this review for us. I totally agree that survey is often a waste of time. I’ve personally tried some survey sites and maybe made $5 after spending such a long time.

    How much were you able to make per day with Nextgen if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Hey Mutsumi. I am not affiliated with Nextgen Paid Surveys whatsoever, so I cannot tell you my experience.

      But they have accumulated a negative reaction from the online community mostly because they are liars and a massive rip off.


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