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OMG Machines Review – Is It Worth $8000?

So OMG Machines have been doing the rounds for a couple years now and it seems there is a lot of good feedback for it.

However, I don’t give in so easily.

Having so many great reviews with little bad feedback raises some red flags and makes me wonder if these are all cover up websites.

I’ve decided to dig deeper to see what this site is really all about and if the claims of making $50,000 per month are actually true.

Because those who showcase big houses, Lamborghini’s and beaches from around the world, are usually living a lie, or out to take your money just to continue funding their own million dollar lifestyle.

Walk with me as I debunk this system and find out exactly what they’re running here.

OMG Machines Summary

Website name:

Founder: Founded by Greg Morrison in 2012

Website Type: Online Marketing Training Platform

Price: $8000, or 12 payments of $699

Best For: Those that have $8000 and are ready to put in work.

Description: OMG Machines has hundreds of hours of video content and will teach you how to create a successful online business via affiliate marketing, SEO, local SEO and even ecommerce.

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What Exactly Is OMG Machines?

omg machines logo

OMG Machines is an online marketing training platform that teaches you how to make money online.

They specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which basically means ranking a website in Google.

This alone won’t make you money and that’s where inbound marketing comes into play.

OMG Machines teaches you how to set up your inbound marketing campaign before ranking it in the search engines.

Once you have an effective system in place, it needs time to do it’s thing before making money, so don’t expect instant results.

Inbound marketing is all about capturing leads (people enter their email address), building trust by providing value on a frequent basis, and then selling to them.

However, there are also other types of training they provide, which I’ll get into more as we move through this review.

How You Earn Money

1. Build an affiliate website

Affiliate marketing is constantly growing and opens up many opportunities for people looking to earn online.


Because affiliate marketing WORKS. The concept is great and if you can get enough targeted traffic to your offer, you can make a lot of money.

Well affiliate marketing is one of the training modules they teach at OMG Machines.

Combine this with SEO (they show you how) and you’ve got a killer website that makes you money on autopilot.

2. Reputation Management for Local Businesses

Another viable money grabber is to create websites for local businesses and get their website ranked in the search engines.

It’s actually a lot easier to rank local websites because there’s far less competition and the way you’ll be making money is through the owners of the business.

You could earn anywhere from $1000-$7000 per month just from managing one website.

Get 10 of these gigs and you have a LOT of money coming in each month.

3. Ecommerce and Dropshipping

Eommerce and dropshipping are also great ways to make money online.

For those that don’t know, Ecommerce is an online store that sells physical products.

First you send traffic to your Ecommerce store, and when people buy, the money goes straight to you.

You purchase the item from the actual store and send it to the customer.

However, because you upped the price on your Ecommerce site, whatever’s left after you purchased the product goes straight to you.

This is called profit and has the potential to make you $50,000 per month.

What You Get

Step-By-Step Training Videos

This is the easiest way to learn because you’re getting real “over-the-shoulder” training.

I’m glad to say that OMG Machines has video tutorials set out in a step-by-step format for the easiest learning curve possible.

Keep in mind that these videos are hours long and will take you months to get through.

This is a good sign because it means the site is constantly getting updated with new features and training videos.

Live Webinars

There are live webinars that you can sign up to and receive an email address when it’s about to go live.

These webinars focus on all types of different things to help you move forward with your online business and make money, whether that be by increasing conversions, receiving new leads, making more sales, etc.

This part of the system is designed to help you achieve more.

The good thing about these webinars is if you miss them, you can replay them whenever you want, as many times as you want.

Discussion Platform

Inside the members area is a forum where you can talk to other like minded people and even experienced millionaires who are making money doing the same thing you’re doing.

Training From Top Internet Marketers

There are some big names who have made a fortune online, and they have joined OMG Machines to create training modules.

These range from walkthroughs, local SEO digital agency, eCommerce secrets, over the shoulder training, pay per lead training, video marketing, YouTube, and much, much more.

Some of these people are; Joe Marfoglio, Jake Tanner, Jayme Washington, Greg Morrison and Stephen Floyd.

90-Day Business Plan

They start you off with a 90-day business plan which is designed to get your foot in the internet marketing world so you know making money online is completely possible.

Because the first reason people quit ANYTHING is from not seeing results, and internet marketing is no different.

Well this business plan is designed to make you money as quickly as possible so you stay motivated to stick it out for as long as possible.

And LOTS More

OMG Machines has been around for a very long time so it makes sense that it’s going to be packed with content.

It is updated daily so over the years it has accumulated to hundreds of hours of training videos, many discussions and lots of different training modules from high earning individuals.

However, this much content can cause people to get overwhelmed but I’ll talk more about that later.

One Major Flaw That Comes To Mind

As you may know by now, OMG Machines main focus is on Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

They want to get your website ranked in the search engines so you can get traffic and make sales.

However, one major flaw is that special tricks and techniques are a big fat waste of time.

Or should I say, not the smartest approach when you’re trying to rank on the internet giant called Google!

SEO is actually really simple and you don’t need to pay $8000 to get the scoop on how to rank a website, because I’m going to tell you how right now.

I’ve made many websites that rank in the search engines and the ONLY ranking factors that you need to worry about are:

  • Keyword Selection
  • Content Length
  • Content Structure
  • Engagement
  • Social Elements
  • Time (Authority)

Notice I didn’t mention backlinks or any special tricks to exploit Google?

Those 6 things are the secret to getting ranked in the search engines my friend.

If you don’t believe me, my website I created and added all content myself ( ranked in a matter of months with those 6 factors above and made me a helluva lot of money.

They Have Very Loyal Members

One thing I’ve noticed is that the members of OMG Machines are very loyal to this system and its owners.

There are more people promoting this system than real, unbiased reviews.

Most of the reviews on Google are from people trying to make a quick buck, and they are all biased.

That’s why you’ll hear them say thousands of people are making life changing income and that it is “100% true and you shouldn’t second guess their statement”.

Well, that’s a bit exaggerated but that is basically what they are saying.

Is there more people losing money than making? Absolutely.

But they won’t to tell you that!

Price & Purchase Details

Now before you get too excited thinking you’re going to be the next Mark Zuckerberg in the next couple of years, I hope you’re prepared for the information I am about to give you.

$8000 is what you’ll need if you want to access OMG Machines and all its features/training modules.

For the average Joe this is completely unattainable. Not many people have this sort of money to just throw into a system hoping to make bank.

There is also a payment plan of $699 per month for 12 months which is still a hefty amount.

The Pros and Cons


  • Has extremely high income potential
  • The training works as long as you implement what you learn
  • Frequent updates
  • Contains lots of content and training videos
  • Easy to understand step-by-step training
  • Has a solid reputation as it’s been around for years


  • Expensive price tag
  • No free trial or sneak peak at what you get
  • Can easily get overwhelmed
  • Not good for newbies
  • Very hypey

Will OMG Machines Work or Is It a Scam?

With an outrageous price tag you’d think this is going to be your ticket from rags to riches, right?

The good news is that OMG Machines is legit and it’s full of training material to help you succeed online.

But it’s not going to be some magical get rich quick scheme to make you millions of dollars.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Just because lots of money can be made, it doesn’t mean you’re instantly going to be a millionaire.

If you follow the training, persevere through the hard times and you’re prepared to work HARD, then OMG Machines could work for you.

On the other hand, if you think handing over $8000 and money will instantly begin flowing into your bank account, you will fail online because you have the wrong mindset and this program is not for you.

So for my verdict on OMG Machines, it is legit and lots of money can be made but be prepared to work, hard!


Is It worth It? No Way

The reason this system is so expensive is because they claim to be “SEO experts”, and that they can get you ranked and making money in no time.

Well first and foremost, SEO is not as difficult as they make it out to be, even a complete newbie to internet marketing can rank a website within 1-3 months.

The true way to ranking is through high value, unique content posted on a frequent basis.

Add in some social elements for the icing on the cake and you’ll be ranking in no time.

Sure, there is a lot of training in there taught by some big online names, however, it is STILL not worth $8000.

The system I used to rank my first website was called Wealthy Affiliate, and I had my first keyword ranked in the first month.

I made money shortly after, and when more and more keywords started ranking, I began making money daily.

It’s not difficult, it’s a process only attainable by being consistent with your posting, that’s the true secret to SEO my friend.

The Cheaper Alternative (WITH A Free Trial)

What they teach at OMG is no different than my #1 recommendation, which has a free trial might I add.

These people teach you how to start an online business and rank it in the search engines without any fancy SEO tactics, just the basics that work which is by playing by Googles rules.

It’s the easy way because you’re giving it EXACTLY what it wants and it will reward you with rankings and surpassing everyone that’s trying to game the system.

It has nearly everything OMG offers, and yes, this includes the live webinars that you can re-watch whenever you want!

Well that concludes my OMG Machines review.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Share your experiences, thoughts and questions in the comments below.


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22 thoughts on “OMG Machines Review – Is It Worth $8000?”

  1. Hello there, thanks for this very useful information. I’ve heard alot about OMG Machines and have been considering going into it to make some money for myself, as a matter of fact I’m ready to bag the required money they ask for. But all thanks to you for this review, I’ve gained more understanding on it and as it stands I’d withdraw and look for a better onlinebusiness, any suggestions please? 

  2. Hi Brandon, 

    I was just doing some Google research and was curious if OMG Machines was still in business.    Several years ago, I found out that one of my book keeping clients was paying what I felt like was a very expensive fee each month for his OMG membership.   If I recall correctly, he discovered the company through Bob Proctor.   

    My friend was able to use the knowledge that he gained from their training to start and/or grow an e-commerce website that sells high dollar items on a commission basis.  His website is very much  a niche website.   

    From an objective point to view, I do not feel like the OMG training is the ONLY training out there that helps people build online businesses.   

    I suppose it might be like trying to decide what university that you want to attend to receive an accounting degree.   Some are more expensive than others.  Yet at the end of the day, the graduate still needs to go out and get a job, pass the CPA exam, and be a good worker, in order to be successful – regardless of what school they choose.  

    Me… I prefer a bit more less costly of a training system.   For those that want to get training through OMG, I wish them the best of success as they build their online businesses.  

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, Sondra. A lot of these affiliate training platforms work but some are more expensive than others. Fortunately in 2019 you do not need to try all these fancy ass tricks to make money, just the basics work fine and that’s what people tend to overlook.

      Wealthy Affiliate is still the #1 training platform due to their effective training they have in place. They started in 2005 and are STILL helping people create successful online businesses!

  3. I think that $8,000 for SEO training is outrageous and anybody who can pay this amount of money, does not need this program at all. I think there is no amount of training they can give you, that justifies such a sum. The fact that they want you to pay huge sums and do not offer you a free trail, even for a week or so, says it all. I agree with you that it is better to stay away from this program. I have been toying with the idea, as you mentioned, to start a website for interested local parties and you mentioned huge earnings. How do this earning model work in your opinion?

    • I have never tried ranking for a local business keyword before but I have seen many individuals do it with great succession. I don’t know the exact formula, however, it is completely possible. I do know that you’ll be contacting local business owners and pitching your SEO skills to them. Sorry I don’t have anymore answers for you.

  4. Dear Brandon,

    $8000? They named their system perfectly because when I read the pricing details automatically I said OMG. According to Greg Morrison OMG stands for “One Man Gang” but for me, OMG stands for “Oh My GOD”.

    As you mentioned this program is going to be completely unattainable for average people. Based on my experience, most people who look for ways to make money online are the people who struggle with their finances. So let’s assume there are no cons and everything is right about this system still this no help to the vast majority of the people.

    No free trial for this high-priced program is no good.

    Thanks for your helpful review, OMG is not on my list.

    Much success!


    • It most definitely does stand for “oh my god” because that’s literally what everyone thinks when they see the price tag lol.

      And you hit the nail on the head. People looking to supplement their monthly income are struggling as it is so there’s no way these people are going to purchase such nonsense.

      Thankfully there are more affordable options out there.

  5. Thanks for mentioning your website campingmastery. That gives me some hope. I hope that I can add all the content to my website and get it ranking high on google within months. I want to make money on it! I don’t have 8000 dollars but I had 20 dollars to start my first month of wealthy affiliate. So far it has been good. I liked it enough that I will get my second month in a few days. 

    I know what you mean about a lot of people giving biased reviews. They are just trying to make money off other people signing up! The FTC tried to protect people from that kind of thing but can’t always enforce their rules. 

    Good article and I am sticking with Wealthy Affiliate for now. I hope my first website does as well as yours!

    • Hey man, thanks for your comment and Wealthy Affiliate is actually the best thing that happened to the internet, lol.

      If you continue through the training, I have no doubts that you will achieve your goals. You only fail when you give up, my friend.

  6. Its not unusual to see platforms offer big payment for services because they believed that those who will pay will believe that they will get something worth the price. Bit in this case, omg machines don’t offer so much for 8000 dollars. Its painful but there are other ways to get great training. Well, I’m happy you did this review. You have tagged it legit but not recommended. The hype I believe is due to people trying to male money off it like you have mentioned. I’ll share this post, it deserves it. Thanks!

    • Yep, it is hyped up from affiliate marketers trying to sell it and make huge commissions. A lot of these biased reviews are on the front page of Google but I plan to rise to the top and expose OMG Machines for what it really is; a huge rip off!

  7. Really interesting to know about this high income potential OMG machines. It is indeed worthy coupled with lots of chances of making so much money. However, I do not think there is need to buy such a high pricy program just to get ranked highly or for SEO purpose. There are other ways that are not costly. Thanks so much for this but then, the price is way too much for me

    • Well the good news is that it works and the training is really good, but the down side is that most people cannot afford that.

      I’m glad I found something that makes me 4-figures per month and that I can pass this knowledge onto other people in the same boat.

  8. Hi Brandon! I’m happy I read your post. I’m happy for two different reasons.

    1. I’m happy to hear that OMG Machines is not a scam. The person that first talked to me about it is a dear friend and I was a bit discouraged that she was promoting a scam. But it turns out it isn’t.

    2. And I’m happy because there is a much cheaper alternative for me.

    Thanks for this review!

  9. Thanks for such an informative and educative review, So many people talk about the OMG Machines community and how it has helped them. Sometimes I feel that’s a little too much exaggeration with them showing off fast cars and the good life. I’ve been a member of wealthy affiliate and i have achieved more that what this system has promised without spending so much, I’ll be looking forward to more post on getting a website ranked on Google easily. Thanks alot

  10. Great read Brandon, thanks for pointing out all the details on OMG machines. I agree with you $8000 is a lot of money to waste, especially if you can get the same education elsewhere for a fraction of that price. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform that helps many of us to become online business entrepreneurs. And yes you need to put in the work, but the results you get are priceless. Your efforts give you your rewards, simple as that. If you play by Google’s rules, if you try to cheat them you get found out and you need to start again. Thank you for this great post, Brandon.

    • You are right.

      Play by Googles rules and be rewarded fruitfully.

      Otherwise cheat the system and make a quick buck or 2, but that’ll quickly die down in the next Google update. The best way is the right way in this situation.

  11. $699/month? What the hell? That’s pretty stiff, yet there are people who would jump in I am sure. At this price there had better be lots of done-for-you stuff. Having had affiliate marketing training and experience, I can’t see myself investing in this. As legit as OMG Machines might be, I am with you on this one, there are cheaper and better alternatives and SEO is not difficult to learn. I always try to stay away from hyped up opportunities and if I can’t see clearly what I need to do to make the opportunity a success, worst yet. 

    • Who is jumping in I don’t know, but damn, they would need to be making a lot of money already to be able to afford such a system.

      Hopefully you’ve found something you enjoy within the online space, Vanessa.

      Good luck 😀


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