Opinion Outpost Review – Scam or Legit Survey Site?


My friend just got involved in a system called Opinion Outpost and thought it was the best thing he ever did.

Of course being a good friend I am, I decided to ACTUALLY do research on this company and find out what they’re offering.

But more importantly I wanted to ensure they weren’t a scam and have no intentions of turning into a scam in the future.

My friend thought I was exaggerating that they may be dodgy, but you truly can’t trust anyone on the internet these days.

Lets see if he made the right choice or not.

Enjoy my Opinion Outpost review.

At a Glance

Name: Opinion Outpost

Website: www.opinionoutpost.com

Founder: David Brent

Price to Join: Free

My Rating: 0.5/5

0.5 out of 5 stars

Who Are They?

Upon looking at their website, they’re not saying who the owners are other than that they are a free community who share their opinions and get rewarded for their efforts.

However, looking at the whois information I can see that it’s registered under “David Brent EU”, with the organization being “Survey Sampling International”–located in London.

What Sort of Traffic Are They Receiving?

Well at the time of writing this article, 37% is coming from direct, 33% from referrals and 17% from organic.

Everything else is much lower.

Opinion Outpost traffic sources:


Total traffic:


They are receiving a total of 1.08 million visitors per month but in the last 3 months it has slowly trickled downwards, for whatever reason I do not know.

Organic traffic is also decent. They are ranking for a lot of keywords which is due to the blog they are running.

Organic traffic:


What Do They Claim Over at Opinion Outpost?

They claim that:

  • You can complete surveys and earn rewards
  • It’s easy to sign up and doesn’t cost anything
  • They are a leader in hosting paid surveys online (hmm…where have I heard this before?)
  • It has never been easier to make money online

How Everything Works

You sign up (either with your social account or email), accept the terms and conditions then verify your email address.

Now it’s time to fill in questions that help pair you with surveys you’re qualified for.

Keep in mind: the more details you put in the more surveys that become available to you, which in turn allows you to start and finish surveys that you’re actually qualified for.

Sometimes you get booted out when you’re halfway through, simply because you “don’t qualify” for it.

If this happens, you get an entree into the quarterly prize draw…but more on that in a second.

Once you’ve finished this step, you then gain instant access to everything available.

All future surveys will be sent to you via email so you don’t even have to log in to your account to see what’s new.

The Currency & Getting Paid

The virtual currency on this site is called “points”.

Before any survey you begin you can see how much points you’ll earn after you complete it.

The more difficult it is or time-consuming, the more it will be worth.

These points can can be redeemed for rewards later down the line either via cash or gift cards.


The conversion rate is: $10 = 100 points, so if you earn 500 points, that is $50.

The minimum threshold (withdrawal amount) is $10 – as with most other survey sites.

You can withdraw your cash via PayPal

Note: Amazon gift cards require a $5 withdrawal amount only, so you only need 50 points, NOT 100.

Gift Cards

You can redeem your points for gift cards if you don’t want the cash.

These are Amazon, MileagePlus and even iTunes + much more.

Quarterly Prize Draw & American Red Cross

There are multiple ways to gain entry into the $10,000 prize draw.

You will gain one entry every time you get booted out of a survey you don’t qualify for, so I guess this makes up for the frustration you will go through over and over again…because it does happen a lot, sadly.

You can also redeem your points for entries into this draw otherwise use your points and donate to the American Red Cross, it is completely up to you.

The Referral Program

There is a refer-a-friend option where you can invite your friends and family members.

For some odd reason you can only invite a total of 5 people.

Each person you successfully bring into the system earns you $1.

That’s all there is to know about this because there literally isn’t anything fancy about it other than the free $5 if you get 5 people in.

Any Red Flags?

I’m just taking a look around the internet for personal feedback on this site, and it’s as clear as day that something has changed in the last 2 years.

Maybe they have changed management or owners completely, but people are getting their accounts frozen for no reason and booted out even after 45 minutes of a survey, and a lot of the time they’re waiting for surveys to become available!

When you try and withdrawal your earnings, your account gets taken down and they blame you for breaching their terms even when you haven’t.

And all of these problems go on and on from people who’ve loved the site up until the last 2 years.

There are literally too many red flags to count, so what does that tell you?

Are People Really Making Money?

There are definitely people doing the surveys and earning points for their efforts, then redeeming them for rewards and money.

However, you’ll be one of the lucky ones if you receive your earnings in a short time.

Accounts get frozen, people have to wait weeks for a reply on “why” it was frozen….THEN go through a whole lot of BS just to finally get paid.

Some people are getting paid and some are simply getting their accounts banned for no reason other than “breaching their terms and conditions”, when they haven’t.

Pros and Cons


  • It is free to join
  • It’s possible to make money


  • Not much surveys available
  • You get booted out of surveys often
  • Your account gets frozen and deleted for no reason
  • A big time-waster since you only get paid pennies
  • The business continues to slope downhill (traffic and legitimacy)
  • Extremely high-risk

Is Opinion Outpost a Scam?

At the moment they are not a scam but it looks to me their traffic is on a downward spiral with negative reviews popping up left, right and center explaining what they are really like.

They use to be a great survey site according to long-term members, but in recent years they’ve started banning people with no ACTUAL reason and freezing their accounts when they try and withdrawal earnings.

However, in my opinion it is a borderline scam because some people are still receiving earnings.

In saying that, it is definitely not recommended for the simple reason that there’s a more legitimate way to make money online.

And you won’t be earning pennies but instead the type of quit-your-day-job income you’re looking for.

Not Recommended Logo

What I Recommend

Survey sites are a big time waster if you ask me, since you spend hours a day completing trial offers and questions but in return you only earn 5-10 dollars.

And that’s WITH a whole days work!

I would actually prefer you spend that valuable time building something that grows with time and nurture.

You’ll actually make decent income down the line and on complete autopilot.

It is not instant money but definitely does give you the opportunity to work from home running your own website and earning your OWN money.

That’s what I’ve been doing and it is what I recommend for you as well.

Well that wraps up my Opinion Outpost review.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this survey site. Do you agree or disagree what I have to say?


8 thoughts on “Opinion Outpost Review – Scam or Legit Survey Site?”

  1. This is such a useful article about legit survey site, I am very new to this field and in a process of learning, articles like this always teaches me and helps me a lot, thank you so much for sharing, looking forward for more useful reads from you.

  2. it doesnt matter how many times the topic of getting paid to do surveys comes up i ALWAYS get that uneasy feeling in my gut trying to warn me that the entire concept is just one big SCAM perpetuated by noobs who get burned then don’t want to admit it.
    trust your instincts people. if your instincts lead you into a scam, at least be adult enough to own up to it and warn everyone else.

    • Lol, that is an interesting way to look at it. If it feels like a scam from the get-go, more often than not your gut is telling the truth.

      You are right. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. opinion Outpost is garbage. I love that you gave only a half star. That is probably being to nice. lol. And yes survey sites are a big time waster. There are way better ways to make money online than crappy surveys. I like your recommended way to make money at the bottom of your post. That will actually work for anyone that puts the time in. Nice Review

    • Thanks Sean. I’m sure you’ll do great in the online business world since you already know what to avoid. Great job thus far 🙂

  4. Can someone please give me an email to Opinion Outposts help desk? I would like to make sure that my claim goes through, and if not, so ask what I can do about it.


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