Real Money Streams: Scam or Legit $500 A week?

Real Money Streams Sales Page

Are we dealing with another get rich quick scam or something that’s actually legit and going to make us lots of money?

Real Money Streams Sales Page

Out of the last 4 reviews I posted, 2 of them were complete and utter scams and it looks like Real Money Streams might be next on the list.

On the official sales page they are promising more than $500 a week just by doing simple online tasks that no one knows about.

Although they say they’re not a get rich quick scheme, $500 a week doing small tasks sounds like an unrealistic claim to me.

I am completely unbiased and I want to get to the bottom of this system and find the truth.

Keep reading my Real Money Streams review for more.

At a Glance

Name: Real Money Streams


Owner: Unknown

What they offer: A list of survey sites + internet marketing training material

Price: $37 (then $17/month) + upsells

My rating: SCAM!


  • Various ways to make money online


  • Shady monthly payments
  • Too many upsells
  • The training is low quality
  • The training can be found for free online
  • There’s no way you can make $500 a week
  • You won’t even profit


We are dealing with just another quick cash grab from someone who has put together a system designed to take your money and run.

There’s no real value in RMS, just a bunch of free training material compiled together into one system.

Additionally there is a list of survey sites which is supposedly how you make $500 a week, which is definitely not true.

Here’s the free system I use to make money online

So What Exactly is Real Money Streams?

It is a system that promises $500 per week by doing online and offline tasks.

When you pay the $37 fee, you’ll be introduced to a few survey sites and some “Get Paid To” sites.

Now before we move forward let me just tell you that yes you can make money with survey sites and GPT sites, but nowhere near $500 per week.

Most survey sites only offer a few surveys per day that earn around $0.20 – $1.50 each, and most of the time you won’t even qualify for them.

So this is a huge flaw from the get go.

Other jobs include performing small tasks for people in the offline world.

Basically, you will be given a couple of apps to download. These apps allow you to do tasks in your area for people and earn money.

These are actually free to download and one of the most commonly used today is called Task Rabbit.

There’s a Few Things Wrong With This System

From the get go there are some things this man isn’t telling you about the programs he recommends.

So in this section of the review I’m going to explain why it’s not as good as he makes it out to be.

1. No Offline Jobs for Rural Users

What if those who live in remote parts of the world purchase this system?

The offline jobs are only available for those in big cities, that’s why a lot of people who use it will be left with only online jobs.

Plus the average earnings from offline jobs are around $110 per month, it’s in the statistics.

That’s only $27.5 per week.

2. Survey Sites

Yes you can make money doing surveys and small offers online, however, there is a massive problem the owner leaves out.

No one is making $500 a week with these programs.

In fact, I even went as far too crunch the numbers and guess what I found?

If you put your heart and soul into trying to complete surveys everyday, a whopping $20 a day can be made which turns out to be $140 per week.

Again, nowhere near $500 and that’s if you go full tilt…10 hour days doing surveys.

It’s impossible if you have a full time job.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk

The task completion website they want you to get involved in is called Amazon Mechanical Turk.

And yes I have done a review on that website too.

In that review I came to the conclusion that you can earn $2-$15 per hour.

However, that all comes down to work ethic and the individual performing the tasks.

$15 an hour is only attainable for those who practice everyday and get faster at completing the tasks.

Keep in mind that it is only available for US and Indian citizens which is going to cut out the rest of the world for this opportunity.

4. Earnings Drastically Exaggerated

This man behind the sales video is obviously exaggerating these numbers to make you think you’ll be completing easy tasks and earning an easy $500 a week.

The money isn’t too over the top and that’s what makes it seem like it may actually be possible to earn this amount.

Basically, he’s saying what you want to hear to make you get your wallet out and buy.

5. Major Upsells With Sneaky Monthly Payments

There are some major upsells that you will be slapped with and you need to pay attention to very carefully.

These are also low quality training designed to squeeze more money out of you.

And the worse part?

They ask for money upfront but in the smallest of handwriting it will say “$17 per month thereafter”.

So basically you think you’re paying $37 but then a month later $17 will come out of your account.

And that will be even more if you purchas the upsells too.

Here’s proof. This image is for affiliates selling the system:

Real Money Streams Sales Funnel

6. The Owner Is Only After One Thing (More Money)

Another huge issue is that the upsells are only designed to get more money out of you while offering little value in return.

There’s no way these products are worth the money he asks for because to be quite frank with you, they can all be found for free on the internet with a quick Google search.

Task sites, offline jobs, get paid to apps, these can all be found for free. You do not need to pay $37 to get a list of websites or apps.

A Bunch of Free Materials Slapped Together

In all honesty, there’s nothing really of value that this man is offering.

The main program is a complete joke and like I said, it’s only a list of companies that you can join to make a few dollars here and there.

There are also some training material.

These include: videos, guides and e-books on making money online.

All in all, the owner has grabbed a bunch of free stuff from the internet and put together in this system to make you think you’re getting lots of value for money.

But in reality you’re only going to get overwhelmed with the amount of information and not even give a single opportunity a try.

Then before you know it, multiple $17 payments will come out of your account in the next month because you had no idea that there was actually a monthly payment.

So is Real Money Streams a Scam?

In my opinion it is definitely a scam.

The owner promises false hope and exaggerates earnings to make a sale.

No one is making money with Real Money Streams and I can guarantee that those who purchase this system will lose more money than they make.

This system is a complete waste of money and the only person earning the big bucks are the owner himself and his affiliates.

I am not your father so you can get involved with RMS if you want but it’s certainly not something I recommend.


How Does Ordinary People Make a Living Online?

Opportunities like Real Money Streams are a big waste of time and money, we’ve concluded that.

So how does ordinary people actually make a living online?

Making money online can be done and no one needs to scam like these “gurus” are doing.

In fact I create real online businesses and earn money via affiliate marketing.

I do not sell a single thing, I do not recruit anybody and I don’t do any social media marketing.

Everything I learned was from this exact same system.

Thanks for reading this article.

What are your thoughts and experiences with this RMS? Leave your comments down below!

CASE STUDY: Follow Along as I Build a Brand New Website [2020 Journey]

Blogger Writing

So it’s currently the 1st of January and I have just finished the foundation of a brand new website.

What better way to start a new year decade with a brand new Amazon associates site.

For now I will not publicly announce what the website is called for privacy issues.

But rest assured I will be coming back here with frequent updates, traffic announcements and even earnings.

Goals For My New Site

So the goal for this website is to create articles, both informative and reviews on types of products in my niche.

I aim to get 300 articles on the new site by the end of 2020 and earning at least $500-$1000 per month from Amazon sales.

I want to be getting at least 500-1000 Unique Visitors per day from Google alone and if I get traffic from social media, that is a bonus.

But my primary goal is to rank in Google for low competition keywords and receive traffic.

Type of Site

This is a full Amazons associate blog.

So I’m going to help people in a specific niche with informative articles as well as product reviews.

What I’ll Be Doing

Month 1 – For the first month I will only be posting informative articles. In my experience, adding affiliate links on a brand new site takes longer for it to get out of Google sandbox and rank.

Month 2 – On the 2nd month I will slowly be sprinkling product reviews throughout the month as well as continuing with informative articles, and may even include some “best of” articles.

Month 3 – In month 3 I will be posting more product reviews and more “best of” articles while continuing with informative/list posts, etc.

 So those are the goals for the first 3 months and I will update month 4 when I get to it 🙂


I will NOT be doing any backlink building or blackhat techniques whatsoever.

In fact I will mainly focus on building high quality articles targeting low competition keywords, and probably do some minor social media promotions.

I have never been heavy on social media promotion and I have still found great success.

What I’ve Done So Far

Right now it is January 1st, 2020.

I have just completed the foundation of the website: about page, contact, widgets, logos, theme, etc, and 2 blog posts.

From here out my main goal will be high quality articles and ranking in Google.

Published Posts

Why Am I Doing This?

To hold myself accountable, plus I’ve never publicly announced a new website and showcased my journey from start to finish.

So this is something I want to do for myself while also showing people what’s possible in the internet marketing world in just 1 year if you stick it out long enough.

Monthly Updates

I will be coming back to this very page and updating the websites performance every month until the end of December with total earnings as well as the final amount I am earning per month.

This does seem like a long journey but we all know how fast 1 year can go by.

So without further ado, I’ll be updating the new sites performance on the 1st of February 🙂

See you soon!

January Update

So January is completed and I’ve been pretty busy on this new blog.

I have been following my 1 a day article goal. and some days I have completed 2 articles.

Published Posts January

I have published 38 high quality, unique, original articles so far. All 800-1800 words, targeting low competition keywords.

Traffic is non-existent right now and I am not ranking for any keywords yet.

However, that’s exactly what I expected in the first 2 months.

By the third month I should start to see some rankings and a little bit of traffic, and maybe some income.

So nothing exciting to update right now. This is the long and boring tedious process that everyone hates.

Because essentially, we’re working for free until the site starts making money. That’s why most people give up in the first couple of weeks.

February goals:

I will be continue my goal of 1 article per day. I should have at least 60 articles up by the end of February.

I will start doing review articles (the money articles) and sprinkle some “best of” articles in there too.

Alright, back to work I guess.

February Update

It’s the 5th of March and I’ve been hella busy, so sorry for the late update.

But here goes.

As promised, I had 60 articles up by the end of February + another 4 since it’s the 5th of February as I’m updating this case study.

Published Posts February

I created a business account for my website and some Pinterest pins using

Traffic is slowly trickling in from Pinterest but not enough to report on, so no money is made yet and no traffic from Google.

However, Google Search Console shows I’m getting indexed for keywords and starting to get impressions.

Google Search Console


As you can seen it’s about to take off.

March Goals

I hope to have 90 articles up by the end of March 

I’ll be continuing with my helpful/informative articles, review articles for Amazon products and “best of” articles.


March Update

So things have been really busy in March.

I am back in New Zealand due to the Covid-19 outbreak but have still managed to stay busy with my website.

Plus we’re on full lockdown in NZ so we are all inside.

Thankfully I have articles to keep me busy so I have no excuse.

I currently have 86 articles up and have had 1 visitor from Google.

Published Posts March

Rankings are still very low but as my site ages I will continue to rank and get more traffic.

In March I will continue to build out my site and should start seeing more traffic from Google.

My goal is to have 120 articles on my site by the end of April.

April Update

April has been a pretty good month.

I have been working hard on my website and have created a total of 122 posts.

Published posts april

google search console

Traffic is trickling in but not as much as I was hoping.

I received 4 visitors from Google this month.

However, I want to increase that number every month until I’m making my passive income goal of $500 – $1000 per month by the end of the year.

Will I reach it? I really hope so as I’ve been grinding day in, day out and haven’t received any income for my work yet.

In May I will continue doing more posts for more exposure in the search engines, and more authority in the eyes of Google.

HOPEFULLY this month I can get at least 15 visitors and we can start picking up some traction.

Well thanks for reading this update and I’ll talk to you soon.


Newbie Internet Marketers: Stop Reading and Start Doing


There’s a common misconception that knowledge is power.

That is definitely true BUT it depends on what you do with that knowledge.

Knowledge means absolutely nothing without action and that’s what a lot of new internet marketers fail to realize.

“Brandon, what the heck are you talking about?”

When we first start this internet marketing venture, we tend to read, read and read some more.

And this becomes a huge problem because we end up reading for too long and never take action.

My Advice to Those Struggling to Make Money Online

Stop Being Afraid to Fail

The reason we don’t take action is simply because we are scared to fail.

We don’t want to waste time doing something that’s not going to work and that’s why we tend to sit back and read the best methods to make money online.

But then this becomes a problem, because now we are reading nonstop and never taking action.

But you have to realize that failing is apart of growth.

You simply cannot succeed without failing at least a few times. I’ve failed more than a few actually but I learnt from those failures and became a better internet marketer.

Reading VS Taking Action

Like I said, knowledge is nothing without action.

You can read as much information about starting a business as you want but you won’t make any money unless you dive in and test the waters.

Hands down the best way to learn is on the job, that is pretty much true with everything in life.

So the only way to succeed is to try something and stop waiting for the perfect system, because it’s never going to come.

Taking action and COMMITTING to something for a month is 1000x more effective than reading for 6 months.

Stop Chasing Perfection

Perfection doesn’t exist and never will.

Don’t look for the perfect system because you will be searching the rest of your life.

Instead find what’s proven to work and roll with it. Learn along the way because that’s how you really know what’s works.

This could be earning from starting a blog, affiliate marketing, email marketing, buying ads, social media and doing what everyone else is doing.

These are all proven to work and lots of money can be made.

The #1 failure of dreams is procrastination and that’s what’s going to happen to you if you don’t take action before it’s too late.

We’ve All Had Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny object syndrome, the enemy for anyone looking to make money online.

You know what I’m talking about, they are called get rich quick schemes because they promise you rags to riches in a matter of days.

That is the sales video promising you thousands of dollars a day in the next few minutes.

Or a “push button system” that can make you 7 figures a year with only 10 minutes work per day.

Yeah, those are the systems that hype us up but never actually work.

These are called shiny objects because they sound great in theory, but in reality they do not work and they are scams.

Learn to Love the Journey (Patience is key)

The journey is a long one and it can take months, often time years before you earn a full-time income.

And that’s why you need to learn to love the process.

You can’t expect to make money in a couple days or even weeks for that matter.

A successful online business takes months to build up but people quit before seeing any fruitful results.

So they will look for the next shiny object instead and waste even more money on false promises.

All that time wasted could’ve been spent on building a sustainable business that lasts and makes a great passive income flow later on.

So learn to love the journey, don’t expect instant results, be patient and results will come sooner or later.

The Only Thing That Worked For Me

I made all these mistakes when I was starting out and that’s how I know they hold people back from succeeding.

I was the guy always trying to find the next get rich quick scheme and spending hundreds of dollars.

I was always quitting within a week due to not seeing results.

And I was the guy sitting on the back burner just taking in information trying to find something that actually worked.

Until one day I discovered this system and everything changed for me.

Well that concludes this article.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask them in the comments below 🙂


Stepbet Review: A Legit Get Paid to Walk App

Stepbet Logo

One thing I find interesting is apps that claim to make you money just by walking.

These are becoming more popular and it’s created a lot of buzz around them, which is how I found Stepbet and wanted to do a full review.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Can you really get paid just to walk?

It depends on what you have to do, that’s the million dollar question I’m going to find out.

So in this review I will discover how this system works, if it’s legit and how much money you can really make.


At a Glance

App name: Stepbet

Owner: Erin Oprea

App type: Get paid to walk

Price: Free or $50 per year (+ $40 to bet)

My rating: 6/10


  • Free to join
  • Can make some money
  • Extra motivation to exercise


  • Not a big earner
  • Only one challenge at a time as a free member
  • Takes 6 weeks to complete one challenge


Stepbet is an app where you bet on yourself to pass a walking challenge within 6 weeks.

Those in the same pool as you who do not pass the challenge lose their bet and it gets shared with everyone else in the pool.

Stepbet is legit and money can be made but it’s definitely not going to let you quit your job.

Here’s the free system I use to make money online

What is Stepbet?

Stepbet is an app where you can make money just by walking.

So basically, it is an app designed to help you live an active and healthier lifestyle.

It is free to join but requires some money if you want to place a bet and earn money.

The process explained

You will actually be placing a bet on yourself. The bet is to meet a certain amount of steps per day and the app will pay you when you meet your goals.

Stepbet Goal

The general idea is that there are a certain amount of players in a pool.

This pool has, lets say, 1000 people. They all bet $40 each on themselves.

Those who do not meet their goals will lose their money and it will be split between everyone else in the pool.

So if 300 people don’t reach their goals, that’s $12,000 to be split between the rest of the 700 in the pool ($17 each).

You will also get your initial $40 back, so the total paid back to you will be $57.

Of course that’s without the 15% cut that Stepbet takes. They take a cut of the profits so the $12,000 will turn into $10,200.

You can actually bypass the 15% fee if you become a paying member.

Becoming a Member

So there is an option to become a member which changes some things around. I’ll discuss what I’m talking about below.

Free Member

Everything I explained above is what you get as a free member.

Basically, you join, pay your $40 bet and start the 6 week challenge. Then the profits get split between everyone else.

However, you can only play one challenge at a time which is going to limit your earnings.

Also as a free member the amount of steps increases over time which makes reaching your goal more difficult, especially if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for it.

Paid Member ($50 per year)

Stepbet Congratulations

In my opinion, becoming a paid member is a lot better.

This requires $50 per year but it bypasses the 15% Stepbet cut and you can play 3 games at a time.

Also your goal doesn’t increase over time.

You can keep the same goal which is a lot better as it already fits your lifestyle and you’ll have more chances of winning.

The paid membership option is more preferred for those who are confident that they can reach their goals.

No Guarantee of Profits Even If You Win

Of course there might be some instances where you won’t earn money even when you meet your goal.


This happens if everyone in the pool reaches their goals.

There’s no profits to go around so you will only be paid your initial $40 that you paid for the bet.

This can be frustrating since you worked so hard to try and win.

However, keep in mind that there are always hundreds of people in one pot and a lot of them don’t reach their goals.

How Long Do the Challenges Go For?

All challenges go for 6 weeks but the first week is a warm-up week, no one can be eliminated.

After that, those who don’t reach their goals for the week will be eliminated and they will lose their $40 bet.

At the end of the 6-week period, the total money from the losers will be totaled up and paid out to everyone that passed the challenge.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As a free member your average earnings will be around $10 per month, probably even less.

The challenges go for 6 weeks so you won’t actually make any money until the 6 weeks is over.

And of course this amount fluctuates depending on how much people lost the challenge.

It can be $10 profits, $15 or even $20.

However, paid member earnings are much more than this since you’re able to play 3 challenges at a time.

Play 3 challenges and if you win all 3, you could be looking at $7 – $20 per challenge at the end of the 6 weeks.

Not a bad little earner if your lifestyle allows for it.

How to Set It Up

Signing up is pretty easy. It is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

When you sign up and connect one of your trackers to the app, it will read your past steps and calculate average steps per day.

Compatible trackers: Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone Apple Health, Apple Watch, and more.

Compatible Trackers

It will then set you a weekly goal based on your average steps per day.

You can then choose to accept the challenge and place the $40 bet which can be paid via PayPal.

Earnings will be paid through PayPal at the end of the 6-week challenge within 48 hours.

Who Stepbet is For

I think it’s great for those who are on their feet all day, as it’s almost an automatic win.

You won’t even have to try and get your steps for the week because you’ll be walking everyday anyway.

It’s also great for people looking to get more fit and healthy.

The motivation is to not lose your money at the end of the 6 week period, so you’ll do everything in your power to get your money back plus a slice of the pot.

Now since you don’t want to lose money, you’ll go for a walk and get some steps in before the days over!

What I Think of Stepbet

I think it’s a great little app for those who need a good challenge to keep themselves active.

It’s not huge income but at least there is some money at the end of the rainbow, as long as others fail to meet their goals.

I like that it’s free to join and at the very least you can earn your money back as long as you reach your goal.

I don’t think it is for those looking to make hundreds of dollars a month but nonetheless, it can supplement your overall monthly income.

So is Stepbet a Scam or the Real Deal?

Stepbet pays their members and it’s a legit way to make money with your mobile device.

They have a solid 4.7 star rating and the community really love them.

They have not scammed anyone and do not plan on scamming anyone in the future.

Because of this I would have to say that Stepbet is 100% legit.


Make Even More Money

Yes Stepbet helps people make money but it’s not going to let anyone quit their day job.

I was the one always trying to find money making solutions, and although I found some things, they were all making me little money.

I wanted much more than that because I wanted to be able to quit my job.

Thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s the best decision I ever made.

Well thanks for reading this review.

What are your thoughts on the Stepbet app? Leave them down in the comments below.

Affiliate Cash Club Review – Is ACC a Scam?

Affiliate Cash Club

This is my last review of 2019 and it happens to be the biggest scam of the year 😛

Affiliate Cash Club

Get rich quick schemes are your enemy because they make you think you can make money in the next couple of minutes.

And that’s exactly what the Affiliate Cash Club is pushing onto people.

I have reviewed systems like these before and they all have one thing in common.

They make you think you’re going to be rich if you purchase their system and you’ll regret it if you push the back button.

And you know what else?

They all turn out to be scams.

So what makes this system different from all the affiliate marketing training systems out there?

Well that’s what I want to find out in this Affiliate Cash Club review.

At a Glance

Name: Affiliate Cash Club


Owner: “Jordan Matthews” (Likely a pen name)

What they offer: Affiliate marketing training material

Price: $37 + upsells

My rating: SCAM!


  • Offers a 60-day money back guarantee
  • Has some training available


  • The training materials are low quality
  • It’s low value for money
  • The owner stays anonymous
  • It’s full of hype
  • You will not make thousands of dollars per day like they claim
  • You will not make any money for that matter
  • Too many upsells
  • Fake testimonials
  • No free trial


Affiliate Cash Club promises to make you $4000 in 14 minutes but they do not deliver on that promise.

They are supposed to teach you how to make money with affiliate marketing but all they do is send you low quality training and a lot of upsells (to squeeze more money out of you).

Here’s the free system I use to make money online

What Is Affiliate Cash Club All About?

This system is created by a man named Jordan Matthews and claims he will show you how to make $4,784.72 in 5 minutes and 14 clicks.

Well I can tell you from the start that this man is made up. He is not real because there’s no information about him on the website or anywhere on the internet.

Internet marketers do this when they don’t want anyone to know the real them, usually when they’ve got something to hide, or a lot to hide in this case.

Then he goes on to say that members are making $35,000 per month with as little as 10 minutes work per day.

Now making $35,000 per month is certainly possible but definitely not going to take 10 minutes a day.

It takes YEARS to build up such a high earning business like that.

So How Does it Work?

The name of the game is affiliate marketing.

Now affiliate marketing is definitely legit because that’s what I do to make money online.

However, Jordan does not state anywhere on his sales video what you’ll be doing to make all this money he claims.

And to be honest, that is a big red flag. In my experience reviewing products like this, they usually provide the basics of affiliate marketing.

There’s no step-by-step training, no customer support, no specifics. They really only skim the surface of affiliate marketing.

So what are you actually getting?

-Low quality training materials.

These “gurus” tend to spend more time on the sales video than the actual product itself.

The Upsells

The owner has one goal he wants to achieve, and that is to make as much money as humanly possible from every person that purchases his system.

And he does that with upsells.

These upsells are designed to make you think you HAVE to purchase them to make the thousands of dollars he promises.

These upsells range from $47 and even hundreds of dollars.

Some systems get into the thousands. And the sad part is that people actually purchase them thinking they need them.

The Red Flags

1. Claims of getting rich fast

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Your parents taught you that when you were growing up and it absolutely rings true when it comes to make money opportunities.

Get rich quick schemes do not work, so when you see someone promising you thousands of dollars a day, it’s probably a scam.

2. Fake testimonials

No one is making money with this system, that’s a fact.

“But Brandon, what about the testimonials?”

The testimonials are fake, they are hired actors from Fiverr.

You can check out the proof below.

Fake Testimonial 1
Fake Testimonial 2

Fake testimonials are common with scams like these.

They don’t have any real people making money with it so they pay people to tell a lie,

3. No mention of the product

Sure, there’s lots of talk about making thousands of dollars a day with 10 minutes of work but no mention of what you’ll be doing anywhere on the website other than affiliate marketing.

This is because the training really is that bad and “Jordan” doesn’t want you to know that.

4. The hype beast

These systems are designed to hype you up and make you think about living the dream lifestyle.

You know the one I’m talking about.

Living by the beach, staying in a million dollar apartment, riding in a Lamborghini, eating at the yummiest steakhouse.

Yeah, these systems are notorious for hyping people up and that’s how they make the sale.

How These Scams Work

What these scammers will do is invest a couple hundred bucks into creating a product and a very convincing landing page.

They pay for fake testimonials, a website builder, web hosting, etc, and they use human psychology against you to make you think you can make easy money just like them.

They will then create it as an affiliate product, meaning people can promote it and earn commissions.

They hype it up a month or 2 before launch, then when it is officially launched, hundreds of affiliates will promote the hell out of it.

Now if the product is $37 and he totals 1000 sales, that is $37,000, NOT including upsells.

If the owner of the product is paying 50% commissions, his affiliates get half of that money and the rest goes to him, all $18,500 of it.

Plus more when you include the upsells

All that money just for slapping some low quality training material together and selling it to desperate people.

What’s the Price & Purchase Details?

The price for ACC is $37 and you get access to all the training materials. This also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee

Sadly there is no free trial so you have to make a purchase to see what they have to offer.

You will be hit with some upsells on the other side so be careful you don’t fall for those or you’ll be hundreds of dollars deep before you even get started.

So Is it a Scam or a Real $4,784.72 Per Day?

Some might say that Affiliate Cash Club isn’t a scam because you actually get some training.

But in my opinion, it is 100% a scam.

There’s no way you’ll be making thousands of dollars in the next couple of hours and you won’t make any money with the training they provide.

They want as much money from you as possible so they will say whatever they can to get it.

We are dealing with yet another get rich quick scheme that targets the desperate and those who don’t know better.

Affiliate Cash Club will not make you rich and all you’ll be doing is wasting your time and money.


Another Way to Make Money Online?

Making money online takes time and hard work.

It’s just impossible to make thousands of dollars a day for people starting out and that’s why the claims from ACC are outrageous and unrealistic

I am not claiming to make a million dollars a month but what I do makes me 4 figures a month, and I love everything about it.

The system I use is actually free and has the best customer support I’ve seen with any system.

Well that concludes this article.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Affiliate Cash Club system. Leave them down in the comments below 🙂

Otherwise thanks for reading my review and have a great day!

6 Red Flags of a Ponzi Scheme

Business Man

Finding out the system you’ve been in for multiple years is a ponzi scheme can be incredibly soul crushing.

Business Man

Especially when you’ve invested thousands of your hard earned money into it and don’t even know if you’re going to get that money back.

There are too many ponzi schemes out there these days and unfortunately they all look 100% legit.

The shady owners make their business look as professional as possible and that’s exactly how they hook you in and make you start paying money.

In this article I’m going to show you some major red flags to look out for when you come across an opportunity you want to join.

Lets get right into it.

What is a Ponzi Scheme?

First and foremost, a ponzi scheme is an opportunity that promises you big returns on your investment with little to no risk.

They will use the money from newer investors and give that money to earlier investors that came in first.

Now the top guys are getting all the money while newbies are left earning nothing.

Although they will show them earning money in their account but they won’t actually pay them the money.

There are many types of ponzi schemes but that’s the general idea of how they all work.

7 Major Red Flags of a Dirty Little Ponzi Scheme

1. It sounds too good to be true

This statement rings true when it comes to a ponzi scheme and should be your very first alarm bell that you need to take seriously.

Now you need to leave OR do some more digging around to see what they’re really offering that makes them so good.

2. There’s little to no risk

When you hear them say they will give you big returns on your investment with little to no risk, run for the hills and never look back.

This is a tactic used to hook, line and sinker your ass in.

They don’t mention anything of the risks involved because honestly, there is no risk because they’re not running a legit system.

They’re just taking your money and giving it to the older members.

An example would be: 1% returns per day, paid weekly, with no mention of risks involved anywhere.

3. They “guarantee” earnings

Ponzi schemes will usually guarantee you big returns.

Legally they’re not allowed to do this and it’s a major red flag that they are lying through their teeth.

They just want your money and they will say whatever they can to get it, because at the end of the day they want to get rich fast.

4. No real owners

A person running a ponzi scheme will never ever have his real name plastered all over the website.

They will never mention the owner at all, or just use a pen name.

And if they are using a pen name, look it up on Google and see if you can find anymore information about him.

Chances are you cannot because he’s not a real person.

5. Private domain name

They will hide their identity even more by registering their domain name privately.

That way when someone searches up their website details, it’s going to come up as “private” so they don’t get exposed.

6. Can only pay with uncommon methods

Things like PayPal, Payoneer and Wire transfer are all common payment methods and can be traced.

However, when they only accept payments from uncommon sources such as Bitcoin and other crpytocurrencies, it starts to get suspicious.

There is no paper trail because cryptocurrency is unregulated, so they can still receive the money but no one knows who they are.

How to Avoid a Big Fat Ponzi Scheme

The only real way to avoid falling into a trap is to do your research.

Researching on Google is your best approach as well as keeping an eye out for these red flags that I have mentioned.

Well that concludes this article.

I would like to know if you’ve been involved in a ponzi scheme before or know of any you want me to review. Comment them below!

Thanks and have a great day.

My Passive Trades: Legit, Scam, or Ponzi Scheme?

My Passive Trades Logo

“Passive” is a strong word when it comes to internet marketing, because everyone wants everything to be done for them on autopilot.

My Passive Trades Logo

My Passive Trades just hit my radar list because of the title alone.

And of course that’s not easy to come across, it’s no surprise that this set off my radar. I wanted to see what this system was really all about.

It is owned by a man named Darren Bradbury who has also been involved in companies such as: My 24 Hour‌ Income, Power House Feeder, GiftoBit, and more.

But enough about this man. In this review I want to discover the facts, if My Passive Trades is real or just another scam.


At a Glance

Name: My Passive Trades


Owner: Darren Bradbury

Website type: Investment opportunity

Price: $5-$450

My rating: 2/10


  • Only $5 to get started


  • No proof of earnings anywhere
  • It’s a high risk investment especially if you put in hundreds or even thousands of dollars
  • Can only pay via Bitcoin
  • Unrealistic return claims
  • It has ponzi scheme written all over it


My Passive Trades is an investment opportunity which promises 1.25% daily returns.

Although there is no proof of them making this for its members and all the numbers they showcase can be all fake.

It has all the red flags of a ponzi scheme and I do not think anyone should get involved with this shady business.

==> Here’s my #1 recommended program

What Is My Passive Trades?

My Passive Trades Official Website

Essentially, it is a website where you are able to invest money and make more money back.

They promise a return of 1.25% per day of your investment but it usually stays a consistent 1%, which is some outstanding numbers if you ask me.

That means you should expect a return rate of 30% per month for your investment.

So if you invest $50,000, you will get back $15,000 in 30 days. The more money you invest, the more you get back.

But are all of these claims true?

Or are we dealing with yet another trading investment ponzi scheme?

That’s the million dollar question which I’ll find out shortly.

How Do You Make Money? (The Process)

So first and foremost you will need to become a member by signing up and buying at least a $5 advertising pack.

The advertising pack is what they promise 1.25% returns daily.

There is no limit on how many advertising packs you can purchase but all you need is $5 to get started and you can begin making money within the next couple of days.

That’s it.‌ The process really is that simple.

From here you can set and forget and wait for your profits to climb, invest some more and make more money, or wait and even invest your profits for compound interest.

Advertising Credits

Every time you purchase an advertising pack, you will be given advertising credits.

These allow you to advertise your own website or product. Think of it as a “bonus”, or “thank you” for your investment.

How They Make Your Money Back

So they claim that they will be performing financial trading to make all these profits which is how they pay their members.

They have “master traders” who does all the trading for them.

Of course anyone can say that without any proof, and sadly, they have no proof other than unrealistic numbers of people getting paid.

This is the page that set off my alarm bells:

My Passive Income Recent Payout

As you can see in the screenshot above, they claim to be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per day in earnings to their investors.

This raised many red flags for me but I’ll get to that soon.

What is Their Affiliate Program?

Their affiliate program is a way to promote My Passive Trades and earn even more money.

They offer 50% commissions on the sale of the affiliate program and an additional 3-8% on all your downlines investments.

They operate on a 2-level basis.

Level 1 (which is your immediate downline) pays 50% commissions for the sale plus an additional 8% on investments made.

And Level 2 is your downlines downline, which pays 3% commissions on their investments.

The Trading School is one of their products inside the program and shows you how to “trade like a pro”; everything you need to know from beginning to the correct mindset.

The Compensation Plan

They also offer a compensation plan which is what makes them a MLM company.

The compensation plan operates on a 3×1 matrix, meaning you will need to have 3 paying members before you can get paid from your downline.

Once you have 3 paying members, it will start a new tier where you will need another 3 paying members.

The cheapest package to join the matrix is $99 and you will earn $33 for every person you recruit.

So before you can get paid, you will need at least 3 members paying $99 each.

Here’s the 2 packages:

Mentor = $99 ($33 commissions)

VIP = $450 ($150 commissions)

Now the Inevitable Red Flags

1. Outrageous numbers

Anytime you see someone showcasing unrealistic numbers, they are trying to show you that there are real people making lots of real money.

It is their “proof” of earnings. But in reality, it is just a page of a bunch of numbers, anyone can put them there.

2. Unrealistic returns

The average returns for normal investors are 5.19% PER YEAR. Even Warren Buffett, the top investor in the world, just manages to get over 17% per year.

Yet somehow these “master traders” think they can make a consistent 1% return per day?

Yeah…maybe if you were Warren Buffett x1000.

3. Can only pay via Bitcoin

This is a huge red flag, it’s exactly what Bitclub Network was doing.

They were accepting only bitcoins because Bitcoins cannot be tracked.

5 years later, Bitclub Network was exposed and 5 guys were arrested for running a huge ponzi scheme.

It is alarming to see that My Passive‌ Trades only accept Bitcoins too.

4. You have to invest before you can buy the products

What makes a company like this legit is if it has retail products which can be sold to people without having to join or become a member.

Well frankly, you cannot sell the products inside MPT to a customer without them becoming a member first.

This brings up some major red flags.

Now the main intent of this system is to recruit, recruit and recruit some more and get as many people as possible to invest in the company.

What I Personally Think of My Passive Trades

I think that the owner isn’t being genuine about what he is offering here.

The numbers are unrealistic and even Warren Buffett, the biggest investor in the world, isn’t even earning 1.25% returns per day.

This makes me believe that they are definitely lying about how much money you can make and brings up even more questions.

Such as:

Are the numbers under the “recent payout” tab true or a lie?

Are they actually paying members?

After some thorough research, it’s clear that no one is making money with it.

There are only biased reviews who are trying to promote this system to make a quick buck.

So what do I personally think about this system?

That they’re running a huge ponzi scheme.

They’re making people think they are earning real money but only showing numbers.

Because at the end of the day, that money isn’t going back into their bank account, so they aren’t really earning anything.

So Is My Passive Trades a Scam or Legit Investment Opportunity?

There are far too many red flags to believe that they’re still running something legit.

They aren’t the first to run a system like this and won’t be the last.

In my opinion, MPT is a ponzi scheme and they will get caught sooner or later and run away with everyone’s money.

Consider this your warning sign.


How I Make Money Online

It’s only a matter of time before MPT gets exposed for the real system they’re running.

And I hope you’re not caught in the crossfire.

I’m glad I have found something that makes me real money online.

Thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate, I am finally living my dream of working from home.

They have a free trial which is what got me interested when I first joined.

This is the system I’m talking about

Well that wraps up this review of My Passive Trades.

If you have anymore questions about this system please ask in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂


Mistplay:‌‌ Are We Dealing With Another Scam?

Mistplay App

I play mobile games almost daily and I see a lot of these apps claiming to earn you money just for playing games.

Mistplay App

Is there any truth to this or are we just dealing with yet another big fat scam?

I have used an app like this before called PlaySpot. That app looked professional and as legit as can be, but it was a huge scam.

Mistplay looks legit with a professional interface but as for my past experiences, this isn’t always the case.

In this Mistplay review, I set out on a mission to find the legitimacy of this app and how much money you can actually earn

At a Glance

App name: Mistplay

App type: Get paid to play games

Owner: Henri-Charles Machalani

Price:‌ Free

My Rating: 5/10


  • Can earn money to purchase gift cards
  • Free to join


  • They don’t pay much
  • Takes way too long to earn enough units to cash out
  • Not much games to choose from
  • Cannot convert units into cash – only gift cards
  • Uses lots of storage space (you have to download and install the games)


Mistplay is an app where you can play games and earn “units” which can be exchanged for gift cards.

They do pay and they are definitely legit, but there are too many downsides for my liking and the reason I do not recommend it.

==>‌ Here’s my #1 recommended program

The Rundown

So Mistplay allows you to earn units by playing games, which can then be exchanged for rewards.

The in-app currency is called units. It’s just another word for points but I thought I should let you know to avoid confusion.

Basically, you choose a game you want to play and earn units. Play the game longer, earn more units, it’s as simple as that.

Units can then be exchanged for rewards such as gift cards at your favorite online stores.

How to Earn Units

Mistplay Units

The main way to earn units is to play games. You’ll earn anywhere from 20-200 units per minute, but that number changes a lot, and you’ll see why under the “downsides” heading.

But there are also other ways to earn money other than playing games.

The different ways include: doing small tasks, watching videos, etc.

Keep in mind that the amount of tasks available is different for everyone as it comes down to your location.

Where Is The Money Coming From?

Just like you, I was also wondering where they make this money that they can give away, so I done some digging around.

Essentially you’re downloading and playing the game, but you’re also testing the game.

The game developers pay money to Mistplay for getting real people to play and test their game, which is you. You’re the tester who gets rewarded.

The Rewards System

Mistplay Giftcard Reward

So with every “get paid to” app, there is a reward system.

Every app has their way of rewarding players, but for the most part, they are all very similar.

Mistplay rewards users with gift cards at these places:

  • Amazon
  • iTunes
  • Playstation store
  • Xbox game store
  • Google play store
  • and even Starbucks

What I find interesting is that no gift card costs the exact same.

For example:

It costs 3000 units for a $10 Google play gift card but 2235 units for an iTunes gift card.

Note: All gift codes will be sent to the email address you provided within 48 hours

The Referral System

The referral system is a way of rewarding people for bringing their friends and family to the app.

You will earn 50 units for every person you invite.

However, you will also be rewarded 100 units if your referral reaches level 4. More on the app ranking system in a second.

To be honest, this is a pretty poor referral system. Good referral systems will reward you a certain percentage of what your referral earns for the entire time using the app.

What is Experience Points?

The more you use the app and play the games, the more experience points you will get and the easier it becomes to get rewards.

Game Experience Points

GXP is short for Game Experience Points and it shows your level for that specific game.

So the higher your level, the more “units” you get for playing that game.

Play the game longer to gain more experience and increase your level.

Make sense?

Player Experience Points

Another acronym is called PXP and means Player Experience Points. It shows your ranking level within the Mistplay app, not the actual game.

Increase your PXP and your units earned per minute will increase too.

You can gain more PXP by playing different games. Also every time you get a new PXP level, you will receive bonus units.

Signing Up

Signing up is free and easy and doesn’t require much space.

It’s just a matter of downloading the app from the Google Playstore and signing up with a Google or Facebook account.

You will also be rewarded 200 units for signing up.

After that you will be redirected to the Playstore and offered a certain number of games to download.

Download the games that you like, begin playing and start to earn units.

And that brings me to my next point, the downsides.

The Downsides

1. Uses lots of storage space

You will be downloading every game you want to play to your handheld device.

This can become a problem if you don’t have much space available.

2. Cannot convert units into cash

Sadly there is no option to redeem units into PayPal cash, which is what a lot of similar systems are doing.

You can only convert your units into gift cards.

That is a HUGE negative in my eyes as there are people that want to use their money for other things.

3. Earnings change drastically

For the most part, your earnings are determined by your Player Experience Points.

But this can change when the amount of units offered for that specific game changes too.

So you could be earning 10 units for every level, then the next login you’re only earning 2 units per level.

4. Takes a long time to build up enough units to redeem

It takes an extremely long time to earn enough units to redeem for rewards.

Most people have been playing for over a month and still haven’t earned enough for the cheapest gift card.

Sure it’s easy money but it’s not fast money, or even worth your time for that matter.

5. The games are limited

Some people have said that they only have 1-5 games available to download and play which has to do with the location aspect.

This can get pretty boring really quickly and might not be for you if you’re looking for variety.

6. The games are location specific

The games are location specific, meaning your friend can play and earn from a game that you cannot.

This may not seem like a big deal but depending on where you are in the world, you could get bored pretty quickly with limited gaming options.

7. They delete inactive accounts after 180 days

Although not a total deal breaker, it is something you need to be aware of as they don’t state it anywhere on the app.

They delete accounts that have been inactive for 180 days without warning, no matter how many units you have sitting in your account.

Just keep this in mind if you decide to stop playing and try to login one day wondering why you can’t.

So Do they Pay or is it a Scam?

There are many apps out there just like Mistplay and 99% of them are scams in disguise.

So what makes this one any different?

Well there are real people coming forward and saying that they have definitely received their earnings.

I have yet to see someone say they have not been paid their earnings from Mistplay.

And that can only mean one thing, this system is legit and they pay you for your time playing the games.


What I Don’t Like

Even though this app pays and they are legit, there are definitely some things I don’t like about it. The biggest concern is the low payout.

It takes at least a month to reach the minimum payout of $5, and that’s if you play the app daily.

The other issue I have is the lack of gaming options due to the location rule. In some parts of the world you might only get 1 game that you can play.

Free to Join But Make More Money?

There is another way to earn money and it’s free just like Mistplay.

It’s something I have been doing for the last 3 and a half years and it’s pushed my online earnings from $0 to 4 figures a month.

I know for a fact that no gaming app is going to pay that much because I’ve been downloading and trying them and nothing has worked so far.

The only thing that has made me money was creating Amazon affiliate blogs, which is the best decision I made when it came to my financial troubles.

Now I’m working from home thanks to the system called Wealthy Affiliate.

Well thanks for reading. That concludes this review and I hope you have a great day!


I Survived a Factory Job of 6.5 Years I Absolutely Hated

Factory Job

I worked in a factory job for 6 and a half years and it was the worst 6 years of my life.

Factory Job

Time went slow, I felt like a slave, the work was repetitive and it was just so boring.

I started that job straight out of high school at 16, so it was good for a first job because it was quick and easy money.

As a teenager, I was ballin’ and had a lot more money than my peers.

However, 6.5 years later and I was still doing the same job, slaving away wondering why I was still doing this factory job I hated.

Reasons I Hated My Old Factory Job (Meat Worker)

The Work Was too Repetitive

I absolutely hated standing there doing the exact thing for literally hours.

The work was just too repetitive that it became boring and no fun anymore.

At that point I just felt like a slave and that made it even worse.

Time Went Slow

Because the work was too repetitive, 20 minutes felt like an hour. It was too easy to look at the clock.

Every shift just draaaaagged and I started hating life since I was doing the same thing day in, day out.

I Felt Like a Slave

I was standing there doing the exact same thing for hours.

I felt like I was a no one, no one special, just doing an easy task that anyone could do.

I was working hard every single day, I wanted to be valued for the work I put in, but I was just like…every…body…else.

No one special, not making an impact, just going through the motion.

Everyone Was Miserable

Everyone I worked with were the most miserable people on the planet.

They were depressed, sad, looked like they hated life and had no plans of quitting even though it was destroying them mentally.

I could see it especially in the elderly, the ones that were there for 40+ years.

They just looked like they gave up on their dreams and wasted their entire life doing something they hated.

There was NO WAY that was going to happen me.

So I decided to do something about it.

Tips For Working in a Factory Job

There were some things that made working there a little easier but at the end of the day, I was doing whatever I could do make life more enjoyable for me.

You can use these tips to make your factory job a little easier and make time go faster.

Stop Looking at the Time


The clock was definitely the enemy.

Because it was so boring, I was looking at the clock every 5 minutes.

It’s human nature to seek comfort. We want to get out of an uncomfortable situation (in this case, your job) and do something more fun.

So the only thing we can do is look at the time hoping it’s further than we hoped.

Hint: It never is. You’d think 15 minutes went by and it’s only been 5.

Rotate With Someone

This is only possible if you know more than one job and the supervisor allows you to do it.

Ask someone if they want to rotate jobs every 15 minutes.

There is only four 15 minutes in an hour, so rotating 4x will make the hour go by fairly quickly, taking into consideration you’re not looking at the time often.

If you can rotate with 3 other people, that’s 4 jobs in one hour. That’ll make time go by much quicker.

Learn a New Position

Of course there are only so many positions available in a factory job, but in the mean time you can learn as many positions as possible.

This does a few things.

  • Makes time go by faster cause you’ll be too busy to look at the clock
  • Allows you to move around the factory and communicate with other workers. The ones that have been there all their life have some amazing stories up their sleeve, so make sure to ask them
  • Increases your overall skillset. You’ll be able to put all these new positions on your resume.

Get More Comfortable

Comfort feels good, so making your self as comfortable as possible is going to help you survive 8-12 hour shifts much more easily.

This means wearing comfortable clothes, better footwear, better insoles and warmer clothes if you’re in colder temperatures,

Eat Plenty of Food


Food helps us feel better and working 12 hour shifts in a factory is something we hate.

So eating our favorite foods throughout the day is going to release happy chemicals and make us feel better.

Lets call this, balancing the odds.

Even though there are more negatives to working long, torturous hours, it’s still going to make us feel a little better.

Factory Workers Either Settle or Make a Change

What I found out from working my factory job for 6.5 years was that there’s only 2 types of people.

Those that want to make a change but end up settling for the rest of their lives.

And those that do change and make the necessary steps before it’s too late.

No one wants to settle in a factory job, it’s not exactly the best career path in the world.

No one wakes up one day saying “I love working the factory and I’m going to do it the rest of my life”.

But then they settle and before they know it, they’re 60 years old waiting to retire.

That’s what I was so scared about, I didn’t want that to happen to me.

Get Out If You Can

Nothing’s going to change if you don’t make a change.

The people are going to be the same and the jobs will still be the same.

I’ve worked a factory job, I’ve been through it all, and trust me when I say it never gets better.

Some of the older people I talked to all hated it and wished they quit before it was too late. Now they’re just waiting to retire.

A whole life wasted, just like that.

I highly recommend you start looking for other jobs right away.

It might be good money but it is soul depleting and makes people extremely unhappy.

What Did I Do About It?

I done the no show.

Not my finest moment but I’m not one to lie, so what I did was I laid myself off and never went back.

I actually laid myself as a backup plan instead of quitting, that way I could look for another job and if it didn’t work out, I still had my factory job to go back to.

Well time was up and it was time to go back to that job.

But I was just so happy not working there anymore, so I didn’t show up.

I was collecting unemployment and living with family, that’s how I could afford to live.

But I Had a Dream I Started Working On

So the entire shtick was to quit my job and work from home.

I know we all have those dreams and aspirations, but only a small percentage pursue those dreams. I happened to be one of them.

I didn’t want to go back to working my 7:45 – 3:30 job. In fact, I didn’t want to work for anyone, ever again!

So I had to find another means of income real fast.

I started a blog. The blog was called and I still make money with that blog.

Within a year I was making a consistent $30 a day, and within 1.5 years I was making more than my factory job.

I learnt everything to make that blog successful with this free system.

Well that concludes this article. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day.

A Glimpse into 2019 & My 2020 New Years Resolution

2020 New Years

Last year at this exact same time, I posted my new years resolution.

These were some goals that I wanted to achieve for 2019.

I did not achieve all of them but I want talk to about why. Then I want to talk about some new goals for 2020 that I want to achieve for my blog, Job Quitters Unite.

2019 goals:

  • 250 blog posts: I now have 213 (Started at 97 articles)
  • 10 referrals per day: I am now getting a couple a day (I was only getting 2 a month)
  • 2 Comments per article – Comments aren’t important for me anymore so I don’t care about this
  • 500 Unique Visitors per day – I am now at 300-400! (I was only getting 15-45)

2019 Was a Busy Year For Me

2019 was a huge year for me and I know that’s no excuse.

I sold one of my websites. That website was, my very first successful website.

I moved houses twice, one of them was an entire continent 27 hours away.

I am from New Zealand, currently living in the United States.

I procrastinated, partied and didn’t really work as much as I could on this website.

I know these are all excuses and no way to justify why I didn’t meet my goals.

However, I did come close. I am now much more ahead than this time last year and that’s the main thing.

I Slowed Down But I Didn’t Stop

One reason why I still got close to my goals was that I was still working on this website, I just wasn’t being 100%.

Martin Luther King  Jr Quote

This quote rings very true when it comes to my goals.

No matter what I did, I still worked on this website and did not stop, and that’s why I can reap the rewards of my work.

But this is only the beginning of Job Quitters Unite.


Literally 80% of 2019 I was posting an article about every 4 days and the reason I didn’t see explosive growth.

However, for the last 2 months I have been going HAM. I have been posting at least an article a day, sometimes even 2x a day.

These articles are going to rank and make me bank later on and that’s why I believe 2020 will be the biggest year for this blog.

My Goals for 2020

  • 450 articles – Currently 213
  • 20 referrals per day that sign up to Wealthy Affiliate
  • 2000 Unique Visitors per day from Google

Lets do it!

Tell me in the comments below what your new years resolution is 🙂