How I Make Money Online [The Process]


If you’re looking to make money online, you are in the right place.

Not everyone has a boatload of products to ship and not everyone has the time to take orders and ship them off to people.

Luckily there is a thing called “affiliate marketing”, and that’s what I’ll be showing you today to achieve such results.

The Process Explained

You’ve probably already heard of a term called affiliate marketing within your online ventures and wondered what the heck it was.

Affiliate marketing is extremely simple actually.

Basically, you sell OTHER peoples products and earn a commission.

I’ll give you an example so you get a better understanding of what I’m talking about.

1. A visitor goes to a website

2. The visitor enjoys the content on the site and clicks an affiliate link

3. That person purchases something

4. You get rewarded with a commission (money)

There is no customer service to take care of and no inventory to worry about. All you need is targeted traffic.

There 4-Step Process

1. Create a Website

A website use to take hours and a lot technical skills to create when the internet first came out.

Luckily that is not the case anymore.

A website literally takes 30 seconds and is the starting point for your online business.

My camping site is just one example of how I make money with affiliate marketing.

My Camping Site

Campingmastery site

In the image above is one of my websites making money through Amazon sales.

People read my reviews, click my links and make purchases.

I get commissions (money) and receive checks every month.

Don’t believe me?

Proof of Earnings

Amazon Earnings

As you can see, making money from the internet is very real and very possible.

You can begin building your website below. Just enter the name of your website and you are ready to go.

2. Create content

Your next step is to create content for your website.

Content is in the form of text, images, sounds, videos, and even animations.

You will mostly be putting text on your site though.

People love finding the answers to their questions, and when you can answer in a fun and easy way they weren’t expecting you will stand out from the crowd and build highly valuable trust at the same time.

And then what?

Trust leads to money, which is the reason why you landed on this page, isn’t it?

Don’t freak out because you heard you’ll be writing articles either.

You don’t need any type of degree to talk with friends, so just type like you’re talking with your best friend. It builds a connection and a level of trust highly valuable within the online marketing space.

Here is an example of one short article (mine) that’s landed at the top page of Google.

Google Rankings

Why am I showing you this? My article ONLY has 600 words.

And here’s proof that the keyword actually gets searches.

Jaaxy Tool

So what does all this mean?

A 600 word article that took me 1-2 hours (including pictures and affiliate links) makes me a couple of sales every month.

As long as I keep that article up I will continue to make money off of it.

The best part…

The more articles you have, the more traffic you get and the more money you make.

3. Get traffic

This is the most important part about your online business.

You can have all the best articles in the world, but without any traffic there is no money being made.

The more trust you build with your audience the more money you can make.

Google LOVES engagement and readership, originality and uniqueness.

If you can show Google you are in it to help your audience as much as possible, Google will eventually notice you and begin placing your site in front of others, and most of the time on the front page.

This is a screenshot for the traffic I received organically (from search engines), and keeps on rising each and every month.

GA Traffic

You see, traffic does not come instantly.

It acts like a snowball effect.

Articles you write today will bring you traffic in the future, mostly within the next few weeks.

You will then KEEP receiving traffic for many years to come as long as you still have your website up.

And of course traffic = money, so you should know what the last step means.

4. Money, money, money, MONEY!

Money Case

You read that correctly.

When you’ve created your website, put content on it and started getting traffic, you WILL earn commissions.

This is when the excitement really ramps up.

You will earn your first $1 and think you won the lottery!

What’s Next?

What I have been telling you in this article is exactly what they teach at Wealthy Affiliate.

As you can see, it’s about building a website, putting in the work and reaping the rewards.

The process above is exactly how I built my blog from earning 0-4 figures in a year.

Here’s the same program I use

Well thanks for reading and have a great day.

Is your Job Making you Unhappy?


Unhappy ManOver 70% of U.S workers do not like their job, which means you are likely one of them.

If you are always complaining about your job and looking for a way out, there’s a high chance you are unhappy with your current employment status.

Many of my friends are always complaining about their boss and their co-workers, and it worries me because nobody should have to feel that way, especially when they have to spend 40+ hours a week with them.

Of course a job doesn’t always have to be enjoyable, but there’s a fine line between getting through your day quickly and efficiently, and receiving nothing but negativity that drags you down and makes you hate every single day.

What side are you on?

Do you struggle to get along with your boss?

Sometimes it feels like bosses are picking on us when in reality they are just trying to do their job, just as we are.Boss

However, other times your boss might not like you and you can clearly see that.

He is always putting you down, giving you the “worse” jobs and the co-workers the best ones, always blaming you, not thanking you when you’ve gone above and beyond, and most of all talking down on you like you have no idea what you’re doing.

But the worst of them all: Talking down to you in front of everyone.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one and definitely won’t be the last.

Are you always complaining?

We don’t always have to love what we do, because there are days when we complain about it.

But once again, there’s a fine line.

If you find yourself complaining about your boss at the very first chance you get, the workload, and the workplace in general, you might be unhappy with your job.

You constantly complain about everyone and everything, at work and at home. It is not good for your well-being and not a healthy way to live your life.

Do you find it hard getting up in the morning?

This one is a biggie and resonates with many people.

If you have a job that you’re passionate about, you love doing it and you are proud to be in your industry, you will find it easy getting up in the morning.

On the other hand, when you struggle to get out of bed because the thought of your JOB makes you miserable each and everyday, there is a problem.

You should be jumping out of bed like a spring, ready to tackle anything that comes your way for the day.

But as you and I know, this is not the case and a good reason why you landed on this page.

Does your co-workers make you angry?

I’ve told my friends time and time again, it is the people within the workplace that can make or break your career.

This is my opinion and I will gladly back it up every time.

Your co-workers should not be there to bring you down, to bully you and ruin your day.

They are suppose to laugh at your jokes (even if they’re lame), to back you up when you complain about the boss and to ultimately make your day go faster.

So if you have co-workers that ruin your day, bring you down and make you feel worthless, it is a sign, and not a good one.

It is a sign that you are in a bad environment every single day and it’s messing with your social and personal life.

Do you wish you had a new job?

You may have considered taking a new career path, and that’s completely fine.

Change is always good – for the most part, but not many people like to make changes, and that’s probably why you’re too scared to move on too.

Fear of change is no laughing matter and is actually one of the main reasons people are set in stone.

People will stay in a job they hate for the rest of their lives because they fear change.

It’s as simple as that.

What should you do?

Make a Change

You have a choice, you have a chance, so make a CHANGE before it’s too late!

If you agree with most of the questions I asked above, I hate to say it but your job is making you unhappy.

Jobs make the world go round.

Jobs are the reason we have food on the table for our kids.

Without a job we will be on the streets.

But that does NOT mean you have to live a miserable life.

Like I said, people do not like change. And sadly it kills dreams.

However, you landed on this page for a reason. It wasn’t to see if you are unhappy with your job because deep down you already know that.

You want answers and I don’t blame you.

Listen, I was in a miserable job and I found a way out (I was in multiple actually).

It wasn’t until I realized being my own boss was going to make all my workplace problems go away.

Ever since I began my journey at Wealthy Affiliate I have never looked back, and I only recommend you do the same if you want to escape the 9-5 rat race too.

Well thanks for reading.

What do you hate about your job? Comment below!

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Scam or Legit Opportunity?


Name: Wealthy AffiliateWeallthy Affiliate Sign Up Page


Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: $0 Starter Membership

My Rating: 4.8/5

Will Wealthy Affiliate allow you to quit your job?

Is it a legit opportunity for you to make money online?

There are more than enough scams on the internet, and it’s not getting better anytime soon.

What makes this “opportunity” different from the rest?

So many questions and so little time. Let’s get right into this Wealthy Affiliate review and see exactly what it is all about.

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform.

They teach you how to make money by creating a website, putting content on it, getting traffic in a completely free way and then earning revenue.

It is not an MLM, cash gifting scheme, pyramid scheme or any of the sort.

The main training shows you how to create a website around something you enjoy, your passion, so you gain long-term growth for consistent income down the line.

Who runs Wealthy Affiliate?

So the 2 owners of Wealthy Affiliate are Kyle and Carson.

Kyle left – Carson right

Kyle and Carson

==> Sign up with Wealthy Affiliate

They have 25 employees who work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs swiftly and efficiently.

Kyle does all the editing of the site, the tutoring and the moderating.

He is the one you will hear behind all the video tutorials.

How long has Wealthy Affiliate been around for?

WA launched in 2005 and became the #1 Online Work Company in 2009.

Until this day they still hold that title.

Why did Kyle & Carson create this training platform?

They started their internet marketing journey long before Wealthy Affiliate.

They found what worked and soon realized how much room for growth there is.

That’s why they created Wealthy Affiliate, to help people create legit online businesses.

But wouldn’t that create more competition for them?


There is no shortage of money on this planet and definitely more than enough people shopping online and searching for information.

Basically, there is enough room for growth for everyone, IF they’re willing to put in the work of course.

So they created WA to help people like you and I, people that are searching for alternative means of income.

How You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate make an emphasis on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the act of selling somebody else’s product and earning a commission for the sale.

For example; if you sign up with an affiliate network that offers 10% commission rate and you sell something worth $200, you get a $20 commission.

If you sell something worth $100, you get a $10 commission.

But remember, you won’t be doing any “selling”.

As counterintuitive as it may sound, you will not be selling anything. You will be reviewing products for people.

You see, the internet is full of buyers scouring for reviews on products they’re looking to purchase, and when your site pops up at the top of Google, they will go to your site, click your links and make you a commission.

That is the basics of it anyway.

Affiliate marketing is how you make money with Wealthy Affiliate.

The Process

Step 1: Build Your Website

First and foremost, you need a foundation. Your foundation is a website and the starting point for your online business.

Building a website is much easier than you think, especially with the rise of technology.

It’s just a matter of following the video tutorials and getting one set up.

It will not take days, and not even hours. It actually takes minutes to get one online and ready to view by other people around the world.

And yes, they have a website builder AND hosting inside, so you don’t need to worry about going anywhere else.

Everything you need is inside WA.

Step 2: Create Content

Content is your ideas put into your blog.

Content is everywhere. You are reading a form of content right now.

It is the driving force behind your website.

There is no reason for people to view your website if you have nothing on it, and no you do not need a degree to write content .

Everything is so simplified these days. Write like your chatting with your friend and your audience will connect with you.

And Google absolutely loves that!

Step 3: Get Traffic

Now that you have content, there’s a REASON for people to come to your site.

You do not need to implement “guru SEO” techniques to get ranked either.

The more unique and original content you have the easier it is to get ranked.

When you have traffic, there are a million and one ways to make money from your website.

Of course one of the best approaches is to create reviews, which is the #1 recommendation for people starting out in my opinion.

That is what the training teaches too.

Step 4: Make Money

Yep, you read that correctly.

When you have a website set up around something you love, you have content and now gaining traffic, the money will come.

Your website is highly targeted to your audience and you are creating reviews for products they are already searching for.

They will click your links, make purchases and make you money.

The process is really that simple.

Does the Process Really Work?

I was skeptical just like you, but I decided to dive in because of the free trial.

If it wasn’t for the free trial, I would’ve moved on to the next shiny object and missed out on a great opportunity, and that’s the truth.

Here’s one of my sites earning money through Amazon sales.

I have a few of these sites receiving traffic and revenue.

I am now doing it full time and making more money than my 9-5 JOB.

So yes, the process does work.

Proof of Earnings

Why should you believe anything I say if I have no proof of earnings, right?

My camping site is one of many I have on the internet, and it’s contributing to my overall monthly income.

Amazon Proof of Earnings

Before you say I got the screenshot from Google, here’s the unpaid balance sitting in my account.

Unpaid Balance Amazon

Even more earnings.

Payment History Amazon

==> Sign up here

I am earning revenue from other affiliate networks too, but you get the idea.

You do not have to stick with Amazon, although it is one of the best options for people starting out since it’s highly trusted by every man and his dog.

What Others are Saying About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Success

As you can see, I am not the only one making money with Wealthy Affiliate.

Thousands of people are making sales everyday. Of course the more work you put in, the more you get out of it.

Things I Like

I loooooove the fact that it is not an MLM.

There is no need to get other people into the system if you don’t want to.

There is no pestering friends and family on social media trying to get them into your latest and greatest MLM scheme.

You actually create a website around something you LOVE and earn money as a result.

It is your business because you actually own your website. No one can take it from you because legally your website is yours.

I also like that you can contact Kyle himself and get a response in 24 hours.

On weekends that goes up to 48 hours.

The site is also updated constantly, even by the owner himself!

Blog Posts from Kyle

In addition to all the messages he replies to, he’s creating blog posts and training videos constantly so we are always in the loop, whether that be the direction of affiliate marketing or his personal life.

Are There Upsells or Additional Fees?


There is absolutely no upsells when you become a premium member.

When you first step into the door, you will start your free trial.

After that you can pay the monthly fee of $49 and move on with the rest of the training or continue working on your website.

It is completely up to you.

The starter membership lets you see everything they have to offer, and you can even go through all of phase 1!

This starter membership goes indefinitely so you never have to pay for anything if you don’t want to (and yes, you can still make money with it).

What Makes this Program Different?

Nobody is promising you a million dollars overnight, the latest cars or big mansions.

In fact, nobody is actually talking about any of those things.

Everybody is on the same page, which is to help each other make money from their blog.

No one is there to take advantage of you.

I just felt like I was home because everyone is so friendly and the owners are even friendlier.

People are there to help you and that’s what makes Wealthy Affiliate the greatest affiliate marketing training platform on the internet!

What’s the Price?

Free Trial ($0) – The trial goes indefinitely and is completely free. You can check it all out right away, begin your training and go through all of phase 1.

Premium Member ($49/month) – Premium membership gives you access to everything. I have placed a clear breakdown of what you get below.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter VS PremiumMy Final Opinion

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate long enough to know it is the #1 online training platform.

I am not saying you will get rich overnight or that you will see the exact same results as I have, because legally I can not guarantee you anything.

But what I can tell you is this: I am now making consistent sales from articles I created months ago and making a full time income.

More articles = more exposure in the search engines = more clicks = more money.

The difference between the successors and the failures is that the winners make reasons, losers make excuses.

I want to give you a helping hand.

I was where you are right now and I want to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be.

So if you’ve heard enough of my rambling please know I am waiting for you on the other side and really excited to meet you!

==> Start your free trial membership

PS: BONUS! If you setup your account upon signing up (add your name and profile picture), I will show you around and get you started on your journey.

And If you become a premium member within the first 7 days, I will personally coach you so you reach your goals as quickly as possible 🙂

See you on the other side