Is Patrick Bet-David a Fraud? Yes He Is In My Opinion

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Is Patrick Bet-David a fraud or respected individual within the insurance industry?

Last year I reviewed Patrick’s biggest system called PHP Agency.

I came to the conclusion that it was a scam.

However, this has caused controversy on that article and racked up over 200 comments.

Lots of people complain about PHP Agency and others absolutely worship this man and his company.

A few comments came up about Patrick Bet-David being a fraud and so I decided to do more research and get to the bottom of things.

Who Is Patrick Bet-David?

Patrick Bet-David is an expert in marketing and has a strong online presence.

He knows how to increase his following and create a strong brand, which has helped him gain the success he has today.

He has accounts on all social media platforms but his biggest is his YouTube channel.

It is called Valuetainment and has racked up over 1.66 million subscribers.

To be honest, his YouTube channel actually has lots of value.

He hosts events and interviews famous people all around the world.

His social media accounts are there to market his main system which is PHP Agency.

Patrick Bet-David is the founder and owner of PHP Agency and the reason why I wanted to see if he was a fraud.

His system doesn’t exactly have a good reputation and this has raised lots of red flags about this man and his intentions.

Not by me but literally thousands of people who have tried PHP Agency.

PHP Agents Accused of Posting Fake Reviews

PHP Agency has lots of negative reviews and there’s a good reason why.

They show clear signs of a pyramid scheme.

You can read more about this on my PHP Agency review.

Agents are told to go online and post positive reviews to balance out the bad reviews.

I know because I’ve had people that work for them come forward and tell me.

I have no doubts that Patrick, or at the very least, his crew are behind this.

Tell me these comments on my PHP Agency review doesn’t sound a little too professional.

I obviously struck a nerve with that one. He had to bust out the ol “take it up with the government” line.

I have multiple comments on my website similar to the ones above bashing me and my opinion on PHP Agency.

They just sound a little too professional for the average Joe to write.

It sounds more like one of the guys at Patrick Bet-Davids headquarters trying to balance out the reviews with more positive ones.

What I Personally Think About Patrick

Patrick is a very smart guy and knowledgable in many areas, especially when it comes to business and brand awareness.

I’ve learnt a lot from his YouTube videos.

It wasn’t until I reviewed PHP Agency was when I stopped following him online.

PHP is a complete joke and if you get involved, you’re only be wasting your money, time and energy.

There are occasions of members paying $500 for a sign up fee and another $500 for training materials.

Then if you back out later on you have to pay another $500 as a leaving fee.

I mean, what’s with all these fees people have to pay. It doesn’t make sense.

This is only one instance out of the hundred you can find on my PHP Agency review.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about his system and whether not it is legit because I’ve already established that.

I’m here to see if Patrick is a fraud.

Definition of Fraud in the Dictionary

In the dictionary, fraud means:

wrongful or criminal deception intended to result in financial or personal gain.

This sounds like exactly what Patrick Bet-David is doing.

He is deceptive in so many ways.

He misleads you into thinking you can get rich fast with PHP Agency.

Get rich quick schemes do not work my friend.

All his agents hype everything up. You aren’t even told what you will be doing to make all this money he promises.

You are just asked if you’re ready to change your life. Then you have to hand over hundreds of dollars for “fees”.

These are all deceptive and misleading and Patrick knows exactly what’s going on and he doesn’t do anything about it.


Because it’s all for personal and financial gain.

In my opinion he is a fraud and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him.

But I want to hear what you have to say.

I would like to know your opinion about Patrick Bet-David and whether or not he is a fraud.

Is Patrick Bet-David a Fraud? Let us know in the comments below!

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