Paying Bills After Losing A Job (SERIES 2): Automate Everything

In series 1 we set out on a mission to reduce our bills as much as possible – and in some cases – wipe them out completely.

Your bills take up a large majority of your income so it makes sense to get these under control or you’ll be left in debt and homeless (worst case scenario).

We are in the digital age now my friend – automating your finances has never been easier.

Lets get this show on the road and get your money right!


Humans are Lazy Creatures But We Don’t Like to Admit it

Technology and convenience has made us lazy, it’s a proven fact.

Many centuries ago we had to hunt the wilderness for our food. These days we just go to the closest convenient store and purchase whatever we need.

We put things off for as long as possible and don’t give a damn about the consequences.

Even though we know what they are, we still leave it to the last minute or don’t do them at all.

How does this apply to paying the bills?

Well, we already know we’re not going to stick to our plan because we simply put things off we don’t like doing!

However, if we automate everything we don’t have to worry about ANY of that!


How Automating the Process Helps You

It Makes Everything Passive

Like I said, we as humans procrastinate for as long as we can.

If we can send our money to the right places on complete autopilot we can focus on more important things.

Sure, it’ll take time to complete the initial set up but it will be VERY worth it thereafter.

It is a “set and forget” approach.

At the time this is all happening your worries will go away. That will keep you motivated to keep the process alive and never give up.

We Don’t Skip Payments (HIGHLY Important)

Everything gets paid every single time and that is most important thing.

Having a solid payment plan in place means you are going to get out of this rut as fast as possible.

If you don’t set these payments up you’re only going to spend your money on things that don’t matter (probably get even more behind) and take even longer to pay.

More times than not people skip this step, don’t bother to pay their bills and end up on the streets.

More Time to Focus On The Important Stuff

Once everything is done (automated your cash flow), you have more time to focus on the things that matter the most…like finding another job or increasing your income until you get a job.

If you have a good capital and a small monthly income, you’ll get them paid faster before you run out of money completely.

However, more on that in series 4.


How to Automate Your Cash Flow

So it is actually really simple to be honest with you.

If you have online banking this process can be done right now, otherwise you will have to go to your bank and fill out papers.

What we are doing is setting up “automatic” payments so your bills get paid on time, every time.

Do this with all the bills you’ve outlined in your plan.

If you’ve done it correctly this process should be a breeze, because it’s just a matter of setting up automatic payments and you’re DONE.

If you’ve forgotten what the heck I am talking about I will show you.

The red colors mean they come out of your bank account automatically. Blue means they have to be done manually.


Download the template here


In the example above you will see that rent, car, mobile, insurance and savings go to their respected places immediately.

As soon as you get your paycheck, these important bills leave your account and go to wherever they need to go.

It is now set so we can completely forget about them.


What We’ve Covered

You have a solid plan in place, your cash is flowing in the right places and you have just completed series 2.

Believe it or not but you are already ahead of most people.

Nobody likes to do this tedious work but in the long run it saves you MUCH more time and money!

I want to congratulate you if you’ve come thus far.

You could’ve click the back button and not worry about it but you are serious about paying your bills and ensuring you don’t end up on the streets, so great job my friend.

In series 3 will be doing a recap on everything you’ve learned/implemented and then your money (what you’re going to do with it).


Go to series 3 now >>>

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26 thoughts on “Paying Bills After Losing A Job (SERIES 2): Automate Everything”

  1. Hi Brandon, I left my job 2 months ago and am using my holiday paid out to survive. I think your Non-Budget is a great idea to ease the pressure and tidy up expenses.
    Unfortunately I cannot use your template.
    It downloaded as a template.et
    I use spreadsheets however I cannot open a .et file.
    So I have been making my own spreadsheet from your example shown.
    Would it be possible to provide a .xls extension file for download to make it easier for users of Microsoft Excel and Libreoffice Calc?
    I look forward to Series 3 as I think it will be very helpful.
    Thanks Dave

    • I’ve just gone and fixed that. Thanks for the heads up!

      Anyway, the fact of the matter is: budgets don’t work. Nobody likes them so there’s no way they’re going to stick to them. You’re better off cutting expenses as much as possible.

      You know, making the big dollars count, not pennies! I hope you get your breakthrough soon so you can start living how YOU want to 🙂

      All the best mate.

  2. Hey Brandon,

    I really like the idea of automating bills. You know, the only ones that are automated is my car payment and insurance, and guess what? Even though those are my most expensive bills, they’re the least stressful. It’s only when I have to manually go in and partition my own money that I become stressed out. It wouldn’t even matter if I had tons of money, it’s still just stressful having to go in and make sure that I actually pay them.

    Awesome article, and I’ll be making sure to come check out your next parts in the series. Keep up the good work buddy.

    Cheers mate from Canada.

    • That’s the secret my friend, automating as much as you can so you remove the stress from your life. Only then will you be able to focus on the more fun stuff!

  3. Hey Brandon, I’ve got to say I found this very helpful and eye opening. Stressing about bills and putting them off is definitely not the way to go. Making them automatic is a smart thing to do and I think your template does a great job of laying everything out in an organized way. I will for sure be taking this into consideration as I am not very good with my money and find myself stressing to get my car insurance paid.

    Thanks for this information, I will for sure be looking into taking more care of my finances by automating more of my payments!

  4. Wonderful article Brandon and very motivational. I am so happy that my husband is the one who takes care of the bills. As Michael above also said, it is stressful having to write those checks out. We have been using the automated way for a few years now and so far so good.

  5. Really informative post and truly inspiring as the world debt crisis keeps reaching ultimate highs. I’m glad I found your page looking forward to more content.
    Keep up the hard work!

  6. Technology has made people think less and less for themselves to the extent that they do not even know more about what is good for them. It’s a nice idea to help people know how to use the technology they have for their own good. Nice article

    • Well we are in the digital age now. It just makes so much more sense to use all the technology to our advantage.

      To be completely honest with you, the ones that are using them are evolving faster and adapting more to this “new world” than those who are not.

  7. Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for this post.
    I will take your advice and set up online banking with my bank to automate the bill paying process as it’s so easy to overspend, especially when you’ve forgotten you had a non-regular bill you had to pay.
    I have downloaded your spreadsheet as this will help me keep track of irregular spending amounts.
    My mother is old school and prefers to go to the bank and pay her bills. She won’t bend to have her bills paid automatically. I have shared a copy of your spreadsheet with her so that she can manage her bills – not that she overspends or anything like that – she loves it!

    Thanks for sharing this information! Looking forward to more tidbits in your next series.

    • Each to their own.

      If she’s been doing it her whole life then she’s used to it. It’s pretty much a tradition to her. She doesn’t need to change her paying method because that’s what she does and always have done.

      Thanks for sharing the spreadsheet with her too, hopefully it’ll open her eyes to the possibilities 🙂

  8. Hi Brandon,
    I agree. We don’t want to skip payments.
    I actually had a nightmare when I forgot to pay my bills. I ended up paying extra for late fees. Glad that you have created a free template that can help us to automate cash flow. Awesome stuff buddy!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I tried to make it as easy possible to follow along to this series.

      It really is step-by-step. I mean, you can’t even go wrong because everything is laid out in a clear manner.

  9. Hi Brandon, The plan you are laying out is solid and wise. My bank offers online payments. I have scheduled all of my regular bills by this plan. It is as easy as pie. I never miss a payment and I am never late. I have been doing this a few years and my credit rating has shot up and my debt is steadily going down. Before I did this, I was always paying late fees. I had the money most of the time, I get busy with other things and forget. With the plan at my bank, I don’t even have to pay for the stamp. It’s great.

    I check my account balance every few days. It’s easy to do online. What do you do to ensure you have enough money in your account to cover the bills that are coming up?

    • Awesome, Joe.

      Good to hear your thoughts on automating your bills by someone that has been doing it for such a long time.

      Well, I just have my money sent to me bills as soon as I get paid. That way whatever is left in the bank is for me to spend freely.

  10. Great article Brandon. I have always dreamed of automating my bills but have been somewhat afraid with my limited income. I will be looking forward to the next steps in your series. Would love to focus on the fun stuff!

    • It’s funny you say that! I actually thought I wasn’t earning enough income, however, one MASSIVE problem was that I was spending recklessly.

      Of course I wasn’t earning a lot, but after implementing the steps in this series there was more than enough money to spend on what I needed, savings and on myself!

      I actually prefer this method for people that don’t earn much income. Try it, you’ll thank yourself for it.

  11. Fantastic article! Automating really helps to save us time so that we can focus on other tasks in our lives. I still recommend people make sure their payments go through but still a huge time saver!

    • If everything is automated this step is not needed. However, if you like to double-check it is completely fine because you never know when a glitch is going to happen.

      But in my opinion, 99.99% of the time it will go through on its own. There’s nothing to worry about other than creating more sources of income.

  12. What a great post, I would to download this template but it won’t open in .et however this program series your writing will be highly beneficial to people all around the world.

    Too many people are not given the correct financial education to manage their money for an earlier age leading to debt.

    They should have lessons on this at school so we learn from an early age.

    brilliant work buddy


    • I’ve just fixed. It is now a downloadable .xls file, which can be opened with any spreadsheet program.

      I couldn’t agree more. They should stop teaching kids worthless subjects and teach them things that are NEEDED for the real world. I’ve recently started teaching my kids the value of a dollar and the rules behind it.

      I’m not going to let them become another statistic.


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