Paying Bills After Losing A Job (SERIES 4): Earning Income

Every man and his dog wants more money, but not all of them get more money.

What I’ll tell you in this article is what nobody else is telling you.

You’re probably after a secret or trick to reach success, and you’ll think it’s super simple, when it is not.

Well…it is AND it’s not.

Because some things work and some don’t, I’ll let you know what nobody is talking about 🙂

What They Don’t Tell You

Everyone wants a simple answer to creating endless wealth but there is a cold-hard truth no one tells you.

What is it?

There is no right or wrong answer.

It does not matter HOW you’re make money, what matters is that you’re making it.

Ponder on that for a second.

You will see articles telling you to:

  • Buy and sell things online
  • Sell what you already have around the house
  • Sell pet rocks
  • Start a blog
  • Do freelance jobs
  • Drive for Uber
  • Do online surveys
  • Sell old books
  • Do gigs on Fiverr
  • Walk dogs
  • Etc

But what the heck does this even mean?

We see these opportunities literally everywhere but we feel that none of it is going to make us rich.

To be honest, none of them are wrong even though it might seem like walking someones dogs isn’t going to make you a boatload of money.

And it may or may not, but what you need to do is make it work by “using your imagination”.

Because in reality; the greatest entrepreneurs are created by people doing extremely out-of-the-ordinary things.

Just look at this! An 11-year old making 3-figures per day making her own slime and selling it, all with household items!

I mean, this girl is going places. The most successful entrepreneurs can clearly see that.

I Spent Far Too Long Searching For The “Secret”



I found so many articles telling me to start a blog, to walk dogs or to sell books online, but those weren’t “specific” enough for me.

Well so I thought.

I kept searching but never found the step-by-step plan to making a fortune.

And that’s because you will NOT find the right answer, ever!

It doesn’t matter how you’re making money my good friend.

What matters is that you are making it, because that’s how great entrepreneurs are made.

Use Your Imagination Or You’ll Get Nowhere


This is the most important part in this whole article.

Not many people will give you their true secret to financial freedom because frankly, they’re assuming you’ll know what to do with the information they provide.

Because we think that it’s not going to work, we simply brush it off and continue searching.

We keep searching but we never find the golden nugget.

Well guess what?

You found the golden nugget right from the get-go. Everything works as long as you add your own twist and make it work for you.

If you use your imagination you can make a killing!

Lets use the 11-year old girl as an example.

Not many people are on the lookout for homemade slime, but if you go to events you can setup a table and sell to passerby.

These people are there to spend money, so they’ll get their wallet out and give it to you in exchange for your goods very easily.

Whereas if you try to sell to people online, it’s going to be more difficult because no one’s on the lookout for it.

So USE YOUR IMAGINATION and you can’t go wrong, and that’s with selling anything.

Taking Action Is Key

The trick is to get started doing SOMETHING, even it it’s as little as making $20 a day.

Overtime you’ll gain an “entrepreneurial mind”. You’ll discover what selling is all about and how the process is done.

As you get better you will start to do bigger and better things, whether that be selling higher valuable items or reaching more people with a different concept.

Like I said, what matters is that you’re making money with your own twist.

That is where great entrepreneurs are made and where they all start!

The worst thing you could do is not doing anything at all and wait for a miracle to happen, like winning the lotto…

The Takeaway

If I want you to take at least one thing from this article, it would be to get started asap.

Heck, sell your services on Fiverr. You’ll earn $5 a pop just for doing simple tasks!

If you’ve always wanted to start a blog but had no idea how to make it profitable, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you EVERYTHING (my recommendation).

Otherwise you can stick to penny-making like dog walking or selling old books. It is completely up to you.

But like I said, doing something is better than nothing. I’d prefer you make at least $10 per day rather than spending your time on social media, drinking alcohol and doing drugs.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur none of those things fascinate you anyway, so at least plant seeds now and reap the rewards in the future!

I know you’ll make the right decision.

Please leave your comments and questions below and I’ll be happy to respond asap 🙂

To your success,


22 thoughts on “Paying Bills After Losing A Job (SERIES 4): Earning Income”

  1. Hi Brandon,

    You are absolutely right about having to think like an entrepreneur to make things happen for yourself.

    The problem is that this type of ‘mind set’ is not a built in feature for most of us. Or rather, it may be there but we are just not conscious of it. We need the drip-feed of ‘real’ information and/or training to develop the mind set or bring it to the surface.

    I can remember many, many years ago I sent away for information on ways to make money. This was years before the internet, but like the beginning of your post-many of those make money at home type jobs were in that book-like walking dogs and selling items etc.

    As a matter of fact, the first item on the whole list was to walk into any restaurant and apply to be a line cook because most restaurants will train you and need the help. I started my career in the hospitality industry and I was a waiter at the time.

    Needless to say, I threw the book out and chalked it up as a learning experience.

    It was the best $10 I ever spent though, because it forced me to take action for myself and not to look for easy solutions.

    • I would say taking action is the most important thing you could do. You could consume all the knowledge in the world but only a real hustler knows how to hustle because HE has put in the work by taking action.

      Stand on the sideline and you watch everyone else make things happen while you stay the same person and never grow.

      It’s funny because all the top articles on Google say the same thing, like NO ONE can come up with their own solutions. Using your imagination and doing something is better than doing nothing my friend, and I will gladly back that statement up until the day I die.

  2. Hi Brandon,

    Before 15 months I started my website. I was researching what business to start for almost three years. If I had taken action earlier, my results could be much better now.

    People avoid taking action because they are not ready. However, we are never ready but we learn and grow through the process.

    I totally agree with you. There is no secret or right answer. Everything can work if we take action and make it happen. It is about the mindset and not the perfect how-to guide.

    Great article, keep it up!

    • Well I guarantee that if you started your online business 3 years ago, you’d be making a KILLING (taking into consideration that you stayed consistent with it).

      You have hit the nail on the head mate, you will go places if you continue that mentality throughout your life 🙂

  3. I agree with you that taking action is key. I have been one of those people in the past who has good ideas, but I never act on them. I have been looking for ways to make extra money, as you said, who isn’t interested in that. If you have a particular skill or stuff you can sell, that is a great way to start. I am actually going to take a look at Fiverr because I have some computer skills using excel. I think this might be a good option for me. Thanks for pointing that out, I really hadn’t thought about that before.

    • I bet you’ll get some gigs using Fiverr if you know how to use excel properly.

      People want things done quickly by someone who knows what they’re up to, and when you have your ad up ready and waiting, people are going to find you and pay you for your services.

      That’s exactly how the process works.

  4. Hi there. You have made some great points here. I agree that to be successful you need to change your whole mindset. We are so programmed from childhood that the way to make money is to go to school and get a job when in actuality there are many other ways for earning an income. Having the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset is crucial to your success in the world today. And as you say, if you use your imagination and get creative you can make anything work for you as long as you take action to do so.

  5. Aah, excellent post, Brandon! I agree wholeheartedly – the first step to becoming an Entrepreneur is working on your money-mindset and bringing in actual money is the BEST way to do it. The first $50 I earned online changed everything for me. I felt different. People treated me differently. And I started treating my online business differently – more seriously. It was the moment I realized I could make real money in this field. I could build an online empire like other’s before me had done. I started working with a resolve, a commitment, a discipline I had never had before. And sure enough, more money started flowing in and now I earn comfortably online.

    • Absolutely, Lauren.

      The trick is to do something and make money, then duplicate what you just done for extra growth. Multiply your technique for explosive growth!

      THAT’S exactly how you do it and I’m glad you are working from home full-time, pursuing your dream 🙂

  6. Hi Brandon, I couldn’t agree more. Taking action is an important step. And then once you’ve taken a step, the entrepreneurial spirit will grow!! Confidence will also grow and you’ll get better at it, and gain new insights.

    There is so much information out there about making money from home. And your Wealthy Affiliate recommendation is spot on. I hope that your readers take your advice on that!


    • The first step is usually the hardest but some say continuing AFTER you’ve reached your goals is the hardest as well.

      Being complacent is a true thing within the online space simply because people think they’ve reached their goals so it’s time to stop. Next thing you know they’ve lost all passion and ended up quitting – back to a day job they go.

  7. Hey Brandon

    Nice post! I agree that we all have to blaze our own path. Nothing is going to be handed out, we have to go out and earn it. We have to make our own entrepreneur story. I think hard work and persistence is key. Nothing comes easy or fast. I think a lot of people need to learn that. The best thing to do is start right away. Thanks for the enlightening post!

    • Starting right away is better than not starting anything at all.

      Even if it’s not perfect, get it out there for the world to see then tweak as you go!

      Procrastinating because “something isn’t ready” is just an excuse for you to not get it out there. Some might be lazy but some truly believe it has to be perfect, when in fact it doesn’t have to be!

      You’ll have a greater product or system if you change things overtime my friend, NOT waiting for it to be “perfect”.

  8. Hi, Your article was very motivational, in fact, I felt like I was listening to those public speakers who get all worked up 😀 Anyway, I enjoyed your article and read it all the way through.

    Good Luck

    • Hahaha, well that’s actually a privilege to hear that. I am by no means a public speaker but I do like motivating people to do what they really want in this world.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  9. I really enjoyed this post. I totally agree that there are countless ways to make money and all you have to do is pick one a get to work. Too many people try to find an easy way out instead of working hard for their money. The most important thing to do is to take action.
    Great article and I look forward to more posts from you.

    • That is the truth my friend. Stop fussing over what works and what doesn’t and instead spend that time doing something – at least.

      You may or may not gain anything, but the most important thing is the experience and what you learn from it. No one gets good at something after the first few tries. Practice makes perfect 🙂

  10. Wow, thanks for the info! I agree with you. Taking action makes the biggest difference and is truly key in terms of financial success.

    I like your perspective on this, and that’s not a bad idea about Fiverr!


  11. great post!
    You are right, there are so many things they don’t tell you! Getting creative is really the way to go!


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