PHP Agency is a Massive Pyramid Scheme & I’ll Prove It

I just stumbled across this online money-making opportunity while searching YouTube and it was nothing more than a sales pitch to this “PHP Agency” program.

PHP Agency Logo

Although I did learn a lot of interesting things in that video, I still believe the only reason Patrick Bet-David created it was to promote this program.

Being a person that likes to research things before diving straight into them, I set out on a journey to see what the heck it was all about!

This is my unbiased PHP Agency review.


Shady Agents Ruin Legitimacy
  • Legitimacy
  • Earning Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Value for Money


PHP Agency works and you can make a lot of money, but there are a couple major things wrong with this system that kill the legitimacy of it. And that is the shady agents who lie, mislead and promise people a dream of making lots of money when they’re not even allowed to guarantee anything, that is against the law.

It would be a great system if they were more transparent with what they’re actually offering people instead of just telling them they can get rich and then asking for payment.


  • Can make money
  • It’s growing every year


  • A lot of the positive reviews are fake
  • Agents constantly lie to people just to get them to sign up
  • High cost
  • A high-risk product
  • Requires too much work to make money

At a Glance

Name: PHP Agency


Founder: Patrick Bet-David

Price to Join: $400 – $500 after all the upsells

About PHP Agency

Who Created this System

Patrick Bet-David is the founder and owner of PHP agency and also owns 2 YouTube channels.

His largest channel is Valuetainment which has 1.73 million subscribers and his other channel is PHP Agency (28.2k subscribers.)

I’ve watched some of Patrick’s videos and I must say he teaches some pretty good stuff.

His channel is all about business, how to increase sales, grow your brand, make more money, etc.

I know I’ve learned a lot in the short amount of time watching him.

Patrick Bet-David is a very down-to-earth guy and I can tell he has your best interest at heart.

When did it Launch

PHP Agency was founded all the way back in 2009 and has clearly stood the test of time.

But how, exactly?

I think more research is needed to see what they’re really offering here.

Here is where all their traffic is coming from:

50% is from the search engines!

And when we dig a little deeper, we can see that it’s grown massively within the last year alone (search engine traffic only).

They’re ranking high for keywords like “helping people in life insurance”, “helping people company”, “people helping people”, etc.

So this company is definitely growing and shows no signs of losing traction.

Why did Patrick Create it?

Patrick Bet-David noticed that there wasn’t many people in the life insurance industry back in 2009.

In fact, he got started because he saw his father suffer in hospital and decided to do something about it.

When he first started he had only 66 agents. At the time of writing this article it has grown to a whopping 5200! And that number keeps growing.

What Do They Claim Over at PHP Agency?

They claim that you can:

  • Become an agent and work part time or full-time, it is completely up to you
  • Build your own brand instead of bringing awareness to the company itself (usually what happens with other insurance programs)
  • Build a 6 or 7-figure income. It all depends on how hard you work and how many agents you get to work for you
  • Build a successful career as a financial service agent

So What Exactly is PHP Agency?

PHP Agency is a financial services company.

They wish to provide nothing but the best financial services and become the biggest in the industry.

They have a total of 4 plans that you can sign up to and be a part of (life insurance plans).

The Life Insurance Plans

  • Term life insurance
  • Return-of-premium term life insurance
  • Indexed universal life insurance
  • No-medical exam life insurance

Becoming An Agent

When you become an agent you simply sell these plans to people around you (friends, family, neighbours, etc).

Otherwise expand your horizons and go to other regions.

But being an agent means you can create your own brand too. You’re not tied down to just building the PHP Agency business itself.

Being an agent is about building a downline so you have people work for you.

This is where you can explode your income and “live the American dream”, as they so bluntly put it.

No Reviews & Not Much Information

Unfortunately there isn’t much information regarding this company on the internet, which is concerning to say the least.

That’s probably because you can’t actually sign up and get started right away.

You have to contact them before you can join OR be invited by an agent.

Doing this allows them to keep everything they’re offering under the radar, but the question is, why?

Being as big as they are and how long they’ve been going for you would think there would be a boatload of information!

But nope, you need to be signed up to get the inside scoop.

Fortunately for you and I, there is still feedback for this company and their website, all can be found on the front page of Google 🙂

Lets debunk them and see exactly what PHP Agency is hiding!

Any Red Flags?

There appears to be a lot of mixed feedback for this system.

There’s also not much information either. Basically, Patrick is all about promoting his system but without saying EXACTLY what he offers.

One person said you have to figure out how to close the deal yourself because nobody in PHP Agency is going to help you.

Others have said that agents mislead the young and uneducated, those who don’t know much about the industry.

Rather than recruiting them to help them sell life insurance plans, they try to sell them a dream.

A dream of making lots of money and living life on their own terms.

This is the wrong approach because now it’s gone from a legit business model, with an owner that has good intentions, to a pyramid scheme because of the agents.

Are People Really Making Money?

To be completely honest with you, yes there is a very small percentage of people making money but the vast majority of others are making nothing.

There is definitely people creating enough wealth to live the American dream, but those are the ones at the top.

If you decide to join PHP Agency, you will be joining and trying to get people into the exact same system you just joined.

The focus is on recruiting and that’s what everyone is doing.

There are more people recruiting than there are products being sold, and this is where we draw the line.

Because now it has pyramid scheme characteristics.

Does it Cost to Join?

After some research I did find some valuable information that will help determine your final decision.

Before you can join, you have to be invited or you have to contact them first.

Here are the costs before you can even get started:

  • Background check – $100
  • Out of state seminar (where they promise you 6 months of training in 3 days) – $125
  • Insurance package – $150
  • Insurance licence – $200

So keep in mind that all of this will need to be paid for before you can start recruiting, selling products and making money.

==> Start a real online business for $0 instead

Is PHP Agency a Scam?

I really wanted to like this system because it seemed like a really great opportunity, however, it currently has a bad reputation from the community.

A lot of the reviews are fake as I’ve had people that actually work at PHP headquarters come to my site and tell me why I’m wrong.

This is to balance out the negative reviews.

To make matters worse, all their agents hype this system up to the max by pumping some BS dream and motivation just to make a sale!

Plus there’s a LOT to pay and you’ll have to wait months before you’re even allowed to start promoting it yourself.

Agents also go to low-income jobs and push their system onto desperate people, and of course they buy because they want to get out of their 9-5 job.

What I’ve found with PHP Agency is that all you’ll be doing is promising people a dream highly unattainable and making a quick buck in the process.

That’s how the ones at the top got there and that is exactly what you will be doing my friend.

In my opinion, PHP Agency is a borderline pyramid scheme.

Stay away if you don’t want to waste your money or promise people dreams they will not reach!


How I Make Money

I’ve been there. I have struggled to make money too.

I know how hard it is. I know how tedious recruiting is and I am not a fan of it ONE bit, which is why I decided to create my own online business instead.

I don’t have to recruit a single soul. All I do is create websites about things I enjoy and make money.

It’s was the single best thing I ever done.

Here’s the exact program I used

Shady Agents Ruin Legitimacy
  • Legitimacy
  • Earning Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Value for Money


PHP Agency works and you can make a lot of money, but there are a couple major things wrong with this system that kill the legitimacy of it. And that is the shady agents who lie, mislead and promise people a dream of making lots of money when they’re not even allowed to guarantee anything, that is against the law.

It would be a great system if they were more transparent with what they’re actually offering people instead of just telling them they can get rich and then asking for payment.

298 thoughts on “PHP Agency is a Massive Pyramid Scheme & I’ll Prove It”

  1. Very typical of you. . To say negative things about a company just to promote what you are doing yourself. . You haven’t actually been in the business, you just go off of everyone’s negative reviews instead. Good for you!

    1. Reviews don’t lie Stephanie, as there is more negative feedback than positive. The matter of fact is; PHP Agency is all about promoting what you just bought without caring if your customers take action or not.

      It is all about getting that first initial sale and then onto the next person you go, because that’s where all the money is made.

      Whereas with what I’m promoting, there is none of that. You create your OWN legit business and make money with affiliate marketing. You don’t have to promote anything and there is certainly no recruiting involved.

      1. Negative reviews left on this business is from weak non hard working individuals who couldn’t achieve the goals they set for themselves. You know? People who consider sitting behind a compute screen bashing hard working, money making businesses a job☺️ Just joined and looking forward to making good money and helping other families✨😆 Please tell me what you provide you’re community with other than this bs? 🤔 I’ll wait. Love you steph!!

        1. Hello Nyilah. For real, the ultimate focus is on getting more and more people into PHP Agency just to promote it to your friends and family…and even randoms on the streets as so many people have found out first hand.

          And did you know a large majority of the positive reviews on the internet are fake? Probably created by Patrick’s team to stay in balance with the negative.

          But because you sound so happy in giving it a try I’ll be here waiting when you pay $100 for the background check and
          another $200 for the insurance licence, and then wait months before you can even start promoting it.

          Me? I create niche websites. Here’s one of mine:

          I provide people with information that will actually benefit them and I don’t have to recruit a single person. I have affiliate links (pointing to Amazon) and make passive income for many years to come.

          However, enough about me. Good luck with your PHP Agency scheme 🙂 Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

          1. lol I paid all the money I’ll be paying, already half way through my license and bringing in people as I go🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ll report back when I get that check And help my community

          2. It’s been a few months by now I’m sure she’s rolling in cash and forget to respond to the haters. /s 🤷🏾‍♂️

          3. This article is obviously biased. The federal trade commission has a specific definition of what is a pyramid scheme. Using the above written document, any logical person can come to the same conclusion. “In a pyramid scheme, an organization compels individuals who wish to join to make a payment. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit.”. In the php organization the membership fee is administrative, and not payed to the recruiter, furthermore, one can request a refund of that fee.

          4. Well check this definition from Wikipedia.

            “A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.”

            Agents promise a dream and a lifestyle and hype people up that they’re going to make lots of money.

            No one at these seminars are selling the actual products, they’re recruiting others with the promise that they can change their life, without actually explaining how or what products or service they’ll be selling.

        2. I would disagree with Niylah, as I am someone who worked very hard and made decent money with the agency. I felt held back by my personal leadership though. I was not given a go ahead to do my own appointments. When I asked for guidance to do so, I was told I should know this stuff already. I wanted to write my own business. I was told I couldn’t. My quest was to learn how I would be able to do so. I was told, in order to do this, I needed to attend a special seminar outside the agency to make sure my motives were good according to the leadership team. After attending, they deemed me still was not worthy.

          I was told my personal appearance was flawed, (I have physical features that I have no real control over but was asked to try and change them). Honestly, the office I was in tried to act like a typical corporate environment, the type they shun. In all truth though, they did not have the same consequences as a corporate environment. Agents are independent contractors: in essence they got away with treating people any way they like, because they knew people could leave anytime they wanted to. Sad part is most people stay there because they give the perception of thinking these agents can’t make it out here on their own. They will say things like, we take care of everything for you from compliance, E and O insurance, and the important stuff that should get business passed through to an underwriter. An agent should know how to do these things anyway in order to write good new business.

          I tried to lead my team but instead of being encouraged, I was put down in front of them. I had children who were not allowed to be in the office; even though I paid a substantial amount of rent, over $500. If I said anything I was accused of acting entitled.

          I lost many quality friends while I was there too. The office tried to say, ‘those people just don’t get it, they don’t have the work ethic to hit their dreams or worse yet, probably don’t even know how to dream.’

          I drank that Cool Aid for a long time. I knew how to bring in people. I was not taught effectively however, on how to sell the actual product, life insurance.

          So much time is spent on recruiting. When I did have paying clients my deals were split with me (since I was told I could not do my own appointments and was railed when I tried) therefore, my contract percentage and the percentages I would be paid were substantially less.

          NOTE: I can understand where and why Niylah is saying if ‘you are lazy and not a hard worker.’ It is rammed into your brain by leadership. I never felt part of a team, always an outsider who could be used until there was not much left to use. I also did not feel comfortable using other people anymore to benefit my numbers for recruiting which is constantly on everyone’s mind.

          As this system progressed, I found myself being split on many deals. Even on people I did not know. Unfortunately, because the business was split with me, and I had not written it, (because I was told; I should let someone else write it; 50% of something is better than 50% of nothing. Which in reality it was 25%. Example 100% split 50% is 50%, Divided that by 50%, it comes out to be 25%) but there were a lot of charge backs. (People used me and my clients to hit promotions and then didn’t care about the client, so there were charge backs. What’s even more crazy is since I was the split agent, those clients weren’t even my clients according to the carriers. So, I have family and friends who are not my clients, (unless I change them over to me through the carrier). The office needed my clients for their numbers in sales. Although, they loved to say, we don’t need you here if you’re not serious. This is why they heavily rely on recruiting and why it is so key. Be careful though, if you are not what they want, good luck being promoted beyond a certain level, unless it suits them for their own promotion.

          On several occasions I was close to the next contract level, yes, I said level. I was supposedly in a position where I should have been allowed to lead my team but my leadership in my opinion was not interested in helping me in my areas of imperfection, admittedly as I have said what I needed help with. When I went outside of that leadership to learn, I was told to stick with my area. I shouldn’t impose on other areas to train me. I was told it looked bad my office and I misrepresented myself and my office.

          I finally had enough and left. I am truly independent. I work with the same companies as PHP plus a few more to give my contrasting clientele the best service for each of their needs. I am on at a higher contract level. One I knew I could obtain with PHP and higher than I ever thought I would be at in this stage of my game. I still have the freedom to recruit agents. This time not because I have to but, because it is the right person to do the work with me and because we have a mutual trust between us.

          I will say this, I am grateful for the experience. It is made me a stronger person. We can always be better. I consider my experience as good stepping stone into the insurance industry. I learned what I liked and disliked about it. The Bet-David’s are phenomenal people. I appreciate them for opening up this door into one of the greatest industries for today’s ever changing, economy. Patrick is a titan and it shows in what he has built in his agency. I also appreciate is business lessons, his encouragement to be an avid reader and to constantly change with the times we live in. Remember, someone always has to be at the top. It may as well be you, if in truth it belongs to you, as in your personal destiny.

          1. Providence, I glad that you took a positive OUT LOOK out of what happened to you with PHP! However you are in the right industry to make a serious change in your life and your families life. If your interested in learning more and getting the support you need, please contact me.
            – Jose Morales

          2. Providence, I am really interested in working outside of PHP but dealing with similar products and companies. What do you recommend, do you have a contact I can reach you at?

        3. Where I’m from these scammers have been targeting first gen college students. Had a friend (who’s a VERY hard worker) buy into it and it was a waste of time and money.

      2. Wow, balf of the stuff, the negative half is so untrue, how do u sleep at night…first of all, people working for PHP provide the best life insurance policy for the client,because we are not stuck to one particular kind, we have the luxury of formfitting families with plans that best fit them and their needs. And secondly, u do make money, but u have to pay for training and licensing, whchis not bad at all considering I paid 120,000 for my masters degree only to make $25 an hr because I have to wait another 2 yrs to get paid what it’s actually worth with the experience. People working here are honest and hard workers. Stop hating. And yes I have made more here than anywhere I ever been.

      3. So Brandon, let me tell you about another industry that is similar. Reale estate. You pay hundreds to go to a class that teaches you to pass an exam then pay more to get a license and then pay more to set yourself up for your own business or you go with the hundreds of companies that are trying to recruit you so they can take some of your commission. Get it? They recruit new agents so they can rent space and logo but they take a percentage of commission for using office and brand. In the big picture its the same thing. Like real estate also, its 100% commission. You don’t get paid while working. Is reale estate a pyramid? Yeah I would say so but so is Avon, Mary Kay, herbalife and the list goes on and on. You can make money and help people too not necessarily sell them something they don’t need. Capitalism at its finest. I joined yesterday. I paid 200 for my class/test which doesn’t get paid to php neither does the state fee for the state required license and background check. It goes to the state not php. So far my job is to get 3 people to sign up. Hence what You do when you sell something. Only the leaders , lions of the world can be a saleswoman and succeed, its not for everyone.

        1. So let me get this straight…you just joined a system, you already paid money, and now you have to get 3 people into the exact same system before you can do anything else? Kinda sounds like a scheme to me, Daisie.

      4. Reviews do lie if they are made up by other companies that want to bring PHP down because they feel threatened by PHP’s growth! The reason most of the information is not published is because we want to give potential agents all the information in person first hand and answer any questions they might have. We do not make them pay anything before they can be informed of what they will be doing. In fact, we also meet with the family or anybody of significant importance to the potential agent and discuss what we do BEFORE they sign up! They are also not obligated to pay anything other than the registration fee which gives them access to a back office and study materials for the state test. Now, if this was a “pyramid scheme” does that mean the government is a “pyramid scheme”, too? In order to sell any of our many products, you MUST be licensed by the state and in order to get licensed, you have to take a test given by the state and pass with a certain percentage required by none other than the state. So again I ask you, do you consider the government to be a “pyramid scheme”? Does that mean all the companies we work with, such as Mutual Of Omaha, National Life, American National, Americo, Fidelity, AIG, John Hancock, Mediator Law, Legal Shield, just to name a few, are they scams, as well? You haven’t even been to one of our meetings and/or met with one of our Brokers to even put out these kind of so called “reviews” to make an accurate and precise comment on what this company is all about. So, I invite you to seek one of the many, many offices throughout 49 states and Puerto Rico and go to one of our meetings, talk to a Broker before you express your honest opinion about a company like PHP Agency. The company has been around for 10 years and is growing at a massive 70% year after year. You want real reviews? Check out Forbes! Have a good day!

        1. If you don’t make them pay for anything before telling them what they’re doing, why is everyone getting in the seminar and getting hyped up by you coachers saying “are you ready to change your life?” “Are you ready to make your dreams a reality?”, and this goes on and on for at least a couple hours.

          Then at the end they ask for payment, with no clue what they’re actually doing…

          Why is the compensation plan the main selling point here, and not the life insurance policy?

      5. I am concerned my son just got involved with this agency and he’s already wasting his money that’s what I see they make him buy a life insurance and pay $200 for training. They’re trying to get me but hell no, it looks like a big scam to me

        1. They Are Very Misleading, I Was Contacted Via Instagram. They Are “Fast” Talkers & Rush You To Sign Up WITH Your Social & Dont Tell You The Job Description, I Simply Dont Trust Them. They Will Appeal To Your Emotions & Act Like Thier Interested In Helping YOU Grow Whatever It Is Your Passionate About, ALL Lies🚫🚫🚫

        2. Having a insurance broker license is always good. Let him try the industry he might not like being in a umbrella company that is the appointed with the rest of the other life companies but being in the insurance industry is never a bad path. I am a farmers insurance agent and went to talk to an agent with php which is not really the program or contract I want to he in due to the recruiting stand of it. I like talking to people and providing them with a plan for their needs which is not anything this young man told me about. he was selling me a dream (but drove up in a car older than him) yet he kept speaking of how he has made thousands and putting down the company I’m currently on family leave for. That’s fine if he wants that to be his sales pitch. I know about life products and home and auto and business and he did not touch on anything of that which is a bad look for any insurance company, never talk bad about others. Anyway enough about me, let your son get that life insurance license learn how to write a policy and learn the needs of each person because we all need a policy for when we are gone because we sure don’t want go fund accounts when an accident happens, tell him to do it to help people to teach them the importance of leaving loved ones stable for when they are gone. Not to enroll people and get a cut for having more agents. if php isn’t for him atleast he will have his license if he does like the insurance industry in general with a errors and omissions policy and an active license he himself can get appointed with those companies and so many more then really owning his book of business himself.

      6. I Was In invited. A Females Contacted Me Via Instagram. She Seemed To Be Reaaly Interested In My Brand (I create & Sell jewelry) I Spoke With Her On The Phone, She Seemed Over Excited In Helping Me Grow MY brand, Teaching Me Entrepreneur Skills To Help My Business. Then Sent Ne 2 YouTube Videos (making me feel rushed to sign up & Speak with her on the phone again) 1st Video Was About Females Empowering 1 another, 2nd 1 Was A,Sign Up Form, Asking For My Social & Other Personal Info. I Still Did Not Know What I Would Be Doing For The Company. “They” Are Very Misleading & I Simply Don’t Trust Them.🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫I Did Not Enrol! They Are “Fast” Talkers, Persuasive & Untrustworthy. Thanks 4 This Review.

      7. People nowadays are lazy, of course you can better yourself and become a millionaire with PHP, you just gotta put in the work, they’re not going to do everything for you! Lazy people like to talk smack because they can’t do anything and they’ll never do anything.

      8. Sorry bro I can’t agree with you. You were never in it yourself and you don’t know who wrote the reviews. Sure it a business and you do have to make small investments to get started. You know kinda how people pay thousands of dollars to go to school, or how real estate agents pay hundreds of dollars for their license.

        And you make it seem like there is something wrong with recruiting? Your numbers on the agents/product sale ratio are also off.
        Don’t CEO’s being people along into there business well? Don’t they have a whole mess a people working under them to run the business?

        Unless you’ve tried it yourself you can’t say for a fact that you know what your talking about.

        1. If I’m so off why doesn’t PHP disclose their statistics? The average earnings of people who join?

          Every other MLM don’t care about showing their stats and how much their members are earning, I wonder why PHP hide theirs.

          Probably because over 98% of people don’t earn anything.

          1. No shirt sherlock. Its a private company you ding dong. Its not necessary to recruit to make money you ignorant troll. You have too much time on your hands go on a vacation to bora bora like my older brother did in 2 years. Catch up if you can

          2. It’s not necessary to recruit but most who join do recruit promising a dream of living on their own terms. And like I said multiple times, that’s where the huge problem lies.

            I am actually on vacation as we speak (Currently living in the US. I’m from New Zealand) but I still have time to work on my websites because this is my job and there’s no rest for the wicked 🙂