PHP Agency is a Massive Pyramid Scheme & I’ll Prove It (Updated for 2020)

2020 Update: This article has been updated as of May, 2020.

I just stumbled across this online money-making opportunity while searching YouTube and it was nothing more than a sales pitch to this “PHP Agency” program.

PHP Agency Logo

Although I did learn a lot of interesting things in that video, I still believe the only reason Patrick Bet-David created it was to promote this program.

Being a person that likes to research things before diving straight into them, I set out on a journey to see what the heck it was all about!

This is my unbiased PHP Agency review.


Shady Agents Ruin Legitimacy
  • Legitimacy
  • Earning Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

PHP Agency works and you can make a lot of money, but there are a couple major things wrong with this system that kill the legitimacy of it. And that is the shady agents who lie, mislead and promise people a dream of making lots of money.

It would be a great system if they were more transparent with what they’re actually offering instead of telling people they can get rich and change their life, and then forcing them to sign up.


  • Can make money
  • It’s growing every year


  • They don’t own any products
  • The focus is on recruiting instead of selling policies
  • Agents lie and mislead to get people to sign up
  • Expensive to get started
  • Requires a license before you can sell policies
  • Takes a long time to get a license

At a Glance

Name: PHP Agency


Founder: Patrick Bet-David

Price to Join: $400 – $600

About PHP Agency

Who Created this System

Patrick Bet-David is the founder and owner of PHP agency and also owns 2 YouTube channels.

His largest channel is Valuetainment which has 1.73 million subscribers and his other channel is PHP Agency (28.2k subscribers.)

I’ve watched some of Patrick’s videos and I must say he teaches some pretty good stuff.

His channel is all about business, how to increase sales, grow your brand, make more money, etc.

I’ve learnt a lot in the short amount of time watching him.

Patrick Bet-David is a very down-to-earth guy and I can tell he has your best interest at heart.

When did it Launch

PHP Agency was founded all the way back in 2009 and has clearly stood the test of time.

But how, exactly?

I think more research is needed to see what they’re really offering here.

Here is where all their traffic is coming from:

50% is from the search engines!

And when we dig a little deeper, we can see that it’s grown massively within the last year alone (search engine traffic only).

They’re ranking high for keywords like “helping people in life insurance”, “helping people company”, “people helping people”, etc.

So this company is definitely growing and shows no signs of losing traction.

Why did Patrick Create it?

Patrick Bet-David noticed that there wasn’t many people in the life insurance industry back in 2009.

In fact, he got started because he saw his father suffer in hospital and decided to do something about it.

When he first started he had only 66 agents. At the time of writing this article it has grown to a whopping 5200! And that number keeps growing.

What Do They Claim Over at PHP Agency?

They claim that you can:

  • Become an agent and work part time or full-time, it is completely up to you
  • Build your own brand instead of bringing awareness to the company itself (usually what happens with other insurance programs)
  • Build a 6 or 7-figure income. It all depends on how hard you work and how many agents you get to work for you
  • Build a successful career as a financial service agent

So What Exactly is PHP Agency?

PHP Agency is a financial services company.

They wish to provide nothing but the best financial services and become the biggest in the industry.

They have a total of 4 plans that you can sign up to and be a part of (life insurance plans).

The Services

  • Term life insurance
  • Return-of-premium term
  • Indexed universal life insurance
  • No-medical exam life insurance
  • Fixed Index Annuity

How to make money?

Sell Policies

Keep in mind that PHP Agency does not own any of their products.

These products are owned by companies that they are partnered with.

Selling the policies listed above is one way to make money with PHP Agency as you get paid in commissions.

But you also have to become a licensed agent which is a lengthy process and an expensive one.

Be prepared to fork out at least $500-$600 to become a licensed broker.

This can take up to a month, but once this is complete, you can begin selling policies and making money.


Recruiting is the heart of PHP Agency.

This is what everyone is doing to make their income.

Keep in mind that simply selling policies isn’t going to make you rich, or “passive income”.

People recruit because building a team to sell the policies for you is how you can explode your income.

This is what the “top dogs” are doing to make the big bucks. But that’s also a big problem because everyone wants to recruit, no one wants to sell the policies.

No Reviews & Not Much Information

Unfortunately there isn’t much information regarding this company on the internet, which is concerning to say the least.

That’s probably because you can’t actually sign up and get started right away.

You have to contact them before you can join, or be invited by an agent.

Doing this allows them to keep everything they’re offering under the radar, but the question is, why?

Being as big as they are and how long they’ve been going for you would think there would be a boatload of information.

But nope, you need to be signed up to get the inside scoop.

Any Red Flags?

There appears to be a lot of mixed feedback for this system.

There’s also not much information either. Basically, Patrick is all about promoting his system but without saying exactly what he offers.

One person said you have to figure out how to close the deal yourself because nobody in PHP Agency is going to help you.

Others have said that agents mislead the young and uneducated, those who don’t know much about the industry.

Rather than recruiting them to help them sell life insurance plans, they try to sell them a dream.

A dream of making lots of money and living life on their own terms.

This is the wrong approach because now it’s gone from a legit business model, with an owner that has good intentions, to a pyramid scheme because of the agents.

Are People Really Making Money?

To be completely honest with you, yes there is a very small percentage of people making money but the vast majority of others are making nothing.

There is definitely people creating enough wealth to live the American dream, but those are the ones at the top.

If you decide to join PHP Agency you will be joining and trying to get people into the exact same system you just joined.

The focus is on recruiting and that’s what everyone is doing.

There are more people recruiting than there are products being sold, and this is where we draw the line.

Because now it has pyramid scheme characteristics.

Does it Cost to Join?

After some research I did find some valuable information that will help determine your final decision.

Before you can join, you have to be invited or you have to contact them first.

Here are the costs before you can even get started:

  • Background check – $100
  • Out of state seminar (where they promise you 6 months of training in 3 days) – $125
  • Insurance package – $150
  • Insurance licence – $200

Keep in mind that costs vary depending on who recruits you and who can swindle you into paying more money for unnecessary things.

==> Start a real online business for $0 instead

Is PHP Agency a Scam?

I really wanted to like this system because it seemed like a really great opportunity, but there is just so many red flags.

A lot of the reviews are fake as I’ve had people that actually work at PHP headquarters come to my site and tell me why I’m wrong.

This is to balance out the negative reviews.

To make matters worse, all their agents hype this system up to the max by pumping some BS dream and motivation just to make a sale!

Plus there’s a lot to pay and you’ll have to wait months before you’re even allowed to start promoting it yourself.

Agents also go to low-income jobs and push their system onto desperate people, and of course they buy because they want to get out of their 9-5 job.

What I’ve found with PHP Agency is that they promise people a dream highly unattainable and making a quick buck in the process.

That’s how the ones at the top got there to where they are.

In my opinion, PHP Agency is a borderline pyramid scheme.

I suggest you stay away if you don’t want to waste your money or promise people dreams they will not reach.


How I Make Money

I’ve been there. I have struggled to make money too.

I know how hard it is. I know how tedious recruiting is and I am not a fan of it one bit, which is why I decided to create my own online business instead.

I don’t have to recruit a single soul. All I do is create websites about things I enjoy and make money.

It’s the single best thing I have ever done.

Here’s the exact program I used

Shady Agents Ruin Legitimacy
  • Legitimacy
  • Earning Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Value for Money

Bottom Line:

PHP Agency works and you can make a lot of money, but there are a couple major things wrong with this system that kill the legitimacy of it. And that is the shady agents who lie, mislead and promise people a dream of making lots of money.

It would be a great system if they were more transparent with what they’re actually offering instead of telling people they can get rich and change their life, and then forcing them to sign up.

330 thoughts on “PHP Agency is a Massive Pyramid Scheme & I’ll Prove It (Updated for 2020)”

  1. Very typical of you. . To say negative things about a company just to promote what you are doing yourself. . You haven’t actually been in the business, you just go off of everyone’s negative reviews instead. Good for you!

    1. Reviews don’t lie Stephanie, as there is more negative feedback than positive. The matter of fact is; PHP Agency is all about promoting what you just bought without caring if your customers take action or not.

      It is all about getting that first initial sale and then onto the next person you go, because that’s where all the money is made.

      Whereas with what I’m promoting, there is none of that. You create your OWN legit business and make money with affiliate marketing. You don’t have to promote anything and there is certainly no recruiting involved.

      1. Negative reviews left on this business is from weak non hard working individuals who couldn’t achieve the goals they set for themselves. You know? People who consider sitting behind a compute screen bashing hard working, money making businesses a job☺️ Just joined and looking forward to making good money and helping other families✨😆 Please tell me what you provide you’re community with other than this bs? 🤔 I’ll wait. Love you steph!!

        1. Hello Nyilah. For real, the ultimate focus is on getting more and more people into PHP Agency just to promote it to your friends and family…and even randoms on the streets as so many people have found out first hand.

          And did you know a large majority of the positive reviews on the internet are fake? Probably created by Patrick’s team to stay in balance with the negative.

          But because you sound so happy in giving it a try I’ll be here waiting when you pay $100 for the background check and
          another $200 for the insurance licence, and then wait months before you can even start promoting it.

          Me? I create niche websites. Here’s one of mine:

          I provide people with information that will actually benefit them and I don’t have to recruit a single person. I have affiliate links (pointing to Amazon) and make passive income for many years to come.

          However, enough about me. Good luck with your PHP Agency scheme 🙂 Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

          1. lol I paid all the money I’ll be paying, already half way through my license and bringing in people as I go🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ll report back when I get that check And help my community

          2. It’s been a few months by now I’m sure she’s rolling in cash and forget to respond to the haters. /s 🤷🏾‍♂️

          3. This article is obviously biased. The federal trade commission has a specific definition of what is a pyramid scheme. Using the above written document, any logical person can come to the same conclusion. “In a pyramid scheme, an organization compels individuals who wish to join to make a payment. In exchange, the organization promises its new members a share of the money taken from every additional member that they recruit.”. In the php organization the membership fee is administrative, and not payed to the recruiter, furthermore, one can request a refund of that fee.

          4. Well check this definition from Wikipedia.

            “A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.”

            Agents promise a dream and a lifestyle and hype people up that they’re going to make lots of money.

            No one at these seminars are selling the actual products, they’re recruiting others with the promise that they can change their life, without actually explaining how or what products or service they’ll be selling.

        2. I would disagree with Niylah, as I am someone who worked very hard and made decent money with the agency. I felt held back by my personal leadership though. I was not given a go ahead to do my own appointments. When I asked for guidance to do so, I was told I should know this stuff already. I wanted to write my own business. I was told I couldn’t. My quest was to learn how I would be able to do so. I was told, in order to do this, I needed to attend a special seminar outside the agency to make sure my motives were good according to the leadership team. After attending, they deemed me still was not worthy.

          I was told my personal appearance was flawed, (I have physical features that I have no real control over but was asked to try and change them). Honestly, the office I was in tried to act like a typical corporate environment, the type they shun. In all truth though, they did not have the same consequences as a corporate environment. Agents are independent contractors: in essence they got away with treating people any way they like, because they knew people could leave anytime they wanted to. Sad part is most people stay there because they give the perception of thinking these agents can’t make it out here on their own. They will say things like, we take care of everything for you from compliance, E and O insurance, and the important stuff that should get business passed through to an underwriter. An agent should know how to do these things anyway in order to write good new business.

          I tried to lead my team but instead of being encouraged, I was put down in front of them. I had children who were not allowed to be in the office; even though I paid a substantial amount of rent, over $500. If I said anything I was accused of acting entitled.

          I lost many quality friends while I was there too. The office tried to say, ‘those people just don’t get it, they don’t have the work ethic to hit their dreams or worse yet, probably don’t even know how to dream.’

          I drank that Cool Aid for a long time. I knew how to bring in people. I was not taught effectively however, on how to sell the actual product, life insurance.

          So much time is spent on recruiting. When I did have paying clients my deals were split with me (since I was told I could not do my own appointments and was railed when I tried) therefore, my contract percentage and the percentages I would be paid were substantially less.

          NOTE: I can understand where and why Niylah is saying if ‘you are lazy and not a hard worker.’ It is rammed into your brain by leadership. I never felt part of a team, always an outsider who could be used until there was not much left to use. I also did not feel comfortable using other people anymore to benefit my numbers for recruiting which is constantly on everyone’s mind.

          As this system progressed, I found myself being split on many deals. Even on people I did not know. Unfortunately, because the business was split with me, and I had not written it, (because I was told; I should let someone else write it; 50% of something is better than 50% of nothing. Which in reality it was 25%. Example 100% split 50% is 50%, Divided that by 50%, it comes out to be 25%) but there were a lot of charge backs. (People used me and my clients to hit promotions and then didn’t care about the client, so there were charge backs. What’s even more crazy is since I was the split agent, those clients weren’t even my clients according to the carriers. So, I have family and friends who are not my clients, (unless I change them over to me through the carrier). The office needed my clients for their numbers in sales. Although, they loved to say, we don’t need you here if you’re not serious. This is why they heavily rely on recruiting and why it is so key. Be careful though, if you are not what they want, good luck being promoted beyond a certain level, unless it suits them for their own promotion.

          On several occasions I was close to the next contract level, yes, I said level. I was supposedly in a position where I should have been allowed to lead my team but my leadership in my opinion was not interested in helping me in my areas of imperfection, admittedly as I have said what I needed help with. When I went outside of that leadership to learn, I was told to stick with my area. I shouldn’t impose on other areas to train me. I was told it looked bad my office and I misrepresented myself and my office.

          I finally had enough and left. I am truly independent. I work with the same companies as PHP plus a few more to give my contrasting clientele the best service for each of their needs. I am on at a higher contract level. One I knew I could obtain with PHP and higher than I ever thought I would be at in this stage of my game. I still have the freedom to recruit agents. This time not because I have to but, because it is the right person to do the work with me and because we have a mutual trust between us.

          I will say this, I am grateful for the experience. It is made me a stronger person. We can always be better. I consider my experience as good stepping stone into the insurance industry. I learned what I liked and disliked about it. The Bet-David’s are phenomenal people. I appreciate them for opening up this door into one of the greatest industries for today’s ever changing, economy. Patrick is a titan and it shows in what he has built in his agency. I also appreciate is business lessons, his encouragement to be an avid reader and to constantly change with the times we live in. Remember, someone always has to be at the top. It may as well be you, if in truth it belongs to you, as in your personal destiny.

          1. Jose Morales Pelayo

            Providence, I glad that you took a positive OUT LOOK out of what happened to you with PHP! However you are in the right industry to make a serious change in your life and your families life. If your interested in learning more and getting the support you need, please contact me.
            – Jose Morales

          2. Providence, I am really interested in working outside of PHP but dealing with similar products and companies. What do you recommend, do you have a contact I can reach you at?

          3. Hey mate give her time, she’s probably sitting on a tropical island somewhere sipping on a margarita 😛

          4. Wow. THIS review is everything!! Providence… is there ANY WAY that we could chat via another medium, like Facebook or phone? I’d love to talk with you a bit more about this! I joined PHP in early March and just recently decided to quit about a week ago.

        3. Where I’m from these scammers have been targeting first gen college students. Had a friend (who’s a VERY hard worker) buy into it and it was a waste of time and money.

        4. I actually just joined two weeks ago and made $200 in an hour this week. I read this before and was skeptical, but joined anyways and I can honestly say I disagree with everything said on this. That’s just my opinion though. The success in one week is speaking for itself to me. 🤷🏽‍♀️

          1. That doesn’t make any sense at all, because it takes about a month just to get your license.

          1. Maritza Thomas

            So they have to get an insurance license by the state and get fingerprinted and none of the department of insurance in any of the states have figured out PHP is a scam- but you have? And then they have to get appointed with multi billion dollar insurance companies to sell their products and go through background checks- NLG, AIG, Fidelity, John Hancock- to name a few and these multi billion dollar companies haven’t figured out PHP is a scam- but you have? Wow you are a resourceful and super smart guy compared to these companies and organizations who have been around over 100 years. I’m so impressed. My FB page is Maritza Cruz Thomas. Please come see the fake money we make and the agents who are doing well. Or see the client testimonials to start. If you believe this clown then you belong in his circus. Why don’t you call NLG tomorow and ask for a supervisor and ask them if we are a scam ? I mean the company is only 170 years old- I think they would know right? 800-732-8939. Just ask them if Patrick and PHP are a scam?? lol Brandon May God bless you and karma give you everything you deserve.

          2. You can be partnered with the most reputable companies in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run a pyramid scheme.

            PHP doesn’t have their own insurance products and that is a huge problem. The whole focus is on recruiting…getting as much people in as possible to build a team, in the hopes they will sell the products and make you money.

            I mean, tell me I’m wrong?

      2. Wow, balf of the stuff, the negative half is so untrue, how do u sleep at night…first of all, people working for PHP provide the best life insurance policy for the client,because we are not stuck to one particular kind, we have the luxury of formfitting families with plans that best fit them and their needs. And secondly, u do make money, but u have to pay for training and licensing, whchis not bad at all considering I paid 120,000 for my masters degree only to make $25 an hr because I have to wait another 2 yrs to get paid what it’s actually worth with the experience. People working here are honest and hard workers. Stop hating. And yes I have made more here than anywhere I ever been.

      3. So Brandon, let me tell you about another industry that is similar. Reale estate. You pay hundreds to go to a class that teaches you to pass an exam then pay more to get a license and then pay more to set yourself up for your own business or you go with the hundreds of companies that are trying to recruit you so they can take some of your commission. Get it? They recruit new agents so they can rent space and logo but they take a percentage of commission for using office and brand. In the big picture its the same thing. Like real estate also, its 100% commission. You don’t get paid while working. Is reale estate a pyramid? Yeah I would say so but so is Avon, Mary Kay, herbalife and the list goes on and on. You can make money and help people too not necessarily sell them something they don’t need. Capitalism at its finest. I joined yesterday. I paid 200 for my class/test which doesn’t get paid to php neither does the state fee for the state required license and background check. It goes to the state not php. So far my job is to get 3 people to sign up. Hence what You do when you sell something. Only the leaders , lions of the world can be a saleswoman and succeed, its not for everyone.

        1. So let me get this straight…you just joined a system, you already paid money, and now you have to get 3 people into the exact same system before you can do anything else? Kinda sounds like a scheme to me, Daisie.

      4. Maria M Jaramillo

        Reviews do lie if they are made up by other companies that want to bring PHP down because they feel threatened by PHP’s growth! The reason most of the information is not published is because we want to give potential agents all the information in person first hand and answer any questions they might have. We do not make them pay anything before they can be informed of what they will be doing. In fact, we also meet with the family or anybody of significant importance to the potential agent and discuss what we do BEFORE they sign up! They are also not obligated to pay anything other than the registration fee which gives them access to a back office and study materials for the state test. Now, if this was a “pyramid scheme” does that mean the government is a “pyramid scheme”, too? In order to sell any of our many products, you MUST be licensed by the state and in order to get licensed, you have to take a test given by the state and pass with a certain percentage required by none other than the state. So again I ask you, do you consider the government to be a “pyramid scheme”? Does that mean all the companies we work with, such as Mutual Of Omaha, National Life, American National, Americo, Fidelity, AIG, John Hancock, Mediator Law, Legal Shield, just to name a few, are they scams, as well? You haven’t even been to one of our meetings and/or met with one of our Brokers to even put out these kind of so called “reviews” to make an accurate and precise comment on what this company is all about. So, I invite you to seek one of the many, many offices throughout 49 states and Puerto Rico and go to one of our meetings, talk to a Broker before you express your honest opinion about a company like PHP Agency. The company has been around for 10 years and is growing at a massive 70% year after year. You want real reviews? Check out Forbes! Have a good day!

        1. If you don’t make them pay for anything before telling them what they’re doing, why is everyone getting in the seminar and getting hyped up by you coachers saying “are you ready to change your life?” “Are you ready to make your dreams a reality?”, and this goes on and on for at least a couple hours.

          Then at the end they ask for payment, with no clue what they’re actually doing…

          Why is the compensation plan the main selling point here, and not the life insurance policy?

      5. I am concerned my son just got involved with this agency and he’s already wasting his money that’s what I see they make him buy a life insurance and pay $200 for training. They’re trying to get me but hell no, it looks like a big scam to me

        1. They Are Very Misleading, I Was Contacted Via Instagram. They Are “Fast” Talkers & Rush You To Sign Up WITH Your Social & Dont Tell You The Job Description, I Simply Dont Trust Them. They Will Appeal To Your Emotions & Act Like Thier Interested In Helping YOU Grow Whatever It Is Your Passionate About, ALL Lies🚫🚫🚫

        2. Having a insurance broker license is always good. Let him try the industry he might not like being in a umbrella company that is the appointed with the rest of the other life companies but being in the insurance industry is never a bad path. I am a farmers insurance agent and went to talk to an agent with php which is not really the program or contract I want to he in due to the recruiting stand of it. I like talking to people and providing them with a plan for their needs which is not anything this young man told me about. he was selling me a dream (but drove up in a car older than him) yet he kept speaking of how he has made thousands and putting down the company I’m currently on family leave for. That’s fine if he wants that to be his sales pitch. I know about life products and home and auto and business and he did not touch on anything of that which is a bad look for any insurance company, never talk bad about others. Anyway enough about me, let your son get that life insurance license learn how to write a policy and learn the needs of each person because we all need a policy for when we are gone because we sure don’t want go fund accounts when an accident happens, tell him to do it to help people to teach them the importance of leaving loved ones stable for when they are gone. Not to enroll people and get a cut for having more agents. if php isn’t for him atleast he will have his license if he does like the insurance industry in general with a errors and omissions policy and an active license he himself can get appointed with those companies and so many more then really owning his book of business himself.

      6. I Was In invited. A Females Contacted Me Via Instagram. She Seemed To Be Reaaly Interested In My Brand (I create & Sell jewelry) I Spoke With Her On The Phone, She Seemed Over Excited In Helping Me Grow MY brand, Teaching Me Entrepreneur Skills To Help My Business. Then Sent Ne 2 YouTube Videos (making me feel rushed to sign up & Speak with her on the phone again) 1st Video Was About Females Empowering 1 another, 2nd 1 Was A,Sign Up Form, Asking For My Social & Other Personal Info. I Still Did Not Know What I Would Be Doing For The Company. “They” Are Very Misleading & I Simply Don’t Trust Them.🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫I Did Not Enrol! They Are “Fast” Talkers, Persuasive & Untrustworthy. Thanks 4 This Review.

      7. People nowadays are lazy, of course you can better yourself and become a millionaire with PHP, you just gotta put in the work, they’re not going to do everything for you! Lazy people like to talk smack because they can’t do anything and they’ll never do anything.

      8. Sorry bro I can’t agree with you. You were never in it yourself and you don’t know who wrote the reviews. Sure it a business and you do have to make small investments to get started. You know kinda how people pay thousands of dollars to go to school, or how real estate agents pay hundreds of dollars for their license.

        And you make it seem like there is something wrong with recruiting? Your numbers on the agents/product sale ratio are also off.
        Don’t CEO’s being people along into there business well? Don’t they have a whole mess a people working under them to run the business?

        Unless you’ve tried it yourself you can’t say for a fact that you know what your talking about.

        1. If I’m so off why doesn’t PHP disclose their statistics? The average earnings of people who join?

          Every other MLM don’t care about showing their stats and how much their members are earning, I wonder why PHP hide theirs.

          Probably because over 98% of people don’t earn anything.

          1. No shirt sherlock. Its a private company you ding dong. Its not necessary to recruit to make money you ignorant troll. You have too much time on your hands go on a vacation to bora bora like my older brother did in 2 years. Catch up if you can

          2. It’s not necessary to recruit but most who join do recruit promising a dream of living on their own terms. And like I said multiple times, that’s where the huge problem lies.

            I am actually on vacation as we speak (Currently living in the US. I’m from New Zealand) but I still have time to work on my websites because this is my job and there’s no rest for the wicked 🙂

          3. You are Exactly right Brandon, I joined, and I see Exactly what u say. It’s all a Hyped Fasuad to Recruit, We Are walking in the dark leading others to the dark & its plain Wrong…I care about people,dont join, dont waste ur money People.. 🙁

          4. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
            Patrick is a guy who does packaging and presentation very well

            The Valuetainment YouTube channel content sound convincing at first but these are all things that others can also think of if they had time to self reflect and contemplate on. He always talks very fast when he is marketing his philosophy as if he doesn’t let his audience think and reflect on his words which is a red flag of cheating on others.

            He also tried to present an image that he is sophisticated person by bragging how he was in the army and how he made money to bring his family out of poverty but with the way he responds to his interviewees you know this guy is an airhead. I have met other MLM agents and they behave with a similar pattern.

            The most recent video I saw about how to build wealth in 2020 was 36 mins long and near the end he said that people can achieve that by joining his system and that was when he exposed himself completely.

            I would say that he is a scammer with a lot of patience but not very bright. His way of doing so is to wait till the circumstances and the timing is right before selling his “system”.

            I would like to know if anyone has filed for a claim before with his insurance products and what kind of customer service did they get

          5. That’s an interesting observation, Antonia.

            I’ve also heard that story about getting his family out of poverty, multiple times. And I have no doubts that it’s true, that’s good for him.

            That doesn’t mean you’re not running a pyramid scheme though.

            I mean, why can’t they disclose the average earnings and prove that they’re a great company just like all other MLM’s do? Maybe they’re hiding something.

      9. Hey Brandon, I think it’s great that you are spreading awareness for people to stay out of this scam. My brother is currently working under this agency and he talks all this “amazing” stuff about the company, going across the country for conferences, and working from 5AM-11PM yet his bank account is completely empty. I have tried everything I can to make him quit, but these agents have completely brainwashed him and ruined his life. Don’t fall for it!!

        1. Damn, that sucks he’s working so much but not earning money yet. They all say it depends on how hard you work that determines how much money you make, but it appears this is not 100% correct if your brother can’t even making money working all day.

          Thanks for sharing your side of the story Sandy.

      10. JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA CORPORATE AMERICA IS A PYRAMID SCHEME! Church, State Farm, NFL, EVERYTHING!!! If you have a job, there a boss, manager, employees, managers, CEO and so on. People NEED to recruit or in other words “hire” to get the best people to run a success business. Because of the company that you’re bashing on, I got licensed through the state of California and was even able to try out ALL STATE AND STATE FARM. Go do some more research. Better yet. Do something with you life bro. Very obvious that you’re bored. 🤦🏻‍♀️ PHP pyramid scheme 😂👏🏻 Funniest shit I’ve seen so far!

        1. That’s good news, I’m glad you got your license. How long have you been in the business and how much money have you made if you don’t mind me asking?

        1. Hahah, definitely a funny CARTOON animation mate. But I agree with the other person, it still sounds like a pyramid scheme 🙂

      11. Me and my husband on next week will be cashing in on 5K by writing 2 policies Brandon. The month of March alone 19K. Nothing you wrote about PHP is true, because me and my husband’s bank account don’t lie. You be blessed B FYI

        1. That’s cool, it looks like you’ve found success with PHP. How long have you been in business for?

    2. Dude your nothing but a troll. You pray on peoples insecurities and your followers are nothing but SHEEP! Your site SUCKS!! The links are broken and I bet you don’t have a pot to piss in. It’s losers like you that have to ride on the coattails of other companies by some so called review of their business. Let’s take a look at your business and dissect it. I can already tell you a million things wrong with your critique. I highly doubt you’re educated or have the experience to back up your so called findings. You, like the rest of the negative nancie’s are all sheep! You talk about an agenda…. Are’t you doing the same thing buy SO CALLED affiliate marketing. I could easily TEAR you a new one about how your website is NOTHING BUT A TOTAL SCAM. Your pushing you’re agenda and trying to make money aren’t you??? It sounds like a pyramid scheme to me?????? This affiliate marketing thing has all kinds of issues. Are you rich or wealthy? Why would ANYONE listen to some two bit LOSER who reviews companies and gives a half-ass OPINION at best. I’m sorry but you my cockroach of a friend need to crawl back into the corner or rock where you came from and just kill yourself. It’s no wonder why people like you will NEVER be successful or wealthy. Tell you what, let’s compare bank accounts and monthly checks and see where you rate. Your are a waste of space on this planet and natural selection take effect and find you. I’ve wasted too much time on this and you. You really are a LOSER!!

      P.S. I’ll be siting on my Yacht enjoying drinks with some beautiful ladies. What are you gonna be doing besides jerking off to porn!!

      1. Hahaha, says a lot about you if you wish someone death for giving their opinion my friend. I have obviously hit a nerve with this review since you show nothing but anger. How is my website a scam btw? I don’t own any products and the affiliate program I do promote is heavily back up with AWARDS. Plus it’s free and you don’t need any licenses to get started.

        Tell me, has PHP Agency won awards?

        PS: I doubt any beautiful ladies will want to hang with an emotionally unstable guy that gets more stressed than a woman.

        Good luck mate 🙂

    3. Amen stephanie. My favorite was “all the positive reviews are fake”. Easily said that those negative reviews are fake, like this guy. Any type of job that hypes their workers creates success and team work. Without it what’s the point of working. Another favorite “it concerning that there is not enough information on the internet”. How lazy can one be to rely on the internet, which 92% of the time the internet is a lie. This guy says he does research. That’s not research. No variables there, no control variables. No data. Where is the z score here? What this was, was annoyingly funny.

      1. Don’t worry Marz, I just laid out the pros and cons, a new star rating and the reason why I gave it my rating in a new table especially made for you 🙂

    4. It’s not negative, thanks for the review. I got a call from one of them saying if they can practice on me to help a friend of mine to become a broker! A broker And he’s new to the insurance company. I’m sure they going to try to recruit me.

    5. This guy is speaking the truth. They try to tell you you will make 600 hundred dollars but don’t tell you what you will be doing

  2. I’ve been working with PHP for a year and a half. A few observations. You are making claims about a company by what you are finding or not finding on the Internet. It doesn’t seem you actually interviewed anyone with experience. You yourself don’t have first hand experience with the company. What I found is that we typically find what we are looking for according to our cognitive bias.

    It is not a get rich quick opportunity. The truth is it takes investment and hard work to be successful at any type of business. This is no exception. Most people are looking for quick and free ways to make money. That doesn’t exist.

    It is true that most people don’t succeed and a few make lots of money. That is not reflective of this opportunity but people as a whole. 95% of the wealth in this country is held by only 5% of the people. It’s hard work and requires delayed gratification.

    PHP does business with the country’s top financial companies and the insurance industry is heavily regulated by the states. To call this a scam implies that it’s illegal. If that were true, then the company could not exist and would not have the backers they do (ex. Oscar Del La Hoya)

    You are blogging on a web site with “Quitters” in the title. Is that the market you are targeting? Good luck with that.

    You are not informed enough to make the claims you are. This is not the first time folks have bashed a company to promote their own agenda.

    1. You know what, I was thinking of updating this review (after reading your comment). I went scouring for more information about it. I couldn’t bring myself to do it. There’s just so much negativity around this business it’s not funny.

      I can very well call it a scam when it’s legal. You’re all promoting hype and false promises.

      As long as you don’t guarantee anything it will always be legal. I am most definitely informed enough about PHP Agency. I’m always looking for updated information and finding out what they are offering.

      Huh, I am not targeting quitters. I target people that hate their job and want a way out. PHP definitely are NOT going to allow that to happen my friend.

      Good luck with your little scheme.

      1. If you see a negetive review about Walmart would you not shop there anymore? Of course you will shop there because it’s Walmart. And they service people with their needs. Same goes for the PHP agency. I have been with the company for a year now and if you work hard you will see money and the effect that you have on people. I quit my Job to do this full time I was tired of watching and playing part time so I jumped ship full time. It’s quite powerful. People quit because they lack belief in themselves or they thought it was easy.

        1. Why do you people ALWAYS bring up Walmart like it’s the exact same thing? It’s not and completely different. Come back when you know what you’re talking about, otherwise back up these massive claims while you’re here.

          1. Actually Walmart and PHP is the same thing. They both screw the poor and uneducated, little to no pay and benefits. Did I miss anything?

          2. The difference is that Walmart is a regular job, whose corporation follows federal and state guidelines regarding wages. Like all regular jobs, you are guaranteed a paycheck and there isn’t any money asked of you to ‘join’ upfront.

        2. How much money have you made? Have you quit your original job? You driving a Ferrari yet? I got a brother in law about to start this garbage. Don’t mind me tho I’m just putting popcorn in the microwave and I’ll be waiting to see him make any kind of money.

          1. Yea, my co worker is just getting involved with them and i can already tell that recruiting is the most important aspect of the business. She brought her best friends, her sister, and she’s tried getting me to join too. I wake up to a phone call from a recruiter asking me a little about myself. What i do now, How i see myself, where i want to be… It all seemed like he was trying to promise me a dream. He asked about what i really wanna do, to which i respond music… How can an insurance company help me with my goals in music???? It all seemed really fishy, cuz he had me schedule an appointment that day. He never even told me what id be doing or anything about the company. I genuinly thought these were my friends “business” classes. I had to ask her for the company name, then i did some research. This looks like the biggest scam i’ve ever seen. Someone above here said 70% growth year after year? wow who else had consistent growth? Bernie Madoff….. Enron… just to name a few. I’m scared that my friends will get hurt by this scam.

          2. Yep, that’s exactly what they do Chase. PHP Agents are really shady and it downgrades they legitimacy of the program a lot with their recruitment tactics.

            Don’t worry, they shouldn’t get hurt. Worst case scenario they’ll wake up one day and realize they wasted a lot of time trying to promote this system and they’ll completely forget about it.

    2. Thank you. A lot of people dont know that each agent is tested, finger printed and background checked to our respective states. We are here formed by the middle class to help the middle class. Belief = potential = action = results

        1. Frank Castle

          Will enough complaints with the FTC take them down? I saw the FTC booklet called the case for (and against) MLMs. They said there’s 1000s of them and the FTCs limited resources can only go after big ones, the most recent being Vemma, but do you think with enough backlash the FTC will go after PHP? Also it’s amazing how many legitimate people Patrick has got on his YouTube channel it’s crazy tbh.

          1. Of course they would.

            The thing with Patrick is that he really knows his stuff and definitely does have business tips that work. That’s what his YouTube channel is all about. He’s incredibly smart and knows how to get around all the legal stuff.

            It’s only a matter of time before he gets caught though and his entire business taken down.

  3. I just joined the PHP team a few days ago and I’m really regretting not looking into it. I want to quit but don’t know how bc I just joined 2 days ago. I went in not knowing what I was getting myself into. Kind of got pressured into joining and even paid the $170.

    1. If you want to get out, see if you can get a refund. If not, it may be gone forever.

      Keep us updated if you decide to continue with this business, D. And sorry to hear that you got pressured into joining. Hopefully you can sort it out asap 🙂

    2. My contract was fraudulently signed by a family member, I was being charged 14.99 a month as a member. I contacted them via e-mail and they refused to refund my money because you only have 3 days to get a refund. I had a lawyer send a letter, stating I was coorsed and documents were fraud, along with my credit card signature. My “family member” now wants nothing to do with me. They still haven’t reported back to the lawyer. Im going to the bank to report the charges fraud. I was told to report it to the police but, cant do that because its my Niece I used to be very close with. Its total brainwashing, and disgusting way to “help” people. These comments are spot on!

      1. I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you. I’m sure with time you can get back on good terms with your niece.

        If you were close before, there’s a good chance everything can go back to being normal again 🙂

      2. Sad practices. There needs to be a clean up in their agency. It’s those darn promotion numbers. People will do anything to get one. Call the corporate office in TX they should be able to help you.

        1. Providence, I am interested in the type of work you do separate from PHP but still dealing similar products and some of the same benefits as well. Is there a contact I can get ahold of you at?

  4. I’ve been in the company for over a year, something I could say it did for me was this.

    • It helped me educate myself
    • it helped me develop myself
    • sharpened my communication skills
    • sharpened my leadership skills

    PHP did many great things for me.

    The reason why I left was because it’s full of dreams and hope.
    Don’t get me wrong I did make money while I was there,
    Somethings are left unsaid.
    Such as when they speak about ownership.
    They sell you the dream that you will only have to do this for 2 years and then you will retire once’s this company sells.

    Bullshit, after it goes public and you’re an “owner” you still have to stay there for 10 more years.

    1. Wow Julio, thanks for sharing your experiences with this company.

      I’m sure there are many things not coming to light.

      The only people defending this company are the ones at the top and complete newbies who think they’re going to quit their day job as soon as they get a few sales.

      Again, you’ve done great job for speaking out so thanks a lot!

      1. Hey man I’m 6 months into the company, quit my day job the second month I joined. I’m not rich yet like they say you will but I’m definitely better off now then I was before, I also expanded my business to 4 different states, still haven’t seen the scammy part about it.

        Are there bad agents? Sure there. Just like there are bad police officers, bad doctors and bad teachers,however, I’m not gonna go shut down all the hospitals in the world just cus there’s a couple bad doctors.

        1. Very, very hard to believe that you quit your job in your second month, considering it takes months before you can even get your licenses to start selling.

          Your comment isn’t very believable I’m sorry to say.

    2. There is only one true owner of PHP. That name is listed everywhere you look. Who will benefit from the sale right off of the top. As this person should, for creating the company. WE live in a wonderful capitalist world. Go make your own dream come true and build it yourself. It gets easier when you take the time to educate yourself. I think we can all agree on this, fair enough?

  5. Hey. Kinda in the same boat as D but yeah kinda not pressured but more rushed into joining and then as your joinin up they bring up that it’s going to cost you 170 so you just do it cuz your all swept up with them. I kinda already saw it may be a pyramid scheme but they’re soooo hyped and they make you hyped. Honestly the number 1 Reason I joined is because there’s so many people motivating to be your best self which is great. Till I got to day two and they’re already asking me to not use the word recruit, they call it building your team. And they want my family my friends my coworkers but that’s we’re i got hesitant to screwing my close people over. So pretty much I have a challenge to get 2 people in by the end of today.
    So that’s my experience so far day 2 let you guys know more if it gets crazier.
    Oh and another weird thing they give you a discount for you insurance license so you only pay 20 instead of the 200 but when you taking the modules they want you to skip over pretty much everything just watch the summary video at the end and then take the test a couple times till you pass which that is super shady to me

    1. Thank you very much Jennifer.

      So I was right…they hype this system up to the max with big dreams just to make a sale, and now they want you to get your friends and family in. That’s how pyramid schemes work.

      And telling you to skip over all the details with your insurance license is extremely shady, I agree.

      Please let us know your experiences in the future. I’m sure there are many others that want to discover what they are all about too!

    2. The Truth about the COST of Insurance Licensure, The Fingerprint and background Check is 45.00 and the Test is about 65.00 thru PearsonVue and Texas Licensure is 50.00 for 2 years.

      What these folks do not understand is that Real Independent Insurance Agents have 90% Commission Contracts on Day 1 with No Need to Recruit anyone. Sadly these MLM’s are taking the Lions Share of Commissions from their Members and it should be Illegal, unfortunately it is Not…Yet. The number of Licensed Insurance Agents who Fail is Unbelievable and most of these Failures are due to the Big MLM’s Recruiting and Licensing people and taking the Largest Part of the Commissions they do earn and in the End, the New Agent Fails. Real Insurance Agents are Appointed Directly thru MGA’s and Receive their Full Earned Commissions. I have joined a large number of the MLM’s, Fortunately I found My Way to REAL Insurance Organizations and am Paid Directly from the Insurer a FAIR Commission. I help people join Legitimate Agencies with No Cost to Join and a Industry Standard Commission Schedule, No Pie in The Sky Promises.

      1. That is a great point you have there and a good argument against the nature of PHP Agency. The high numbers of people failing in this business astonishing and why people are still defending them is beyond me.

      2. They “Got” You, Always Do Your Research. They Contacted Me Via I stagram, Fast Talling & Persuasive, Misleading & I Simply Dont Trust Them. Asking For Your Social & You Dont Even Know NOTHING About The Job, C’mon..

    3. I don’t know what office you are working out of but that is not how it is done. And the discount is given to you for the first 30 days just to help you with getting your license That is not shady. Your actual insurance license is through the state you live in not through PHP. I don’t know who is telling you to follow the summary videos because you have to put in 52 hrs of studying before you can even take your test.

    4. Haha Hon, Jennifer, the $20 is not to get your license it is to study for your state licensing exam, my friend. You need to study that material in order to understand how to be an insurance agent. Then in your perspective state you have to schedule an exam. It cost anywhere from $69 to $89 to take the test. Then you have to pay for your finger printing which is another $40- $80 depending on where you have it done. Once you have passed your life insurance exam and depending on what state you are in, you will pay anywhere from $71 to $541 for a state license to be an insurance agent in your state.

  6. Same experience. I went to help a friend out and the guy that was there recruit me and wanted me to give him my phone so he can call all my friends and family to also join. I didn’t that because, it was rude. I went to buy a policy and he hired me. My friend is so invested in it and I asked her how much money she has made and she tells nothing yet. She’s been there over a year. I paid $160 and was supposed to pay $15 a month for extra info. I cancelled my credit card because a gentleman told me he quit a $80,000 a year job and he only made $14,000. PHP is a scam, I don’t care what anyone says.

    1. Wtf, seriously? That’s really rude trying to call your family and friends. Thanks for sharing your experience 🙂

    2. Cherie Hampton

      Then you won’t care if I tell you that it’s a shame that you were misled by your friend. Also, I personally know a young man who quit a well known fruity company twice. /the first time he was ill prepared, miscalculated his financial needs, and had to go back to work. Six months to a year later, he quit his W-2 job again and never looked back. He now has offices on the East and West Coast, is a 6 figure earner, and has EQUITY in the company. The equity process is being handled by the same company that handled by one of the top 50 firms in the WORLD. But I won’t argue with those who depend on all of their info and follow up by people who most likely weren’t cut out for this type of business. They would much rather work to help someone else attain and maintain THEIR dreams than to grind and work towards their own. Does this business work? Absolutely! Is it a scam? Last I looked Magic Johnson, Kevin Heart, Eric Thomas, Steve Wozniak, Brian Tracy, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Cuban, Grant Cordone, Oscar DeLahoya, Billy Beane, Kobe Bryant or George W Bush will put their name and reputation on the line for a company that’s scamming people?!? It’s simply not for everyone, nor does it work out the same for everyone. Does everyone at a bank get to be the Bank President? Get real!!!

      1. That’s a list of big-money entertainers. They get paid 6 figures each to hype up PHP agents. They don’t research whether PHP is a scam first. All they researched was whether Patrick Bet David would give them 200 grand to make his business look good.

        1. You don’t think that former president George W. Bush did research on the company before stepping foot into its event? 🤔 don’t know what to say to that lol

      2. There is a fallacy in your name dropping argument. Do you know how much money the company puts out to have these paid speakers come to the events. Are we in the events business too? Think in a broader spectrum. Sure there is a wonderful benefit of hearing these speakers share their business equium, it is suited to each company they are paid to speak at. The power in ticket sales comes to pay for it. Don’t forget to purchase your extra tickets and earn a spot for your leadership at the round table.

  7. Hey Brandon:

    I just wanna say after reading all these comments and all your research on PHP, let me tell you my friend, you hit the nail on the head!! I ended up responding to this job opportunity ad actually through Craigslist, believe it or not. Spoke with the girl about coming in for an interview, went on the day I was scheduled to go. Had a hell of a time finding the place, small building in between some shopping stores near a strip mall. Finally found it, walked up some stairs and into a room where other people were sitting and waiting for the lectures to begin. After sitting through all these different monologues by different people, watching videos, listening to all these people trying to convince us to change our lives and get with the program so to speak, I still hadn’t heard anything about salary, benefits, vacation, job duties, application, nothing like that. It was all about working hard, being motivated to sell hard, and to be the best we could be. RIGHT THERE….a little bell went off in my mind and told me that this was not a job. It was a sales pitch to me, so that I could go out and pitch the same kinda B.S. to other people, for little or no money at all. The only word I saw in my head for the remainder of the time I was there was SCAM SCAM SCAM. Then I knew, what a waste of time! After all the monologues and motivational speeches, they sat and spoke with us individually. I’ll never forget it. The very first thing the guy asked me was how motivated I was to make a financial difference in someone’s life? And I was like, well I’m motivated enough to work a regular 9 to 5 job and get a regular base salary like any real job. Are you offering me that here or not? That poor guy did a double-face and actually started stuttering! Then he just came right out and said we don’t do that here. This is a sales gig, not an office job, and told me I had to be willing to work hard to make money. Then he wanted me to think if some family members and friends I could put down to get them roped into this scheme. So, after all that, they had me make another appointment to come back in a couple of days for orientation, but not until I paid the $150 for the books and materials FIRST, before I even got started with the company. Anyway, when I left that place I knew that I would not be coming back there. It’s a scam, run fast people, and don’t look back! Great article Brandon! Good work.

    1. Brilliant my friend. They are all about promoting hype without saying what you will get.

      Instead they make you excited with hopes and dreams just so you can hand over your money.

      Then what? You do the exact same with your friends and family and anyone else you can swindle in your community?

      That’s clearly a pyramid scheme!

      Thanks so much for the comment Melody 😀

    2. I am so sorry that this happened to you. PHP is not a job. It is a business opportunity to work for yourself instead of working for someone else. Whoever placed that ad was not suppose to make it sound like they are hiring people to work for them. You are working for yourself.

  8. Hey
    I haven’t had any experience with PHP yet, but a buddy of mine from back in high school has approached me about it. I was a bit speculative at first because I remember him promoting and working under a similar company, Primerica. Which is pretty much identical to PHP. The company looks Hyped to the max and the recruiters try to pull you in anyway possible and make you feel like you aren’t doing enough in life and they are the guides to the good life per say and they sort of pressure you into joining. It all seemed sketchy to me especially knowing that my friend who tried to hire me had previously worked with similar multi level marketing or pyramid schemes like Herbalife and Primerica. So this post definetaly help me reaffirm that PHP isn’t as legit as they hype it up to be.

    1. The thing with these MLM schemes is that they come and go, and when people realize they aren’t making any money they will move onto the “next big thing”, where essentially it is the exact same system just with a different name.

      Your hunches were right my friend so good job for not getting involved with this company. Try out the more legit way if you’re serious about creating a business on the internet.

      Good luck brother 🙂

      1. this is just driving me crazy. PHP has been in business for over 9 years, if it were illegal it would be shut down. If people were paid only to recruit it would be illegal. Obviously you have never been to PHP. Its okay for State Farm, Farmers, Realtors to recruit agents to work but it is not okay for PHP, help me with that. This is not a job, its an opportunity to work for yourself. You either want to or you don’t, that doesnt make it a scam Whats a shame is people believing that you dont’ have to invest into having your own business. Most don’t make it or did’nt make money because they are still looking for a job and acting like an employee. Ask the family who received $250,000 after the death of their daughter from a car accident , it PHP was a scam. Ask the parents of the family that pulled out cash from their life insurance for college if its a scam. Ask my SISTER, yes a family member who I insured 6 months before being diagnosed with cancer if its a scam.People are just not ready to work hard, at the end of the day no matter what business you are in you are going to have to work hard. That part is up to you and no one can help you with that. PHP has protected so many lives and families that may have struggled financially when a loved one has passed away that I cannot just read the BS comments and not state facts.

        1. You know what’s funny? This is the first time I’ve heard someone talk about the actual life insurance side of this business. What does that tell me? That this side of the business is not used as much as the recruiting side. Congratulations to everyone you’ve successfully helped but I still stand by my claims that it’s a big pyramid scheme.

          1. His name was Curtis a “recruiter” that came to present and was doing a slideshow. He said they’ve only been in business 3 years and was pitching how big they’d be in 2 years, and would be a multi billion dollar co. He said to buy to be part of the co. He said its like investing in stock.

          2. Uhh, maybe that’s how long Curtis and his team has been in the business for.

          3. Brandon,
            Get your facts straight.
            Pyramid schemes are illegal! So please stop trying to describe this company as such.
            The correct term for this type of business model is “NM” or “MLM”; which stands for Network Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing, neither of which are illegal.
            It is actually a better model of business than standard type brokerage and or sales firm models if you plan to be in business for yourself. You just don’t understand it nor care to know what you are talking about as you are wearing blinders to this business model due to the negative online comments, which are based on their own lack of understanding as well as your own. You’re a hater, not a realist.

          4. You do realize there are thousands of pyramid schemes disguised as what you call an “MLM” system. What makes PHP Agency different from the rest?

            I am not a hater but definitely am a realist, as I’ve woken up to what you people really do, and that is to take innocent peoples money while pumping them up with hype and promises you all know they won’t reach.

        2. Sharon, would you be so kind as to furnish the name and underwriter of the life insurance policies PHP sells? your statement pricked my interest, as i have a family member involved in PHP. She has gone no where and cannot answer questions such as these, she is an agent for 2 yrs now.

        3. Great way to speak the TRUTH Sharon…. Recruiting is only one part of the business and you are not REQUIRED to recruit anyone. Some agents just want to sell the products and help families… The company is valued at $150 million will be sold for approximately $400 million by 2024 doesn’t sound like a pyramid scam to me…

    2. PHP and Priamerica are not the same. There are similar things about them but they are not the same. I love how everyone talks about this company and some of you haven’t even gone to a meeting to see for yourself (like the person who started this article).

      1. I don’t need to visit a meeting to know what they do there. Everything they do is explained in fine detail all over the internet.

  9. Make a YouTube video on this company to elaborate. I see a lot of young gullible catholic Latinos being suckered into this scam

    1. Really? I don’t have a YT channel yet (well I haven’t uploaded videos yet anyway), but when I start I’ll definitely jump on this and warn people.

  10. Hmmm..I’m not going to jump down your throat like some of these other commenters, but some of your numbers and findings seem a little off and I’m wondering if it varies since his company is nationwide. My husband and I just joined PHP and I have yet to determine if it’s a scam. I run a personal finance blog and do freelance writing while my husband works at a bank so we are finance people. Just looking to make some extra money and residual income so we joined the company. It was about $150 to join and as I was told, that money went to the company and NOT the person who recruited me. I didn’t have to get a background check or anything. You can’t make any money until you get licensed because you need to have a license to sell life insurance. In my state, we have to take a 7.5 pre-licensing class which was about $88 but PHP said they said they would reimburse me if I get my license in 30 days. Like you said, the owner really knows his stuff and the company shares some great insights. There are multiple trainings every week and they teach about business, sales, leadership, etc. so in my opinion, you do get your money’s worth if you show up for the training. I do believe in their mission and the products. As someone who already educates people about finance, I have learned a lot about how the middle class can use life insurance to get ahead financially. I did a ton of research on the company as well before joining and couldn’t find much so I too felt like it was hush hush but I think they just like having a process when it comes to introducing people to it. They don’t share much online and teach more about what they do and how they do it in person. I’ve noticed that everyone does seem super happy all the time and they do push that American Dream thing a lot but there are 2 ways to make money in the company. Once you have a license to sell life insurance, you can be an independent agent and earn commissions from policies you set up. OR, you can recruit (or do both). When you recruit, your commission rate will increase and you’ll build a team to work under you. The compensation plan is pretty amazing and it’s structured so that the person who brought you in needs to help and support you. So I don’t really agree with that “just a number” thing. In the traditional workforce, people are afraid to train you well for fear that you’ll one day take their job. With PHP, it’s an atmosphere where everyone is supporting each other and pushing each other to do their best. I don’t have dreams of getting rich with this, but I do feel like my husband and I can make some side income with this. Maybe I’ll keep you posted, haha. The financial education part and selling people products they DO need and want that will help protect their families is what I’m interested in. I don’t feel pressured to recruit but I understand why people do it. They teach you how to run a BUSINESS so yes you have to invest in it and work hard. If you don’t like that, it’s probably not for you.

    1. Hello Chonce. First and foremost thanks for the comment.

      Yes, it takes a long time before you can even begin selling the life insurances, meaning people aren’t going to wait around for the full period and they’ll begin recruiting people instead because they want the fast money.

      This becomes a problem when nobody wants to wait, so they start recruiting people just to make a quick buck. And this is exactly why PHP Agency has a bad name, it is just the nature of the business.

      You have the correct mindset so you may make some money but do know that it’ll take many years just to build the foundation which, in my opinion, isn’t worth the wait. But kudos to you and I hope you make the money you’re seeking.

      1. Hi Brandon, you mentioned that someone that is waiting to get there license would just recruit to get a quick buck. I’m not sure what you mean by this because you cannot be paid without a license. It doesn’t matter how many people you recruit, if you are not licensed to sell insurance with your state you will not receive a paycheck, which is why a lot of people quit. Others however, have gotten licensed in 7 days and started making money their first month in the business. It all comes down to the individual you’re speaking with. Think about it this way. People want to become real estate agents, so they pay money and hope they pass the exam to then go out and start helping ppl in the community by houses. Then eventually they begin to recruit other agents so that they can become a Broker with agents working under them that they’ve trained and developed, and in turn get paid a spread on the business written for every agent on their team. This is the exact model that PHP follows except we help change lives with life insurance, retirement plans, and debt solutions. That is literally the only difference. But none of it is possible for the real estate agent or the life agent without their license with the state. I hope this helped. A lot of people get started because they think they can make quick money without working hard. They immediately get a rude awakening because they have to actually study to pass an exam and most people don’t want to do that. All of these things are explained in detail before getting started.
        PHP is a financial marketing organization that uses life insurance agents to sell the products of the top companies in the nation (AIG, Mutual of Omaha, Nationwide, John Hancock, and plenty more). If this were a scheme, why would these companies that have been around for 100+ years allow us to sell their products?! It’s not scheme. It just takes hard work and dedication, which most people aren’t willing to give, so they quit.

        P.S. I made $4000 my first month in business because I already had a license and immediately got to work. I am now full time and will make six figures my first 6 months in business. It’s not a scam. I’m a single mother of two that’s working her butt off because I believe that these products are needed in our communities and can change the lives of families I sit with on a daily.

        1. If everything is explained in detail before people get started, why is everyone that’s been to the seminars telling us that they don’t actually tell you anything really, just a bunch of motivational speeches about being a better person, living the good life, etc?

          These recruiters aren’t telling it how it is 100% and that’s why everyone is handing their money over THEN being told.

          What does that tell us? That they’re trying to get money first because recruiters no newbies will run for the hills once they hear what they’ll be doing.

          And that’s great that you’re making money with it, but at the end of the day you were already licensed and you already knew what you were doing.

          As far as recruiting newbies goes, they are going the wrong way about it and that’s why everyone thinks it’s a big scheme.

        2. Nationwide dropped the PHP Agency due to issues with policies being canceled before the first year. New agents will not be appointed with the carrier. Anyone who is appointed and has current clients will be able to write business but will get paid directly from Nationwide. Not PHP. It was great for PHP to bank off of the Nationwide Jingle which prompted great marketing for the agency, but for Nationwide too many clients canceling policies were not a good sign for Nationwide as a whole. One may speculate that agents writing Nationwide policies for promotions and not checking suitability for the clients needs, was an issue.

  11. I went to a presentation today for this and it reeked of Cult-like Pyramid scheme BS… in the presentation the speaker said at the beginning of you have any questions at any time please ask… so I did multiple times. I was bothered by the fact they try to lure you into this opportunity to be an entrepreneur while working for their company as a salesperson. The slide show went from information and stats with sources to random stats without sources so I asked questions only to receive half answers and deflections with examples/stories. When I saw the statistics that only 150k insurance workers are serving the entire US population I threw my hand up to ask about it as no source was provided, she concluded this is accurate and quickly moved on. I stood up and said I have heard enough and walked out on the presentation… way before I found out you even had to invest in classes to work for this company as an “entrepreneur” hahahaha… a quick google search on the way out the door shows 1.1million insurance workers are working in the US currently. I literally got a fight or flight sensation because I was so irate that theses people would really try to lure in ignorant people to sell this product claiming they could use this platform to “build their own brand”… I sincerely hope my strength to walk out on such a ludicrous company presintation helped anyone else in that room of nearly 30 to think for themselves and walk out as well.

    1. It’s funny when they get someone that actually has a clue go in and start asking questions, because they don’t know what to say other than to make up BS or change the subject.

      These people are making a KILLING creating these seminars, getting groups of people in and hyping them up with the “American Dream” mentality.

      The ones who have no idea are the ones that buy into what they say and hand their money over. Then there are the smart ones, like you, who sense the pyramid scheme from a mile away and run for the hills.

      Great job and thanks for the comment.

  12. Jesus Lopez Limon

    I just got tricked into this this morning, I got signed up but I didn’t have to pay the guy paid ed for me, I’m going to give him the money but I have a question, they have my social security number now because I didn’t catch on that it was a pyramid scheme until it was to late, what can I do?

    1. I’m sure it will be fine as long as it was a real agency and not a scammer, as I just think it’s weird and out-of-the-ordinary that someone paid for you. Could you tell us more, please?

    2. Nobody cares about your freaking social security number dude! You obviously thought you were getting into something that would give you instant gratification and instant wealth. I KNOW no one twisted your arm or drugged you and made you cough up $150! It’s not that kind od company. Just say it wasn’t for you and move on – PHP surely will. Good gracious!

  13. Patrick left WFG around the time in 2009 when an agent Guillermo Haro was under scrutiny by the SEC for advising people to take money from their houses and invest it. Haro later got a life ban but somehow still at WFG. As for PHP very similar recruiting and selling “system”. PHP charges $150 to sign up, most people quit shortly after do the math they recruit 40,000 thats $6million in 1 year. You can make money but other places offer higher percentages, it’s an MLM period. You like koolaid cool because there’s plenty of it if you stop drinking it then you wake up and move on.

    1. It is SUPPOSED to be an MLM, yes. It’s a different story when they’re doing seminars and never talking about the actual life insurance side, but instead focusing on just getting them in the door without saying what they’ll be doing or how they make money.

      It’s just the usual hype: have a better life, become a better version of yourself, blah blah, nothing new here.

    2. G. Haro, guy and his friend are shady for sure. Patrick was good to get out of that company. Haro is still there at WFG. He does business under his wife’s license. When I first met him he never mentioned it was him who did this; take money from home to invest. I asked him directly, then he lied. He tried to recruit me and I met with him a second time it was then he told me he had to write business under his wife’s license.

      This is a great industry. People need to find the place where they fit in and can do what is best for their family and themselves. If you still need to be told what to do and get motivated by others go work for a PHP or WFG this scheme, so to speak has been around since WMA by a man named Hubert Humphry. Look him up. This is seriously just like a job but you’re and independent contractor/self employed; sort of free from a 9-5. Look at R. Kiyosaki “cashflow quadrant”. Look him up too. I started with PHP and now I am independent. I love the comments above which lets people know once they are licensed if they so choose they can go to the carriers directly to get appointed and for much greater contracts and the ability to recruit if they so choose. Make your own destiny and get all the facts before you get all touchy feely happy someone paid attention to you and made you feel special for a few hours, days, or months. Someone else so eloquently stated, NO ONE CARES stay/go if you are selfish enough to have that attitude more power to you. I personally am choosing to be a different kind of human.

  14. My husband and I joined PHP back in November. A few things that are not clear based on the reviews (sorry, I skept some). First; My husband was an already licensed agent when he joined PHP because we had already plan two years prior to open our own insurance agency.

    By yourself PHP
    studying materials $300+ (depending on state and what we paid) $20 (based in Texas)

    License (a must) $60-100 (we paid $68 in Texas) State mandated not PHP

    BackOffice over $800 (glad we are not paying that anymore) Initial $150(Texas)
    $15/month (it provides
    reports, trainings materials,
    marketing materials,
    compensation, etc

    Training $100-$1000s for seminar trainings Free

    Team without enough revenue you can’t hire agents It helps you build your team

    Book of business Majority of the companies( of Omaha) After of 1 year of can leave
    will not let you keep the book of business(your clients) and keep my book of
    and continue to live of the residuals business and live of the
    residual income
    Branding $1200(varies by state)No company lets you Co-brand)
    but it was useless, if we contract with certain
    companies that only wanted us to do business for them) We are allow to co-brand

    Contracts $1000s to find a broker(usually an attorney) to help It’s all included in the
    contract with every insurance company(ex.forresters, american national) $150 we paid.

    I hope this helps people understand that owning a business cost money, whether on your on own or thru another company like PHP, the difference is what you pay by yourself and what you pay when you partner with someone. BE IN FOR YOURSELF BUT NOT BY YOURSELF that’s the difference.

    My husband has been able to make anywhere from $800 to $10,000 in a month and we do not have to worry about paying for an office on our own, pay employees to handle payroll, booking, legal, training employees or agents, etc. We spent lots of money trying to do this on our own and all I wish, we would have gotten started when it was first offered to us.
    SALES IS NOT EVERYONE and you will only succeed in any business if you have the drive and see past the negative comments. Yes, some people may used the wrong tactics or be pushy, we are not. We invite you, We answer your questions and let you research. BTW, We are not at the top, we are still at the bottom(very bottom), but we see the potential. Just to start an insurance company you have to have at least $150,000 (that’s what State farm asked my husband in order to open an office among other franchises that we contacted), we obviously did not have that type of money.

    If you have any questions, I have no problem answering them. Thank you for reading my post

    1. Interesting to hear from someone that’s making money with PHP via the insurance method.

      Of course not everyone has that type of money lying around just to get started in something high-risk and untrustworthy.

      The Wealthy Affiliate is free and doesn’t take years just to start profiting.

      However, each to their own and I’m glad you and your husband are doing great in your online business 🙂 Thank you for sharing the costs involved and the amount of time it takes to start profiting for your time and money invested.

      1. Hi B,
        Our first couple if months, we didn’t make money to be truthful but if you can see the future in the present than you know the struggle is worth it. Yes, the way the company works may seem like MLM but then again any company (commission based) has to start by recruiting people somewhere. My husband has partner in the past with a few companies like mutual of Omaha, senior life, family heritage, just to name a few and with all you have to pay fees, whether for the back office, E&O (emissions & errors), training materials, etc, you have to build(recruit) a team, if you like a bigger commission. Therefore, we always encourage everyone to talk to other companies and compare. Not sure if I mention it before but another to keep in mind is that PHP is more of a broker. How? Those $150 also is to write up the contracts with all the other insurance companies that will sale insurance from, which also includes the background check. Yes! A background check, no insurance company like Forrester or American National will allow you to do business without a background check. So, it’s not illegal at all, its legit business. We write anywhere from Term, whole, universal life insurance policies but most of the people writing this reviews would not know that because tgey didn’t stay long enough to find out. PHP is kind of the middle person between me and Forrester, American National, AUG, National Life group, Fidelity and Guaranty Life and so forth. It would cost tons of money and man hours to individual sit with each company and ask to represent their products, with PHP I cut all that in more than half the time because they have a system in place. I would advice for you to go to a meeting with an open mind and if a few hundred don’t mean much to you, pay the fee, study the materials offer, get licensed and do a little business when you have experience it from first hand then contact me directly and would love yo hear your thoughts. By the way, people don’t have to recruit they can be just producers but who doesn’t wants a bigger commission?

        1. That sounds nice and all and thank you for adding your thoughts…but like you said, who doesn’t want bigger commissions by recruiting people rather than being a producer? This is a big problem because now everyone wants to recruit and they skip the insurance side altogether.

          1. What company doesn’t recruit? Even pro sports recruit, large corporations recruit, Real Estate companies, who makes the most money in those offices? What is the price to go into that field? A lot more than PHP from your numbers! You mention pyramids, isn’t corporate a pyramid? Who makes the most money, the Officers. Look at the banking systems. They even convinced the government to help them! That’s a scam if I ever seen one! You, you’re trying to convince people to buy your product… Recruiting. Nothing wrong with it, but let’s face it, that’s what you’re doing. Not everyone is business minded. So why base your opinions on the non business minds? Those people are workers, 9-5 ers. That’s fine. We need 9-5 ers. Who else will do those jobs. Then complain about how broke they are and not learn about money.

          2. Sorry, but you’re all over the place Gary. I’m not trying to convince people to buy my product. I’m simply offering an alternative to the pyramid scheme they may or may not join.

            Of course we need 9-5 workers, but there are ways for people to escape if they’re willing to work for it. These are people I want to help.

            I’m not going to stand by and watch these massive companies reel in normal people and make them think they’ve found a way out, because in reality 97% of them will fail.

            The product I’m promoting is a much better alternative in my opinion and the reason why I highly recommend it, especially for 9-5 workers that want a way out of the rat race.

            You have a much higher rate of succeeding and living life on your own terms with the Wealthy Affiliate.

          3. What sales commission business. I work for 0HP part time and started make little money. I have a full time time corporate America that gives me what they feel I should sell and come states me on how they feel I should be compensated but they control the calls and clientital I receive. Recruiting is up to the individual. In my corporate job. My supervisor gets compensated higher based on my and others. The center manager gets more of a cut. The same as the recruiting of PHP. If I want a higher commission percentage and treat this like a team and a business, I am going to invite self minded individuals the opportunity.

          4. But that seems to be the main focus, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT, that’s all these people care about.

            They don’t even mention the insurance policies.

            They just hype these people up with a dream, then once they’re in, they are told to recruit even more people. Like literally, that’s one of their first assignments, to sign up at least 3 people.

  15. I have a friend who has been doing this about a year and a half. She is extremely obsessed with this place and super hyped up about it all the time like you guys have mentioned. I straight up asked her today how much she was making because I had a friend interested in it (I don’t I was just curious). So she told me that she made $2000 today alone and she aims for $15k this month. I always thought it was a pyramid scheme as well but if she’s telling the truth then this company must have something to offer? I don’t know I’m just super confused because she makes it seem as if she doing great but it all just seems too good to be true? But at the same time she is always at this place and her life revolves around it. Maybe it is possible.

    1. Seems like a liar hoping to hook you in as she’s showcasing big numbers (to get you to join under her). The reason she’s super happy is because she’s likely new to the business and excited for what the future holds.

      I know because I was in the same boat with a similar system called Google Sniper. I use to tell my work colleagues I was making hundreds per day when in reality I was making the big ZERO. I actually did get a few signups from them but I felt bad since I was essentially robbing them blind.

      However, IF she is telling the truth – and that’s a big if, she is just another scammer getting people in by offering little-to-no-value with things people don’t need.

      Hope this clears up all the confusion you have about PHP Agency.

  16. Lol I’m just here for the comments, it’s sad to see how blind people can be about this. I do give php creativity to cover the appearance of a pyramid scheme but anyone with the slightest intellect can clearly see what’s going on. We all have one friend in this stupid thing and all we can do is hope they get out before they waste more time in this.

    1. Lol, what do you mean you’re “here for the comments”? Did you hear about this post somewhere else? 😀

  17. I was working at PHP. When I just came for an interview they asked me standard questions like what I am doing for living? Do I want to increase my income? etc. By asking those questions they are trying to find out how they can hook you up and build a trust with you. I paid $150 and became a member. Also, when you are becoming a team member you have to give them 20 phone numbers so they can call those people and recruit them or sell them an insurance. Everyone in this team were so hyped and motivated so my first thought was maybe it is a good place to work in. I started to go to meetings and it was all about how lots of money you will make and opportunities you have. They didnt teach us how to become a sales person, how to talk with people, what to say to people so you will be able to make a sale, etc. When I was trying to speak with the team leader about my concerns and questions, the team leader just told me to be passionate and on the next meeting someone else will explain it. I didnt receive clear answers on my questions.
    Sometimes you feel it is a scheme but they are trying to do everything to prove you that you are wrong. It is in their interest to keep you in their group so they can make money on you. I think it is one of the reasons why they are trying to recruit young people. Because young people doesnt have enough experience to see if it is a scheme or not.

    1. I’m in awe that you have to give 20 numbers of YOUR friends and family that they can to hook in and recruit as well.

      It’s so strange to me that they never talk about insurances and what you’ll be doing to make money. The main goal is to get as many people in as they can while offering hype and the least amount of information possible.

      I stand by my claims that PHP Agency is a massive pyramid scheme. Thanks for sharing 😀

  18. You can get a refund in 3 days if you call the home office 469-917-4600
    On their website they have Oscar De la Hoya, just like other MLM’s in this industry they’ll get athletes to talk good when they have no clue since they made their money in sports not money remember Lenny Dykstra went bankrupt and indicted for fraud.

  19. I find it interesting that you are able to come up with an opinion based off of some quitters you found online. Meanwhile our A+ carriers spent millions of dollars completing their due diligence on this company before ever deciding to align themselves with us. Apparently your opinion based off some inaccurate accounts should hold more weight than the reputation at stake from companies like AIG, John Hancock, Mutual of Omaha, Etc.

    Big Time investors have joined our Crusade to bring life back to the industry. PHP has recruited some of the top management from insurance carriers we represent, because we are doing it better.

    Please leave this post up so I can revisit it in two years, 5 years, and 10 years. I would just like to keep pointing out the growth this company will continue to have in spite of a few haters you choose to form your opinion from.


    1. Thanks Nathan. Good luck in the future because with the amount of reports this company is getting I’ll be surprised if it’s still going in 10 years.

  20. I have family members that joined PHP. They tried to sign me up on several “Training” occasions but I declined. I did some research and found the same thing you did, Pyramid. They are trying to sign up my wife to get to me. Apparently if you are married only one of you has to sign up and both of will be a member. I also found out that they are fronting the fees and dues to sign up other family members in order to meet quotas for next level promotion.

  21. Do you really think the state will allow you to get licensed to run a scam ?

    It’s very simple be coachable followe the system it works

    But when a new associate comes on board and dose not give it there all
    There going to fail

    I took my state exam 10 times and passed it on my last attempt

    Guess what I passed now I’m making a steady income on my own time

    The person who quits in two weeks are usally the ones who say it’s a scam

    These ones who follow through have success stories

    1. Sorry but I don’t believe that you took the exam 10 times. You would’ve given up after the first few tries.

      1. I think that’s where your problem is. Sounds like you’re a quitter with no type of drive. If Jose up there is so focused and driven why would he not try 10x, if getting this license would get him where he wants? Sounds like you would quit after the second- no wait first try. It’s your mentality I’m talking about and nothing in regards to the company you’re speaking so negative about.

        Plenty of people failed over and over and over again until they were successful. Should I list a couple of inventors, athletes and/or buisness owners?

        1. It’s just that I’m not interested in promoting hype to make a quick buck off of people who don’t know better, because that’s all you are doing and it’s sad to scam innocent people like that. I am no quitter and will continue to find the best programs and weed out the bad. Good luck in your little scheme my friend.

        2. The page is literally JOB QUITTERS unite.. lol of course everyone in here hates the company, they didn’t give it a chance to work….no 2 months is not giving it a chance. When I was recruited I was told it is NOT easy but if you WORK you can move up. Simple

      2. Brandon, Your negativity knows no bounds, lol. I personally know people who have taken the license exam 7 times, ten is not a stretch. A quitter wants to believe others quit too.

        You’ve asked for comments, calling someone a liar when they leave one shows low class in my opinion.

        But your research was poor to begin with so I’m not shocked. Nice tag line though and you’ve gotten a ton of traction with it. Mission accomplished I’d guess but that’s just a guess. Maybe you are a hero searching the web for truth to share, you know, no angle, just love, bitter angry love for people.

        Best wishes down under.

        1. Actually I did not call her a liar, I called her friend a liar that was trying to say she’s making a lot of money.

          And lol, yes I have got some traction and I provide my opinion on systems like these promising you rags to riches, expose them and then give my very own recommendation.

          I hope you can also find peace and love for yourself.

          Good luck brother 🙂

  22. Hey Brandon
    My mom brought some guy by the house to talk about PHP and tried to rope me in. I’m her son. It’s obviously a pyramid scheme and I said “I’d think about it”, the polite way to say “shove it”. She did the pyramid scheme Zeek Rewards in the past and doesn’t seem to ever learn. Sucks. Oh, and she fits that whole “desperate to leave 9-5” mold too , working a stressful nursing job she doesn’t like very much. Thanks for this site. The worlds fucked up w/ stuff like this and tons of desperate people to attract , so its nice to see this site and know some people in the world have their heads screwed on right.

    1. When somebody’s son can see that something is a pyramid scheme, that’s saying something. Great job Chinua.

  23. I have a wonderful experience being at PHP. I only started in March and it took me 2 days to get licensed, I beat the company record apparently. But the first week I was handed sales just because my MD gave me an incentive and I did what I was asked in the alloted period of time. At my office, if you bring 3 people on your first 7 days, not only do you not have to have invested your $150 yet but we offer a $250 bonus anyway so you can sign up and offset some licensing fees. Its not true you have to wait 1 million years to get licensed or paid. Like someone else said, you have to recheck your sources. One of my close friends made $10,800 her first month in business. She already had a credit repair company prior to joining so she just got her license and got all her credit business partners on board. Also there is a young girl that got promoted 3 times her first 60 days. Does everyone end up like them? No, but why did that happen like that for them? Two words: Work ethic. PHP doesn’t work if your lazy, it doesn’t work if you think you know everything, it doesn’t work if you want the company to dump a big bag of cash on your door step just from giving us the time of day. Work MUST be put in. My MD makes $8,000, $11,000, even $40,000 in pure overrides some days. Everyone has that open opportunity. You said it yourself it is not many reviews, not much info online about us, so we much be very private. But if people make incredible money and few people have heard of us doesn’t that say something? Imagine if alot more people knew about us: more people would make more money. All we are is a middleman, between life insurance customers and AIG, Foresters, Fidelity, Legal Shield, ANICO, MetLife, Nationwide, National Life Group, just to name a few. We get paid high margins because the demand is high. I have NO clue who said no one needs our product, or whatever the comment was, but everyone needs something that we have. We don’t just deal with life insurance, we help people save and grow money, protect their assets, get out of debt by getting them in contact with a law firm, we help plan for retirement, we rollover 401k plans into annuities so that people not only grow that fund but receive a monthly check that they can never ever outlive, and whatever balance is left goes to the beneficiary of their choice. If we’re a scam I have no clue why I’m signing contracts and contacting these insurance companies about clients practically on a day to day basis. Where is the scam when a relative passes away and you go deliver a half million dollars to their beneficiary because that person planned for that particular moment? So no, we don’t just offer 4 typical products. I hired my mom, my husband, other in-laws and we are dominating after 2 months. It pays better than any job I’ve had or my husband has had. We are at the office everyday, we are always the last to leave just because we love the environment so much. I’m not, per se, speaking to the author of this article as I am someone probably getting discouraged reading these reviews because they dont believe in anything we stand for. I cant speak for other offices but we love each other at my workplace and we are getting to the top together. I didnt even pay the whole $150 up front at first, my MD believed in me enough to say, “Well, what do you have?” I said, “$100” and he said, “Great, I have $50. Let’s do it!” And the rest is history. And in 7 days I got that right back. I watched my MD receive his equity envelope and he showed it to us and signed it off, he owns stock in this company and owned a piece of Primerica as well! No one leaves you stranded when you sign up, they say, “Get a license, or if you have a license already, introduce, watch, and get paid.” #Facts this is so true. If you join with a license you’re back in profit mode from day one because your trainer shows you how to get clients then closes the deals for you and you just sign your name on the line that’s dotted. You don’t do it yourself until you are comfortable. But thats all I have to say, I hope someone sees this and gets inspired or doesn’t get discouraged by the negativity because Im just looking for people that are looking for me.

    1. That all sounds too good to be true, especially the part about not doing anything; your trainer getting clients and closing the deal for you. You sound exactly like one of the top scammers looking to defend this garbage hoping I take it down so you can scam even more people.

      1. Brandon,
        It’s part of the training to have leadership go with you to teach how to present the different carriers, so customers can make an educated decision.
        Kyanna is right. My husband which I have previously posted here about us are making money and we are not leaders in the company. Recruiting is part of our business because like real estate, you need agents to sale homes and to grown an office, we need agents to sale insurance and grown an office. Why do you continue to bash a company that is doing great things for others. I can’t speak for other offices or the character of other leadership, I can only speak for us. We started early this year and still working ourselves to the top, it has been slow for us but not because we don’t have a support system, because we haven’t put in our 120% and tend to get lazy at times (beauty and a curse of owning your time) but the money is steady.
        Yes, I have seen equity contracts, too.
        I have seen the lows and the highs like any business owner.
        On the low end we have made $1500 and on the high end made $14000. I’m not saying it will be perfect but it works. Policies don’t always come from recruiting as a matter of fact, 98% of the policies we submit are from people looking insurance from us, not us looking for them(maybe that’s why we don’t grow, no time for recruiting).
        Aren’t you in Canada anyways?

        1. You say 98% of your sales are from people looking for you, not you looking for them?

          Isn’t that because you own a website? What about everyone else that doesn’t have a website or no knowledge in this field?

          No I am not in Canada, I am in New Zealand. It’s good to see you’ve found some success with PHP Agency but it clearly isn’t for everyone, and definitely not for the average Joe Bloggs.

  24. Rosanna Martinez

    Well thank you & thank god I came across all these comments and answers I have a so called training mentoring meeting with them at 10 am which I was going to attend w a few family members I’m sure they’ll be pretty pissed when we don’t show lol I keep asking they guy questions trying to recruit me no clear answers besides come in person give us a lil of your time lol decided ahhhh before driving a cross town let me see what I can dig up on them n bam came across this site!!!! Thank u so much saved me time & money & a headache!!!!

    1. Yeah I’m positive they’ll be pissed because that’s a lot of people they can’t pitch their scam to, thus leaving money on the table. Nice one for giving them the no-show 😀 😀 😀

  25. Like any insurance company, you start with your warm market that’s why they say to start there. Mutual Omaha did it with my husband. As for the recruiting, all insurance companies recruit, but what really kills me here as I read all these comments is how you continue to say that it’s a pyramid scheme. I am not understanding how a company that is regulated by the government and each state can be illegal. We can’t do 401k rollovers without a licensed, I can’t sell you any type of life insurance without a licensed, can’t offer you an annuity without a licensed, if people are making money is because people are putting the work. If you die tomorrow is your family taken care of? If So, how? How is selling life insurance a scam? How am I selling a dream? Maybe the dream of those left behind not having to worry about how they are going to bury their love one, the dream of not having to worry about paying those bills left behind! So, yes I sale a dream of not having to setup a “go fund me account” or sale bbq plates to raise money to bury their love one.
    The time and effort you put in it is what you get out of it. You can easily sale $2000 in a week or a month….heck! My husband closed on an annuity that pay him $5k in one, money can be made…my husband has B.S. and MBA graduated from on of the best military academies and he himself did his own research and we know PHP is the right fit when it comes to the life insurance industry.

    1. Forget the question that this is a pyramid… look up IMO’s and realize that you could have made 100% of that commission if your husband was experienced and lic. These type of co’s keep 70% or more of your money in the beggining and you don’t own your business until later. Overrides take your money and make themselves rich off your hard work.

  26. Gabriela Brown

    How can anyone take you serious with the number of misspellings you have in your writing?! I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable doing business with someone as you. Your response fits the description of the many other fake reviews posted on other websites where there are a number of misspellings along with the dire need to fight for a company that has done very little to nothing for your financial situation.

  27. Thanks for this post B. I find PHP to be a waste of time, I regretted driving to their office here in oak brook, IL. I’ve been in the Insurance industry for as a captive agent (the commission and benefits are better when comparing to what PHP,preamericaa, WFG, and others are offering) five years and it is distressing that some agents are on here are defending this false and misleading network.

    Before going to the meeting, I made it clear to the lady that attempted to sell to a career sales person that I was not on the market to form part of no company as such. In fact, I even informed her that while it was good to recruit people under you, I am more interested about their commission structure (which sucks by the way).

    Presently, I am writing business independently and making between 115% to 120% commission, why would I join a company as an “independent” agent where I am using my own resources (my car, printer, gas, E&O, renewal fees, and what have you) to make 50%?

    While sitting in the recruiting meeting, taking heed to all this BS about how the presenter left a 6figures job as a finance person to now making 2 Million annually and said nothing about the company, I came to the conclusion that PHP was designed for fools until they realized that they are or were being screwed.

    Another thing, php talked about owning a business and becoming an entrepreneur, however, this is false because you are functioning for those who brought you in. Even worse, PHP concept is screwing those young kids who are new to the industry out of commission payments.

    PHP also talked about paying a $150 fee for start up(form an agency, mind, this cost a lot of money can only be form through the states’ department of insurance or background, mind you, this is also a lie. As an autonomous agent, all companies that appoint you conduct their own background checks.

    Don’t join PHP and likes, build partnerships and make money in the industry. There is big money to be made. You won’t make Money at PHP. They will never go public, they own nothing, no products whatsoever.

  28. Yup, you’re right on point..PYRAMID SCHEME! I joined because someone gave their Marketing Director my phone number and I came in for an interview. They asked me several questions about if I wanted to make money and if I had found a company that was offering equity in their company. I was sold on the equity part. I had a full time job already but i was looking to make money on a part time basis, which they say the average agent makes $28k pt. I was excited, so I was ok with paying the $150 for “backoffice support”. Well, not even a week in I was asked to buy a ticket to a “Mandatory” event for all new agents, pay for my licensing, pay for access to app monthly(14.95), and pay for study guide. I thought it was really weird but I was already in $150, so I figured I would lose that so I should just trust and take a leap of faith. I passed my exams and got appointed in Texas but I wasn’t making any money. I had scheduled “field trainings” which is required, with all of my friends and family that would listen. I ended up helping my Marketing Director sell over 9 policies(she made 75% off of each one) keep in mind that the insurance company pays out a year in advance to the agent. When I asked how I would gain clients I was told that I had to recruit people, that’s why they were stressing it so much over the first month when I only got 6 recruits. Well, my Marketing Director made $$ off of all of my recruits policies, my policy, our friends policies and our family’s policy’s. So, yes they can make $$ off recruiting dumb people like my friends and I. This company is not “People helping people” it’s people scamming people. The thought that Patrick gets celebrity interviews with people who don’t realize the scams they’re pulling on us is ridiculous. I have made a report to the FTC and will not stop there. I have also reported this to the insurance companies. They ripped us off and expect us to stay quiet, not me. Do not trust the stories, 2 of the top earners are felons and use their wives license to sell policies and then they use the story of “ if I can make it, so can you.” That’s illegal practices!

    1. If you got paid it’s not a scam. Scams don’t pay people. Tell me what brokerage company doesn’t have a pyramid payment schedule? Real estate does, insurance does, freight brokerage, tax agencies that hire tax agents does, etc. Understand the difference between a scam and a scheme. A scheme is a large-scale systematic plan or arrangement for attaining some particular object or putting a particular idea into effect. Scam is a dishonest scheme; a fraud. If they were fraud, they would’ve been shut down already.

      Primerica started off private, the agents received equity. Primerica went public, those agents were paid handsomely. I missed out on that thinking like you. Please educate yourself. Just because you don’t like the commission rate or the way they pay doesn’t make it a scam. Anytime you hire people under you and you make a profit off their business is called pyramid. Hell, corporate america is a pyramid. They make a profit off all it’s employees. CEO makes money, Directory makes money plus bonuses, the employees make money plus bonuses, bring someone else aboard, you get a referral bonus….all fancied up but nothing but a commission check that you still must pay taxes on.

      You guys learned this when you took the insurance course. Insurance pays off commission. Now to help you earn more, you hire more agents under you to receive more commission. The rich people been doing this for decades, but you are complaining yet the rich are still getting rich. Stop complaining and capitalize on the opportunity.

      Geesh LOL oh well. BTW I’m not appointed with anyone yet but as long as it’s not a captive contract, I’m not leaving any money on the table.

  29. I’m not sure if this is a scam or not. However, I just received an email from one of php’s Agents saying that I was interested in one of their products and that they could help me reach a certain level of financial status. There was a ton of things wrong here.. first, why did I receive an email at 9pm. Secondly, what products are your referring too that I was interested in. Thirdly, where did you get my email from because I know I haven’t shown any interest. Lastly, why does the senders email end with “” instead of PHP? Obviously I’m suspicious if I’ve ended up on this page. However, I will NEVER pay a company to work for them and I would NEVER work with a company who’s email address doesn’t even match!! I mean they didn’t ask me to work from them but they’ve created a need for me that I don’t even have… but my advice is that if this is a legit company try at least matching your employees email addresses to the name of the company. That way you have to fight so hard in the comment sections to prove your credibility. Walmart is definitely not arguing in the comments sections on if their company is a scheme or not.

    1. Great comment Ceecee. And you are correct, Walmart doesn’t need to defend themselves against these people bringing their company down; I wonder why the leaders from PHP feel they have to…?

  30. The only con of this post is that I didn’t see it sooner. Nonetheless, I appreciate you Brandon. For those of you who are blinded by your ignorance (or simply hoping this isn’t true because you’ve already invested your last), there is truth to everything in this article. I joined PHP with the utmost of faith, but questioned it after realizing I wasn’t actually learning HOW to help families. All you are taught is how to prospect, recruit, and make sales. The majority of people likely don’t know the differences between the life insurances offered. They only know to sell universal life because it’s the best option for the client when in reality it is mainly financially beneficial to the licensed agent and whichever company they’re appointed to. Maybe there are individuals in the company who are educated on life insurance and investments, as well as concerned with the well-being of the client; but I personally did not have that experience. Don’t spend your money. If you already have, there is always money to be made somewhere else. Do not compromise your morality for a job. Just pray and keep moving.

    1. Lol, no worries Yulissa. It’s interesting that the “top guys” push you to recruit, recruit and recruit some more. They come here saying it’s all about helping families yet when you meet with them they actually want you to bring in everyone you possibly can and that’s it.

      I agree with you, invest your time and money into something proven to work, it’s legal and will continue to work indefinitely.

  31. Wow. I just came from a recruiting event. It’s a pyramid scheme. They won’t discuss their products. All they do is create a positive environment with the musical sounds of making big money! They are making alot of money from young people who don’t know any better. $150 doesn’t seem like that much but to them it’s alot when collected from so many people! The room was full with about 80 people in a second floor office suite. Standing room only they make themselves look bigger than they actually are. Loud music like a concert I could barely hear myself talk. The speakers pump you up and seem very happy! I guess I would be happy if I could convince people to give me startup money to run my business! Live and learn…. thankful I backed away without donating my $.

  32. Hello Brandon,
    I like that you are informing people with your blog. My wife just joined PHP and many of the things you’re saying and the negative comments are very true. However, from my observations from going to the meetings and watching my wife work the business, I’ve concluded that there are some misconceptions that are being spread about this company.
    1. It’s a pyramid scheme. Not true. “Scheme” implies it’s illegal or unethical. It’s not. The product is LIFE INSURANCE. Selling life insurance is legal (as long as you’re licensed by the State), ethical and sold from reputable insurance underwriters. However, I will say this. They are MARKETING like a MLM company, in that they place more emphasis on recruiting “business opportunity” rather than selling the actual product. That is a characteristic of a “scheme” for sure. I think they are doing their company a disservice by marketing this way and they should change that.
    2. It’s a MLM. That is not entirely true. Although, as i mentioned, they are marketing that way. The fact is, all insurance agencies pay their agents pretty much the same way. Agents are usually on full commission at some point, either right from the beginning or starting with a diminishing salary. And the owner of the agency franchise gets paid based on the work of all their recruited agents.

    Here is a typical life insurance agent pay structure:

    By contrast, a MLM is an unlicensed, commission based payment that usually runs many levels deep and mostly from recruitment startup fees. But, like I said, PHP is marketing itself with all the hoopla, dream selling, pressure tactics like a MLM and doing itself a disservice.

    The good part is that recruits hold a state issued insurance license that can be taken to any other agency to work. Secondly, the life insurance industry has made MANY wealthy agents who work hard selling the products and recruiting GOOD, STRONG new agents, not just anybody with $150. Thirdly, unlike a State Farm or Allstate, PHP can help life insurance clients get the best rates since they can sell for a number of reputable insurance underwriters and shop for the best rate instead of being locked into one underwriter’s products.

    So in essence, PHP is not a scheme. Is it a pyramid? Yes. But so is 90% of all the companies that has employees. The persons at the top make the most money and are fewer while workers at the bottom are many, but make less money.
    The job is not easy, it can be rewarding if one has the fortitude to make the cold calls and stick it out.

    1. I agree Chris, they should definitely stop putting an emphasis on the recruiting side because this makes them look unethical and illegal, and exactly why they have a bad name since they have a massive pyramid going on.

      Thanks for your input!

  33. Gullible to an extent

    So my friend needed help with his job at PHP and he told me he needs help with a presentation & I was all for it since I thought I was helping out a dear friend. As soon as I got there, there was no presentation, just him and his “trainer” she sat me down talked my ear off while giving me compliments for me to feel good and then was very insistent that I join. I felt pretty pressured but I kept asking questions about the pay or how we get paid, she said it’s all on how you get sales and that we don’t have to find people to sell to, the other big companies will call us to make an appointment with them. She asked for my Social security number and my credit card information even my drivers license ID but I didn’t feel like paying the $150 so I told her I was broke & she voided it. Now I’m feeling kind of anxious because she wrote down all my info and is waiting for me to have money & she has my personal info.

    1. Oh wow, sorry that your friend was also in with this scam, pressuring you into joining…

      I don’t think you need to worry about them having your personal info. They’ve got it and they may try to ring you once or twice, but other than that I’m sure they will leave you alone.

      Let us know if they keep hassling u though.

  34. I just went through a presentation, and all I have to say is it’s a total scam. The big focus is on recruiting, on how much money you make after recruiting so many people, and moving up the ladder which requires more and more people under you. The guy even said the term “upline” lol! He was quick to point out he gets paid from the company though, not the people below him, yeah ok. Beside that they pitch the fact that they are growing like crazy and that if you get to “super duper” status (forgot the name they use) you are going to be a millionaire when the company goes public and you have all this stock suddenly worth tons of money. Lots of cool things they like to talk about, watches, rings, events in Jamaica…

    Yes, they sell a product-an actual product that people might actually need, and it comes from some reputable companies (Allianz, AIG, MetLife, Mutual of Omaha), but they are structured in such a way that in order to make money you have to be one of the very few at the top. All the pyramids have actual products behind them really. When being presented this “opportunity” one has to wonder, why are they being given a pitch to join rather than to buy? If the product stood on it’s own it’d be worth buying on its own. No, they are trying to leverage old school tactics and inserting themselves into the process of YOU making money. Now think about this, with all these “commissions” being made, is the product really a value over say….life insurance purchased directly from a company or online? We’re in the 21st century guys, use your noodle.

    1. You hit the nail on the head James. The have legitimate products from legitimate sources, however, the chances of getting to the top of that “status” and making money is very slim.

      This is EXACTLY why they focus on recruiting people because that’s the easiest way to make money with this system and that is why it’s a bit fat pyramid scheme. Why so many people try to defend PHP Agency is beyond me.

  35. You clearly haven’t done your research if you think people will “begin recruiting people instead because they want the fast money.” That’s not how this works. You dont get paid from recruiting AT ALL. You only get paid on policy sales. Your personal sales, and overrides on your team’s sales. That’s the difference between a pyramid scheme and a legit MLM ir NM business. Pyramid schemes illegally pay you for recruiting. Legit businesses dont. PHP doesnt. Therefore, by definition it is not a pyramid scheme.

    1. I and so many others beg to differ on that one Scott.

      Recruiting people and waiting for them to make money for you to earn money off of their sales definitely is a way to recruit for income, and that’s why there is a big focus on recruiting in this business you so love very much.

  36. Don’t agree with pyramid scheme it’s just another MLM company trying to succeed they do over charge to enter the company. I work with primerica there is no extra charges none of that stuff there is a basic background check but I love what I do.

  37. What I just read sounds like every Job I ever worked for. No matter who you work for there’s always going to be a pyramid. The Real Pyramid Scheme is a job! If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.

    1. Awesome way to look at it Joshua and you are 100% correct.

      Build your own dream and follow the light so you can live a life most people can only dream of living.

  38. Okay, first off I want to say that we are selling people what everyone NEEDS. Most wealthy people watch golf and tennis and fishing and so on. What are the commercials advertising in those sports? LIFE INSURANCE! Sports that middle and lower class watch are soccer, basketball and so on. What do they advertise? First thing that comes to mind is BEER! Do you see the difference? That is what they WANT us to see as lower and middle class people. We are not educated on how life insurance works, that is why you will see poor people asking for money, creating GoFundMe accounts, foreclosing their homes because the bread winner or a loved one passed away and they simply don’t have the money for funeral expenses. How can you say PHP is offering products that we don’t need? Life insurance is a necessity for everyone alive. Next point, “you can only join or buy their products through the agents or family”. That is because life insurance is meant to be sold in person. Ulta the makeup store made a huge hit in their business because they saw that makeup sold better in person than online. By having that connection with a live person, the store sold way more, why? Because the store associate recommended another product and another product until that customer ends up buying $300 worth of makeup. Same as insurance and annuities, it must be sold in person, with someone they can connect to!! PHP also has the option of working without a team, meaning you can join and be self-employed just like a real estate agent. They don’t “sell” you on the dream, they give us the opportunity to become business owners that not everyone is cut out to be. Most life insurance companies only let you open franchises, PHP lets you build your own brand using their PLATFORM!! Third point, “its too expensive” I got my real estate license and paid $3000 dollars, how does that compare to $500? You are getting licensed from your state and representing the largest/wealthiest companies in the world that were founded in the 1980’s. Famous Titanic had customers on board that National Life Insurance paid out to their families when that ship sank, and that is a company that PHP represents. In conclusion, PHP is a very young company and that is why you cannot just walk into an office and say “I want to join”. If you follow and do your research and see if there is an office near you, or message one of the top agents they WILL connect you with the right people. We are NOT EDUCATED ENOUGH!! We do not learn this in school, why? Ask yourself. According to LIMRA the average life insurance agent is a 59 year old white male, who only sells million dollar policies. They are all about to retire, and they will not teach little old millennial’s on how to sell insurance. Who will educate the lower and middle class?? There are only 149000 insurance agents that is only 3000 agents for each state to educate the 325.7 millions of Americans. We need more insurance agents, especially for the lower and middle class. You let me know when a company like Allstate took the time to educate the poor? Thank you, have a good day and hope this opened up your eyes 🙂

    1. I do not care about your statistics that you and your workers come here and outline, Clara.

      I get what you’re saying, I absolutely do, but you’re not listening to what I’m saying.

      This is what I have a problem with.

      Do you know what your recruiting agents are doing? Do you know exactly?

      Selling PHP Agency on the promises that members can reach big dreams, they motivate people to be their best selves, they play loud music to hype everyone up and they portray cult-like characteristics, etc.

      Now what happens when it’s mostly just kids that come into these seminars? They’ve got more questions than answers, and by everyone’s comments, they aren’t told exactly what they’ll be doing until the end of the seminar, AFTER they’ve hyped everything up to the max.

      These “kids” are going to join, pay the fees and do nothing with the useless information/motivational talk they just received.

  39. It’s funny how these BS scammers say that they’re “happy” that they “succeeded” and you’re angry because you “failed and couldn’t succeed and reach your goals” and that’s why you wrote this. I will now quote NYILAH: “Negative reviews left on this business is from weak non hard working individuals who couldn’t achieve the goals they set for themselves. You know? People who consider sitting behind a compute screen bashing hard working, money making businesses a job☺️ Just joined and looking forward to making good money and helping other families.” Its pretty funny how supposedly she is working hard behind a computer to make money and helping families. But in reality you guys are scamming and harming innocent people who can be gullible. You don’t know these people, these people are working hard in all different fields like hard-labor jobs, for example, and you guys are stripping them from their own money that they worked hard for. Nyilah, do you really consider yourself a hard worker when you scam people who ACTUALLY WORKED HARD for their money? You know they have families that they have to feed? You and your other scammer-friends are PSYCHOPATHS! You guys don’t care about the harm you guys will and have done to them. Let me make it clear to you: YOU ARE TAKING THE MONEY PEOPLE WORKED HARD FOR! Now I will quote STEPHANIE: “Very typical of you. . To say negative things about a company just to promote what you are doing yourself. . You haven’t actually been in the business, you just go off of everyone’s negative reviews instead. Good for you!” Let me tell you this STEPHANIE, what i just quoted from you was more EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN. If you were really a “professional” in the apparent “legit” company you would’ve responded differently such as replying in a re-assertive manner on how this company is legit. HYPOTHETICALLY, lets say you went to a car dealership to buy a car, but ultimately you couldn’t because you had a terrible experience with the salesman, finance manager, and your credit wasn’t good enough. And now you go home write a bad review. Will the general manager reply to you: ” YOU”RE JUST MAD YOU COULDN’T BUY A CAR AND NOW YOU WANT US TO LOOK BAD.”? NO, he will tell you that they strive to make a stress-free environment for their customers to buy a car, and he will ask you to contact him to talk about improvement they can make. You on the other hand did not because you lack professionalism because you aren’t a professional, you’re a SCAMMER. Be smarter.

    1. That is the sad truth my friend, good job on calling them so-called “professionals” out because I doubt they are making any money and if they are it’s nowhere near as much as they claim.

  40. I also know that PHP Agency is a scam. Here’s why: back when I used play soccer in HS I had a teammate named Cristian Ramirez. (I said his real name because I have no respect for him). Anyway, after HS Cristian worked for “Premier Financial Alliance” which was a bs pyramid scheme. Then there was a lawsuit against PFA (premier Financial Alliance), he then left PFA and joined PHP Agency. The dude has no shame, he didn’t care that he trying scam friends. And now he’s in PHP Agency… Scamming people again. I want to find out if I can report him for being involved in pyramid schemes and scamming innocent gullible people.

    1. There’s no way you can report him, sorry Ricky. But what you CAN do is drop him from your life, just don’t hang out or associate yourself with this person anymore, that’s the easiest way 🙂

  41. But Brandon you said the positive reviews were lies, now you are saying reviews don’t like??? Which lie is it? Name an insurance brokerage company that doesn’t recruit people, dont worry I’ll wait. PHP Agency is an insurance brokerage. All of them make money by recruiting other agents. And as an independent agent, you have the opportunity to make money off someone else you bring aboard. Like duh. It’s only a scam if you do not get paid for the sales you submit. So if you are getting paid, it’s not a scam. Pyramid, yep. Corporate America is a pyramid scheme. You working under another company, they making money of your work, and they pay you a salary, sometimes bonuses depending on the type of work you do. NEXT.

    I worked as a secretary in a brokerage and now I’m an agent some odd years later. You have limited education on brokerage firms and this goes beyond insurance. Real Estate, etc. you can make a pyramid payment schedule on anything. I own an employment recruitment agency. I hired 2 recruiters to assist me. I pay them a commission. If they hire recruiters to help them under me, we all will get a commission.

    You have said a whole lot of nothing. It’s not a scam unless they are not paying you and the products are not real and do not pay a death benefit upon proof of loss. You are just defaming a company because you are not an insurance sales person. I recently signed up with them and I didn’t pay $500. Like really? A broke person paying $500 to go work off commission. LOL Yeah that doesn’t even sound logical. I paid to be appointed and that was $150.

    Now you may not like the commission rate, then say that. Maybe you want more commission but just because you aren’t getting paid enough makes it a scam. Pyramids aren’t scams, they are considered a payment method. Little grasshopper, you are miserable. God bless.

    1. Little grasshopper? Lol funny Tee Bell. I may not know everything about brokerage firms but I AM going off what I am finding on the internet about this company.

      And let me tell you, I compile my findings on my blog so everything I say is what everyone else is saying. I am the middle man.

      Plus there’s a lot of people commenting telling me how bad this company is, so what have you got to say about them?

  42. hi Brandon ! seen your blog, nice research. but I’ve been with the company for about 4 months now and well yes we do have to be license required cause its still a job job .im a college student and I usually do this when im not at the gym or school. When I first started I do agree they are hype and come on a little strong. I actually like being in the company, great people such a nice environment. took me a while to get license but once I did are started helping families and selling polices. the income is great! but ima be honest this isn’t really for everyone. ive learned a lot from the company and I still continue to grow. now I don’t really agree with some of the things they do, like unneccesary things but overall I like being in the company and I still continue to grow myself as a person.

    1. Thank you for your interesting feedback on this system.

      The fact that you can agree and disagree on some things makes me wonder why everyone else that’s making a lot of money with PHP Agency is just bashing on me and not even considering what I’m trying to say, but you understand so you’re one step ahead of everyone else.

      Great job buddy, you’re going to achieve far more greater things than what these haters will because you have an open mind and know they aren’t 100% perfect and you even call them out on it. Awesome job!

  43. Looked at your bio and saw you’re a part of “wealthy affiliate”. Did some internet research and found countless pages and links saying they’re a scam. You stated you have no plans for leaving wealthy affiliate and you’ll “show me the way”. You have no business experience and didn’t even finish high school. You’re a loser dude, you belong in an MLM

    1. Oh really now? Funny this is Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM.

      Jokes on you bud. Do your research properly before accusing WA of being an MLM.

      Good luck to you.

  44. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but PHP is a scam. For those who are fighting for themselves and others to believe in PHP…I can only hope that the story I’m about to tell will help you get out of the “business” before it’s much too late. > I personally know a couple in Cypress, Texas (Houston, Texas area) who after being fired from their jobs, decided to work with PHP. They started at the beginning of 2018 and are still with the “company”. In one year’s time, they have made absolutely no money. Their home is in Foreclosure with Wells Fargo, they have not paid their HOA dues in the suburban community in which they live for two consecutive years, the truck that they owned was repossessed because they went to get a title loan on it and they’re hiding their current vehicle because the dealership is having it repossessed. Their utilities have been disconnected, this home is unkempt and their 3 children have been neglected. As of recent, their water has been disconnected. How can someone not be able to afford a water bill of less than $100 monthly? Instead of going out to get a job with guaranteed pay, they made the decision to let their family struggle. This is a choice that they made. I have never come across such neglectful and irresponsible human beings and can only blame them for their idiocracy. Despite them losing everything, they are still going around lying to people and doing whatever it takes to scam people into this “business”. I’ve been a witness of them “working” 13 hour days, 7 days a week. This is NOT normal and there’s no way you can be a parent to your children if you are always away from them. Their two elementary age children are performing poorly in school and the school district has already threatened to take them to court due to excessive absences and tardies. The children are often home alone and when the parents are there they are being scolded. They’ve caused so much trouble in others lives and I’ve witnessed them have a repetitive cycle of bad luck. None of this is by accident, these people have been the cause of their own demise and have made a point to hurt others due to their unfortunate life cycle. These people have maxed out credit cards and have taken out loans and borrowed money just to keep up with a fancier lifestyle to make people believe that they are doing well. I’m not sure how anyone could believe in their lies, but I realize that it’s far fewer believers since they have lost everything they owned. So, if you are in the “business” or are contemplating on being apart I suggest that you do your research. If this is something you so desperately want to try then I would recommend that you keep your day job and please don’t neglect your children or responsibilities while doing so.

    Brandon, I commend you for shedding light on this company, you’re doing a great job! Continue and I’m sure there will be people who will save themselves years of heartache and pain because of your website.

    1. Thank you for your story GB Dejesus and it’s a shame after so long they are still trying to make PHP work when they haven’t even made a dime off of it yet.

      I really hope these people find the peace and freedom they continue to fight for daily, and of course that they stop neglecting their children because they won’t be young for long and they need their parents at such a young age.

      Thanks for your comment once again 🙂

  45. Can you prove to me, legally, categorically, how PHP is a pyramid scheme? I don’t see any evidence for it. I haven’t worked for them. I’m in China, currently.

    A pyramid scheme is categorically defined as: pyr·a·mid schemeDictionary result for pyramid scheme
    a form of investment (illegal in the US and elsewhere) in which each paying participant recruits two further participants, with returns being given to early participants using money contributed by later ones.

    PHP’s business model, though I think their dream hype is a little silly (I’m a numbers guy. People lie, numbers don’t), isn’t a pyramid scheme at all. Why?

    1. You’re not paying the guy above you. You’re paying the state for a license and you’re paying for training.

    2. Your overhead costs are directly for your own brand and business.

    3. Seriously you don’t even need to focus on recruitment. You can get right into sales and start advertising. It’s unnecessary.

    How’s that a scheme, exactly? And I’m not being snarky. If anything I said is categorically incorrect, please correct me. Your residual income is from keeping people on insurance, not from recruiting others.

    No, I’ll ask again; What makes this a pyramid scheme exactly, and how does it fit the definition of a pyramid scheme?

  46. Great for you to expose PHP and a lot of these reviewers are fake also to try to bring you down. Thank you for this article that will help save thousands of people with their money

  47. Mind ya business

    Bro you say this is a pyramid scheme and that you only make money on getting people to join. That’s really funny because I just had someone contact me on Facebook about this. I didn’t see the message right away. It took me over 2weeks to respond to her. And when she wrote me she said I seemed like minded to a highly successful business man and simply asked me if I was interested in making money on the side. I told her that I have a lot of medical issues so it depended on what type of work. She actually wished me a happy Easter and sent me the link to one of the videos. I responded back with saying that I was interested in getting started. And she hasn’t replied back to me. I would think that if she really made money off recruiting people. That she would be more pushy about it, or aggressive about making a sale, but she’s not it’s really quite the opposite. Your post seems absolutely ridiculous, really just bashing another company to promote what you do which I’m sure you make money off doing somehow.

    1. Hey, good day to you.

      I’m talking about the recruiters at the seminars, those are the ones that are pushy and try to do whatever they possibly can to make you sign up and start paying the membership.

  48. Pyramid scheme? Please search it up and see for yourself. It is ILLEGAL in the US! Don’t you think it would of been shut down already if it was a pyramid scheme? What exactly is a pyramid scheme? The guy on top receiving all of the money? Isn’t that what every job in America is? Haha wake up people, change that mindset and become more valuable.

  49. I met a lady on a plane coming back from a work trip a few months ago. We were chatting it up for the last hour or so of the flight and we had great conversation. Turns out, I played high school football with her nephews so we had sort of this far-off connection, ya know? I explained to her what I currently do (Association Management) and she said she just started doing work for this financial marketing company.

    Long story short, she took down my number and she said that if I’m open minded and willing to try new things she might reach out to me sometime. Fastforward to this week: she called me and has set me up with an appointment tomorrow morning, which is an hour drive for me.

    Some of the things she said to me: “This is an extremely lucrative opportunity,” “This can be part time or full time,” “I liked our conversation on the plane because I felt we were very like-minded”

    She told me that this is an incredible opportunity and used Lyft as an example of how it just went public, and the people who worked for Lyft before it went public just became millionaires because now it’s public and worth much more money (I’m assuming she was talking somehow about company stock???)

    This has all the red flags of a classic pyramid-shaped company model by recruiting people to make money. I almost feel like going to this presentation an hour away and afterwards walking up to her and saying, “You told me I would not be driving another hour for just another pyramid scheme presentation” hahahaha

    1. Hahaha, great story moe, I always enjoy a good laugh from personal stories.

      What people fail to realize is that big companies like these are pyramid schemes.

      Just because they’re “still growing and haven’t been shutdown” that it’s not illegal.

      My answer to that is “yet”. Give it time, it’s definitely coming.

  50. To all the people claiming it is not a scam: fact of the matter is, you’re “earning” money off people beneath you to make your paycheck. You are knowingly aware that those people are recruiting others to make money, but clearly you won’t say anything so you can keep your money. There is no other way into this business other than someone recruited you, and you recruited others to be able to make it in. So don’t call it a scam, but you still unethically made money off people who had no idea what they were getting into because you wouldn’t tell them, so that you can keep their money for yourself. I was directly a victim of this, so don’t even tell me that this is not what you do. Even if you only made money off someone once, your hands are still dirty. It is a huge scam, and I don’t care what anyone comments on this. If you’re a victim of this, report it to the securities and exchange commission (SEC); the more people who report PHP, the better. Maybe they’ll actually get taken down and exposed for who they really are.

    1. That’s the cold hard truth right there. Just because a company is huge and growing every year, it doesn’t mean what they’re doing is right, it just means they haven’t been caught yet. But give it time, their time is definitely coming.

      1. ALLL OF YOU ARE SO SENSITIVE (WEAK). The world revolves around people taking advantage of others for their own benefit. If I can make good coin to promote a “dream” then IM ALL IN. If I can make good coin doing a blog IM ALL IN. If I can make good coin at a 9-5 job IM ALL IN. If you honestly get a “kick” of calling out companies for their flaws then that says a lot about you. No worries tho because your company is perfect and has no flaws right? yea sure. Listen man there will always be “schemes” “lies” and dishonesty IN EVERYTHING. Only the smart(strong) ones will finesse and do what they have to do to be at the top of what you call “pyramid”. The weak ones will be weak and will always find and excuse on why they couldn’t make no money. Reviews is one way of doing that. Im not rooting for PHP Im rooting for “stop being weak and find your way to make your legacy without bashing someone else’s”. PERIOD.

        1. How you think it’s okay to rip people off and take advantage of the desperate is beyond me.

          Kindness is not weak my friend. Kindness is a strength, learn it 🙂

  51. We gotta stop all this network marketing bashing man, especially if you’re an affiliate marketer bro.

    Now if the company just doesn’t have a product or service or if they don’t deliver on that product or service then yes. That’s when we should call something a scam and we all will actually have something to agree on.

    If the company doesn’t pay out its commissions, unknowingly passes up people’s commissions, or pays later than the promise.

    That could possibly be considered as a scheme.

    Now for a business to actually sell something(product/service/program), have decent product that holds up in the market place and all they do is recruit then what’s the big fucking deal.

    People act like mlm network marketing is the only business model that recruits….it’s like l, “ohhhhh you gotta recruit, Recruiting is soooo bad.”

    No, it isn’t bad to recruit talent to your business, every business model and franchise does it but for some reason because most ppl suck at it in network marketing it’s a scheme?

    Better yet don’t participate in that scheme, check out this free thing that you’ll have to pay for later if you want to get commissions 🤔

    Angles, everyone has them.

    Let’s stop bashing every other way of making money from home that isn’t our way and just uplift the ppl.

    Ppl can’t recruit?

    Let’s give them the knowledge so they know how

    Ppl can’t get affiliate commissions?

    Let’s show them how to drive organic traffic and set up congruent sales funnels

    Ppl have trouble building large teams and culture

    Well let’s give them the game instead of making excuses for them saying only ppl at the top make the money because the real truth is only SKILLFUL PEOPLE MAKE THE MONEY

    So learn the skills to pay the bills

    1. Unfortunately you are wrong. If you join my system, you don’t have to pay anything and neither do you have to later on. I’m not bashing, just stating the facts, telling it how it is and giving my personal opinion.

  52. Ishmael Williams

    Is there a company or armed service that does not recruit others to join that company or armed service? They all do. The PHP Agency is not much different. Of course for that company or armed service to be successful and profitable, that company or armed service must grow – this cannot happen without recruiting. I was recruited by the United States Navy (joined now retired), by New York Life (joined than left), and by Colonial Life (joined than left). In any typical corporation and armed service, the executives and people at the top – those closer to the American dream – make far more money than the workers working those 8-hour shifts – those far from the American dream. The PHP Agency gives an opportunity for those working an 8-hour shift to “close the gap” and achieve their dream. Whether pyramid or not, how is this bad. (Keep in mind those corporate executives and people at the top). What individual or family does not need some financial product or service (life insurance, health insurance, annuity, etc.). The last time I checked selling these products and others is legal in every state. Like any typical corporation, it is not the business of the general public to know how the corporation functions internally. PHP is no exception. If you are not part of any corporation, its internal business operations is not your business to know. If you are, than why should the corporation you are a member of withhold its internal operations from you. With so many businesses in America, not all of them operate equally nor is the compensation equal. For example, athletes being paid more than teachers. Although not a pyramid but definitely needs to be adjusted. If a person is good at recruiting, why not get handsomely compensated for it. If a person is good at selling, why not get handsomely compensated for that as well. And let’s remember that the corporate executives and people at the top are making money from the efforts of those workers in the 8-hour shifts – there is no sharing in compensation nor in bonuses when the corporation does well.

    1. Why people compare this to other businesses and companies is beyond me. It is different on so many levels, you simply cannot compare it and make these claims that they are equal, because they are not.

  53. So, I had this close friend of mine. (We’re not friends anymore) but anyways she joined PHP cause she was tired of being broke. Then got brainwashed into this. She had a presentation I went and immediately thought it was exactly like Primerica but with more variety. I was rushed into joining as well. But, then I realized everyone around me who described it as a pyramid effect they were right. They say they care about helping you when really they just care about getting more heads so THEY can get promoted. It’s so funny cause I’m in their groupme groupchat and they ALL say the same thing when someone joins , it goes a little something like “Hey guys please help me welcome so and so they’re go getters and here to win for their family and themselves” it’s the same thing every time. Same thing as saying aren’t you tired of working 9-5 not getting enough? I went to one training to prospect and you are all trained to say the SAME thing, like robots. Honestly I don’t have time to DEDICATE all day every day talking to random people getting them to buy something. I would much rather stick to nursing where I am actually making a difference.

    1. Interesting story Len. They really do sound like robots saying the same thing over and over and all they care about is getting more people in the door so they can rank up themselves, without a care in the world about the insurance policies and “helping people” which is supposed to be their motto!

  54. **SCAM** Very well known SCAM! PHP Agency controls their social media very well and their employees are well versed in combating negative remarks. PHP Agency Inc has ruined many peoples lives. Patrick Bet-David’s company preys on the uneducated for horrible insurance policies where claims are almost always not paid or well under-payed. Anyone that defends PHP Agency should really think about their life choices and the people they are hurting.

    1. Interesting you say that Bill. I said from the very start that they are quiet about what they do at PHP and how they operate their systems. It’s because they aren’t 100% truthful and honest and they hype people up with “the good life” mentality when this shouldn’t be the focus at all. The focus should be on helping people sell AMAZING insurance policies, but it’s hard to see that and that’s why I can’t seem to find the good in this system.

      Thanks for your opinion.

  55. I joined PHP. A “friend” I hadn’t talked to in years reached out to me and said he needed a favor. I told him I was on my way out the door and didn’t have time to talk. He said it would be quick and that he needed to sign up one more person in order to get his promotion. I take full responsibility for being stupid and paying $200 to sign up. He knew I was hesitant and I didn’t want to do it but he pushed and pushed and promised he’d do all the work and I’d just talk to people and I am not good under pressure so I STUPIDLY agreed. And immediately regretted it. The next day I asked for a refund. Not once did he ever tell me I had to ask for it within 72 hours. It was a Wednesday. He said he would call me on Saturday to talk about it. That’s 4 days after I joined. So Saturday he texts me and explains the company and I ask for a refund AGAIN and he tells me it has to be within 72 hours. I said I originally asked within 72 hours. Then he tells me it has to be in writing. I’m mad now. He goes on and on about how much money I will make, hardly anything about how this busI was actually helps people. I said I was mad because he knew I was under pressure and I made a bad decision and he’s like “we teach you entrepenerial skills. You don’t have to cave under pressure. We can work on that.”
    He proceeded to explain once again all of the “perks” of having money, and even sent me a script to practice. Nowhere on the script did it say the name of the company or what they do. He asked me to make a list of 25 friends and family members he could call,basically to try to recruit them. When I asked why the script was so vague he said “you’re new. You don’t know anything yet.” So basically they don’t reveal enough information to you because they don’t want you to know what the hell you are doing. That’s your leverage. You’re basically tricking your friends and family into having a 40 minute conversation with someone who is trying to recruit them or sell something-basically either way is trying to get at least $200 from them. But you’re doing it by innocently asking for help with your training. And if these people care aboht you, then you’re basically taking advantage of them. It seems really dishonest to me. And they push all of these things on you, even when I continually said I don’t want to do this, all of these things kept being pushed on me and eventually I just started ignoring him. I want my refund. Don’t mess with PHP. It’s a waste of time and money. Yes you can be successful but you have to devote your life to this and lie to your loved ones in the process. All the money I could make is not worth that to me.

    1. Thanks for this goldmine of information you have shared with us Nikki. It’s obvious your friend isn’t actually out to help you but to get you to sign up, pay the joining fee and get promoted.

      I mean, how can they expect you to recruit people when you’ve just joined yourself and don’t even know ANYTHING about the program. I’m sorry you got pressured and lost your $200. This is actually a common tactic they use just to get you to sign up.

      You’re not alone and the more people we can wake up to this MLM program, the better.

  56. The reason I am leaving a comment on this blog post is because I had a friend from uni contact me about PHP. I stumbled into this as I was trying to find more info on PHP. My friend told me that she has an “exciting job opportunity for me” which was weird since we both took different career paths. She was being very vague about what they did. She told me that some people make 10k a month working there and that’s when a big red flag came and hit me in the face. I know for a fact people do not make 10k a month unless you own an established business and definitely wont have time to push bs promotions like this to your friends. Anyway she told me that the company was doing an IPO sometime soon and she was there for the equity. I tried to get more info from her about this company going public and how much she will receive in “equity”. After finding nothing on the internet about it, I told her that unfortunately I’m not interested in a company that has no information about it even if she claims they are going public.

    1. Lol, you are right. That’s all they want you to do…get you in and pay the fee, then bring all your friends and family in. It’s a joke if you ask me.

      Good on you for doing your research and finding out it isn’t for you before handing over any money.

      Here’s something you might actually be interested. No promises, just a way to make money online without paying anything. (yes, it’s free to join).

  57. ive been in php and lemme tell you a lot of my relationships have been strained because of this. they’re like a little cult lol they made me hate my friends because they wouldn’t join after a while tho i kinda got tired of trying to ask ppl to join plus a lot of people were trying to enjoy their time out so i didn’t want to bother them but when i told our director i wanted out some of her team got mad at me and my gf (we were both in it btw) and we considered them friends too! even after we’d try n be chill with them but they’d just leave us on seen. idk guys if your planning to join php just dont, it sound like an amazing deal but its really not trust me. now if your trying to make money join real estate its way better than joining a scammy pyramid scheme AND you can actually own your own company not have Patrick or any other md above you. but yea guise dont join php they’re exactly as toxic as Scientology. peace

    1. Thank you for your opinion, Juan.

      That sucks to hear that they turned you against your own friends! It looks to me that these PHP members are only your friends because you continue to give them money. Glad you got out mate, and your recommendation is a great one. I wish you much success with your future ventures.

  58. Today was a bit of a waste for me. I went to a networking breakfast opportunity to meet professionals as well as get my name out there. I met several people from various walks of life. I connected with a couple, but we did not form a working relationship as we were from completely different fields. I also connected with this other friendly guy who told me he would contact me regarding PHP Agency since I had mentioned I was open to opportunities despite being employed at some job I have no interest in working long-term. He told me to come by at 7PM via phone to an address. I told him 9am would work better as I had planned to go to this networking/speaker event (I regret not going to the event) asked to schedule 9am. He was pushing 7PM, but we agreed on 9. Then I texted back saying I would go to talk to him at 7PM. This was just supposed to be a 30 minute conversation at most I thought. Instead, I end up signing in and mingling with people who already work there. I hit it off with many of them, which I found strange as I am normally socially awkward. Everyone was so attentive and polite, but I figured this would mean it was a great place to work.
    Later on, they pull me and one other visitor to a little room with chairs and a slideshow and a presenter who tried to sell us on the company. He was 28 and very thorough in making sure each of us participated in the presentation. He kept asking questions and trying to push the whole entrepreneurship thing and comparing the costs of living and expenses between 1990 and 2017 and talking about how it’s good to have life insurance in case anyone dies suddenly with all the debt they have and pushed 3 different tiers.
    It was very lengthy and I ended up not leaving for 2 hours. After the whole presentation, they assign each of us with someone to try to get us to commit to paying $199 to start out. I told him I wanted to think about it and get back to him because I did not budget for $199 for something I just heard about. Then he really starts to get personal and asks if I have siblings and if they had school loan debt. I told him I had 2 siblings, one was in school still. Then he really digs in and tries to get me to agree to talk to my sibling about PHP Agency. I told him that I did not want to do that. HE also asked me if I had school loan debt. I said I did. He asked me how much and I told him I was not interested in talking about my finances with him. Then he goes on to say that maybe I am not the right fit since I won’t talk buy into it or let them help me. I told him that I really wish he would just let me decide.
    I made the mistake of saying I wanted to discuss it with my family. Then he tells me I shouldn’t because I might say the wrong thing and they would call it a scam or something. Then he asks if they were business owners. I told him no. Then he was pretty smug about it. He even had a printout with information in the event that someone talks to others about PHP Agency. They want to be the ones to introduce family members to PHP Agency since they don’t trust people who sat through their presentation to convey it in a positive light. How can you trust a company with $199 if they can’t even trust you to talk about their business?
    A lot of his responses to my hesitance were smug or condescending. I don’t even know how many times he asked if I lived with my parents. I repeatedly told him no.
    He also kept asking if I wanted to make money or if I wanted to stay with living poorly. He kept pushing being able to buy expensive cars and whatnot. I started out enthused, but midway through the presentation I was just waiting for the catch. And that $199 thing at the start was it.

    1. Thanks for your honesty and input regarding PHP Agency, Vladmir. It’s sad to see that these so called mentors are pushing things onto people that don’t know better, and they refuse to let you get away without getting money off of you.

      And as you found out, if you are clear in your decision (which is “you’ll think about it”, they will get a little too personal with you and try get your family involved.

      It’s a big red flag when they don’t want you talking to your family about their business, that’s for sure!!!

      Great comment, thanks a lot.

  59. While I’m here, I’d like to direct you to their FB album with the Koby Bryant Photo Op images. I am not convinced Kobe’s face isn’t photoshopped in all those images. They all look out of place for the body and they look the like the same exact face or smile.

    1. That’s interesting mate. It would be good if anyone that was in the photos can step forward and talk more about it, and prove or disprove your speculation.

  60. Thank you for deleting my portion of the comment where I was asking about your website and how it seems to fall into the same realm as the whole PHP Agency scam.

    1. Since when does my website fall into the scam category?

      I only promote Wealthy Affiliate, ain’t no hype at WA (if you actually checked it out you will know that), just the cold hard facts that have PROVEN to make people a living online my friend.

      I never hype anyone or anything up, because no matter what you do, if you’re trying to make lots of money it’s going to take lots of hard work and consistency. You can’t get filthy rich overnight like PHP promises.

      Get rich quick schemes don’t work and never will, we can both agree on that 🙂

      1. Vladimir Hudson

        One of your links in the side bar is broken. That’s what made me distrust this site. Though I found a different link within the main text of the homepage that provides info on what it’s about. The hyperlink that has orange text and arrows is broken. Just fyi

  61. I honestly came here for the comments and I am not disappointed. Haha

    I’ve been in the industry for a few years now (not with PHP or any MLM company). I’ve encountered a handful of people who used to work for PHP and similar companies like World Financial Group (WFG), some of which are now close friends. And from the stories they’ve told me I can corroborate about 90% of this. There are certain key factors that keep such practices from being pyramid schemes (illegal), but they are still quite deceptive. Information is kept under close guard by higher ups about recruitment goals and agendas, as well as overall product knowledge and functionality.

    Speaking of products, PHP acts in a broker capacity, selling the policies of a handful of other companies, each of . . . . varying quality. Some term products are better than others, some whole life products are better than others. Etc. The only product I take issue with across the board are the Indexed Universal Life policies because IULs are trash.

    What appears though is a pattern of up and coming companies trying to “change the game” by “disrupting the status quo”, which usually entails aggressively recruiting often young, impressionable people through the use of hype and veiled, ill-defined parameters of success. Those people tend to have limited working knowledge of the products they sell and are pushed to recruit because they’ll make more money recruiting than selling the actual products. This recruiting method is an attempt to rapidly expand the brand and get exposure so they can remain relevant long enough to churn out a profit for its founders.

    And since the products they sell aren’t even theirs, the real people who are profiting are the companies who let them sell their products and the people towards the top raking commission and getting paid for appearances and seminars.

    It may not be illegal, but it is deceptive. It may not be criminal, but it is suspect.

    1. Thanks for your input Nathan. And I agree, it may not be illegal at this point in time, but it is very deceptive and all they really do is recruit people who don’t know better.

      I’m going to stick to my guns and say it’s still one hell of a pyramid scheme because I have yet to see something that changes my mind.


  62. Brandon, in full disclosure I am a PHP agent. Initially I decided not to respond because you have already come to a conclusion so nothing is going to change your mind. That said, I’ll briefly tell you about my experience. I am an African American male who was a former school principal. I got tired of working in a dysfunctional environment. I have 2 MA and a Ph.D from Claremont Graduate University. Feel free to verify the validity of my claims. Collectively my education cost $200,000. After becoming a principal at 29 years old, I thought I was on my way to the good life. Not so. When I met Patrick Bet-David everything changed. In my seventh month, I made $7,100 which prompted me to talk to my wife about leaving education. Seven months later I went full time. Brandon, like anything, this industry takes work, and most people do quit. A lot of what you say in the first part of your review is factually correct. However, your conclusion that PHP is a scam is an incorrect conclusion. It’s an utter waste of time to argue which of your points are true, and which of your facts are off. Along my journey, I have tried affiliate marketing programs like Anthony Morrison, Six Figure Mentors, and Tai Lopez just to name a few. After investing about $25,000 in their programs and ad-spend I didn’t come close recouping my money. Even though I failed miserably in affiliate marketing that doesn’t make it a scam. I just didn’t have the creative energy, patience, or consistency to become good enough to make it in your industry. In PHP I now make more in a week than I did in a month as a school principal. In every network marketing business you start on the bottom. If you have the grit and tenacity, you can live an amazing life. My sons have more stamps on their passports than 99% of adults in the world. By the way, there are people who have been in PHP much less time than me who are (currently – not for long 🙂 doubling my income – why – because they have been consistently more productive than me. My first reaction was to attack you because you are talking about Patrick – who is a person I know personally and the company I love because it’s changed my life. I decided to take a more civil approach. Brandon, this is my ask – don’t call something a scam that has grown 15+ quarters in a row, has investors like Oscar De La Hoya, has interviewed past presidents and Hall of Fame basketball players, has paid me over 7-figures. Please feel free to fact check EVERYTHING I’ve said. Sincerely, Len Cooper, Ph.D. @drlencooper (IG)

    1. I’m happy for you and glad you got it to work for you, but on the other hand, they are going the wrong way about it and that’s why they have such a bad name.

      They mislead the blind, force you to recruit just to move up the ranks and are only out to get a quick buck off of you if they fail to recruit you. They will just use you for your money, and if they can’t get any out of you, they move on to your friends and family.

      It’s sickening what they do, but hey, if that’s your cup of tea then by all means continue doing you.

      Good luck.

      1. I totally agree 100% on this one.,My supervisor at work referred me to a colleague of hers at the branch office in Santa Clarita , CA telling me that her close friend is well-versed and knowledgeable about insurance products . I was reluctant at first to sign up but when I came in to apply for a policy , this agent who was an associate of my supervisor at my current job did not follow the proper procedure in obtaining my medical information which I felt uncomfortable disclosing . He just took a picture of my insurance card and proceeded to ask me about my medical diagnoses without asking me to sign any paperwork giving him the express consent to obtain such confidential information protected by HIPAA. He then promised me that everything will he kept confidential but I know for a fact that he disclosed my personal information to my supervisor that referred me to him which explains my supervisor’s bizarre behavior .And I know for a fact that the local PHP agency in the area that I live in sold my information to a third party two blocks down as I received an e-mail from a company that was located closely adjacent to this particular agent’s office . It was really weird because the address for the third party company that my information was sold to was on the same block as PHP. I eventually discovered that my supervisor at my current job was looking forward to getting her commission from my life insurance application which I eventually found out was turned down by the insurer I was designated to because of a pre-existing health condition which I suspect that my supervisor got wind of due to her close friend/ PHP agent breaching confidentiality . To add insult to injury , this particular agent was audacious enough to recruit me to be an associate by asking me to whip out a debit card in front of him that he wanted to run for $199 in exchange for the learning materials that he said I would require to be a state-licensed agent . I really felt uncomfortable during that presentation because my main agenda was to apply for a life insurance policy and not to be hoaxed into coughing up $199 to be a licensed agent that at that time I was not ready to commit to . My supervisor at my current job who obviously is an agent continually pressured me into signing up to be an associate , an offer which I balked at on several occasions because I really wanted to see how my life insurance application turned out . She and her friend kept pressuring me for a whole month to sign up with the lure of making extra money on the side as a trainee to a licensed agent /mentor at the office who they said would be doing a presentation /application in front of a person from my network that they told me I needed to refer to get a commission . At first , this particular agent / upline Marketing Director enticed me with promises that he would refund me the $199 that would go towards my enrollment as a PHP agent since he was so impressed with my knowledge of the insurance products being offered . On one occasion , he even offered to waive the $199 since he said that he thought I had the potential to rake in huge earnings as a PHP associate . Then came the letters of rejection from the main insurer PHP matched me up with , which considerably dampened my enthusiasm to be a PHP agent . I informed my direct supervisor at work about the final decision by the insurer along with my reluctance to sign up to be an associate since it didn’t make any sense working for PHP as an associate peddling life insurance products without a policy of my own . So my supervisor and her close friend proceeded to use this current COVID-19 pandemic to get me to sign up to be an associate making the referrals to PHP for just $199 with the guarantee that I will be raking in a huge earnings potential for each person that I would be referring to the company . My supervisor even got so creative as to suggest that PHP would be a safety net to fall back on just in case our company would close , cunningly preying on the uncertainty of the current coronavirus pandemic and my need for security and stability which evidently was not met by the rejection of my life insurance application by the insurer that PHP tried to sell me for $265 monthly . After a month of relentless high pressure tactics by my supervisor (and apparently a PHP associate )and prompted by my need to have some passive income and a second job I could fall back on following the considerable staff reduction at my current job in light of the coronavirus outbreak , I decided to give PHP a shot despite my lukewarm enthusiasm for the agency following the rejection. of my life insurance application . My supervisor at my current job told me that all I needed to do was bring a credit card that she could run while we were at work so she could generate my associate code and password that I would be using to start my training at PHP. She then asked me for my SSN, date of birth and address which I was uncomfortable giving out at first while on the job . She then proceeded to take a picture of my credit card she sent to the branch office via an app called CamScanner . I was really uncomfortable during the process as my supervisor at work was calling her friend /PHP upline from our company phones during normal business hours just to give out my personal information within the earshot of our other coworkers . I guess it was a blessing in disguise that the card I provided at the time of the enrollment was declined since I could not remember the address it was associated with . My supervisor was even brazen enough to ask me to login to the website to Discover card just to get the correct address . Then i started to sense something was up so I just advised my supervisor that I would prefer to do it some other time . However , she tried to make up some bs story about how the $199 offer was only available at the time so she asked me to fork over $200 cash that she said she would deposit into her account so she could use her debit card to sign me up . She told me that she could not give me any further information on the company until she got the $199. She even talked me into doing a cash advance at a nearby Ralph’s just to get the fee upfront . The following day , she coaxed me into stopping by her apartment to get the $200 upfront with the promise that I will be getting my official agent code and training materials at the second e-mail address I provided her with . Hours passed by and I still have not received an e-mail until I pulled up a welcome e-mail at the other e-mail address I used to initially sign up . Then I started seeing red flags . I was just floored to come across a New Associate Agreement that was evidently signed and filled out by someone else at the office without me going over it first . I read through the entire Agreement from top to bottom and I was shocked to find out that I would be an independent contractor of PHP solely responsible for reporting my earnings for tax purposes and that any commissions advanced by PHP would be subject to a chargeback by PHP if a certain customer cancels an application during a certain grace period meaning any associate would then be responsible for reimbursing PHP for such chargebacks . I then decided to rescind my membership and request a refund of my New Associate fee of $199 via a formal e-mail request to the Corporate Office with a copy sent to the upline Marketing Director as per the Agreement .The Corporate Office in Addison , TX responded promptly stating that they would process my refund request in a timely fashion on March 30, 2020. They followed up with an e-mail on March 31st explicitly stating that they would refund me my fee via direct deposit to my card . I then called the Corporate Office at (469) 917-4600 Ext 100 and asked if they could instead cut me a check remitted to my personal address specified in my first e-mail . The agent I spoke to told me that they process refunds via direct deposit and that I would have to get back to the person who signed me up for my money back . I proceeded to texting my direct supervisor about it and she just washed her hands clean telling me that I would have to touch base with the branch office to get my refund since she allegedly gave somebody there the cash to deposit into their account to sign me up and that I would have to figure out how to get it back . It then dawned on me that I may not get that New Associate fee back and it would end up being a runaround trying to pry it out of the vultures at PHP.At this point, I realized that PHP is a fraud I got suckered into signing up for and it’s not worth ruffling a few feathers at my current job to get it back since I will then be stopping to their level .

        1. That’s one hell of a story Ryan and it sucks you got suckered into such a BS system.

          PHP are renown for their shady recruitment tactics so I’m not surprised on the outcome.

          I think it should be a wake up call for anyone looking to get into this system that you will be dealing with people that don’t give a sh*t about you but instead want your money.

          Thanks for the story and I hope in the end you find something that does work for you.



          1. Brandon ,
            I’m still working on getting my refund back from these vultures . The Corporate Office in Addison , TX sent me an e-mail telling me that my refund will post to the account of the person whose card was used to process my enrollment . I did my due diligence and I found out who it was after the runaround . Now I’m waiting for this person to get back to me . Now my supervisor at work does not talk to me much because she knows she’s just as guilty .

          2. Hey Ryan. I’ll be happy if you do get your money back especially after the massive run around. Thanks for keeping us updated.

            Haha, and vultures, you got that right.

    2. “My sons have more stamps on their passports than 99% of adults in the world.” What a major boast there Len. It makes me wonder how many times you have pulled numbers outta your ass.

  63. As someone who worked for PHP for 1 year and a half, recruited people, attended the annual Big Event, and ran the system pretty hard, I think I’m qualified enough to give an honest and truthful inside scoop.

    Quick disclaimer, I now work for a different insurance company that does it the right way after getting fed up with PHP. Having to invest money in order to start isn’t really a big deal, many opportunities inside and outside of the insurance industries operate this way. But few, if any, require the $200 “new membership fee” that goes directly to the company.

    But anyway, here is the basis of how PHP operates. I’m going to try and give new information not shared in previous comments. For this example let’s pretend John has a decent sized team and has been in PHP for a little while. John recruits Chris, John first tries selling Chris a policy. John then “field trains” Chris by doing 45 minute appointments for Chris’ “warm market” (friends, family, etc) the goal of the apt is to #1 recruit (PHP has a motto of aim for a recruit, miss with a sale). If John fails at recruiting Chris’ friend he will switch to trying to sell a policy, if its a qualified appointment (meaning a person that would likely buy a policy is sitting in front of John), then he will likely sell a policy 30-50% of the time, at least that’s what PHP says, in my experience it was 5% of the time). From there John will try and 80% of the time, fail to get referrals for Chris. This will happen over the next few weeks, and once Chris is licensed, appointed with carriers, and trained enough to run his own appointments he will repeat the process. He will try and recruit more people to sell policies to (yes PHP encourages new agents to buy a po