Pinecone Research Review – Worth the Effort or Waste of Time?

Many people are interested in online jobs in the past couple of years, mostly because
they can work whenever they want.


There are many ways that you can earn money online.

Generally, it is not a very easy job to do for so many different reasons but if you are really committed you can find it to work for you.

The reason online jobs are not easy is that you have to manage your own time.

This might seem very easy but most people have trouble managing their time and working from home.

This is also a very popular way for travelers to earn money, because basically, there are jobs that you
can do and earn good money and some others will just waste your time.

When you’re deciding to join an online job, you need to look at your situation, the time you can spend and if it is worth your time or not.

I’m going to cut to the chase with this review because I know you’re busy and have a lot of distractions in your life.

Keep reading my Pinecone Research review to see if it’s worth investing your time or simply a waste.

At A Glance

Name: Pinecone Research

Website: www.pineconeresearch.compinecone-research-logo


Owner: Nielsen Holdings

Price to join: Free

My Rating: 2.5/5 stars

2.5 out of 5 stars

What is Pinecone Research

Pinecone research is owned by the Nielsen company and was launched in 1998.

It is an online website that offers surveys to people who want to earn money on their own time.

People can join this website for free, fill out surveys and receive money in return.

It is not a very difficult job and almost anyone can do it, however, it is not the ultimate financial solution for you to depend on since earnings are not a lot.

Unlike all the things you might hear or read about this system, one thing that is for sure is that you can not become a millionaire filling out surveys.

If you are very committed you can earn up to 400-500$ a month but no more than that.

Each survey pays up to 3 dollars each.

How to Make Money With Pinecone Research

First and foremost you can go to the website home page and click join.

Sometimes the registration on the website is closed and you are not able to register at times and need to come back later and try joining.

When you finally join the website you are going to receive an email from Pinecone.

In the email, you will receive a thank you note and username and password so you can start filling out surveys.

Remember that you can only register one member from each household.

Pinecone has software that can detect any cheating, so if you register more than one member or start to use
different devices, they will find out and close your membership and you will not receive your earnings.

This is a common complaint among users.

Pinecone is very strict about this rule so if you want to continue earning money through this website you need to obey their rules.

As a member of Pinecone Research you can fill as many surveys as you choose and can be paid in two ways; PayPal or check.

Pros of Pinecone Research

  • The design of the surveys that they offer are different from other survey sites. On most survey websites you need to spend a lot of time like 30 minutes depending on how fast you are. On those websites, you are not only offered multiple choice questions but you are offered questions that require you to write down your responses. Pinecone Research surveys do not require much time and they are very easy to respond to
  • Another great feature about Pinecone Surveys is the quality of the questions. The layout and the design of the questions are very simple, clear and easy to understand by anyone
  • After a while of working with Pinecone Research, the company will select you as a member that allows you to fill out product surveys. This means that they are going to send you a product and you need to fill the survey after you use the product. This way you get your money from filling the survey and you will get to keep the product as well
  • If you are actively working on surveys you have a chance to win a bonus. Active users are put in a pool and there is a lucky user chosen bi-weekly to earn the bonus which is $500. There is another bonus offered to these users as a quarterly drawing to win $4500. These features make it exciting to work for Pinecone as it is very rewarding to win a bonus

Cons of Pinecone Research

  • In 2013, Pinecone research has changed the way they make their payments to the people. Before 2013 they would pay people right away after they finished a survey so people could see the money in their account the next day. But recently they pay in points, meaning that after you have collected a certain amount of points you can receive those points as a check or a gift card. This change has brought up so many complaints from the users but it is not a huge disadvantage if you do not need your money right away
  • One of the major issues about Pinecone is that they do not accept new members all the time. Sometimes they close the registration and people have to wait a long time to be able to join again. During those times they only accept new users who are recommended by websites or other users. If you know someone who can recommend you, ask them to, otherwise you have to wait to be able to register
  • The money isn’t outstanding or anything like that. It’s not enough to allow you to quit your day job but definitely good for beer money

Is Pinecone Research a Scam?

Pinecone Research is legit and one of the few survey sites I actually like and recommend.

Earnings per survey are much higher than other survey sites and they don’t have many glitches as others either.

And if you know me, you know I’m not a big fan of survey sites, however, this one has intrigued me for the simple reason that it’s actually easy money.

They’ve built up a strong reputation with their customers and they continue to pay and enhance their business so we can make easy money.

Of course there’s going to be the small few that continue to give it low stars no matter what, but the benefits and pros of this system heavily outweigh the cons.

They definitely pay you for your efforts and they are 100% legit!


What I Recommend

It kind of sucks that you may not be able to register at times since they shut it down and only let you get in if you’re referred by someone or clicked on someones referral link.

This is one of the biggest downsides to Pinecone Research.

And of course because it is NOT passive income and not going to allow you to quit your day job.

This website is called Job Quitters Unite, and that’s exactly what I want to do, unite everyone that does not like their job and wants a way out of the rat race, and to finally be free!

We are all uniting over at my #1 recommendation and making things happen.

People are definitely seeing success and making passive income my friend.

Well when you’re ready I’d love to see you on the other side.

Cheers and have a great day!

Leave all your questions and comments if you’ve had any experience with Pinecone Research below!

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