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PlanNet Marketing Review – Low Quality MLM Straight Ahead

PlanNet Marketing, the solution to your financial freedom or one big scam?

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This system claims they can secure your financial future by providing a work from home opportunity that you can work full-time or part-time.

Most MLM schemes promise this and in all honesty, most people who join fall flat on their face.

It’s got nothing to do with the business, it’s just the nature of the game.

And in this PlanNet Marketing review, I want to find out what makes this MLM different from the rest and how you’re actually suppose to make money with it.


At a Glance

Website name: PlanNet Marketing

Owner: Donald Bradley and Andy Cauthen

Website type: Travel MLM

Price: $19.99/month + $199 and $39.99/month

My rating: 3/10


  • The potential to make lots of money is there


  • The product is trash
  • Newbies will most likely not make any money
  • Costs way too much to get started
  • They don’t have their own product
  • Over 97% of those who join don’t profit


PlanNet Marketing is an MLM in the travel industry. They don’t have their own product so they’re affiliated with InteleTravel. You’ll need to purchase ITAs affiliate program and recruit others if you want to make the big commissions.

However, as we found out, most people who join do not profit and I have the screenshot in this article to prove it.

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What Is PlanNet Marketing?

Founded in 2015, PlanNet Marketing is owned and operated by two men named Donald Bradley and Andy Cauthen.

Might I add that Andy was involved in an online pyramid scheme in the past.

PlanNet Marketing is an MLM in the travel industry. This one reminds me of another travel MLM I recently reviewed called Surge365.

Just like Surge, PlanNet doesn’t have their own line of products. They are actually affiliated with another company called InteleTravel.

InteleTravel is the company with all the package deals and services that you will be selling to others and making a commission.

PlanNet Marketing has the compensation plan and all the marketing materials to help you succeed in this business model.

How Do You Earn Money?

First and foremost, you will have to join PlanNet Marketing which will cost an ongoing monthly payment of $19.95.

From here you can either recruit others to do the same or promote the InteleTravel packages and services.

Recruit Others

So when you pay the initial $19.95 monthly fee, you’re able to recruit others to join as well, which is known as the compensation plan.

Once you’ve recruited someone, they also have to pay PlanNet Marketings entry fee along with InteleTravels affiliate program which costs a whopping $199 plus $39.99/month

Now you’ll earn commissions since your downline has purchased the affiliate program.

You’ll receive an instant $50 commission plus $4/month as long as they stay a monthly member.

Sell the Packages

The other way to earn money with PlanNet marketing is to not recruit, but to be an agent and sell the travel packages.

You will get commissions on every product or service you sell to your customers.

You’ll also receive your own personal website which you can advertise and get commissions on every sale you make.

The Compensation Plan

The only way to earn residual income with PlanNet Marketing is by ensuring your downline continues paying the InteleTravel affiliate program.

Your first commission is $50 and then $4/month thereafter.

The compensation plan works in a 3×9 matrix and fills up to 29,523 positions.

So in theory, if you can get 29,523 of your downline paying for the membership, you could make 4 x 29,523 = $119,092 per month.

That’s not including the commission you get from the initial sale.

Of course these are maximum numbers and the chances of getting this far are virtually none.

I know someone that poured their heart and soul into this program for 3 months straight and earned a massive, wait for it, 1 sale.


Gold Bonus – Purchase the InteleTravel package yourself and recruit 9 others to do the same to qualify for the gold bonus. This bonus allows you to earn an extra $10 on commissions.

Director Bonus – The director bonus earns you an extra monthly bonus depending on the amount of active ITA paying members you have. The more paying members in your downline, the more your bonus will be.

Director Bonus Plan

Achievement Bonus – You’re also able to earn rewards for reaching a certain amount of income per month. These rewards are: Presidential ring, Sapphire ring, Ruby ring, Diamond ring, Double diamond ring and gold Rolex watch.

2018 Income Statement

Fortunately I managed to dig up their income disclosure statement which is going to give us some very surprising statistics.

2018 PlanNet Marketing Income Disclosure

Keep in mind that these numbers are not per month, they are per year, and it does not deduct the monthly membership costs.

As you can see, 97.52% of people who join and pay the for PlanNet Marketing earn an average of $165.92 as long as they stay an average of 8 months.

But look:

$19.95 (the monthly cost) x 8 months = $159.6.

So in theory, if you join and stay a monthly member for 8 months you will profit a big 6 bucks.

8 months of hard work to earn enough for a big mac meal.

2.01% who stay in it for 24 months (2 years) earn $3833,68.

And only 0.46% make it to the director stage, which takes them 30-40 months to achieve.

Average director earnings range from $21,061.53 to $46,156.80 per year.

Impressive? Not at all.

Surprising? Yes…the fact that over 97% of people who join actually lose money.

Price & Purchase Details

The price to join PlanNet Marketing is $19.95 per month.

But to earn the big commissions, you will have to buy the ITA which is $199 plus $39.99 per month.

MLMs Do Not Work For Most People

You can see from the disclose screenshot above, most people who join aren’t going to make a dime and a lot of them will actually lose money due to the monthly membership.

There is just so much involved that the average person is going to fall and crumble.

Sure the business opportunity sounds like an amazing thing since you can work for yourself but the chances of getting there are near nil.

Unless you have lots of experience, of course.

But most people who join MLMs actually have no idea what they’re doing or getting themselves into.

I know because I have reviewed lots of MLM programs in my life and the average income is extremely low.

Sadly that’s just the nature of the game.

So Is PlanNet Marketing a Scam?

The good news is that PlanNet Marketing is not a scam and it is definitely a way to make money.

However, it is borderline legit.

They don’t have their own products and the name of the game is to recruit, recruit and recruit some more.

When that becomes top priority, then it becomes a problem.

Because now everyone’s joining just to recruit and not actually sell the services.

So PlanNet Marketing is not a scam but it is very borderline.

If you join, chances are you won’t even profit and that’s why I don’t recommend this system


Earn Money Without Recruiting?

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I thought you had to recruit to earn lots of money.

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And I do that with by creating blogs and monetizing them with affiliate marketing.

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Thanks for reading this review and I hope you have a great day.


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