PlaySpot Is Not Paying – This Review Explains My Experience

I have a bit of a confession to make. I have been using an app called PlaySpot for two days straight now.


It wasn’t the promise of paying you for your time that made me want to play the games.

I actually wanted to see if this thing was legit and if they actually paid you for the time you invested in the app.

Well needless to say, the games are VERY addictive and that’s why I still play them even though I’m earning pennies.

I’m going to keep this article short and sweet because I’m very much sick of these scammy apps promising everyday people money that they’re never going to get.

Keep reading this review for the truth.

What Is PlaySpot?

PlaySpot is an app that promises to pay you $ for playing games.

Advertisers pay PlaySpot owners to showcase their ads (games or other apps) in front of their users, and you also get a cut of the advertising fee just for playing the games.

You get paid for every level you pass. And the higher your level gets, the more money you make.

Some games take you back to level one once you lose, however, they still pay you for passing the levels again.

The bad news is the amount earned gets less and less every time.

A new game might pay you 50 points for each of the first 4 levels, but then only pay you 2 points when you go through the levels again.

PlaySpot Currency and Rewards

PlaySpot game

In-app Currency (Points)

The in-app currency is called points.

1000 points = $1

10,000 points = $10

$20,000 points = $20

Some “get paid to play” apps pay for time spent playing but PlaySpot pays points for every level you pass.

Of course this number goes up with the more difficult levels but goes down when you do the same level over and over again.

What sucks is that you don’t earn much for all the time spent playing games.

Some games will pay you 100 points for passing the first couple of levels. 100 points is about $0.10.

But that number quickly goes down to 2-3 points per level, which only ends up to be $0.02.

The Rewards

So the minimum threshold for PlaySpot is 20,000 points.

You can exchange these for PayPal cash, gift cards or even cash to your bank account (yes, they have wire transfer).

The wire transfer option stood out a lot to me because never have I ever seen a reward app pay through wire transfer.

It’s always PayPal and gift cards.

My Experience

I was actually invited to PlaySpot from an ad on a different app.

This ad was a questionnaire and allowed me to get an easy $5 bonus just for answering 5 basic general knowledge questions.

I thought, “wow, a free $5 for doing nothing”.

Then I was taken to the download page where I saw this app called “PlaySpot”.

They have a lot of great reviews so I decided to download right away.

I don’t have much experience with apps and had no idea that people weren’t getting paid the money they were promised, EVEN with such great reviews.

Anyway, I played the games for 2 days and got me 10,000 points.

So not enough points to cash out but luckily I done some research and found more information, and needless to say, I discovered some major red flags.

The Red Flags

Red Flag

1. High minimum payout

The high minimum payout is extremely out of place especially for a make money app.

Apps and task websites that pay you for your time usually have a minimum payout of $5, some even less, down to $0.50!

Well I found out that the high minimum payout is because they don’t pay.

They want you to give up before reaching minimum payout so they can keep all advertising fees to themselves.

2. You get an error message when you cash out

They have a bunch of negative reviews saying that they don’t pay you when you cash out.

Everyone seems to get an error message saying; “an error has occurred” when trying to get their cash or gift card.

But this error message comes up every single time and doesn’t go away.

My guess is that it was put there on purpose so they don’t have to pay you your earnings

3. They don’t answer emails

So after people got the error message, they decided to contact the owners to sort it out.

But people have been waiting weeks and sometimes months without ANY response.

They don’t care about you, your email and will never answer it because they are scamming people, it’s as simple as that.

4. Fake cash outs at the top of the app

Text scrolling at the top of the app claims “Joe has just cashed out $100 Amazon gift card”, or “Gary has just cashed out $50 with PayPal”.

These are all fake and it’s a tactic they use to make you think people are making real money.

No one is making money my friend, they are not paying and never will pay your earnings.

I Must Admit, the Games are Very Addictive

One massive positive about this app (although it doesn’t really have anything to do with the app) is that the games are very addictive.

They kill so much time so quickly, making it a great way to kill time while waiting in a lobby, in a line, a train or bus.

Or even just to relax at the end of a long day.

Although be careful, don’t spend hours upon hours playing the games.

Getting too addicted to something is not healthy and can take precious time away from friends, family and especially your dreams and aspirations.

An hour or 2 a day is more than enough.

What’s the Price?

It is completely free to join PlaySpot and play the games.

However, one big downside is that you have to download the games individually which can take up a lot of storage space.

Pros and Cons


  • Addictive games
  • Great time killer
  • Free to join


  • They don’t pay you your earnings
  • They ignore your emails
  • They have bad customer service
  • They have a high minimum payout. They hope you’ll give up before reaching the $20 minimum payout!

Is PlaySpot a Scam?

PlaySpot was the very first app that I’ve used where they pay you to play games.

This sounded like a great opportunity to make a couple bucks a day to earn at least $100 a month doing something fun.

However, that quickly came crashing down when I found out they don’t even pay and will ignore your emails when you question them about your earnings.

They reel you in with an easy way of making money but have a HIGH minimum payout so you don’t even reach it.

PlaySpot is a huge scam and they will continue scamming people while they still can.

Hopefully this review stops these scammers before more people waste their precious time and energy.

Scam Logo

Time to Make Bank

There are literally thousands of these make money apps coming out, and frankly, a lot of them are complete SCAMS.

The reason you use make money apps is because you want to make extra money on the side.

Well there are much better ways of going about it instead of playing games for hours and receiving maybe $0.20.

I think it’s time you chased the big money, the type that lets you quit your 9-5 job.

Wealthy Affiliate earns me 4 figures per month and I think you should at least check them out since they have the free trial.

That’s what I think you should do instead of chasing pennies.

Well that concludes this review and I hope you have a great day.

Have you used PlaySpot or have they scammed you? Let us know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “PlaySpot Is Not Paying – This Review Explains My Experience”

  1. I’ve used play spot and cashed out 3 different times for $20on paypal and got the money but had to wait a day after cashing it out to get put on my card. No one answered emails well it says Ted from playspot everytime so ted didnt answer any of his emails.

      1. Yup I second that. Im sitting on 29k points and EVERY SINGLE TIME an “An error has occured” message pops up. I use Mistplay and at least that is legit and has actually paid. It’s a little harder to get points but it does pay.

        1. Yep, there is no error. It’s a ploy to keep you playing because you think it’ll come right soon. But they just continue to make money from you with ad revenue. I hope you stopped playing and uninstalled it.

  2. You can try to tell me that the $60 I have received from playspot through 3 separate cash outs for $20 each wasn’t real. But you will be wrong. Paypal sure seemed to think it was legit based on the fact that my PayPal cash balance went up accordingly. Pay outs from PlaySpot where received and spent with no problems. Sorry if you are having troubles Brandon. But I certainly haven’t and have 100% made real money from PlaySpot. Side note I use Mistplay as well and have received a pay out from them. All be it for much less $ (only $10 Google play credit) and only once.

    1. That’s interesting Josh. How long did it take to build up all this money and get cash out?

      Most people play for months and still don’t even reach minimum payout.

  3. I cashed out on a 20 amazon gift card they sent me an email that they will send me it but it will take up to 14 days but ussualy takes less than one and i email then to ask how long they would be but they never respond

  4. I have Gotten paid 3 times.
    I have a video for help on getting paid, or finding out why you are getting the error message, when trying to get paid.
    Thank you.

    I don’t work for any of these apps, I use them just like everyone else.

    1. Hey Charley, I checked out your video and my statement still stands, they are not paying.

      You sent them a couple emails, they send a couple back. They say they’ll “pass it on to the technician team”.

      This is code for “we are not going to do sh*t and we will just string you along and make you think you will get paid soon”.

      This is what professional scammers do, make you think they are doing something to help you but they are not.

      You provided NO evidence about getting paid through them, so your video made no sense and it was no help whatsoever.

      PlaySpot is still not paying because they are scamming people.

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