Quitting Your Job to Spend More Time With Your Children



We get it, we have to work to make a living so we can spend time with our children, family and friends.

However, when we spend most of out time working we never actually find time to spend with our family.

It’s a catch-22.

You either have to work and spend time with your family only when you can (which is hardly ever), or quit your job and spend time with your family all the time.

I know what I would rather do, spend time with family all the time because kids are not little for long, and before you know it they’ll be teenagers and full-grown adults.

When you’re constantly working 40+ hours per week, time flies, and it flies so quickly it’s not funny.

So what are we suppose to do to counteract this paradoxical situation?

Well keep reading and see what I have to say about it all.

Most People Don’t Want to Quit The Money


Lots of mothers and fathers DO have the choice to spend less time in the office to spend with their children, but at the end of the day they simply don’t want to quit the money.

It’s not that they love spending 60+ hours working so they don’t see their kids, it comes back to the money, it always does.

They don’t want to give up the money because it is just so good.

Is this greedy? It doesn’t seem like it because they are working so their children can have the best life and they will constantly use that excuse not to go home early or cut their days back.

BUT…what if I told you that children don’t care about how much money you have, how much things you buy them or how flash your house is.

Being there is more important than money.

Read that again:

“Simply just being there for them and spending time with them is more important than money.”

Now lets dig a little deeper…

Being There Is More Important Than Money

Countless studies have shown that just being there for your children and spending time with them (playing games, talking about their day, visiting places, etc) does more good than spending money on them.

They do not care about materialistic things, they would rather have their parents than anyone else or anything in this world, it’s a true fact my friend.

Too many people think buying their love is the secret but that couldn’t be anymore wrong.

Sure they might love the newest iPad and they’ll be happy you got it for them, but they’ll be even more grateful if you were there, in the presence, being a parent.

Don’t Mistake Being There for Doing Nothing

You may be there, you may always be in the presence but are you actually spending time with your kids?

That is the million dollar question.

So many mothers and fathers come home from work and are too tired to spend time with their kids due to working 10 hour shifts.

But just because you are there, doesn’t mean you are doing the best for your child and that’s what so many parents get wrong.

You are there but you’re not actually there, you’re not with them 100% if you know what I mean.

Quality Over Quantity

Have you heard the saying quality over quantity?

It means quality time is more important than quantity, and that applies to most things in this world.

It applies to spending time with your kids as well.

Quantity means you are always there in the presence of your children but the quality time is lacking, a lot.

It’s not your fault, no one told you how to be a parent and the kids did not come with a manual, so don’t feel bad.

You thought being a great parent is working endlessly so you can give your children the best life, but that isn’t correct.

Lets take a look at quality time.

Quality time is actually spending time with your children while you’re in the presence and not just being there in the background.

This is where it all matters, this is what it comes down to and this is what your child will thank you for and love you for, not because of how big your house is, all the toys and technology you have or the latest and greatest iPad you’ve bought them!


At the end of the day, actually spending time with your children with every chance you get is the most important thing.

I keep emphasizing that because it is so true, and when you realize this you will find that your children will love you for being with them, talking to them, asking them questions, playing games, etc.

So should you REALLY quit your job to spend more time with your kids?

Well, you can but make sure you’re spending quality time with them and not just being there in the background.

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