Real Money Streams Sales Page

Real Money Streams: Scam or Legit $500 A week?

Are we dealing with another get rich quick scam or something that’s actually legit and going to make us lots of money?

Real Money Streams Sales Page

Out of the last 4 reviews I posted, 2 of them were complete and utter scams and it looks like Real Money Streams might be next on the list.

On the official sales page they are promising more than $500 a week just by doing simple online tasks that no one knows about.

Although they say they’re not a get rich quick scheme, $500 a week doing small tasks sounds like an unrealistic claim to me.

I am completely unbiased and I want to get to the bottom of this system and find the truth.

Keep reading my Real Money Streams review for more.

At a Glance

Name: Real Money Streams


Owner: Unknown

What they offer: A list of survey sites + internet marketing training material

Price: $37 (then $17/month) + upsells

My rating: SCAM!


  • Various ways to make money online


  • Shady monthly payments
  • Too many upsells
  • The training is low quality
  • The training can be found for free online
  • There’s no way you can make $500 a week
  • You won’t even profit


We are dealing with just another quick cash grab from someone who has put together a system designed to take your money and run.

There’s no real value in RMS, just a bunch of free training material compiled together into one system.

Additionally there is a list of survey sites which is supposedly how you make $500 a week, which is definitely not true.

Here’s the free system I use to make money online

So What Exactly is Real Money Streams?

It is a system that promises $500 per week by doing online and offline tasks.

When you pay the $37 fee, you’ll be introduced to a few survey sites and some “Get Paid To” sites.

Now before we move forward let me just tell you that yes you can make money with survey sites and GPT sites, but nowhere near $500 per week.

Most survey sites only offer a few surveys per day that earn around $0.20 – $1.50 each, and most of the time you won’t even qualify for them.

So this is a huge flaw from the get go.

Other jobs include performing small tasks for people in the offline world.

Basically, you will be given a couple of apps to download. These apps allow you to do tasks in your area for people and earn money.

These are actually free to download and one of the most commonly used today is called Task Rabbit.

There’s a Few Things Wrong With This System

From the get go there are some things this man isn’t telling you about the programs he recommends.

So in this section of the review I’m going to explain why it’s not as good as he makes it out to be.

1. No Offline Jobs for Rural Users

What if those who live in remote parts of the world purchase this system?

The offline jobs are only available for those in big cities, that’s why a lot of people who use it will be left with only online jobs.

Plus the average earnings from offline jobs are around $110 per month, it’s in the statistics.

That’s only $27.5 per week.

2. Survey Sites

Yes you can make money doing surveys and small offers online, however, there is a massive problem the owner leaves out.

No one is making $500 a week with these programs.

In fact, I even went as far too crunch the numbers and guess what I found?

If you put your heart and soul into trying to complete surveys everyday, a whopping $20 a day can be made which turns out to be $140 per week.

Again, nowhere near $500 and that’s if you go full tilt…10 hour days doing surveys.

It’s impossible if you have a full time job.

3. Amazon Mechanical Turk

The task completion website they want you to get involved in is called Amazon Mechanical Turk.

And yes I have done a review on that website too.

In that review I came to the conclusion that you can earn $2-$15 per hour.

However, that all comes down to work ethic and the individual performing the tasks.

$15 an hour is only attainable for those who practice everyday and get faster at completing the tasks.

Keep in mind that it is only available for US and Indian citizens which is going to cut out the rest of the world for this opportunity.

4. Earnings Drastically Exaggerated

This man behind the sales video is obviously exaggerating these numbers to make you think you’ll be completing easy tasks and earning an easy $500 a week.

The money isn’t too over the top and that’s what makes it seem like it may actually be possible to earn this amount.

Basically, he’s saying what you want to hear to make you get your wallet out and buy.

5. Major Upsells With Sneaky Monthly Payments

There are some major upsells that you will be slapped with and you need to pay attention to very carefully.

These are also low quality training designed to squeeze more money out of you.

And the worse part?

They ask for money upfront but in the smallest of handwriting it will say “$17 per month thereafter”.

So basically you think you’re paying $37 but then a month later $17 will come out of your account.

And that will be even more if you purchas the upsells too.

Here’s proof. This image is for affiliates selling the system:

Real Money Streams Sales Funnel

6. The Owner Is Only After One Thing (More Money)

Another huge issue is that the upsells are only designed to get more money out of you while offering little value in return.

There’s no way these products are worth the money he asks for because to be quite frank with you, they can all be found for free on the internet with a quick Google search.

Task sites, offline jobs, get paid to apps, these can all be found for free. You do not need to pay $37 to get a list of websites or apps.

A Bunch of Free Materials Slapped Together

In all honesty, there’s nothing really of value that this man is offering.

The main program is a complete joke and like I said, it’s only a list of companies that you can join to make a few dollars here and there.

There are also some training material.

These include: videos, guides and e-books on making money online.

All in all, the owner has grabbed a bunch of free stuff from the internet and put together in this system to make you think you’re getting lots of value for money.

But in reality you’re only going to get overwhelmed with the amount of information and not even give a single opportunity a try.

Then before you know it, multiple $17 payments will come out of your account in the next month because you had no idea that there was actually a monthly payment.

So is Real Money Streams a Scam?

In my opinion it is definitely a scam.

The owner promises false hope and exaggerates earnings to make a sale.

No one is making money with Real Money Streams and I can guarantee that those who purchase this system will lose more money than they make.

This system is a complete waste of money and the only person earning the big bucks are the owner himself and his affiliates.

I am not your father so you can get involved with RMS if you want but it’s certainly not something I recommend.


How Does Ordinary People Make a Living Online?

Opportunities like Real Money Streams are a big waste of time and money, we’ve concluded that.

So how does ordinary people actually make a living online?

Making money online can be done and no one needs to scam like these “gurus” are doing.

In fact I create real online businesses and earn money via affiliate marketing.

I do not sell a single thing, I do not recruit anybody and I don’t do any social media marketing.

Everything I learned was from this exact same system.

Thanks for reading this article.

What are your thoughts and experiences with this RMS? Leave your comments down below!

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