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Seacret Direct Review – Can You Really Make Money With It?

Making money with MLM companies is real and it looks like that Seacret is exactly that.

My friend is trying to get people to join through his link in the hopes he will make money with it, but what exactly are they offering and is it worth it or just a waste of time.

Because I’ve been in more than enough systems like these that wasted my money and of course my time.

So here in this Seacret Direct review you will find everything you need to know regarding this system.

A lot of money to be made with Seacret
  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Customer Service


Seacret offer health and beauty products for a healthier lifestyle and multiple ways to make money. They are legit and have a good compensation plan capable of making lots of money if you have lots of friends and family that are also interested in working from home.


  • A good list of products to choose from
  • Multiple ways to make money
  • An opportunity to make a lot of money


  • Difficult to make money since recruiting is not easy and never will be
  • Unsustainable business model. You’ll be constantly working and hoping to make it big but you’ll give up before you get started
  • Mall and shop employees are downright rude and will stop you in your tracks whatever way they can to convince you to buy their products
  • Not a good option for newbies. Even for advanced marketers, selling is by no means easy and if you’re a newbie it’ll be a constant struggle

Quick Look

Name: Seacret

seacret logo


Business Type: MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)

Price to Join: $20 – $100

The Claims

Seacret claim they have products to give you a better and healthier life.

From inside-out, top to bottom, they have you covered with products to rejuvenate your skin, remove wrinkles and slow down your age.

They absolutely love minerals and get them from the dead sea to create a large variety of products.

They combine the miracle of nature and potency of plants with science to create “awesome skincare, awesome health” and ultimately an awesome life.

So that is what they claim.

Seacret Story

Whois report show they launched in 2010, they are located in the United States and generate over 100 million dollars per year.

In 2001 they started with a retail business which quickly grew to over 900 locations.

A long while after in 2011, they tried social media marketing to increase the exposure of their brand and found great results.

This has caused them to blow up like wildfire and now people all over the globe are excited to try out their products.

What is Seacret?

Seacret is a Multi-Level Marketing company which has tangible products for sale.

But I would like to talk more about making money with Seacret because that’s probably what you’re here for.

You can choose to purchase these products for yourself or become an agent and sell them for commissions.

Another way to earn money with Seacret is to get involved in the Preferred Customer Program.

Simply put, regular customers have the ability to choose products to buy every month which are all discounted just for them.

You earn a percentage (commission) for the total amount of sales you bring the company each month.

The Compensation Plan (The Big Dollars)

The compensation plan is the biggest opportunity at Seacret.

This is how you can make a lot of money but do keep in mind that it won’t be easy.

To become successful with the compensation plan you have to convince others that it’s possible to make money and explain what they will also be doing to make money.

When you have 2 agents working under you, help them get their own 2 agents and then you have built yourself a solid team who are going to do the same to their own team over and over again.

Duplicate this process as many times as possible and eventually you can earn over $25,000 per week.

Well that is the gist of it anyway and of course it sounds great in theory but in reality it’s not so easy and the possibilities of it happening are extremely slim.

How Much Money Can You Earn With Seacret Direct?

The good news is that there’s plenty of opportunity to make big dollars with Seacret.

As I mentioned already in this article, you can make upwards of over $25,000 per week but it’s likely not going to happen.

That’s what the top dogs are making so don’t expect to make anywhere near as much.

They did this by building a team and harnessing the compensation plan.

The secret to seacret (lol) is to build a team, and you do that by recruiting 2 agents and then teaching them to do the exact same thing.

When you can master that you can make a boatload of money.

But keep in mind that you will need to know a lot of people, people who are motivated to succeed, people looking for bigger and better things in life and people who aren’t average.

Because the average person works a 9-5 job and only cares about going home, eating junk food and watching TV and doesn’t care about changing their life anytime soon.

Those are the people you don’t want to recruit because you’re definitely going to fail.

Price & Sign Up Details

You have to be from one of these countries to be able to register:

  • United States
  • Mexico
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Canada
  • Columbia
  • Vietnam

Each country has a different registration package which needs to be paid before you can join.

The prices of these packages range from $20 up to $100 USD.

To become an agent and join the compensation plan you will need to be recruited by another agent and pay $49 and another $49 each year you stay enrolled.

You still earn commissions as an agent but to “unlock” most of the commissions and earn as much money as possible, you will have to be actively training your team and recruiting more people.

Is Seacret a Scam?

One thing that fascinates me is that their focus is on the products and I get the impression that they really do love their products and believe in them wholeheartedly.

A lot of other MLM schemes will focus on the compensation plan instead and that’s what they will promote, NOT the products.

This only makes them look like a pyramid scheme because they care more about recruiting people instead of selling the products.

PHP Agency is one example.

So no, Seacret is not a scam and they are a legitimate company who really care about their products and want to get them out there for people to experience the benefits.


A Final Note

The people selling these products at malls and shops are employees, not the owners of Seacret.

These people are known to get in front of your face to sell to you even when you deny them multiple times.

They just refuse to take no for an answer and will do whatever it takes to make a quick sale.

So just keep that in mind as you come across these employees in real life.

Your best choice will be to order the products online just to make it easier and less stressful.

The Better Option

The good news is that a lot of money can be made with Seacret but the bad news is that recruiting people is no easy feat and it takes years of experience to know how to recruit people effectively.

Getting them in the door is the first step and even that step is difficult, but after that you also have to train them to invite their own agents.

It’s just an all around bad business model and certainly not for everyone.

This is going to be a definite no-no for shy people or anyone that doesn’t want to talk to others on a daily basis.

I don’t talk to a single person and I’m making enough money per month to live life on my own terms.

Writing is now my job and I love everything about it even though I thought it would be difficult, it never was.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I know to succeed online and I can’t thank them enough!

What are your experiences with Seacret? Let us know in the comments below.

A lot of money to be made with Seacret
  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Customer Service


Seacret offer health and beauty products for a healthier lifestyle and multiple ways to make money. They are legit and have a good compensation plan capable of making lots of money if you have lots of friends and family that are also interested in working from home.

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