Shiny Object

Shiny Object Syndrome is Killing Your Dreams

What is Shiny Object Syndrome and why does it stop you from reaching your dreams and aspirations?

Shiny Object

Well my friend, that’s what I’m going to touch base with you today.

There’s one thing from stopping you from attaining success, and that is the wrong help, training and support.

There are too much scams in this world promising rags to riches and that’s what we call in the online world a shiny object.

Keep reading this article for a breakdown of what I’m talking about and how to break free from this cycle.

What is Shiny Object Syndrome?

It is a distraction from what you’re focusing on.

Basically it means to chase something new.

This could be anything from a new business opportunity, a new tool or goal.

A shiny object knocks you off your path and makes you chase something else.

It’s actually what stops you from reaching your goals because you’re always distracted by new things passing you by.

Why it’s Killing Your Dreams


When we are motivated and dedicated to succeed, we give our FULL focus to that goal.

We tend to put our heart and soul into this new opportunity for the first week or 2 but we don’t see results.

So now what?

We start doubting our self, doubting the new idea and doubting our ability to make it work.

So we start making excuses and the very first new and shiny opportunity that passes by gives us an excuse to abandon that goal and try something new.

Rinse and repeat, the cycle continues and nothing ever gets achieved because we’re too caught up in trying to find the golden nugget.

But we never find it.

Months pass, years pass and before we know it we’ve literally wasted years trying to chase a goal that we could never achieve.


Cause we’re too caught up in shiny objects, letting it distract us from the main prize.

How to Combat Shiny Object Syndrome


So now we know what SOS is and why it’s distracting us, we are more aware of what’s happening and can combat this as much as possible.

The key is to stay focused and stop getting distracted.

1. You need to learn that new doesn’t mean better

Just because something is brand new and claims to be something great, more than likely it is not. They want YOU and will do whatever it takes to get you.

A new system doesn’t mean it works or that it’s going to be better for you.

The sooner you realize this the easier it will be to stay on your path and achieve everything you always wanted to.

2. Don’t give in to the hype

The hype is what ropes people in.

This is what distracts people from their main target and stops them achieving anything great.

The hype is hype and nothing else.

Once you learn that hype is nothing, you can focus on the things that matter most, like continuing with your main target without getting distracted like everyone else.

3. Minimize your time exposed to noise

Video games, social media, the new marketing program, the hottest game on the block, the news, these are all distractions and they WILL knock you off your target if you let it.

However, I’ve noticed that the less I give my time to these distractions, the less I become a victim.

For me I gave up gaming altogether, I don’t watch TV, I limit my time on social media and I focus mainly on action, putting in the work.

4. Know the difference between real opportunities and shiny objects

Shiny objects:

Shiny objects come and go, they will always be here no matter what.

In the internet marketing world these are called get-rich-quick schemes.

They promise you push button systems, thousands of dollars a day, 10 minutes of work a day, etc.

Basically, they promise you a way out with little to no work. That’s how they reel you in and knock you off your game.

Real opportunities:

The real opportunities are the things that have stood the test of time and are bulletproof to things like get-rich-quick schemes.

Real opportunities are proven to work, thousands of people have found success with them and they don’t have hype.

They don’t lie and they don’t give people false hope. They are truly out to give people training to help them reach their goals.

My #1 favorite opportunity is Wealthy Affiliate.

5. Think About Your Why

Why are you doing this? Think about why you’re doing this.

But go even deeper than your initial answer.

You want to make money online, but why? Why do you want it so bad?

When you have your “why”, nothing can stop you because you’re doing everything in your power to make it happen.

That means not letting anything get in the way, not even shiny objects that are promising you 6 figures in the next 7 days.

When you’re thinking about changing to another new system, think of your why.

Think about how far you’ve come and how much time you’ve invested in the system you’re already pursuing.

Because time is limited and we need to limit our time on things that’s going to waste our time.

We can’t get time back, the only thing we can do is make the most of it!

Well That Concludes This Article

Remember the 5 basic principles here on out and you can eliminate SOS from your life altogether.

I want you to succeed because I’ve been in your shoes.

I’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on Shiny Objects and guess how much they made me?

That’s right, a big fat zeeeero.

I just loved moving from system to system waiting for my breakthrough.

Nothing worked for me until I found the right training and that’s when everything changed and now I can help others find a way out of SOS for good!

Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on SOS? Are you suffering right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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