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SpeakWrite Might Be Legit But They Treat Their Members Poorly

You’re probably wondering what Speakwrite is and everything they have to offer. Well,fortunately I am about to review this system to discover what it is and if it’s a legit opportunity or not.

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From the get go it sounds like they have a unique take and wish to provide a service for everyone that wants to make money online.

SpeakWrite is an online transcription company that serves law enforcement, government and private sectors.

Today I want to talk about the jobs they provide and realistically how much money you can earn by using their system.

Legit But Not Worth Your Time
  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Customer Service


I tried to like SpeakWrite, I really did. But the matter of fact is that they don’t care about their workers, the pay is really low and there are so many requirements just to step in the door.

When you rank up you can’t even skip a day without falling in the ranks and losing business.

It’s just an all-round bad opportunity to get into because the owners don’t have your best interest at heart!


  • They offer a flexible work schedule
  • They have a solid reputation and have been around for over 2 decades
  • You can make a decent income if you move up in the ranks and stay there, and that means always applying for work


  • A lot of it is confusing, especially for newbies. I would call myself an intermediate internet marketer and even I had trouble applying for the job
  • The training manual is very confusing. When you ask for help from customer service, they lack support and only send you a link to the manual which most people cannot understand
  • Scheduling is first-come, first-serve. If you rank up and gain a good reputation but decide to take time off to spend with family or a vacation, you’ll fall back to the bottom
  • Many complaints about proofreaders being inconsistent
  • Complaints about not earning enough money per word especially for the strict guidelines and rules you need to know and learn
  • A lot of your time is sitting at the computer not getting paid and waiting for clients to get ready

Quick Look

Name: SpeakWrite

Website: speakwrite.com

Type: Transcription Service (Typist)

Price to Join: Free with specific requirements

What is SpeakWrite?

SpeakWrite is an online transcription company that pays you to write words.

They are one of the longest running considering they launched all the way back in 1997.

That is over 2 decades ago!

SpeakWrite doesn’t hide anything and they tell you what you’ll be doing and roughly how much money you can possibly earn before you join.

They don’t promise you rags to riches, but they do offer an opportunity to make some money from the comfort of your own home if you’re up for it.

Of course that is the gist of it, but do keep in mind that it’s not as simple as that as there are specific requirements before you can join and make money, but first lets talk about how you make money 🙂

The Process/How You Make Money

No doubt there is certainly a lot of money to be made in the transcription industry, but you do need to have a lot of experience.

Below you will see a screenshot of the type of money they claim you can make once you’re experienced.

However, if you’ve been using a keyboard for most of your life and you talk to a lot of people, you should already be good enough for the requirements.

But more on that in a second.

First and foremost, SpeakWrite pays you for writing words for audio files.

I just checked out their typist job and did one of their tests.

They say you need to be capable of writing 60 words per minute with at least 90% accuracy.

Well, being a blogger I decided to test my skills and give it a try 🙂

Here are my results:

I got 87 words in 1 minute with 99% accuracy rate.

Not bad if I say so myself considering the only practice I’ve had is writing on my blog.

Full Typist Job Requirements

The 60 words per minute and 90% accuracy rate is only the tip of the iceberg, sadly.

There are other requirements that come into play here.

  • You have to be a resident of the United States or Canada
  • 1+ years of transcription and word processing experience
  • Have good knowledge of creating reports, correspondence, memos, etc

If all this wasn’t needed I probably would’ve dived right in, handed in my application and decided to give it a go.

I have a skill in typing so I wanted to see how much money I could earn.

Once you are in the door, don’t expect to start making money right away. You have to schedule for the gigs by signing up for them first.

It’s kind of like working a real shift at a job.

You sign up for the shift, work while it’s your turn, finish when the time is up and then get paid.

That means it is active income (your income stops when you stop working).

Go here for my passive income opportunity (where you make money around the clock).

How Much Can You Earn With SpeakWrite?

What I like about SpeakWrite is that they state clear as day how much their members are making.

At the low end people are making $300 per month, with the more advanced people reaching as high as $3000 per month!

$3000 is not that bad in my opinion, that is actually quite good if you’re doing this for a living.

To become a more advanced transcriptionist and make the big dollars, you’ll have to receive positive feedback from your gigs you complete, and keep at it.

Treat it like a real job and you’ll get rewarded nicely.

You’ll get more jobs available to you the more you work at it.

Note: 3-4 months is the average time before you start getting 40 hours per week of work.

Is SpeakWrite Legit or a Waste of Time?

I could go on and on about the many cons and complaints I found for SpeakWrite, and it made me not like this system when I thought it was going to be good!

Independent contractors (the typists) are treated badly even though they’re the ones working and making all the money.

They are just seen as another employee by clients and even the people running the business! (which are family owned might I add)

If you want to be treated badly and unfairly, SpeakWrite is for you, otherwise keep reading for a much better alternative which has NO requirements to join whatsoever!

But yes, SpeakWrite is legit, not a scam, they definitely pay you for your work and you can make good money with it if you move up the ranks and hold your position.

However, the bad news is that there are so much more cons than pros and that is a big issue with an online job opportunity.


A Better Alternative

I definitely wanted to like SpeakWrite for the viable business opportunity they offer, but I just couldn’t.

I wish they just changed a few things to make it better but it doesn’t look like they’ll be doing that anytime soon.

There are way too many requirements just to get accepted and a lot of time waiting until it’s your time to work.

Then when you’re in you have to keep scheduling your shifts before you can even start working!

Stuff that.

I work when I want for as long as I want and take as many breaks as I want.

That’s the true power of blogging and the reason I recommend it over ANY job out there.

Go here to finally start making a decent income online!

Legit But Not Worth Your Time
  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Customer Service


I tried to like SpeakWrite, I really did. But the matter of fact is that they don’t care about their workers, the pay is really low and there are so many requirements just to step in the door.

When you rank up you can’t even skip a day without falling in the ranks and losing business.

It’s just an all-round bad opportunity to get into because the owners don’t have your best interest at heart!

10 thoughts on “SpeakWrite Might Be Legit But They Treat Their Members Poorly”

  1. I was excited when I started reading about SpeakWrite as it is good to know there are companies you can sign up with to make a bit of money on the side quickly, especially if you are building an online business of your own, and the money is taking a while to come in.

    I was sad to see there were so many cons, and the main one being for me is that they only accept Americans and Canadians. I am a fast typist, and wouldn’t mind some part-time work for those in-between times, but don’t see anything available for South Africans. Any other suggestions from your side?

    • Making side income until your main online business makes money is a great idea, but then again, it’s taking your eye off the prize and makes you do too much work than you can handle.

      You might stop trusting the process and giving up altogether. Just be careful trying to do multiple things online at once.

      But yes, Wealthy Affiliate is better suited for you.

      They will take ANYONE on 🙂

  2. Hi there, Really enjoyed reading your article it was very thorough and captures the essence of what the SpeakWrite offer is all about.comparing it to the affiliate program I promote, Wealthy Affiliate, it surely doesn’t hold up. It is refreshing to read such positive reviews that give people an honest look at programs they have not seen before.Great stuff!

    Cheers Karina

  3. Hey there! a really interesting article and providing a lot of important information. It’s sad how people living in Canada or USA can use the site. Anyway, you have explained every aspect in depth. Is there any other website you can recommend which is better and for everyone?

    Thank you for this article! best of luck for your future!

  4. Hi Brandon, 

    I have read your article fully and found that it is a great review about Speak Write Though this is legit transcription company but some one needs to work hard for their little earning. More over it is not beginner friendly. I also can not expect much from this company after reading your review. But I love your # one recommendation of joining in wealthy affiliate training program. Thanks for sharing this helpful reviews.

    • No problem mzakapon.

      And no, SpeakWrite is not for beginners or anyone trying to make money online. There is just way too much work involved for anyone new to the online world and they’ll likely quit before even finish the training.

  5. Boo on SpeakWrite Brandon! This is a great review of this company. I like that you were both complimentary as well giving the cons of what obviously could be a great work from home option if the policies weren’t so prohibitive. It’s a shame that they do not very much goodwill. The worst part to me is how you would never be able to take any time off without losing your standing. This is obviously unsustainable. It’s a very sad set up for sure. But your review was thorough and well written. 

    Many Blessings! 


    • Thanks for the comment Kim.

      You are right, it is an unsustainable business model since you lose rankings and future business if you decide to take a break for whatever reason.

      I surely know that’s not something I want to get into.


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