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Stepbet Review: A Legit Get Paid to Walk App

One thing I find interesting is apps that claim to make you money just by walking.

These are becoming more popular and it’s created a lot of buzz around them, which is how I found Stepbet and wanted to do a full review.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Can you really get paid just to walk?

It depends on what you have to do, that’s the million dollar question I’m going to find out.

So in this review I will discover how this system works, if it’s legit and how much money you can really make.


At a Glance

App name: Stepbet

Owner: Erin Oprea

App type: Get paid to walk

Price: Free or $50 per year (+ $40 to bet)

My rating: 6/10


  • Free to join
  • Can make some money
  • Extra motivation to exercise


  • Not a big earner
  • Only one challenge at a time as a free member
  • Takes 6 weeks to complete one challenge


Stepbet is an app where you bet on yourself to pass a walking challenge within 6 weeks.

Those in the same pool as you who do not pass the challenge lose their bet and it gets shared with everyone else in the pool.

Stepbet is legit and money can be made but it’s definitely not going to let you quit your job.

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What is Stepbet?

Stepbet is an app where you can make money just by walking.

So basically, it is an app designed to help you live an active and healthier lifestyle.

It is free to join but requires some money if you want to place a bet and earn money.

The process explained

You will actually be placing a bet on yourself. The bet is to meet a certain amount of steps per day and the app will pay you when you meet your goals.

Stepbet Goal

The general idea is that there are a certain amount of players in a pool.

This pool has, lets say, 1000 people. They all bet $40 each on themselves.

Those who do not meet their goals will lose their money and it will be split between everyone else in the pool.

So if 300 people don’t reach their goals, that’s $12,000 to be split between the rest of the 700 in the pool ($17 each).

You will also get your initial $40 back, so the total paid back to you will be $57.

Of course that’s without the 15% cut that Stepbet takes. They take a cut of the profits so the $12,000 will turn into $10,200.

You can actually bypass the 15% fee if you become a paying member.

Becoming a Member

So there is an option to become a member which changes some things around. I’ll discuss what I’m talking about below.

Free Member

Everything I explained above is what you get as a free member.

Basically, you join, pay your $40 bet and start the 6 week challenge. Then the profits get split between everyone else.

However, you can only play one challenge at a time which is going to limit your earnings.

Also as a free member the amount of steps increases over time which makes reaching your goal more difficult, especially if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for it.

Paid Member ($50 per year)

Stepbet Congratulations

In my opinion, becoming a paid member is a lot better.

This requires $50 per year but it bypasses the 15% Stepbet cut and you can play 3 games at a time.

Also your goal doesn’t increase over time.

You can keep the same goal which is a lot better as it already fits your lifestyle and you’ll have more chances of winning.

The paid membership option is more preferred for those who are confident that they can reach their goals.

No Guarantee of Profits Even If You Win

Of course there might be some instances where you won’t earn money even when you meet your goal.


This happens if everyone in the pool reaches their goals.

There’s no profits to go around so you will only be paid your initial $40 that you paid for the bet.

This can be frustrating since you worked so hard to try and win.

However, keep in mind that there are always hundreds of people in one pot and a lot of them don’t reach their goals.

How Long Do the Challenges Go For?

All challenges go for 6 weeks but the first week is a warm-up week, no one can be eliminated.

After that, those who don’t reach their goals for the week will be eliminated and they will lose their $40 bet.

At the end of the 6-week period, the total money from the losers will be totaled up and paid out to everyone that passed the challenge.

How Much Money Can You Make?

As a free member your average earnings will be around $10 per month, probably even less.

The challenges go for 6 weeks so you won’t actually make any money until the 6 weeks is over.

And of course this amount fluctuates depending on how much people lost the challenge.

It can be $10 profits, $15 or even $20.

However, paid member earnings are much more than this since you’re able to play 3 challenges at a time.

Play 3 challenges and if you win all 3, you could be looking at $7 – $20 per challenge at the end of the 6 weeks.

Not a bad little earner if your lifestyle allows for it.

How to Set It Up

Signing up is pretty easy. It is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

When you sign up and connect one of your trackers to the app, it will read your past steps and calculate average steps per day.

Compatible trackers: Fitbit, Garmin, iPhone Apple Health, Apple Watch, and more.

Compatible Trackers

It will then set you a weekly goal based on your average steps per day.

You can then choose to accept the challenge and place the $40 bet which can be paid via PayPal.

Earnings will be paid through PayPal at the end of the 6-week challenge within 48 hours.

Who Stepbet is For

I think it’s great for those who are on their feet all day, as it’s almost an automatic win.

You won’t even have to try and get your steps for the week because you’ll be walking everyday anyway.

It’s also great for people looking to get more fit and healthy.

The motivation is to not lose your money at the end of the 6 week period, so you’ll do everything in your power to get your money back plus a slice of the pot.

Now since you don’t want to lose money, you’ll go for a walk and get some steps in before the days over!

What I Think of Stepbet

I think it’s a great little app for those who need a good challenge to keep themselves active.

It’s not huge income but at least there is some money at the end of the rainbow, as long as others fail to meet their goals.

I like that it’s free to join and at the very least you can earn your money back as long as you reach your goal.

I don’t think it is for those looking to make hundreds of dollars a month but nonetheless, it can supplement your overall monthly income.

So is Stepbet a Scam or the Real Deal?

Stepbet pays their members and it’s a legit way to make money with your mobile device.

They have a solid 4.7 star rating and the community really love them.

They have not scammed anyone and do not plan on scamming anyone in the future.

Because of this I would have to say that Stepbet is 100% legit.


Make Even More Money

Yes Stepbet helps people make money but it’s not going to let anyone quit their day job.

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I wanted much more than that because I wanted to be able to quit my job.

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Well thanks for reading this review.

What are your thoughts on the Stepbet app? Leave them down in the comments below.

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