Super Affiliate System Review – Big Scam or Legit System?

I’ve reviewed one of John Crestanti’s systems in the past and it turned out to be legit and made me want to review another one of his, which is called the Super Affiliate System.

Although his other systems might be legit, that doesn’t mean all of his systems are.

One thing I DO like about John Crestani is that he doesn’t hide his identity, and that is a good flag in my eyes because it shows he has nothing to hide.

This is an honest Super Affiliate System review to assess the legitimacy of the program, the real intentions behind John Crestani, the quality of his system, if it’s worth the price and whether it is legit or not.


At a Glance

Name: Super Affiliate System



Owners: John Crestani

Price to join: $47/month + $187 upsell

My Rating: 2.5/5 stars

2.5 out of 5 stars

What Is the Super Affiliate System And Who Owns It?

John Crestani is the brain behind Super Affiliate System, which requires you to buy into it to begin purchasing products.

This is an online platform where you can become an affiliate and resell items.

This ‘pay to play’ policy is the main method of revenue collection for this business.

Before its current name, Super Affiliate System used to be known as ‘My Super Affiliate Mentor’.

How Does It Work?

Super Affiliate System works like most other affiliate businesses.

The business makes it a legitimate company with genuine tangible products for sale.

It works by recruiting people who will buy into the company and make money by promoting the items purchased.

This means you are compelled to promote what you are joining since your earnings rely on your diligence and hard work.

This business model is easily dismissed as a pyramid scheme and avoided by most newbies and exactly why so many people shun the business.

The whole point of the program is to promote what you join.

The greater your advances in promoting the products the higher your earnings, which is rarely seen as an attractive business model since it is not an easy way of earning money online.

This idea has a bad reputation and stops many people from joining the Super Affiliate System.

What Do You Get Once You’re A Member?

For your introduction, Mr. Crestani explains all you need to expect in a full course outline, which goes for 12 weeks at most.

It includes a basic introduction on how to use Facebook, Native ads and YouTube ads among others.

Once you’re in you will be getting buyers’ data in many niches to make lookalike audiences from social media sites.

You can take advantage of your online presence by adding a ton of social media friends on Facebook or YouTube to advance your influence.

Sharing contacts is hugely insane but possible and helpful.

You will be receiving a big head start to the program with target data.

You will also receive copy and paste ad swipes that have been proven to work for ad campaigns.

You can use these ads to maximize your marketing effectiveness, which is a trendy way to market your products.

You will also receive templates in HTML format from John for download and use on your site.

However, this is a preference, which you have a right to pass.

If you decide to avoid it because you are not interested, you can still do fine without it.

The Products/How To Make Money

So what the hell are we actually promoting?

Well there are two ways to make money with the Super Affiliate System.

You can either join and take advantage of the products available, which are all income opportunities.

OR you can be an affiliate for these products and sell them to others and earn a commission.

Here are some of the products:

  • Internet Jetset (review)
  • Monthly student coachings
  • Xtreme case study archive
  • The 12 week Super Affiliate System
  • Super Affiliate System weekly workshops
  • Super Affiliate System (READY TO LAUNCH) campaigns

How Much Money Can You Earn?

If you follow instructions and consider all the help from the expert, you are eligible for USD $300,000 actual money in a year.

Earning USD $150,000 in the first 6 months is also possible if you keep up your concentration to maximize your potential.

Of course none of this is guaranteed and this money is a bit of a stretch but that’s what John says the potential is if you give it your all no matter what.

If the circles around you have prior negative attitude towards this business model, you will find challenges in your efforts to sell and promote the products.

This means you will be working harder to expand your network.

You can approach people beyond your neighborhood via social media sites and become a big influencer with people that DON’T know you.

That is what many successful internet marketers are doing nowadays and seeing great results.

Are There Any Restrictions?

There are no restrictions to join the Super Affiliate System.

John Crestani has made it possible for anyone that’s willing to join.

You do not need a strong education background in marketing to stand a chance as a successful member since you can learn from the tutorials provided online.

It takes 12 weeks to master and become an effective marketer with this program.

You can join super affiliate system as a part-time worker and means you will be creating your own time to farther the progress in both learning and promoting the products.

Any adult with a sane entrepreneurial mind is therefore, eligible to join Super Affiliate System.

Does It Cost To Join?

It costs $47 per month to join and use all the products available and can be accessed on their official website:

There is also an upsell of $187 which you have to be very careful about.

When you’re shown the upsell, it doesn’t say what you are getting, just a button saying “Give me access to the $187 program”.

When you click this button it will purchase it immediately using the credit card you used to pay the $47 beforehand.

Do not click this button or you will be charged an extra $187 without being told what you are getting, and that will quickly make you angry and frustrated.

Pros of Super Affiliate System

  • A ton of bonuses
  • Lifetime access to group coaching to maximize your opportunities
  • Free training courses
  • Direct contact with John Crestani himself
  • Lots of products to use

Cons of Super Affiliate System

  • Takes a long time to generate reasonable earnings
  • It needs constant nurturing and focus to achieve a stable network
  • A little difficult for newbies
  • May be overwhelming with all the products available

Is Super Affiliate System Legit or a Scam?

All evidence proves that Super Affiliate System is a legal business model with genuine tangible products.

These products are legitimate too. Unlike pyramid schemes, this is not a scam or part of any fraudulent activity.

What I like about John Crestani is that he’s actually one of the few legitimate make money online gurus on the internet.

He’s not afraid to show his true identity because he’s releasing good products that will actually allow you to make money on the internet.

And although he’s very salesy with a lot of hype of making 6-7 figures, what he teaches definitely works as long as you put in the work and never give up.

The Super Affiliate System is legit and there is definitely money to be made!


What I Recommend

Although Super Affiliate System is legit and you can make money with it, there is no free trial available so you can’t see exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

The system I recommend has a free trial that goes for an unlimited time, meaning you can make money on the free trial and never have to upgrade if you don’t want to.

It has the same concept, which is affiliate marketing but you won’t need to be an influencer on social media, there is no promoting or selling, just creating a website around something you love and writing content that gets ranked in the search engines.

It’s so basic and the easiest ways to make money on the internet because the internet never sleeps and neither does your website!

Well that concludes this Super Affiliate System review.

If you’ve had experience with this system kindly leave your questions and concerns in the comments below!

Otherwise thanks for reading and have a great day 🙂

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