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Surf to Cash Formula Will Not Earn You $500/Day [Not Recommended]

Is it really possible to get paid lots and lots of cash just by surfing the web?

That’s what Surf to Cash Formula claims on their official landing page.

They claim that this system will earn you $500 per day and you can start making money in the next few minutes.

However, these promises are usually fake and the owner is out to get one thing, as much money as he can from you.

In this Surf to Cash Formula review I’m going to discover if it’s legit and how much money you can really make.



Name: Surf to Cash Formula


Owner: Michael Gran (probably a pen name)

What you’ll be doing: Building a downline using free traffic exchanges

Price: Free to join + money to sign up to the opportunities available

My rating: 3/10


  • It’s possible to make money
  • It’s free to join and see the training modules
  • Has step-by-step training


  • Requires money to make money
  • Very misleading since no one will make $500 a day
  • The owner is not real
  • The testimonials are fake
  • Making money with traffic exchanges doesn’t really work


This is a downline builder designed to get lots of people to sign up under you.

They have step-by-step training and it’s free to join. However, money has to be paid to make any money and most who sign up won’t even take action.

In my opinion it is a big waste of time and energy.

Here’s the free system I use to make money online

What The Heck is Surf to Cash Formula All About?

The idea behind Surf to Cash Formula is to promote the exact same system you just joined via free traffic methods.

These are traffic exchanges, safelists and Facebook.

I have actually tried making money with traffic exchanges in the past and guess how much money I made?

That’s right, a big fat zero.

I tried capturing emails, I tried getting referrals, I tried selling products, I created my own funnels, and still, nothing seemed to work.

So what makes STCF different?

Lets find out.

How it Works (The Process)

The idea is very simple.

STCF is a downline builder. When you join, you will be signing up to a few programs which you will be using.

But because it is a downline builder, you’re actually signing under someone else.

So now you will receive promotional emails from others in your upline.

On the contrary, you can also promote your own emails and products to people in your own downline.

Here’s the process broken down:

Step 1: Sign up to vTrafficRush

Step 2: Sign up to Viral Lightning. This requires a $37 joining fee or you can recruit 5 people which will pay for your joining fee.

Step 3: Join Power Lead System. Although I cannot find this program anywhere so I think it might actually be shut down.

The Modules

STCF Training Modules

Once you’ve performed the mandatory steps above, you can then begin the training modules and start getting traffic.

There are a total of 6 modules.

These are:

Module 1: Activate the traffic systems

Module 2: Setting up Power Lead System pro

Module 3: Creating your tracking links

Module 4: Setting up free traffic methods

Module 5: Daily action plan

Module 6: Activating paid traffic systems

What I Personally Think of Surf to Cash Formula

There are a lot of things about STCF that I don’t like.

For one, it is painfully misleading. You will not make $500 a day within the next few minutes.

Also it’s a massive downline builder.

Yes I have done that too. I’ve tried building a downline before and it has never worked for me.

I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but I feel I’ve got enough experience to say that it takes literally days before you get even 1 downline.

And 99% of the time, those people don’t take action and put in the work.

In my opinion this system is way too complicated, there’s just too much work required to set up and that’s why those who join won’t take action.

But even less chance for people to actually purchase the required programs and make you money.

So How Do You Make Money?

You remember the systems you have to pay for in steps 2 and 3?

Well when you made your purchase, the person in your upline earned a commission for the sale.

And that’s also how you will earn commissions, when people in your downline purchase those systems too.

Because they signed up under you you will get compensated for any purchases they make.

Basically, you make money when your downline makes purchases.

It’s a Numbers Game

Downline builders solely rely on lots and lots of traffic and lots of sign ups. It’s as simple as that.

It really is a numbers game.

Get 10 sign ups and you might get 1 person who looks at the training but doesn’t take action.

Get 100 signs ups and have more of a chance for someone to take action. Heck, you might even make a sale.

Get 1000 sign ups and you’ll probably make more sales and have a consistent flow of cash coming in by now.

But is it even possible to get 1000 people signing up? What about 10,000 people?

If it’s a numbers game shouldn’t you only need more signs up under you to make more money?

No and I’m about to explain why.

The Problem With Downline Builders

Literally everyone who you’ll be showcasing your sales funnel to are doing it for the exact same reason you are.

They want people to look at their offer.

So the chances of them seeing your offer and taking action are extremely low.

Plus everyone else using Surf to Cash Formula are using the same landing pages, meaning everyone else has been exposed to them already.

That creates even less chance of getting a sign up because they’re sick of seeing the same landing page.

These types of systems ALL sound great in theory, but when you actually put idea to paper, it becomes a whole different story.

Plus it takes a hell of a long time to reach enough credits to showcase your own landing page (where you get sign ups) unless you purchase credits.

Which I don’t recommend since it’s a high-risk system as it is, you could be spending more money and not get any in return.

Price & Purchase Details

Fortunately it is free to join, look around and begin the training.

When you get to a certain area of the training you will need to purchase one of the recommended programs, or you won’t be able to earn commissions.

The Verdict

There is way too much risk involved with this system.

The bottom line is the owner thought this was going to be a wonderful idea and everyone who promotes it can benefit from their downline.

Well news flash:

The owner promoted it to his email list and got lots of sign ups and revenue

But most people have no email list so they use free traffic methods instead, which definitely do not work. Or not fast enough to make any profit anyway.

So the bottom line is this:

You will not make any money with STCF unless you have a huge email list or purchase solo ads, which basically means renting somebody else’s email list.

But that is a whole other ball game and requires hundreds of dollars.

I would actually bet money that you won’t receive enough sign ups and sales to actually make a profit.

Is Surf to Cash is a Scam?

It seems like the owner had good intentions.

He wanted people to promote this system via free traffic methods and earn money.

It’s hard to make money online and newbies struggle all the time, so he decided to make a super simple system that anyone can do.

And so he created Surf to Cash Formula.

It’s not exactly a scam but the chances of actually making the money he talks about are near zero.

I’ve tried downline builders and they never actually, especially with free methods.

Surf to Cash is not a scam but not exactly going to earn you $500 a day for that matter either.

It is full of hype, overwhelming and no one is making money.


How Do People Really Make Money Online?

The only real way to make money online is to create a business.

Like I said above, I’ve tried my hand at downline builders and building through traffic exchanges.

No one joins because they’re trying to showcase their own website or offer, they want others to join there’s.

So they’re not actually interested in joining anyone else’s opportunity.

That’s why traffic exchanges fail miserably and they’re one of the worst traffic sources out there.

A couple of years after failing over and over again I was searching up a review and I got pointed to a system called Wealthy Affiliate.

From there I began my free trial and started my own online business.

Now I am finally making money online and it only took 100 different opportunities to get there!

Here’s the exact same system I used

Well that concludes this Surf to Cash Formula review. I hope you found everything you were looking for.

If you still have questions or concerns please place them in the comments below.

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