Best Make Money Apps in 2020

Make Money Apps

Apps are getting bigger and bigger. There is an app for almost anything these days and it’s great!

Make Money Apps

Most people want gaming apps, task scheduling apps, tools to make their life easier, etc.

But for some of us, we want apps that make us money.

Because making money with apps is completely possible and in this article I’m going to talk about the top 20 that I personally think are worth getting into.


Best Make Money Apps of 2020

1. Rakuten Ebates (Make Money With Cash Back)

Formerly names Ebates, Rakuten is a cash back rewards program which you make money from shopping online.

They offer a $10 sign up bonus, savings, coupons and promo codes for various companies all over the world.

They work with over 2500 stores and earn you up to 40% cash back whenever you make a purchase.

Rakuten (Formerly Ebates) has a strong reputation, is the ultimate easy saving tool and the reason why it’s made #1 on my list.

Download Ebates

2. Foap (Make Money Selling Pictures)

FOAP is an app that allows you to earn money but with a bit more work required.

This is the place for people that are avid picture takers and want to sell their work to some of the top brands in the world.

You’re able to create a portfolio, get feedback from other FOAP users and browse the large collection of photographs on the FOAP app.

They pay 50% commissions, a $50 sign up bonus and they pay via PayPal.

Download FOAP

3. Acorns (Make Money With Spare Change Investing)

Acorns is a savings app which works by rounding up your purchases to an even number.

However, you will need to link your credit card which may not be something you’re interested in doing.

They have a solid 4.5 star rating so comprising security isn’t an issue!

It works for everyday purchases including your favorite stores like Walmart, Nike, airbnb, and more.

They also offer 10% bonus investments on shopping at selected stores.

Download Acorns

4. SlideJoy (Make Money With Your Phones Lock Screen)

SlideJoy is a much more simpler approach than most of the apps in this article.

This app simply runs on the background of your phone and provides ads every time you unlock your phone.

You can either choose to watch the ad or skip it altogether.

Either way, you make money just for having the app installed and running. This is more of a passive approach.

Of course it’s not going to make you a hell of a lot of money but it’s easy money.

Download Slidejoy

5.  Money App (Make Money Completing Tasks)

Money app is rated ONE OF the best rewards app out there, as they hold a solid 4.7 star rating!

This app allows you to earn money by completing various different tasks.

These tasks include: completing surveys, playing games, testing services, giving your opinion, endorsements and free trials.

They are adding new tasks daily and pay cold hard cash, which is great to see considering others task apps pay with gift cards only.

Download Money App

6. Fluid – Truck Share (Make Money Renting Out Vehicles)

Another app that requires a lot more work and time to earn money is called the Fluid – Truck Share.

However, you’re going to need a very well maintained and legal truck, cargo, van, car, pickup truck or SUV to make money with this app.

The way it works is you rent out your vehicle and can make up to a few hundred dollars a month.

This is not a bad passive earner if you really go all out.

I recommend purchasing a vehicle dedicated just for renting out so it’s always available for anyone that wants to use it.

Download Fluid – Truck Share

7. Swagbucks (Make Money Completing Surveys and Other Tasks)

You’ve probably already heard of Swagbucks and are sick of hearing about it by now, but hear me out.

They are not just a website, they have their own app and because they are so legit and highly reputable, I had to include it in this list.

Every time you complete a task, you get something called “SB” (the in-app currency).

Tasks include: Watching videos, completing surveys, shopping eCommerce sites, searching the web and more.

When you get enough SB you can redeem for rewards such as gift cards, PayPal cash, etc.

Download Swagbucks

8. Bookscouter (Make Money Selling Books)

One way to get rid of your clutter around the house is to sell your books.

Might I add that people are paying big bucks for certain books and you might be sitting on a lot of money if you’re a bit of a bookworm.

How it works is you type the ISBN of the book into the app and get over 30 quotes delivered in real time for the book you’re looking to sell.

Of course the more books you have the more time consuming this is going to take, but that also means more money in your pocket.

Download Bookscouter

9. Musely (Make Money Recommending Products)

Musely is actually an online community in the health and wellness industry.

This is a place where you can connect with like minded people to share and receive health, wealth and lifestyle tips to become a better woman.

And the way to earn money is by selling products through your “online store” and earning commissions when you make a sale or recommendation.

You will earn 20% commissions on all sales.

Download Musely

10. Uber (Make Money Driving)

Of course Uber had to make this list because it’s one of the biggest and most legit make money apps out there.

First you will need to start a profile and have a reliable car, but then you can begin making money driving people to varioius locations.

What I like about Uber is that no cash is handed over, everything is done through the app so no one can be scammed.

What’s also great is you can simply turn it off and on as you please.

Just finished work? Turn on the app and make even more money.

Finished for the night/day? Turn off the app. It’s pretty much instant money when you get the ball rolling.

Here’s the free system I use to make money online

11. Mercari (Make Money Selling Items)

Mercari is another selling app, but this time the items are anything and everything.

The way it works is by taking a picture of your item, adding a description and price and adding it to the app.

This is a great way to get rid of your junk and make easy money on the side.

Something I like is that there’s no meetups, all items are shipped for a safe and secure transaction.

This is something we need more of these days since Facebook pages like Buy N Sell are scamming people left, right and center.

Download Mercari

12. Mobee (Make Money Offering Feedback)

Mobee is an app where you can make money providing feedback/reviews on selected stores.

How it works is you pick a store, activate your mission, fill out a few questions as you shop or eat and earn rewards.

The good news is that there are thousands of stores to pick and choose from (restaurants and retail), so you’re not tied down to a couple of stores in your area.

You get paid via gift cards and other rewards.

Download Mobee

13. OfferUp (Make Money Selling Items)

So OfferUp is actually the biggest marketplace for buying and selling items.

The reason this has made the list is the high star rating and the fact that it’s 100% legit.

You can buy and sell anything you want and can view other peoples profiles to see their trade rating.

This is good news for those looking to become a trusted seller.

If you can build up a great reputation for really helping the people, you can gain a lot of trust within the online community and make lots of money buying and selling items!

Download OfferUp

14. TaskRabbit (Make Money Completing Errands)

People want things done around the house and they simply cannot get a professional in to do it (for whatever reason that may be).

You can tackle work around the house or run errands around town for other people and earn money for your labor.

There is all type of work available on the app and all you need to do is create your profile, advertise your services and get alerts when people demand your services.

Download TaskRabbit

15. Ibotta (Make Money With Cash Back)

Another high quality, extremely reputable cash back rewards program is called Ibotta,

With Ibotta, you aren’t tied down to a few stores, you’re actually rewarded with cash back through over 500,000 brands and retailers all through the online and offline world.

The average Ibotta user earns $150 per year just for shopping at their favorite online store. And to be honest, that’s not bad money!

They also a $20 bonus just for signing up.

Download Ibotta

16. Snapwire (Make Money Selling Your Photos)

Snapwire is an app that allows you to earn money selling your photographs.

What I like about Snapwire is you’re able to see in real-time paid photo requests and challenges.

Thousands of brands want high quality photos and they’re willing to pay lots of money for them.

And if your photos really are that good, they get nominated, you earn points and make sales.

So if you’re more of the “expert photographer” and really want to earn good money for your work, this app is for you.

Download Snapwire

17. Decluttr (Make Money Selling Items)

You know all those little things lying around your house, apartment, room?

Things like DVDs, CDs, Games, Books, and technology can be sold quickly and easily with the help of the Decluttr app.

The reason this app has made the list is because they hold a 5-star rating on trust pilot!

I love this app since all you need to do is scan the bar code of the item and get an instant price.

Ship the item to your buyer and get paid the next day via PayPal.

Download Decluttr

18. Checkout 51 (Make Money With Gas Rewards and Cash Back)

Checkout 51 is another cash back rewards program. However, I also love this because they offer gas rewards and even grocery cash back!

You can earn cash back every time you fuel up.

Gas stations include: Shell, Chevron, BP, Exxon, Mobile and more.

Also after you do your groceries, take a picture of your receipt and earn cash back.

Download Checkout 51

19. Gigwalk (Make Money Completing Tasks)

Gigwalk is similar to Task Rabbit.

Basically, you create your profile, find gigs on the map, complete the gig and money will be sent directly to your PayPal account.

What I like is gigs have clear instructions, fair pay and pay quickly.

You can actually begin making money today.

However, keep in mind that Gigwalk is currently only available in the US, Canada and UK.

Download Gigwalk

20. Fiverr (Make Money Completing Online Tasks)

Fiverr has been a long running make money app for a while now.

They started with their website but now have an app.

To make money with Fiverr, you create an account, add some details about yourself, create some gigs and wait for people to hire you.

Basically you’re selling your online services.

This could be anything from writing, logo making, freelancing, etc.

You get paid through PayPal once the gig has completed.

Download Fiverr

What are Make Money Apps?

Make money apps are a cool and simple way to make money through your mobile device.

They are supposed to be fun and an earn you fast money when you need it.

These apps can be used to make money on the side or to supplement your monthly income.

Of course some make more than others and some are more fun than others, but at the end of the day they should be able to earn you money today or at the very least, in the next couple of days.

What They are Not

Make money apps are NOT designed to make you a millionaire.

They aren’t suppose to be your solution to financial freedom but they CAN supplement your monthly income.

If you think make money apps are going to make you rich, think again because no such app exists (and probably never will).

How to Earn Real Money?

Of course make money apps aren’t the biggest earners on the internet.

There are far better opportunities than earning a few dollars here and there because that’s all these apps really offer.

They don’t offer people the chance to leave their job and make money from the comfort of their home.

Well I have discovered a system that earns me 4-figures per month and it took me 1 year to earn a full income where I was able to leave my job and do this for a living.

Now I don’t mess around with make money apps because they simply don’t earn enough.

This is the system that earns me a full-time income online

I’d like to thank you for reading this article.

If you have any questions regarding make money apps, I’d love to answer them. Leave your comments below.