Digital Profit Course is a Copycat and a Scam

DigitalProfitCourse Official Website

Working from home is every entrepreneurs dream, but with the amount of scams out there these days it makes it extremely difficult to happen.

DigitalProfitCourse Official Website

And it looks like Digital Profit Course is a big fat and utter scam.

I’m going to cut to the chase with this review and leave it short and sweet because that’s all that is needed to expose this system.

What is Digital Profit Course

It is a website which teaches you how to make money by building a website, creating content, getting traffic and making money.

To be honest, this is just a cheap knock off of the real website called Wealthy Affiliate.

Digital Profit Course has copied the basic concept from WA and put it in the training inside DPC.

I mean, just look at the comparison of these 2 websites.

Digital Profit Course

DigitalProfitCourse Official Website

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Landing Page

Now let me first start by saying that Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legit and has been around since 2004, MUCH longer than DPC.

It’s what I use to make money online and the reason I knew exactly Digital Profit Course was a cheap knock off.

Also Wealthy Affiliate does not have that landing page anymore.

That’s probably why DPC thought they could use it and no one would notice!

So What Will You Be Doing?

After taking a look at their privacy policy page, they claim you will learn:

  • How to create a website
  • How to place ads on your website
  • How to join affiliate programs
  • How to get traffic
  • How to turn that traffic into revenue

However, I very much doubt they have all the features of the original course.

Since they can’t even come up with their own training, what’s inside this course is probably a few low quality video tutorials.

As that is what most of these systems put out.

There’s nothing special about Digital Profit Course and they can’t even come up with their own concept!

Digital Profit Course Red Flags

They’re a Copy Cat

Like I said, they are 100% copying a truly well known and successful affiliate marketing training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

They are copying everything from design to concept, and it’s almost word for word!

They obviously saw how successful WA is and decided to duplicate it and see if they could get as much as success as they have.

No Free Trial

Wealthy Affiliate has a free trial so why can’t Digital Profit Course provide a free trial too?

There’s only one reason.

They know their system is low quality and not providing much to their audience.

They don’t believe in their system and just want a quick buck.

Fake Testimonials

Remember how I said these people are the master of copycats?

Well the testimonials on their website are copied from other websites and altered a little just to make it seem they’re talking about DPC.

I actually searched up some of the quotes in Google and what did I find?

The exact same testimonials from other pages on the internet.

One was from a Facebook page for a review on a completely different product!

Here’s an example:

The official testimonial

DPC Fake Testimonial

Testimonial found on Facebook page

DPC Fake Testimonial Exposed

So Is Digital Profit Course a Scam or The Real Deal?

Well obviously they aren’t the real deal since they’re copying entire web pages, testimonials and everything else from other pages on the internet.

If they can’t even create their own product and have many red flags, they simply cannot be trusted and I cannot recommend DPC.

The owners are shady, they are copying other peoples work and claiming it as their own, and they do not provide free trials.

To be honest, usually make money scammers like these are smart and know how to get around the law.

Well it seems we are dealing with a bunch of dummies that clearly think they’re smart yet they’re just getting themselves in trouble.

Digital Profit Course is a scam and not to be trusted.

Stay away at all costs.


A Free Version of Digital Profit Course

Yes the concept works but for it to work you need the right training and support.

DPC does not provide that, and they don’t even provide a free trial!

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything about internet marketing and it’s how I become hugely successful.

If it wasn’t for them I would still be slaving away at my 9 – 5 job that I absolutely hated.

Fortunately they boast a free trial which is what got me to join in the first place.

Well enough about me, here’s the system I’m talking about.

Thank you for reading my Digital Profit Course review. I hope you found everything you were looking for.

If you didn’t, I’m open for discussion and would love to answer all questions and concerns you may have.

Cheers and have a great day!