Global Moneyline Review – A Big Fat Pyramid Scheme


Global Moneyline has been receiving a lot of talk on social media lately.

I like to find the true legitimacy of products before I dive in willy-nilly

In this Global Moneyline review I want to find how legit it is, all the red flags, the good, the bad and what they are REALLY offering over at this “income opportunity”.

Because at the end of the day, anyone can say their system is the best and the latest and greatest but it takes true research to discover what they are really all about.

I bet you’ve heard enough of my babbling so lets get right into it!

At a Glance

Name: Global Moneylineglobal-moneyline-logo


Owner: Unknown

Price to Join: Free or $20 for paid membership

My Rating: 0.5/5 stars

0.5 out of 5 stars

About Global Moneyline

Who Owns this System

There is no information anywhere stating who the owner of this website is.

The only thing I could find was the address they are based out of, which is:

7900 International Drive
Suite 300
Bloomington, MN 5542

When I search that address in Google Maps I find a massive building cooperation, and there is no name behind this website whatsoever.

This is already a warning sign in my books.

This has got to be a fake address.

When did it Launch

As I take a sneak peak at their organic traffic stats I can see that they started seeing visitors in October of 2016 and has been rising slowly ever since.

Whois records show the domain was registered in February of 2016.

Here is their traffic stats:



Traffic shows a slow decline in total visitors but a rise in organic traffic.

Why did they create it?

There is little to no information on the owners and their mission so I do not know exactly what their intentions are behind this website, but I hope to find out as I continue reviewing this system.

What Do They Claim Over at Global Moneyline?

They are claiming that they have the worlds largest downline of people.

They claim to have a rich collection of online resources all ranging from communication tools, online forums, personalized content and branding programs.

They also say they have a free membership available and a paid membership, but to join you have to be invited by someone that’s already in the system.

Global Moneyline System claim a bunch of other stuff but I’ll get more on that in a second.

So What Exactly is Global Moneyline?

The Global Moneyline system is nothing more than a lead-generating website where you join and send emails to members.

What might you send exactly?

Well it is for business purposes, so you might want to send a new product you created, a lead capturing page or an affiliate program, literally anything.

As a free member you can send emails to members one by one (slowest method) or 20 emails (fastest method) as a paid member.

According to their official website, they have a total of 360,673 subscribers which continues to grow everyday.

These are the subscribers that will be receiving your promotional emails.

There is a catch to this by the way, and the catch is that you’ll ALSO be receiving emails from other members.

This means you have to put up with other emails being spammed to your inbox.

You cannot opt out of the emails otherwise you simply cannot use the system.

A Huge Flaw

The thing with these types of systems is that the others who joined signed up for the exact same reason as you did.

That reason was to pitch their system, product or affiliate link to anyone and everyone.

And let me ask you this:

Will you be opening the emails and signing up to the spammy links that show up? I bet NOT.

So why do you think anyone will open yours and try your offer?

Sure you might receive some views and some sign ups, however, don’t expect to receive any good results from these types of traffic sources.

You’ll hardly ever make a sale and if you happen to capture a lead it’ll be difficult to convert them since they are freebie seekers.

The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan allows you to earn money simply by marketing the paid membership plan.

This costs $20.

And yes, you have to purchase the membership plan before you can promote it yourself.

To make money with the compensation plan it’s just a matter of sharing your link or promoting your link via free methods or paid methods.

Whoever signs up under you becomes a member of your downline.

Now when someone in your downline purchases the $20 membership, you gain a commission.

Your downline goes infinite levels deep and features a 2-up system.

This means your first 2 paying customers’ commissions will go directly to your upline and not you.

Any Red Flags?

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Global Moneyline.

One red flag is that whoever owns this website has registered the domain privately so we don’t know their identity.

There is also no name anywhere on the website, for whatever reason I don’t know.

There seems to be a large majority of these members joining just to promote the affiliate program and earn commissions.

Now this is all fine and dandy and all, but when it becomes the main focus of the system , this becomes a problem and it turns into a big fat pyramid scheme.

There are also reports that your promotional emails aren’t even getting sent to the members, so you’re basically joining the owners email list while thinking your emails are getting sent out but they are not.

Are People Really Making Money?

I have no doubts that people are making money with Gobal Moneyline.

The matter of fact is: those who know how to market affiliate programs are the ones making the big dollars.

The people with huge email lists and social media followings are the ones benefiting from this system.

It is the ones that are new to the whole internet marketing thing that don’t make a dime.

They’ll join and think spamming their links to friends and family are going to make them money.

They are then left with no clicks, no money made and they’ve only gone and annoyed their loved ones.

This is the sad truth and the cycle will continue, but yes I would be lying if I said no one is making money with the Global Moneyline system, because people definitely are.

Does it Cost to Join?

It is completely free to join Gobal Moneyline and use what they have to offer.

Their free membership gives you access to some of their features, however, you cannot earn money with the system if you stay a free member.

To earn money you have to purchase the membership which costs $20.

Global Moneyline can be accessed on their official website here:

Pros and Cons


  • Can make money if you’re an experienced internet marketer


  • Not good for newbies
  • Highly unsustainable
  • High-risk
  • Pyramid scheme
  • Too many red flags

Is Global Moneyline a Scam?

It is hard to say whether it is a scam or not, because at the end of the day it is still possible to make money when you market the affiliate program.

But on the other hand, the main focus IS to promote the affiliate program.

When that becomes the main focus, it turns into a pyramid scheme, and pyramid schemes are definitely illegal and not a viable business opportunity.

Just because you can make money with Gobal Moneyline, that does NOT make it okay and safe.

It contains too many red flags to count, the owner is hiding his/her identity, it’s a big pyramid scheme and we don’t even know how long it’s going to last.

For all we know the owner may run off with everyone’s money! They can definitely do that since we don’t know who we’re dealing with!

So after reviewing everything about this system and the fact that there’s so much wrong with Global Moneyline, I have no choice but to call it a scam.

Scam logo cooltext

What I Recommend

I don’t know how many systems like this that I’ve joined in the past, but I do know there are thousands scamming people as we speak.

We cannot expose them as fast as they are being created.

When one pyramid scheme gets exposed, the owner starts a new one with all the money made from the previous, and it’s a never-ending cycle.

I decided to stop jumping from system to system, shiny object to shiny object and created something for myself that is highly sustainable.

And that is having my own website my friend.

I don’t have to be in constant fear that a system may go down and I’ll be left with no business, because I own my websites and everything inside them.

I promote affiliate products and earn commissions, and I make a full-time income doing it.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything I know and it is the program I recommend for anyone wanting to finally make real money online.

Go here for my Wealthy Affiliate review (there is a free trial too!)

Have any questions, concerns, queries? Let me know in the comments below!