What to Do If You Hate Your Waitressing Job


Figured out you hate your waitressing job and want out, but don’t exactly know where “out” is or how you’re going to get there?


You are not alone.

Waitressing is kind of like a hit or miss.

You either hate it or love it completely, there’s no in between.

And since you landed on this article, you probably hate it and want to know exactly what that means.

Should you stay, should you go, should you continue working their just because it pays the bills and gets you by?

Well these are the sorts of questions I’m going to answer in this article.


Figure Out Why You Hate this Job

What is it that you hate about waitressing?

Is it the rude people?

Is it the hours?

Is it the coworkers?

Is it the job in general?

When you figure out the problem, you can find a solution to fixing it.

What If It’s Rude People?

Yes there are rude people in this world, but there are surprisingly more good people than bad.

Rude people can make you hate every single day but does the good outweigh the bad?

That’s what you should ask yourself.

If you’re constantly being bombarded with rude people but you still like the job, you may want to get a transfer to another city or another waitressing job altogether.

Going to a different side of the city could be an ultimate solution. There might be much better people there!

Waitressing New City

What If It’s the Hours?

I know how it feels to work 10 hours a day, I know what it’s like to have your schedule literally all over the show.

You don’t get your weekends to yourself, you can’t make plans because you don’t know your next weeks schedule and you don’t know when you can go out and have fun next.

This is indeed a problem because now you’re living to work.

We get so caught up in thinking we need to make a living to actually live, but we end up just working nonstop and never have time for ourselves.

Try to ask management if you can get set days off, that way you know when your next day off will be and you can make plans to do something you love.

Is It the Coworkers?

Are your coworkers not putting the same amount of effort as you are?

Are you constantly butting heads with people in your job?

If so, it’s not good because your coworkers are supposed to make your 8-12 hour shifts more tolerable by being fun, working as a team and making everything run as smooth as possible.

However, maybe it’s time to transfer to another waitress job, either across town or a new city altogether.

Sometimes a new start really is the best way to go to find yourself again.

Is It the Job You Hate?

If it’s the job making you hate your waitressing job, maybe it’s time to do something entirely.

And I know you’re going to say “but waitressing is all I know”, or “but I’ve done it for 15+ years, I don’t know anything else”.

Well that’s the entire point of learning and growing as a person.

We aren’t designed to do the exact same thing the rest of our lives.

We are learning machines, humans love experiences, learning and growing.

Walking around doing waitressing all your life is not the best way to live your life if you don’t like it and that’s why I recommend you get out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before.

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

You’re Unsure of Your Income

Because you’re getting paid by tippers, you aren’t exactly sure of your monthly income and can’t really make super strict plans or budget properly.

This is a problem when you are in debt or have lots of bills and aren’t sure if you can pay them every month, causing even more stress.

I know when I was working a normal job, I loved that I knew how much I was getting every month and that allowed me to set a budget and also save a certain percentage of my income.

Minimal Benefits

Getting health care is not cheap in America, so certain companies provide benefits and health insurance to help those working for their company.

However, waitresses may not receive these benefits since they’re not on a hourly wage.

Yes it’s true that by law restaurants have to provide benefits to waiters and waitresses because they fall under a specific category different from wage workers, so they are definitely still entitled.

But in some cases, some restaurants don’t abide by the law and will avoid this as much as possible.

And when management are asked about it by workers, they tiptoe around the question, make up lies or change the subject.

And What If It’s a Mixture of Everything?

If it’s a mixture of everything you hate about waitressing, then you’re probably miserable 90% of the time and it’s affecting your home life.

Not enjoying your job even in the slightest can make you hate everyday and cause all sorts of illnesses like depression.

In that case, you have pushed it a little too far and probably really scared to do anything else.

But trust me, there is light and it is literally all around you.

I highly recommend finding a new job because your health is at risk and you are NEVER too far gone!

Seeing a doctor is also recommended.

Thanks for reading this article.

If you are a waitress and struggling to get out, I would love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please leave them in the comments below.