The BitClub Network is a High-Risk Ponzi Scheme

UPDATE (December, 2019): Bitclub Network was exposed as a 722 million dollar ponzi scheme and 5 men were arrested.

Do you think the Bitclub Network is a viable business opportunity or just another bitcoin scam?

I’m a firm believer that get-rich-quick-schemes do not work, especially when they say you don’t have to do much to make massive profits.

It clearly looks like this system is pushing that belief onto its customers.

Well I’m going to debunk this system in my Bitclub Network review and find out exactly what it’s all about.

At a Glance

Name: Bitclub Network


Owners: A group of professionals

Price to Join: $500 to $5000

My Rating:

1 out of 5 stars

About Bitclub Network

Who Created this System

According to their website, it is not run by one person. It is actually run by a group of experts who have come together to create a simple bitcoin and digital currency mining system.

The owners come from all walks of life, including: programmers, entrepreneurs, network marketers, and internet marketing experts.

When did it Launch

There’s not much information on their website or around the internet talking about the traffic they receive or WHEN they launched their system.

However, I did manage to find how much traffic they get from Google. It isn’t very much to be honest with you, so it’s fair to say that they are getting a lot from social media sites and blogs (referral traffic).

They say they’ve been going for 3 years, which means they launched back in 2014.


Why did they Create it?

Bitcoins are becoming more popular every single year and starting to be in the mainstream media a lot more too.

They want EVERYONE to to cash in on the digital mining method just as they have.

Their ultimate goal: To help customers gain digital assets and earn a fortune.

Their Claims

They claim that digital currency is massively popular and growing in popularity every year.

And because of this, we as internet marketers can take advantage of this huge opportunity and reap the rewards.

Bitclub Network say they are trying to build the LARGEST bitcoin mining pools in the world.

They want to help people learn more about bitcoins and the digital currency world in general.

So What Exactly is Bitclub Network?

Bitclub is a digital currency mining network.

When you invest with Bitclub, they use the money to purchase mining equipment.

You can either use the mining equipment yourself or allow them to do it in their mining pools, which is what most people do since it’s easier, cheaper, and more convenient.

They use the mining equipment to find digital currencies within the online world, to mine as much as possible.

This is how they give you back your money and profits.

Click here for a more detailed breakdown of bitcoin mining.

The Process/How it all works

First and foremost, you have to invest some money into the system before you can do anything.

Investment opportunities include:

Pool 1 – $500, pays daily, 50% of bitcoins mined goes to you and 50% goes to expenses

Pool 2 – $1000 – pays daily, 60% of bitcoins mined goes to you and 40% goes to expenses

Pool 3 – $2000 – pays daily, 70% of bitcoins mined goes to you and 30% goes to expenses


If you invest in a pool, everyone  in that pool shares the earnings.

For example, if pool 1 mines 0.1 in a day and there are 100 shares, your total is 0.001 for the day. So 0.0005 goes to your profits and 0.0005 goes to expenses.

The GPU Pool

Because Bitclub Network wants to become the biggest and best mining digital currency network, they are looking for anything they can get their hands on.

This includes currencies such as: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Monero, and Zcash.

This pool is for the top earners that want to maximize profits and have complete control of their earnings.

It is called GPU Mining and costs anywhere form $1000 up to $5000.

Its runs for a total of 2000 days and begin paying the customer after 30 days.

The GPU pool runs completely on its own, so earnings are NOT shared with anyone else. 100% of the earnings are paid to you.

This is their most profitable pool, simply because they are mining anything and everything.

Are People Really Making Money?

So now you have an idea about this system and what the heck it is all about, are people actually investing in it and earning money?

Everywhere I look on the internet regarding Bitclub Network, I have yet to find somebody talking about the legitimacy of it.

The sad truth is, the testimonials are fake and the owner doesn’t want to be known, which brings me to my next point…the red flags.

The Red Flags

There are many red flags that I found.

The domain name is set to private.

Although this can mean a variety of different reasons, it’s not doing them any favors if they’re trying to look 100% legit.

They also claim to be a team of experts. However, the red flag here is that absolutely no names have been mentioned anywhere on the site, not even on their “about” page.

They don’t even have a privacy policy page! For a website full of “experts” you would expect to see some kind of legal disclaimer. But sadly this is not the case.

Another red flag is that you can ONLY pay with bitcoins. This is because bitcoins cannot be traced.

There is no trail, so they can get away with everyone’s investments if they decide to take the entire website down.

Does it Cost to Join?

You can get access to Bitclub Network by visiting their official site:

However, you cannot sign up without a sponsor. You will need to enter your sponsors name before you can actually create an account.

It is free to join and look around, but to start making money you will have to invest in any of the available pools.

The minimum is $500 and the maximum is $5000.

Pros and Cons


  • Can make some money


  • High risk
  • Low ROI (Return on Investment) and sometimes you lose money
  • Minimum price to invest is high
  • Shady customer service
  • Shady owner(s)

Is Bitclub Network a Scam?

It isn’t an entire scam, however, it is very borderline. If you decide to join you are taking a MASSIVE risk with your investment.

There are so many reviews saying the have earned less than they invested, with a few saying they have earned a lot.

But I noticed those people were from accounts with no pictures, staying completely anonymous just like the BCN owners.

I would very much like to call it a scam because it almost is, but there are a few people actually making a little more money than they invested.

BCN are probably taking the money that affiliates are paying and giving it straight to the bitcoin/digital currency investors, which very well might be the case since they are the ones making the big investments.

If that IS the case, I would have to say BCN is a ponzi scheme and you should stay away from it at all costs!

It isn’t an entire scam, but that’s not to say they won’t turn into a scam in the future.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you when they eventually take everyone’s money and run! Because I have a feeling that’s going to happen when they’ve made enough to start another digital currency website/scam.

Not Recommended Logo

What I Recommend

I’m not a big fan of bitcoins, nor will I ever be in the future. I’m more of a “sell other people’s products and earn a commission” type of guy.

I’ve tried too many things out there that only wasted my money, time and effort.

And finally I’m proud to say I work from home full time and have no boss to answer to.

After everything I tried, the one thing that DID work was something called Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m not saying it was easy, but if you’re serious about living on your own terms I would have to recommend it to you as well.

There’s a free trial so you don’t have to pay a dime if you don’t want to.

Well thanks for reading. I hope you found what you were looking for in this review 🙂

Leave a comment below if you’ve used Bitclub Network. What are your thoughts on this system?

33 thoughts on “The BitClub Network is a High-Risk Ponzi Scheme”

  1. Really enjoyed reading this article. Gives me a good vision of what kind of website it is and saying it is not a total scam makes it very clear for me. Thanks for sharing!

    • It is not a scam but more of a ponzi scheme, as some people are getting paid (although a small percentage) and some are not. If you decide to join BitClub Network now I can guarantee you won’t make a dime. It is just too late.

  2. Hi Brandon,

    I have not heard of bitclub network but it does sound SCAM-Y. I agree it’s better not to go into a dubious investment. Thanks for reviewing and sharing this.
    On a separate note, blockchain technology is an interesting arena and it is hard to not notice their massive growth over the last decade. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency mining is a hot investment point and I am curious to see where this is leading to. Blockchain mining thrives on the hope that bitcoins and other digital currencies will be worth a lot more in future. Otherwise, who would mine especially in the face of increasing difficulty?

    • Thanks for your input on BCN. I might just have to look into that “blockchain technology”. If it really is growing rapidly it might be worth checking out and creating a review.

      Furthermore–yes; bitcoin has grown a lot within the last few years. At this point in time it has risen to a hefty $14,000, with it expecting to grow even more within the coming years and decades.

      I’m not interested in making these types of investments though. However, each to their own 🙂

  3. I’ve always been curious about Bitcoins but haven’t taken the plunge as I worry that it could be all a big scam. So, thank you for this post. Very helpful.

    • Bitcoins have been a good investment lately, but taking massive gambles like that can be a huge let down when you don’t make any money back. $14,000 is a lot of money, and people are already kicking themselves because they didn’t purchase any years ago.

      Bitcoins are a HIGH risk investment, to say the least.

  4. I’ve had my fill of these ponzi schemes. First getting into making money online I got involved with a number of them. Just when it was time to start drawing some money out of my account the site was taken down – lol. It wasn’t funny then. The bottom line is that I should have used common sense when it came to joining these clubs. The roi rate was ridiculous. Anyone should have known that wasn’t going to work – lol.

    I love your #1 recommendation. I’m part of that group for three years now. I have never been disappointed. You will get great training for those who really want to make money online. In addition, you’ll get support from Kyle (co-owner) and the community. I have made some friends at WA who are from different parts of the world and that’s another great thing about WA. Sometimes we email each other and in some cases Skype each other and just talk about marketing. You gain a lot of insights from others doing that.


    • Ponzi schemes are the absolute WORST, because the owners know very well what they’re doing.

      AND the ones making money are the ones writing good reviews about them! It makes people think they’re actually legit when in reality they’re a big fat fraud.

      Thanks for your feedback on Wealthy Affiliate, Don. It’s good to hear that WA has worked for you and I’m sure you will continue to see massive growth for your website in the coming months and years just like I have.

      Good luck!

  5. Hi Brandon,

    I’ve been interested in Bitcoin for a while now, but companies lite Bitclub Network have kept me at bay. It’s ridiculous that in order for me to join, I need to be referred by a sponsor.

    What does this mean? That they’re more focused on making money through the opportunity than investing in Bitcoin. This leads me to believe that I probably won’t earn a ROI unless I refer people to Bitclub Network.

    No thanks!

    Looks like I’ll have to keep searching for a real Bitcoin business and keep selling other people’s stuff!


    • I know right! I seriously have no idea why they’ve implemented this “sponsor” system, but if I had to guess it would be so freebie seekers don’t join.

      They’re strictly after paying customers. If one of the “top dogs” pitches the system to their friends and family, they’re more likely to spend money since their sponsor has proof of earnings and payment history to back it up.

      I would not recommend Bitcoin investments, but that’s a whole other subject to what this article is about, so I’ll stop right here.

  6. Hello there. I really enjoy reading your article and I agree with you 100%. There are red flags everywhere in this so called program whatever it is. Especially when even their domain name is set to private. That tells you right there that these people are planing not to be found if they decide to disappear in the future.
    Thank you for taking the time to research and warn folks about scams like this. We have to look out for each others by exposing people like this for who they really are.
    Great article.

    • Absolutely. The high amount of red flags almost makes me wonder how the heck people actually fall for this ponzi scheme in the first place.

      And yes, a private domain means they’re ready to up and leave whenever they make enough money, recruitment and earnings die down, or what they’re caught out. It’s really just a matter of time.

      Not a problem. I’m just glad to expose these peasants and make people more informed on these types of sites.

      Good luck in your online ventures 😀

  7. Thanks so much for this article, Brandon! With all the news and excitement about Bitcoin, I was curious. At the same time cautious of all the schemes out there.

    You gave a very thorough review, and I am the wiser for it. Thank you so much!

    Look forward to more of your advice in future posts.

  8. Great article thank you. I’ve recently become interested in cryptocurrency and have been looking at x12 and xpro mining, I’d love to hear your thoughts on that?

    I’ll be steering clear of the BitClub Network after reading this.

    Cheers for sharing

    • Sure thing. Cryptocurrency has been in the mainstream media a lot lately. BTC skyrocketed, then had a major crash, then went up 40% again.

      Cryptocurrencies are so unpredictable it’s not funny. I wouldn’t recommend them one bit.

  9. Thank you for this post! You have definitely highlighted that the Cons outweigh the Pros by FAR! I do however think there is a future in crytocurrency, more research is needed and maybe it needs to be regularized in some way. Your post paints a black and white picture of this particular program.
    Thanks again!

    • There very well may be a legit future with cryptocurrency, I agree. But I am predicting that it could be MANY YEARS from now. So if you’re counting on online currencies to make you rich in the near future, you better keep counting because it ain’t happening anytime soon.

      Cryptocurrencies are extremely new to the online world even though it doesn’t seem like it. This means it’s going to be a while until new laws and regulations come into play. still, it will take a long time to perfect it all.

  10. I absolutely hate those programs that weave and bob around the facts. And there are so many of them it leaves you dazed and confused by the time you click out if you stay more than a minute. Wealthy Affiliate is one of those programs that’s been around over a decade and teaches people to earn with their websites. It’s a viable program, not for everyone because it does take work but has made many successful business owners. I think it’s a winner but this one you reviewed I would really have to research the heck out of it before even considering signing up. Well written review.

    • Wealthy Affiliate has been around for so long it has clearly stood the test of time. When a system can stick around for 10+ years, they are clearly doing something right.

      They cut to the chase and show you everything you need to know, whereas BitClub Network claim that all you need to do is sign up, invest and rake in the dough.

      That is by no means a business opportunity but rather a ponzi scheme at it’s finest. They take the newbies money and give it to the “top dogs” bringing them in!

      It’s as simple as that.

  11. I am very interested in investing in cryptocurrency. This is the first I’ve heard of Bitclub. Based on what you mentioned in your article, they seem like a scam to me as well. Thank you for sharing this information.

  12. This site does sound like a scam. I am very interested in having the freedom to work from home and not have a boss. It feels good knowing that you are looking into potential candidates. Thank you!

    • Every man and his dog are looking for secondary income sources. I’m interested in helping people who are serious about making money online. These scam sites are giving people false hope, so I’m glad I can swoop in and show them; the RIGHT way.

      Thanks for the comment 😀

  13. I bumped into BitClub while doing research about mining networks. Your review just showed me I gotta keep researching for the best way to invest in cryptocurrencies. Regarding your recommendation, I’m familiar with Wealthy Affiliate. How are cryptocurrency investors making money using the platform?

    • Well I’m not 100% sure what cryptocurrency investors are doing within the Wealthy Affiliate, but I do know that the owners dislike BTC and the like.

      As of late, there definitely have been people making cryptocurrency sites, and I think they are being affiliates for other networks so they can earn monthly revenue.

      But to answer your question: Every type of businessmen can earn money within Wealthy Affiliate ONLY if they are willing to put the work in.

      If you don’t work, you don’t make money. The universe isn’t going to hand you thousands of dollars per month if you sign up and let your site sit.

      The ideas in your head need to be written into articles, only then will Google notice you and rank you, not before.

  14. That’s interesting. With the amount of hype that Bitcoin seemed to have been getting, I was finding it pretty peculiar that there was no downsides to it. Well I guess, now we know. Do you ever think that Bitcoin will replace regular currency?

    • There’s no way Bitcoin will replace regular currency, but eventually it will be “regularized”. It’s just a matter of time before the elites jump onto cryptocurrencies and enforce laws for them.

  15. Bitclub Network is actually on the Blockchain to check how much they are mining so can’t be classed as a Ponzi scheme or scam. They are really mining and use MLM to increase the pool to be even larger with more power to mine ever more. What is wrong with that? Go check for yourself in

    • They may be mining and finding cryptocurrency, however, that doesn’t change the fact that people aren’t being paid except for the “top” guys.

      They are clearly taking the money from newcomers and giving them to the ones at the top of the scheme. That’s why newbies aren’t receiving their money but everyone else is.

    • Again, my friend, they are successfully mining bitcoin but they aren’t paying their members. There’s a difference.


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