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The Complete Guide to Quitting Your Retail Job

Retail is not for everyone.

You need a lot of patience, the ability to work under pressure and very good people skills.

Having social anxiety or being shy in a retail job may make everyday a struggle and you probably never want to get out of bed every morning.

Or you might just dislike people after working in retail for so long.

You just don’t like being treated badly anymore and that’s completely okay.

Everyone has their own reason and you have your own, and in this article I’m going to help you quit your retail job as smoothly as I can possibly make it.

Are You Legally Bound?

Every country is different and where you are you might not even have to give 2 weeks notice.

You are legally allowed to quit on the spot and not have any repercussions, as long as you don’t have a contract with the company.

They don’t give you notice when they fire you so you don’t have to give 2 weeks notice when you quit.

Giving 2 weeks notice is just a courteous thing. It allows your employer to find a replacement before you finish your last day.

If you do have a contract, that means you’re legally bound and more often than not you will need to give 2 weeks notice before you can leave.

Find out if you can actually quit without giving notice because this might work in your favor if you already have a job lined up or some other opportunity that needs you asap.

How to Write Your 2 Weeks Notice

The secret to an effective resignation letter is to keep it short and sweet, that is key.

In your letter of resignation you should outline your last day so your manager knows when to stop scheduling you and will eliminate all questions they have regarding leaving date at the exit interview.

You don’t need to explain why you’re quitting, all they need to know is that you’ve been offered a better position and you are grateful for the knowledge and skills you learned in your time with the company.

Sign and date the letter and you are done.

That is all.

Keep it simple, keep it lite and you can’t go wrong.

They Might Treat You Poorly

There’s been many instances when people have given 2 weeks notice in their retail job and the managers have treated them like absolute trash.

They will put them in a lower position (less pay) and cut down hours severely, which lowers their income even more.

So giving 2 weeks notice might feel like the better option, keep in mind that it can go downhill if the managers are bad people.

A good indication is if they’ve treated you bad multiple times in the past and still do, then they’ll treat you even badly in the last 2 weeks you’re quitting.

Do Not Feel Guilty…Ever

There is a high turnover in retail, meaning they make a lot of money so it does not matter if one person quits.

People quit crappy retail jobs all the time. Not many people make careers out of working retail so the managers aren’t surprised when someone wants to get out.

Most of the time they have other people ready to take your position which works in your favor if you’re guilty of leaving on short notice, or no notice at all.

Are You Leaving For a Better Position?

This is usually the go-to reason for people quitting their retail jobs.

It’s not exactly the greatest job in the world so quitting for a better position is more common than you think.

Plus every manager understands if you want to quit your job for a better one. I mean, who wouldn’t understand that and encourage it?

Everyone is living their own life and if you’ve been offered a better position, then tell your manager.

They’ll understand your situation and give you their blessing.

If you have time to give 2 weeks notice, then do it. It’ll help you get a good reference later on.

But on the other hand, if your new position requires an immediate start then take it!

Explain your situation to your manager and quit on the spot. They’ll have lots of backup workers to replace you.

Should You Just Stop Turning Up Altogether?

No, absolutely not.

Although this sounds like a great option because it means you won’t have to talk to anyone or do anything anymore, the guilt can become very heavy.

You may start to feel extremely guilty that you just didn’t show up and this can effect other areas of your life such as school, another job, your social life, etc.

Your boss will have no idea where you are and your coworkers will probably start to worry sick about you, especially if you have a close relationship with them.

They might even start to think that you’re dead, and knowing that people are worrying about you while you sit back and watch them suffer, it does not feel good.

The best thing to do is to let them know that you are quitting so everyone is on the same page and you can move on effortlessly without burning bridges.

Are there any exceptions to this? Sure.

An exception is if it’s a big company with many different sections (like Walmart) and you’ve been working for less than a month, then by all means don’t turn up.

Don’t expect a good reference though, or to be able to work there again in the future.

Please keep in mind that if you ever decide to do something like this that you should never put it on your resume!

The Key Takeaway

Don’t fret too much about leaving a retail job.

Future employers won’t even care about a good reference from a crappy retail job.

The key takeaway here is to just quit if you hate your job or have a better opportunity.

They have lots of people to replace you and you live to make you happy, not anyone else.

Thanks for reading this article.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask me in the comments below 🙂


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10 thoughts on “The Complete Guide to Quitting Your Retail Job”

  1. Oh, this is very good. I have a friend who might be thinking of quitting her retail job soon because she is already searching for a better one. She is really loved where she works and so i can imagine that leaving will be a bit of a problem but im sure she can deal with that. This is very good how you have explained quitting here. Everything is so simplified and maybe she won’t be having so much of a problem. Nice post you got.

    • That can be a stressful time for her especially if she is loved by coworkers and the managers. Send her to this article, I’m sure I can steer her in the right direction and make her feel more at ease.

  2. Wow, very very nice to read this post on how to quit a retail job. I believe that i can use this tip to quit any job at all because the steps are very good for any job and not peculiar to retails. I have had some other jobs that i got pretty much tired of and just wanted to quit it. Some of them didn’t end well because just as you have said, sometimes, it might be hard to quit. Nice post you have here. Well written.

    • It’s always hard to quit a job, some more than others and it all depends on the type of job, the position you have and the type of bosses you have.

      All these different factors come into play and that’s why some people find themselves in a situation that feels impossible to get out of.

      They might even feel that they can never leave and they’ll be unhappy the rest of their lives.

      This is usually the case and it’s very sad to see.

  3. Thank you for this guide. My cousin hates her retail job really much because of poor management by his boss. I’m sure she will get some ideas to quit her job after reading your article. Personally, I think it’s always better to turn up first before quitting. Some bosses may hate you so much that they will send your name and ID to their connections to blacklist you from applying jobs.

    • That’s a good point you bring up mate. Although that’s worse case scenario, it is something to be aware of as it’s not totally out of the ordinary if you have that much of a bad boss!

      That’s why it’s always so important to leave on good terms and not bad terms, and definitely don’t burn bridges.

  4. Thank you so much for this post!  I will admit, I have just stopped showing up for some jobs because of the guilt of having to tell someone I won’t be staying much longer.  I never thought that they may actually end up worrying over me, because a lot of those people were my friends.  Thank you for shedding some light for me! 

    • You’re welcome Jessie. Just keep it in mind the next time you think of quitting a job. It’s not the best option to burn bridges.

  5. Hi,

    This is an awesome post on how to quit retail! I’ve been in retail for over 20 years and it has become unbearable. There’s more expectation on the workers from the company, customers are more demanding and it’s become a real effort to drag myself out of the house to go to work! 
    With less staff in stores these days it’s no wonder more people are shopping online! I’m seriously considering quitting and now I know that there is a way to earn money online then it’s becoming more of a reality!

    Thank you for providing this useful article


    • You are indeed, 100% correct my friend. There is so much opportunity these days.

      The internet opens up an entire new world and there are less people shopping at retail stores.

      Heck, you can even do your entire grocery shopping online and get it sent straight to your front door! How amazing is that.


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