The Killer Content System Has Outdated Training And Will Not Work [Scam]

Is Killer Content System really going to make you a profitable niche website without you doing any work to make it happen?

There are more than enough “fully automated”, or “done-for-you” systems out in the world wide web right now, but to be quite frank, none of them actually work.

Or if they do work, there’s something they’re not telling you, and it usually involves high priced upsells or paid advertising.

But in this Killer Content System review I want to get to the very bottom of this website and discover if it actually works.

Keep reading to find the cold hard truth!

Killer Content System Summary

Website Name: Killer Content System

Website URL:


Founder: Socrates Socratous

Website Type: Automated content and website generation

Price: $47 one-time

Best For: People that believe making easy money is possible (because it is not possible)

Description: The Killer Content System creates websites for you and adds content to them in the hopes that it will rank in the search engines and make you money. It sounds good in theory, but in reality, it doesn’t work.

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What Is Killer Content System All About?

The Killer Content System is all about creating niche websites, adding content, adding affiliate links, getting them ranked in the search engines and making money.

Other ways of getting traffic are paid advertising and ad swapping.

However, you can only use ad swaps if you have an email list already. If you’re new to internet marketing, then you probably don’t have this.

Then you have paid advertising which is a whole other ball game in itself.

Paid advertising is a risky business and I would not recommend it one bit, especially newbies or those with minimal investment.

Well that’s the entire concept of the Killer Content System, but as you will find out in a minute, there are many flaws.

How You’re Supposed To Make Money With Killer Content System

Firstly lets discuss what a niche website is and how money is being made.

Most successful websites have a specific niche.

For example, basketball is a niche, how to breed dogs is a niche, and the website you are on right now is a niche.

There are millions of niches in the world in fact.

My niche is helping people quit their jobs they hate.

Well, Killer Content System lets you choose a niche for your new website and gives you 15,000 articles for you to choose from.

Once this is done, you add affiliate links to those articles.

Affiliate links means you earn a commission when people click your link and buy a product.

This product can be literally anything, but it is usually related to your niche website.

So lets break the process down to understand it more:

Step 1 – You choose a niche out of the 980 they have available

Step 2 – You choose articles you would like to add to your website

Step 3 – You add the articles to your website

Step 4 – You add affiliate links

Step 5 – You spin the content to create many different articles

Step 6 – You rank in the search engines, get traffic and earn money

What You Get For Your Purchase

kcs software
  • 10 basic training videos on how to use the system
  • Over 15,000 pre-written articles
  • Automatic killer content software
  • Article spinner
  • Ad swap program for traffic generation
  • Paid traffic module
  • Customer support

To start you off, they give you 980 niches to choose from along with more than 15,000 articles.

New articles are being added on a frequent basis so you never run out of articles to post on your website.

And if you get close to it, just spin the articles to create brand new ones.

It literally only takes a few clicks to get the website up with content on them, and not uncommon to have hundreds of websites up in a few days if you keep at it.

[The Bad News] Why This Doesn’t Work & Never Will

Now before you jump the gun and think you’re going to be making endless amounts of money for doing almost no work, think again.

Google loves one thing and hates another thing.

Google loves high quality content, which it ranks in its search engines, but it also hates duplicate content.

Even if it is the best article on the internet, if it’s not yours, it will not rank.

Trust me, Google knows who’s is who and already knows what you’re trying to do before you even do it.

If it’s not yours, you will be penalized and your website will not rank. That I can guarantee it.

They say their content is high quality, however, everyone that has purchased this system are using the exact same articles.

Spinning the content does NOT make it unique either, which is what they want you to do to all your articles.

You’re only sabotaging your own success by spinning content and choosing articles that thousands of other people are using.

And might I add that they aren’t even ranking or making money either.

I’ve Used Spun Content Before

Before you go and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, well, I have firsthand experience with spun content and I know for a fact that they don’t rank.

My second online venture in 2014 involved spun content.

Like you, I found a system that told me to create a niche website and find articles relating to that website, spin the content and put it on my own website.

The only difference is that the website was monetized with Google Adsense, not affiliate marketing.

Needless to say, I followed the training for months and did NOT see any results for my efforts.

I was furious, and because I was a newbie, I had no idea I was wasting my time.

I thought eventually I was going to rank! But I did not.

My articles never ranked and the claims of making $5000 per month were gone out the door.

I wasn’t even getting traffic let alone money!

I’m telling you this because I don’t want you to fall for the same mistakes as I did back in 2014.

The bottom line is that these traffic generating techniques use to work years ago, but Google is constantly changing and blackhat methods simply don’t work anymore.

You’re better off creating your own website and writing content yourself.

That way you know your articles are unique and you will never be penalized by the internet giant (Google), ever.

The Pros and Cons


  • They have customer support
  • They have a discount
  • Lots of content for your website
  • Helpful videos


  • The concept is nice but doesn’t work
  • The traffic generation techniques are near useless
  • Paid advertising is a risky business. Oftentimes you have to spend thousands of dollars before you make a profit
  • Highly misleading
  • Baits in newbies that don’t know better
  • Very hypey
  • Has scam-like characteristics

Price & Purchase Details

The price is $47 but you can get a discount when you try to leave the website, which goes down to $37.

There is no free trial and no money-back guarantee.

So once you purchase, you either sink or swim.

Is Killer Content System a Scam?

In my opinion, it most definitely is a scam.

The owner knows his system isn’t designed for the search engines because the content will NEVER rank, so say goodbye to free traffic.

Plus paid advertising requires an additional hundreds of dollars which the owner does not speak of.

Honestly, you don’t get much out of this system other than content that is no use to you and you’ll spend day after day trying to rank and make money but it will never happen.

KCS is a scam, it’s hypey, they take advantage of the desperate and you should stay as far away from it as possible.


A More Legit Business Model

I’m all about legitimate methods when it comes to making money online.

Thankfully I found Wealthy Affiliate which is free to join and teaches you how to create a real online business.

The type of business that Google loves and ranks, because you create high quality, UNIQUE content, not spun and unoriginal content like the Killer Content System gives you.

Well that’s what I recommend because it helped me get out of the 9-5 rat race and live my dream of working from home.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day.


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28 thoughts on “The Killer Content System Has Outdated Training And Will Not Work [Scam]”

  1. Thank you so much for a really honest and informative review. There are a lot of these systems on offer and they all suffer from the same problem: Google is very aware of this sort of offer and will simply ignore it when it comes to search rankings. You’re absolutely right, this sort of thing is a scam, even if it is a scam with good intentions because they are promising something which is impossible to deliver.

    • Couldn’t agree more. They might seem like they have good intentions but they know their system doesn’t work. The only time it works is if you pay for traffic but then that’s going to cost hundreds more and you don’t even know if you’re going to profit. It’s just a massive gamble in my opinion.

  2. If it sounds too good to be true, that is correct. You hit the nail on the head when you mentioned that duplicating high quality content harks of plagiarism. And Google or any search engine for that matter will not rank you for that. However, there are newbies who are not aware of the terms and conditions of Google and will think this is a great idea. 

    Who doesn’t want to make money with little or no effort? That is the carrot that many people must bite otherwise systems like this would collapse. 

    So thank you for writing this alert to a SCAM!

    Thanks also for providing information on a truly amazing total service platform to help people create legit online businesses. 

    • Yes! Newbies aren’t aware that Google won’t rank them and that’s exactly what happened to me when I first started spinning content because I was told by an “internet marketing guru” that that is how you rank and bank.

      I’m glad I can share my failures and help those in need and don’t know better.

  3. Oh this is a very good review I must say. I think that it is innate in man to always want to find the easiest ways to do the hardest things. And this has come into internet marketing. I have learnt that for a beginner like me, using done for you systems are not usually the best idea at all. Thanks to you, I can very well confirm that here. Thank you for a well detailed review on killer content system.

    • Done for you systems are shiny, that’s it. They are designed to bait those who don’t know better.

      And sadly, newbies fall for them and end up making costly mistakes.

      I’m glad i can help you avoid these mistakes.

  4. Before I came across your website I’d never even heard of Killer Content System. I’m glad I’ve read your article before I did because it sounds like it would work in theory. However, you’ve done a really good job of laying out the pros and cons methodically and logically. It’s amazing how there are so many websites and systems out there that promise you the earth without having to do any real work. That alone should send alarm bells. Articles like this are beneficial for the genuine person who just wants to do their best toward a better life. It is hard enough to make that first step into the unknown let alone have scammers take advantage of your good intentions. Look forward to reading more from you.

    • SHOULD send alarm bells, only to those who have been trying to make money online in the past.

      However, newbies don’t know better and they’ll dive into this system thinking they’re going to be rich in the next couple of weeks.

      That’s because they’re desperate and when you’re desperate you fall for anything and make drastic decisions. Well these are the sort of people that these systems are targeting because they are easy, they hand over their money without second guessing.

  5. In any online business,I believe that it is very important that one gets ranked. Getting ranked automatically implies that one gets some good traffic and then money comes in so that’s why businesses like this can spring up. Like the killer content system, they propose an easy way to go through the technical tasks. Interestingly, they don’t work. Yes they don’t and all they try to do is extort people of their money. I have to agree with you that this is a scam because I have been scammed too myself. Good review here!

    • Hello Henderson.

      You are right. Content is king and always will be. Google wants to rank the best content for specific keywords and if your articles are the best of the best, then you’re going to outrank everyone else.

      There’s no secret, there is no automated systems that can make this happen, only work!

      You have to write the articles yourself or pay a ghost writer to do it for you, as long as you have a lot of investment because high quality articles can get expensive.

  6. Making money online is not easy even though it looks like it, getting to make a living online is a really tough job and it is the quest for easy money that makes most people end up being scammed. I know of some platforms online that are actually legit but isn’t profitable at all because their offer isn’t member favoring. The killer content system is really outdated and it won’t benefit anyone, I like originality, authenticity, Killer content only give you duplicated articles to choose to you marketing and as we know one thing google like is originality, so if the article isn’t original, it won’t rank and of what essence is that gonna be.

    This article has really widened my understanding about The Killer content system and I’ve learnt a lot that’s gonna be helpful for me during my thread in the online business. Thanks for sharing, I like it.

    • Nope, it is far from easy and it takes a lot of dedication and work, but to be honest, I think it’s the best job in the world. You are your own boss, you can set your own hours and can take time off without asking anyone.

      To me that is true freedom and the reason why I hit the ground running chasing this dream of mine. Thanks for your comment mate 🙂

  7. This sounds like a magic button for success that got me into thinking….is that really simple as the killer content system says or there’s some skeletons in the cupboard? Because I’ve read several success stories of affiliate marketers and one thing was common in their advice…..hard work and quality contents give the results and nothing else.

    Killer content system preaches otherwise considering the features and I’m glad to have read your story with systems like that in your journey. Thanks for the information and I’m not going to make the mistake to misplace my money. 

    • Magic push button systems do not work, it’s as simple as that.

      Hard work and consistency is the truest way to find success in the online world.

      If you’re constantly trying to find a magic formula or a done-for-you system that works, you will never find it and you’ll never make any money online.

      As soon as you realize that, the sooner you can create your own online business and ACTUALLY make money.

  8. hey. great review. i hate scams like this, luckily i was to poor to fall for it 🙂 i noticed the owner named him self the a same as that greek philosopher. i never trust programs when the owner dont show who he realy is, that means he is a shamed of what hes doing so he dont want anyone to know it him.  

    • II did not notice that, what a great find. It really is a problem when they don’t want to show themselves and continue to mask themselves.

      Even more proof that this system is a scam as the owner has bad intentions. Good luck in your online ventures bud.

  9. Hi, I have fallen for one of these scams before. I run several websites and sometimes getting content can be a hell of a job. I found out about this scam on an ads that popped up on a page I was on. I was too sure that with this system I don’t need to do anything anymore. I just pay for the software, automate posting of unique content on my websites, monetize it, and I’m so rich! You know the outcome already…I just wasted my money and got copied  content from other sites. My adSense account got disabled and I couldn’t get a refund. Making money online or offline takes time and smart work. Thanks for sharing.

    • Damn, I’m sorry to hear that you got scammed. It’s sad but this happens to most people that try to make money online. The desperate are the ones that get scammed the most (like me).

      I’m glad you learned your lesson and you can use that knowledge to create your own legit business that will ACTUALLY make you money.

      Good luck, friend.

  10. Brandon, I simply agree with you on this issue. Spun contents are great to theory but hazardous in practise because they end up getting one’s site into deep problem with google. Writing a quality content is all google demands and getting them from dome pre-writen on paid website would only lead to tautology and duplicates which, google hates with passion. Hence, seeing all of these here makes me certain that, the killer content system is nothing worth paying for. Though I agree that some people find it difficult to write articles themselves but then, paying for freelance writing is better than spun articles. Thanks

    • Good point but then again, you aren’t 100% certain that the person you’re purchasing the article from isn’t copying and spinning content.

      I’ve used plagiarism checkers before and they passed with flying colors, even though they were straight out copied!

      It wasn’t until I checked a few sentences in Google that I found the article on another website.

      They get pass plagiarism checkers simply by changing sentences around, creating more paragraphs and adding a few words here and there.

      I was not happy that I was purchasing these bad articles and putting them on my website!

      I stopped using freelancers altogether and just focused on writing content myself, that way I know for a fact that it’s unique, original and completely legit.

  11. It’s true that niche website can be really interesting And lucrative but it all depends on the quality of the contents in the website. Having a unique content with really high quality will increase your chances of making success, so in the care where every member of a particular domain uses the same article and contents, it’s of no sense and use. I won’t recommend the killer system because of its inability to produce valuable contents. Thanks.

    • Hey man, I agree with you. Google wants high value, unique content.

      This means your own work with lots of helpful information.

      That’s all it wants, but the KCS can’t give that and never will and that’s why it is not worth the money and heartache it’ll bring to you and your business.

  12. Two months ago if you would be shown me this site I would’ve believe it. It sounds so captivating and genuine, but in reality is just another scam. Or maybe not a scam, but you would have to pay more than what you’re primarily asked for. That happens a lot and it’s disappointing to see how companies like this work. 

    • It really does sound like the solution to creating a banging website with lots of helpful information to bring you thousands of dollars.

      But that is not the case and it will do more harm to your online business than good.

      And that is a great point you outlined. You have to continuously purchase credits after buying the initial system which is something they don’t tell you and you won’t find on other review articles. 

      I try to expose these systems as much as I can and help people make more informative decisions, so I’m glad you liked it Stephanie!

  13. Just like you, I have been victim of spun contents that I have paid for before and it yielded no results. Though they met with the appropriate standard of what was required for a post to be ranked but they never did. Seeing this killer content system only reminds me of my experience then. Another thing is the tendency of having the same post with another person exactly and that to me, is bad for any website’s integrity. Thanks for the review

    • It’s sad that some of us spend months and oftentimes an entire year (or more) building up our business with spun content only to be doing harm to our business and sabotaging our own success. But we just don’t know as newbies and it sucks because we work so hard and get nothing in the end. This can lead to giving up altogether and a lot of time wasted when we could be doing something more rewarding with our time. Glad I can help 🙂

  14. If this site wasn’t using spun content I think I was really going to like it and to be honest when you first started this review I was just about to say I think I may try this site, duplicate content is real bad and that is one thing i hope Google will never suspect me of. With all those animals Google is using to get some bad and cheating sites down I’m sure it will take more than just having any type of content and not knowing who else has been given the same content to publish to get to rank better and start earning. Thanks for this eye opener

    • You should be okay mate, you’ve got nothing to worry about if you’re writing from the heart. It’s only when you copy other content and change a few words here and there to make it unique is when you start getting in trouble. Don’t worry, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Blog away!


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