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The Lucky Go App is a Scam That Will Not Pay

Lots of new apps are coming out that say you can win money just by playing games.

Lucky Go App Logo

Lucky Go is one of those apps. I see their ad on other apps all the time and it piqued my curiosity.

These ads are VERY unique, designed to get you interested and wonder if everyday people are making lots of money, then maybe you could too.

I wanted to know if there was at least some legitimacy to this app.

Can you really win lots of money by playing a free app?

Read my Lucky Go review for the truth.

At a Glance

App name: Lucky Go

Owner: Unknown

App type: GPT (Get-Paid-To)

Price: Free

Overall Rating: SCAM!


  • Fun to play
  • Relaxing
  • Time killer


  • Full of glitches
  • Shady owner
  • Scammy characteristics
  • They don’t pay
  • Very misleading
  • False advertising


Lucky Go is an app where you play various different mini games and earn money. However, money earned drastically reduces over time, they mislead the unsuspecting and they don’t even pay.

It would be a great little side earner if they paid but sadly they’re a scam like the rest.

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What is Lucky Go?

Lucky Go is a free mobile app with lots of mini-games and features that you can play to win real money.

Sort of like a gambling game but a risk-free version since you don’t have to pay anything to join.

These games are relaxing and fun to play, as they describe it.

They want to take some of life’s stresses away by giving you a few minutes of peace and relaxation, for a chance to win cold hard cash.

Games like these are very addicting because who doesn’t like to win? You get a dopamine hit and you want more!

It’s like gambling in real life but with no risk and at the comfort of your own home.

How Do You Earn?

There are a bunch of games and activities you can do to make money, all of them fun and relaxing.

Lucky Go Games

These include:

  • Free scratches – These are 100% free. Just swipe to reveal what you won
  • Spin the wheel – Spin the wheel and win all sorts of instant prizes. Your winnings could include cash, points, more spins and more turns on the other games
  • Lottery – You can pick new numbers everyday for a chance to win at the lottery and earn even bigger rewards
  • Raffle – Choose your own raffle tickets and get a chance to win big
  • Mini-games – There are a bunch of other different games that you can play and earn money.

The Rewards

So the in-app currency you earn for playing games is called points.

Earn enough points and you can exchange them for cash or gift cards.

You can cash out for PayPal money or gift cards from popular stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc.

This is nothing new, as most “Get Paid To” websites reward this way.

Lucky Go Red Flags

False Advertising

These types of apps will bait you in from other apps through ads.

I played a game on one of their ads and earned $20, but when I clicked “redeem” and downloaded the app, there was no mention of my winnings anywhere.

It was a tactic to get me to download the app. This is a clear sign of a scam.

Points Drastically Reduce Over Time

I have found this out firsthand with lots of gaming apps I have played.

They reward you with money left, right and center at the start, then reduce earnings the closer you get to payout.

They will make you earn a couple bucks within the first 20 minutes, then as you get closer and closer to minimum payout, your earnings go down to $0.001.

In my opinion it is rigged. It’s almost impossible to reach minimum payout.

High Minimum Payout

The high minimum payout is to stop people from reaching their earnings.

Most legit systems have $1-$5 as their minimum payout. Those ones are definitely paying because they’re not scared of having such a low threshold.

Well anything over that and it becomes a red flag. In this case for Lucky Go, it is $10.

Too Much Ads

They’re getting paid for you to watch ads, it’s as simple as that.

So they want you to watch as many ads as possible, which is why they offer you free spins and more turns on games for watching more ads.

For example, it will say:

“More spins in 4 hours. Watch this ad to half the time”

And you can keep doing it until you get more spins.

It’s just their way of getting more money out of you while giving you false hope.

Lots of Glitches, Especially When Cashing Out

The app is full of glitches and errors.

I don’t think this is by accident, I think this was done on purpose to stop people from getting their earnings.

Error messages come up at the most unsual times.

One person got a message saying “bad internet connection” just as he won something big.

Others get error messages when getting close to cashing out.

All the red flags of a massive scam are all there, my friend, in plain daylight.

So Is It a Scam? Or Will they Actually Pay?

All in all, most “play to win” apps lie and mislead.

They make money from advertisers. Advertisers pay them to put ads on their apps.

And that’s where you come in. They use you to make money, it’s as simple as that.

You aren’t going to win $100, $200 or even $5000. It’s false advertising, only created to rope you in.

And they do it so well, that’s why they have so many downloads.

The Verdict:

These apps don’t pay and likely never will. I am yet to find a legitimate app like this that actually pays you your winnings.

So in conclusion, Lucky Go is just another scam that feeds off of the unsuspecting app users and those who don’t know any better.

Do I Recommend Lucky Go?

No I do not.

Yes the games are fun and entertaining which is something you might be interested in if you like gambling.

However, don’t expect to get paid your earnings because no one is getting gift cards or cashing their money out.

I simply cannot recommend a program that’s full of hype, misleading and don’t even pay.

What I Recommend

There are far better ways to making money online.

There are definitely lots of scams out there but there are also legit systems, you just have to find them.

Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to make 4-figures per month.

It’s not millions but it does allow me to work from home and work my own hours.

You don’t have to work full-time, you can do it part-time and still make money and that’s the beauty of WA.

Well that’s what I recommend if you really want to create something of value rather than wasting time on apps that never actually pay.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learned that not all apps should be trusted just because they’re on the Google Play Store.

Cheers and have a great day!

12 thoughts on “The Lucky Go App is a Scam That Will Not Pay”

  1. Agreed cash is not paid out, I have been on £9.70 for weeks and accepted never gonna get to the £10 min. However in their defence I have received in 3 months Amazon gift credited to my Amazon account without issue to value of £45.

      • I’ve gotten $15 in gift cards from them, early on, but since, they have not been replenished. Also, my cash account sits at $9.95 ($10 minimum payout) since the beginning, about 3 months ago.

        • Interesting to know, Ubu.

          There’s a common trend I see. These systems tend to give the first gift card to whoever reaches the payout, only “hook” them in.

          After that they flat out waste their time for months on end because they think they’ll be getting paid again, but they never do.

        • Sorry to hear Thomas. And they’ll likely never became available. Have you received any gift cards from them before or is this the first time?

  2. i got 2 10$ amazom gift cards, but as i saved up ready for 3rd, they wont refresh ,emailed them twice and no answer

  3. Total waste of time unless you think a few 2 dollar amazon gift cards are worth putting up with the scam. Yes they paid a few bucks in gift cards until they ran out…then poof! Trust me your time is worth more then that. I know mine is…im just embarrassed I fell for it…I knew better!! Thank you Brandon for the review

    • Exactly. If you’re lucky you can cash out the very first gift card. But any other after that it’s impossible because they all disappear.


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