The Peoples Program Review – Another Cash Gifting Scheme

We have social security in America which is paid to individuals above the age of 65 after they resign.

The sum you get depends straightforwardly on the amount you added to the government over the years through taxes for the duration of your life.

So the more cash you make in your profession then the more money will be paid by the government through social security once you reach retirement.

Then there’s a concept of universal basic income that does not depend upon your retirement, contribution or age.

Everybody gets the same sum of money which is intended to simply deal with your most fundamental needs i.e., food, housing, schooling supply, and medical needs.

The aim of such government funding is to deal with individuals who have ended their jobs to ensure they can keep up a decent lifestyle after a full life of working.

Basic Income programs ensure that every citizen is capable enough to live on his own without falling into extreme poverty.

It is good to have such safety nets for individuals who need it yet most standardized savings schemes are loaded with various issues.

One of these is that they tend to include colossal measures of authorizations.

With many, a large number of directors and assistants appointed to evaluate who is and who isn’t qualified for government help.

These processes involve a lot of hassle and are often very time-consuming

You can save yourself from all that trouble with the help of The People’s Program.

It is a one of a kind income generating system which also promotes the concept of giving away.

This Peoples Program review is designed in a way to help you learn and understand how this program works and what to expect from it.

At a Glance

Name: The Peoples Program

Website: www.thepeoplesprogram.comthe-peoples-progoram-logo


Owners: Unknown

Price to join: $150 – $10,000

My Rating: 2/5 stars

2.0 out of 5 stars

What Is The Peoples Program And Who Owns It?

The People’s Program (TPP) is a progressive and excess income framework that aims towards individuals helping one another.

It is a cash gifting business that appeal to many people because it has very low levels of participation.

Individuals “gift” excess amount from their income to other people.

This cash gifting program has been around since 2008.

How Does It Work?

The peoples program is another money gifting program or club that can be joined only when a member from within the program requests you to join the program.

The people program (TPP) claims itself not to be a company, business or MLM and that you must be welcomed into the money gifting movement by invitation through an existing member only to have the capacity to take part.

In most of the money gifting clubs or gifting programs like this one, there is no service or product involved.

The idea of the money gifting scheme is that you are giving away a gift in the form of cash without paying any tax deductions.

This program has little ranks of participation with the lowest level being $150.

However, you can give away or get as much as $10,000 or above!

It is skillfully managed and controlled through an outsider having tracking software.

This software keeps a track of all the gifted cash and referrals.

What Do You Get Once You’re A Member?

As a member of this program, you can receive both cash and gifts.

You can make cash transactions with different individuals living across the United States through online channels or mail.

You can also make money once you have become a member of this program by inviting more and more people to join your network and send cash.

The people who ended up joining your network will have to pay you a certain amount of cash and then furthermore when these new members invite more people to join his network then he will have to pay you a percentage of the money he made when the invitation was accepted.

Red Flags of the Peoples Program

TPP has no products or services to offer its member yet it asks the member to make transactions through this network.

They don’t offer anything in exchange of the cash, now that is where the warning comes up.

There have been similar cash gifting programs in the past where no product or service was offered yet they claimed to have followed all the regulations of the State laws and the government but later turned out to be a fraud.

However, according to the law if you do not have a genuine product/service to sell then you can have government agencies coming your way such as SEC or FTC.

Does It Cost To Join?

To become apart of TPP you have to pledge a certain amount of cash.

The entry levels vary at different costs according to your pocket.

TPP has the lowest entry level in comparison to other programs which starts at $150.

The different entry level options that are available are: $150, $250, $500, $1,500, $3,500 and it can go as high as $10,000.

This cash pledge ensures that no cash trail is tracked by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

They additionally charge a $50.00 administration expense.

Whatever is left of the expense establishes promotion/advertising.

The co-op marketing and advertising can further cost you up to $125 however, this does not guarantee any leads and you will probably end up with zero profits.

They additionally offer postcards at a cost of $1.00 per card sent with again no assurance of leads.

Pros of The Peoples Program

  • No tax deduction on a cash exchange
  • Provides a training call
  • Provides online marketing platform to the members on replicated websites

Cons of The Peoples Program

  • High start-up cost
  • Need to be invited
  • A wide range of entry-levels cause more leads but low returns
  • Hard to get new people in
  • Marketing costs are too high for low-cash entries
  • High risk
  • Could be a big time and money waster
  • Not good for newbies

Is The Peoples Program Legit or a Scam?

TPP gifting business comes with a good marketing framework and an authentic team.

The admin team has a solid foundation in internet promotions and marketing along with the capacity to defend the possible legal issues that may emerge in time.

But as mentioned before, there is no genuine incentive included for the members so it would appear that you are simply exchanging cash for money and it could look like an illegal tax avoidance and a big fat scam when they find out you send the cash to someone else through the mail, FedEx or other mailing platforms.

So it all comes down to the ones responsible for the program; the administrators and the owners.

If they comply with all the legal requirements and pay their taxes on every transaction along with providing legitimate incentive they can oftentimes avoid legal trouble.

However, there are many money hungry thieves out there who target innocent people and steal their hard earned money through such platforms.

Remember: it is only a fraud if you fall for it.

One has to be careful and mindful of such rips offs and carry out a detailed research about such programs before signing in.

However, after thoroughly researching The Peoples Program, it is nothing more than a big fat cash gifting scheme and the ones at the top and know what they are doing are the ones making all the money!

Not Recommended Logo

The Verdict

The Peoples Program is all about gifting your money away and not expecting anything in return.

But of course you will receive money in return because it is a cash gifting scheme and designed to avoid paying taxes, and that my friend is the whole idea behind it.

It is not a scam as long as they stay within the law, but definitely not recommended either since they will constantly be running into legal trouble.

This is what makes it high-risk and difficult to get new people in and make money off of them.

Unless you have a big email list or social media following you will struggle to make money with The Peoples Program and you will NOT make a dime!

One system that does work, is definitely legal and proven to work over and over again is Wealthy Affiliate.

That is what I use to make my money on the internet and am now doing it full-time working from home.

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Well thanks for reading.

If you have any questions about The Peoples Program or you’ve had any experience with it please let us know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “The Peoples Program Review – Another Cash Gifting Scheme”

  1. Very good info to know about The People’s Program! Thank you for doing the research. It is hard to know what is truth out there anymore and if you’re putting your money into something worth while. I will keep this information in the back of my mind for anyone who asks about it and refer them here!

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Brandon.

    Thank you so much for this thorough and detailed explanation of TPP.
    I, like so many others, am looking to quit my job, and make a full time income from a web based business. And in that aspect, the most important thing I found is actually avoiding the pit falls, and not end up throwing your money away in scams, and unsustainable businesses!

    I can fully get behind your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate as well. It’s a great platform for anybody looking to start a legitimate online business.

    Thanks again, and best wishes.


  3. Hi Brandon,

    Thank you for comprehensive and insightful review. Peoples Program sounds a bit too much for my taste. The whole system of money gifting and helping to each other looks like a great deal, but when you look at it in-depth you see some holes. Thank you for not recommending it, and I see why you think so. All the best!

    • That is definitely what happens Ivan. In theory it sounds great, but what you’re REALLY doing is wasting time and risking getting in trouble with the law!

  4. Thanks for giving an unbiased informative overview of this scheme.
    I have up until now not heard of this. It seems to have good intentions, but I am not convinced by the mechanism through which it operates.
    If there is a system where people are putting money in, and some are getting money out, it is a zero sum thing. I don’t really believe that the organisation gives value to the people who sign up to it.


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