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The Simple Guide to Quitting Your WalMart Job

Working at Walmart can be extremely stressful and make you hate every day of your life. Sometimes all you’re doing is waking up and dealing with rude people.

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I’m not bashing on WalMart in general, I’m saying that working in retail isn’t for everyone due to the large amount of stress that comes with it.

And if you’ve found yourself working at WalMart and you absolutely hate it and want to get out, you are in the right place and I am going to help you get there.

Don’t Freak Out!

It does not matter if you’ve been working there 1 month or 5 years, do not freak out and think you owe them something because you do not.

People quit jobs even after the first day, it’s not uncommon, and I’ll talk more about the soon.

So if you’re freaking out that you’ve just started and want to leave already, don’t because there’s still a few options up your sleeve.

if you’re within the 90-day probationary period, it might be best to wait it out for the good of your own future.

This is the period that allows you to see if it’s right for you, if you like the job and to make any changes if you don’t.

However, leaving before your “trial” period is over is going to send the wrong message, especially to new employers when they ask you why you quit after 1 month of starting a new job.

Why would they hire you if you’re only going to quit in the first 30 days and not give it your all?

However, once this 90-day period is over and you still don’t like your job, give your 2 weeks notice along with your reason and you’re good to go.

Don’t expect any push back, they’ll just think you didn’t give it enough time but they’re not going to get upset about it since you’re only new.

Who Do You Talk to About Quitting?

Do you tell the person who’s in charge of hiring, which is only possible if you get lucky and catch them at work on the same shift as you?

Do you wait until you finally meet a manager and tell them?

A lot of the time newbies don’t like their job and/or get offered better opportunities elsewhere, but the problem arises when they need to hand in their notice but don’t know exactly who to!

Your Personal Manager, Silly!

No matter what job you are in, there is always someone in charge to direct workers to where they should be and to keep the store running smoothly.

Most people will recommend you tell your Personal Manager, although your ASM (assistant store manager) is your next best option, and I would have to agree.

ASM’s are almost always on the floor and will gladly accept your written letter of resignation without throwing judgement or asking 21 questions.

However, to cut out all the BS and get straight to the point, visit the Personnel’s office and hand in your resignation (with 2 weeks notice, of course).

DEFINITELY Give 2 Weeks Notice

You should always be giving 2 weeks notice on all jobs you leave, and this one is no different.

Giving 2 weeks notice shows that you are a true professional and that you have their best interest at heart.

This will stop them from getting angry at you and providing a bad reference when your next potential employer calls them!

You also won’t burn bridges OR screw up the entire roster for the next couple of weeks.

At the end of the day, giving 2 weeks notice gives the managers a peace of mind and less stress.

It eliminates the need for running around trying to replace your position for the next 2 weeks.

ALWAYS Put It In Writing

This will make you look professional and you’ll have it in writing in case of any disputes in the future (although not likely, being prepared is better than not).

Writing your resignation letter, in my opinion, is better than quitting verbally since you get to say everything you need to in the letter without being too nervous to say everything in a conversation.

However, ONLY resign this way if you’re giving 2 weeks notice.

Anything less and you should always talk to your manager face to face, and I’ll tell you why in just a second.

You’re Going to Be Hirable

Quitting on the spot or doing something drastic to your boss is not the best approach and you’re only going to sabotage your own future when you try find a new job.

Your new employer will ask why you left WalMart and they’re going to want a reference.

They will call them and the next thing you know, you don’t get the job because they just told them all the bad stuff you did before you walked out on them.

So if you follow the steps I mentioned above, as long as you continue to stay professional and NOT let your emotions take control, you’re setting yourself up with a great future and plenty of job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What If You Don’t Really Know Who’s in Charge?

This is more likely to happen if you’ve been at the job for less than 3 months.

There are reports of people working in WalMart for much longer than that and STILL have not meet the people in charge.

As stated above, visit your Personnel at the end of your shift and tell them exactly what’s up along with your letter of resignation which I’ll talk more about in a minute.

Be honest with the reason you’re leaving and be thankful for the opportunity and experiences you gained whilst you were working there.

Is It Okay to Quit Over the Phone?

phone call

If for whatever reason you don’t want to do another days work, maybe because the workload is too demeaning or way too difficult than you thought it would be, should you quit over the phone?

Managers have answered this exact question on various WalMart forums and they do NOT recommend you quit over the phone, as you’re going to make yourself less hirable later on.

Instead it would be more beneficial for you if you go in during the day shift and talk with them face to face and explain your situation.

Because you went and talked to them in person, they’re going to be more understanding and empathetic.

The best tip I can give you in this situation is too ask for a different position, one that you can begin training right away.

If they can’t, you can terminate your employment immediately and it won’t affect any future employments at other stores or jobs.

However, be sure to clarify this with them first and get it in writing so they can’t use it against you later on!

Is 2 Weeks Notice Mandatory?

If you’re quitting over the phone, by email or letter, then yes, 2 weeks notice is pretty much mandatory if you want to stay in the good books (for both current and future employers).

Do keep in mind that this rule is not set in stone and it all depends on you, your work ethic, how good of a worker you are and the type of employers you have.

I’ve known people that have only given 3 days notice BUT through a face to face conversation.

That’s the keywords here; face to face.

You need to talk to them in person and explain what you’re doing and when you want to quit.

Worst case scenario, you’re told “no” and have to stick it out for the entire 2 weeks.

OR they understand you and let you quit much earlier than the initial 2 weeks and everything is okay 🙂

Is It Common to Quit Within the First Month?

Believe it or not, new workers are quitting within the first week, sometimes even the first day.

They absolutely hate it and don’t feel they’ll get use to the job.

Otherwise they aren’t receiving enough hours to fund their lifestyle, causing them to look for something more stable as 24 hours a week is not going to make you a whole lot of money.

They figure that it’s not for them and they’ll walk out on their break and not come back…at all.

Others will stick it out for a month before they realize it’s not for them and they’ll hand in their 2 weeks notice.

Or they’ll look on the internet for ways to quit their WalMart job and come across articles like this simply because they don’t know how to quit the proper way.

But if you’re one of the new ones that started WalMart and think you’re a bad person for leaving really early, know that you are not alone and people all over the globe are leaving much earlier than you.

Can I Get Rehired After Quitting or Getting Fired?

Yes you can.

However, you will have to wait 3 months due to their rehiring policy, but there are some exceptions to that which I explain in this article.

Also if you get fired for poor attendance, you will have to wait 6 months before reapplying, and sometimes 12 months for other reasons.

If you get fired for stealing or committing other similar crimes, you are deemed unhirable and will not be able to work in a Walmart ever again.


Quitting your WalMart job is not a bad thing so don’t ever think you’re a bad person for wanting to.

Yes it has it’s good and bad days, but I know you’ve had enough of your job and it’s okay to quit if you want to.

Well I hope you have more clarity on quitting your WalMart job and that you aren’t stuck anymore.

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26 thoughts on “The Simple Guide to Quitting Your WalMart Job”

  1. I have never worked on retail but i can understand pretty well the stress involved. You give some very good tips for those interested and I have to agree with almost everything you wrote. Staying 90 days to a job you think you don’t like can be a bit difficult but it’s for the best as is the 2 weeks notice. I get that many times this is easier said than done but you must think of this as a benefit for any future job proposals you have. Nice read, thanks for the share!

    • Well basically, if you can stay the entire 90 days or at least give 2 weeks notice, you’re going to eliminate any negative feelings towards you and the blow will have less impact later on when you try to find another job. The secret is to stay on the good side so you can use them as a reference later on.

      Thanks for the comment Stratos, much appreciated.

      • I just quit my job at Walmart due to moving to another city. Thanks for your detailed advice. I found it very helpful and informative. I just have a further question. Because I will be leaving this city and will not come back soon. Should I ask for a reference letter from my manager before my last working day in case I can use it in the future? Thanks for your kind help!

  2. Hello Brandon, thanks for this beautiful article. Seriously, Walmart is not an ideal place for me to work. The workload was just too much for me. Though I started last month, but I’m regretting I joined in the first place, everything just doesn’t work the way I thought it would and besides, I need to create more time for myself so I can continue to work on my blog. The information in this post is very handy to me and also helpful because I was trying to end my stay with them without proper notifications. Though I never knew it would have this much consequences. Thanks for this, I will see out the next two weeks hopefully before I finally quit with them. Thanks

    • You’re welcome mate. Definitely go the safer route and give them 2 weeks notice. Just write a quick letter and leave on the managers desk before you leave, it’s as simple as that

  3. Wow, this is a very good post. When you think about it, many workers actually do see better opportunities but sometimes they don’t know how to quit their jobs so they just end up staying put. I have a friend who is going through something like that and I feel your post is going to be of good help to her. I’ll definitely share this post on the steps to take before quitting your Walmart job. Great educative post.

    • You can blame the comfort zone for that my friend. They are comfortable doing what they’re doing even though they don’t like it, because it’s what they’ve “always done” and it’s predictable. It’s safe because they know what to expect.

      However, a bigger and better opportunity pops up but you start to feel uncomfortable even at the thought of pursuing this new job or opportunity. You don’t know what to expect if you dive in so you just stay put, watching all these great things pass you by.

      And sadly not taking action and freezing up when this happens kills dreams. You have to get out of this rut if you want to become successful.

  4. I wouldn’t have messed up things If I had read your article in my first job experience. It wasn’t WalMart but industrial work…..I feel bad about how I went about things even now. I, however, found myself on your website because I think I can learn something from your article in case I find myself in a similar situation again.

    My quitting was of several reasons although I had been with them for over 3 months. Do you have any suggestions on how to start your own business with a small budget?  

  5. Thanks for your great information shared on this post. I found this article to be very useful as it provides important information on how you can successfully quit your job without negatively affecting and disturbing your relationship with your employer. I agree with you that new opportunities will always check with your past employers, so indeed better to following proper procedures given in this article when quitting your job.

    • That’s true. If you really have to leave on a bad note, do not put this job on your resume especially if you haven’t been in the job for long.

      However, if it’s actually your biggest and main job, try not stuff it up by leaving on a bad note. You can set yourself up for a disaster later on when no one will hire you.

  6. Thank you very much for your article. I hope that people who are unsatisfied with their Walmart jobs will find it. You are right, two weeks notice is important. Retail is not for everybody. I tried working in retail and I really didn’t like it for many of the reasons you listed. That’s why I’m trying to start my business online. Then I can make money on my own terms.

    Your advice was very practical and thorough. Thanks!

  7. This is very much applicable to almost any job in retailing business. Employees should also be considerate of the company to avoid misunderstanding between two parties. Here in our country, almost all companies would require a month notice before resigning. It’s due to the fact that hiring takes a lot of procedures such as taking examination, interview, processing of required documents like police clearance, tax community ID, medical exam. Those documents would take 1-3 days of processing and mind you, weekends’ not included. Potential employees then would undergo at least a week of training that’s why a month of waiting to he relieved from your job is recommended. 

    Courtesy at work should always be practiced even to the day of resignation and last day of work. Yes, it’s not bad to quit especially if you are not happy. Don’t let the job eat you and stress you by staying but do it in a nice way. Thank you for this article. It will be helpful for people out there with their decision on quitting in considerate manner. 

    • Wow, a month? This is new to me, what country is that?

      Absolutely agree with you. If you continue to keep showing professionalism, you’re going to carry that mindset and work ethic into the next job and, well, first impressions are the most important impressions!

  8. Thank you for the information in this post. This is some really good advice. Personally for me, I have never quit a job in my lifetime and I have had a couple of jobs I really didn’t like. I guess I am one of those people who will always try to make it work and then fate comes along and I get laid off.

    But there is this job I have now where I have often times have thought about quitting and do so in a slightly malicious way. I do enjoy the type of job but what has been rubbing me the wrong way are the impossible schedules they give me. It is like trying to force a square peg in a round hole and wondering why I cannot do it.

    I have had a couple of other job offers. However the job I have now, though exceedingly frustrating with these impossible schedules, is convenient in that it is 8 minutes from where I live and the money isn’t that bad. My employers as people are very nice but when it comes to running a business, they suck.

    I probably will quit eventually. After three straight years of things getting worse and worse with my stress level increasing, I have to think of my health and move on to something better. Now with this post I know for sure that quitting maliciously is not the best and giving two weeks notice is the honorable thing to do.

    • One thing you can do is weigh the pros and cons. Figure out the pros and cons to staying in your job and then see if it’s worth staying there or not.

      Hope you make a wise decision soon my friend 🙂

  9. I don’t know if you’re still answering comments on this post but I just wanted to ask for your advice. I’ve been working as a personal shopper at Walmart for 2 weeks now and the works not bad but I’ve never met any of my managers and whoever makes my schedule keeps changing it and I am currently scheduled outside of my availability and I literally can’t show up then. And there’s never even a clear person in charge. I got trained by one of my coworkers who took it upon herself when the personnel lady dumped me there. Now we all just kind of work together and I’ve literally been told by several coworkers that if a customer asks for a manager to tell them they’re out on the floor and send them into the store to customer service instead because apparently nobody’s seen our managers in forever. So I already have 2 occurrences for being late because of random schedule changes that I wasn’t informed of. And if I remember correctly the limit is 5. I also requested 7 days off when I first started for the week of Halloween so I could go home and meet my baby cousin as well as spend time with my family and celebrate the holiday. I’ve had the trip planned for months but whoever makes the schedule denied my request for the time off. I plan to go regardless but I just wanted your opinion on whether to just go without saying anything to anyone and just wait till they fire me when I get back or if I should try to find somebody to hand in a letter of resignation to. By the way, I forgot to mention it earlier but the personnel lady is almost never actually there she works very few hours and always at random, weird times. And you can almost never reach her by phone either

    • Don’t just not show up, that’s the worst thing you could do. If you wanted to go back working at Walmart again you probably never could.

      What you need to do is write a resignation letter and leave it on your personnel ladies desk, that’s it. It’s as simple as it sounds 🙂

      Let me know how it goes.

  10. I don’t know if you are still giving advice. But I’ve been at walmart almost 2 yrs now. I just can’t take it anymore from the asst. Manager mostly three of them. It seem every time when they are there they always pick on me. But when they are off i don’t have no problem. I just take it anymore. So i just want to retired in two months but i just don’t know how to come around and tell them.

    • The easiest way is to write your letter of resignation, keep it simple, and put it on your managers desk at the end of your shift. Make sure you have the last day you want to work in your letter, so they know when to stop scheduling you. If they want to ask you more questions they will, but most of the time they won’t say anything. It’s as easy as that 🙂 Let me know if you need anymore help.

      PS: Since you still have 2 months, wait until the 2 weeks before you finish, then give them the letter with your 2 weeks notice.

  11. If it’s not a full 2 weeks notice maybe like a week or alittle more do you think there’s any chance of a good standing afterwards

  12. Thank you for this article. It cleared some things up for me. I do have a question though. I am currently working for Walmart and I am going to be turning in my resignation letter soon. I’ve been working there for 8 months and developed extensor tendinitis. Also my eczema flares up a lot at work when I get too hot and sweaty. My job consists of me walking all over the store to shop for items in a fast-paced manner for hours. My tendinitis and eczema flare ups make it hard for me to do my job, so I am deciding to resign to prevent any more damage to my foot and health. So my question is: Should I give a two weeks notice for this or can I give a notice to leave sooner?

    • I know how you feel about the eczema. Try bag balm in the green tin from Walmart, it works a treat. You don’t have to give 2 weeks notice, you can give 1 day if you want to. If you really want to leave sooner then you can.

      Let me know if you decide to try bag balm.


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