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Traffic Robot 2.0 Is Nothing But Hype and a Big Scam

Getting traffic is easy.

Getting free traffic is more difficult.

However, getting free and targeted traffic is the most difficult out of them all.

So why does Traffic Robot 2.0 claim that it can give you free unlimited traffic in less than 46 seconds?

To be honest, the entire sales letter is full of outrageous claims and scam-like characteristics.

I decided to do an entire Traffic Robot 2.0 review and see just what they are offering and what you are REALLY getting for your money.


What Traffic Robot 2.0 Claims It Can Do For You

When you look at the sales page you can clearly see it’s full of hype.

They make some outrageous claims such as:

  • You can get free, unlimited traffic with a click of a button
  • That this traffic is highly targeted and ready to purchase
  • Their software can earn you $100 plus per day
  • It’s newbie-friendly and requires no prior experience.

The owner says that all you need to do is open up the software, click the traffic button, watch the traffic roll in and earn $100 pay days.

Now this is okay and all, but whether it’s true is a different story. Lets dive deeper and see what we can dig up.

What Is Traffic Robot 2.0?

It is a reboot of the original Traffic Robot which is exactly the same thing but with a different name.

All they do is create different titles, change the colors and logos and launch it again but slapped with a different version number.

And when they get exposed again, they will even change the name of the system completely so no one can catch them out.

Which I’ve found out already…they have a version 3.0!

But back to 2.0, I have discovered what you’ll actually be doing to get traffic, and it is no surprise at all.

Well low and behold, there is no “ground-breaking new traffic generation techniques” here.

All you’ll be doing is driving traffic from social media.

But first you will have to build them from scratch which means they are downright lying to your face when they say it’s unlimited traffic with a touch of a button.

Building up a loyal social media following that will actually purchase your goods can take months and even years to grow.

What You Get For Your Money

Step-By-Step Training

They have step-by-step training videos that show you how to create your social media accounts and send people to your offer or business.

Sadly there are only 4 videos that total 14 minutes of training…

I mean, really? All this hype for 4 videos all under 6 minutes long and a piece of software to automate the process?

Now it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that something isn’t right, especially cause that’s all you’ll be receiving for your money.

Traffic Robot 2.0 Software

All this does is allows you to connect the software to your different social media accounts.

This is so you can control what you post all from the one area instead of posting individually, which is definitely a time saver.

I honestly don’t know why they’re asking for $76.91 for this when there are hundreds of websites that’ll let you do it with a fraction of the price, and often times offer a free trial.

The Inevitable Upsells

Once you purchase this system, you will be hit with a bunch of upsells.

With most of these hyped up systems, upsells is where most of their money is made because the main system is a lie and doesn’t work at all, and they know it.

They want you to think you need the upsells to make even more money and since you’re already $76.91 deep, you’re going to do whatever it takes to make your money back, so you’ll purchase 1 or 2 upsells.

These are likely not going to work either because that is their main goal.

They’re out to make a quick buck off of you while they make their new system and repeat the cycle.

I mean, how can you trust someone that flat out lies to your face.

There are too many red flags my friend, and if you still don’t believe me, I’m going to tell you exactly why this system won’t work below.

Traffic Robot 2.0 Flaws

Social Media Traffic is a Difficult Ball Game

Social media traffic has it’s perks and not so good things about it.

The good thing is that business owners can drive traffic to their website or offer and make money.

However, when your primary goal is to make money, that’s all you will focus on and you’ll look pass the big picture which is to provide value for your audience.

You will provide a little value and promotion here and there but you won’t see results, so you’ll give up within a couple weeks.

That’s the reason social media accounts that were created years ago, as a passion or hobby, are making money because they actually enjoy posting for their audience and money is just a bi-product of that.

It Takes Years to Create Loyal Followers

Another important note about social media followers is that it can take years before they become loyal.

Even if you purchase targeted traffic for your social media account, it takes a while to build trust.

They’re not going to blindly purchase your offer just because you told them to.

You need to know how to provide high value content, to make their lives easier or more fun, and when you can do that, money can easily be made.

The Training is HORRIBLE

And that’s an understatement.

The training only shows you how to create a social media accounts, connect the software to these accounts, then find offers.

This is hands down the lowest quality product I’ve seen in a long time and sadly the desperate will throw all their money at them thinking they’ll get rich.

Finding Offers For Your Audience

What you’ll be doing to make money is promoting something via affiliate marketing, which is a legit business concept, but not an easy one.

Basically you sell someone else’s product and earn a commission for the sale. It’s a win-win.

Affiliate marketing sounds great in theory but it’s more difficult than all that.

The average social media user is more internet savvy than you think, and these days they can spot a promotion a mile away.

You have to know what your audience needs before they buy anything from you, and if you’re just a newbie, this can take some time to learn.

It is NOT just a matter of creating some social media accounts, connecting the software to them and randomly sending promotion after promotion.

Full of Bugs and Glitches

There’s a reason why the owner doesn’t show this software working on the sales page and in the video training.

That’s because it’s full of bugs.

One example is that when you try to upload a video for YouTube it will say processing for literally hours before coming up with an error message.

The sad part is that they just release a new version saying they fixed all the bugs when they have not.

Hypey Sales Tactics

The entire sales letter is full of hype…making you think it’s the next best thing since sliced bread.

They mislead you to no end which is what they do to make a sale.

They have absolutely nothing of value to offer here and if you believe this hype then I’m sorry but you’re going to lose more money than you make in the internet marketing world.

The quicker you realize that shiny objects are just that, the sooner you can move pass this phase and create something that will actually make you money, the legit way.

Price & Purchase Details

The price of Traffic Robot 2.0 is $76.91 and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is only designed to close the sale.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that the upsells do not have a money-back guarantee.

This is confusing when you purchase the upsells thinking the guarantee still applies to them but it does not, and this is where you can lose a lot of money.

Pros and Cons


  • Has step-by-step training
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Very misleading
  • Way too pricey
  • Low value product
  • You can use similar systems for free
  • The owner just wants a quick buck
  • It’s full of glitches
  • They keep creating the same thing just with different names
  • Bad product for newbies

The Verdict

The bottom line is that Traffic Robot 2.0 is a low value product with a hefty price tag.

They don’t offer anything special.

Side tip: You can automate your social media posts with IFTTT, otherwise Hootsuite and Buffer are free to try and have much cheaper price plans than Traffic Robot!

The Traffic Robots system is low value with less than 15 minutes worth of video training.

But they want you to take them seriously after all the hype and lies they just told you?

Traffic Robot is a complete joke and the ultimate winner is the owner and his affiliates.

If you decide to get this system, you will be scammed because it does not work and you’re only wasting money.


What I Recommend

Making 100s of dollars per day is no easy feat and that’s coming from an experienced internet marketer.

I’ve been in this game since 2014 and it took me at least 4 years to make 4 figures per month.

Well the first 2 years I just kept joining scams and systems that were misleading, just like TR2.0.

It wasn’t until I found Wealthy Affiliate is when real money was made.

I stopped spending money and started earning and for the first time ever I felt my dream coming true, which was to be my own boss and work from home.

Listen, nothing great comes easy in this world.

You have to work hard for it, because if you continuously chase shiny objects, you’re not going to get far.

All these “internet marketing gurus” just want your money, and they don’t care if they sell a low value product to get it.

You’re much better off creating your OWN online business.

Yes it’s more time consuming but it works.

If you keep chasing get rich quick schemes, you will achieve nothing because they don’t exist and never will, otherwise everyone will be doing it!

Well that concludes this article and I’m ready and waiting to greet you on the other side if you’re serious about making money online.

Join me now at Wealthy Affiliate (Free)

Thanks for your time.


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10 thoughts on “Traffic Robot 2.0 Is Nothing But Hype and a Big Scam”

  1. I think that there are several apps that you can use for free, to do the same thing. And besides, you can do all of that by yourself without a software. Of course, it will take time to gain trust and traffic, but building your audience yourself, I think leads to more success because that means that the person clicking on your page actually wants to know what you’re doing. Do you know any real and legit way to earn traffic asides from social media? 

    • I have found apps that allow you to do it for free but only with a free trial. Which ones are you talking about?

      In my opinion, the best way to get free, targeted traffic, is through Google. It’s takes more time and more work but the results are far more rewarding.

  2. Great review on yet another scam that’s just there to rob people blind. I nearly joined Traffic Robot the first time round but there was definitely something fishy about them. Everything seemed to good to be true and it was!

    I didn’t have your review to help me the first time but I know a scam when I see one so avoided it like the plague. However, lots of people that are new to the online business world could well fall for the hype and sign up to these cowboys. 

    Well done for warning everyone about this scam! Love your article, it doesn’t beat around the bush!


    • The easiest way to spot a scam is ask yourself, “does it seem too good to be true?”.

      Because 99.99% of the time it is too good to be true and you’re just being roped into yet another big fat scam.

      Luckily you knew what you were doing and saved yourself a lot of time and money. Good job!

  3. I think the creators of this Traffic Robot 2.0 think there are a lot of naive online marketers out there they can fool. In fact, my first impression of it is, with the word “robot” in the software they’ll probably send you bots traffic but then, thanks for your explanation I learned that their strategy actually is to redirect traffic from social media via a software. That’s tough and won’t give success overnight. And actually, the traffic from social media, unless you’re targeting with Facebook ads, what you will get from via that Traffic Robot software isn’t a targeted one so what you will actually get is high traffic with high bounce rate.

    Have you searched about the owners of this Traffic Robot 2.0? I’d like to check them out so I can also warn my people.

    • Well actually, the traffic you get is from your own social media pages. So they are definitely targeted if you got the followers organically and not by purchasing them.

      But you are right, it’s not going to give you success overnight. It’s going to take months to get a decent following, and even more months before you make any sales.

      Yes, I found out that the owners are Bill Darr and David Kirby. I’ve heard of these names before but not sure what other systems they’ve launched in the past.

  4. Thanks for this informative post. I can see that this platform has really got under your skin. I hate all of these get rich quick schemes that just take your money and run. 15 Minutes of training is not enough to even get you started on any serious platform. It just seems to me that they are trying to put their own front end on Affiliate Marketing and doing quite a bad job at it.  I will make sure I stay clear of this one. Thanks for the review. Mark

    • It is downright wrong what these gurus do. They target the desperate and make as much money as they can before moving on to the next hyped up scam.

  5. What a bold claim! Traffic in less than 46 seconds is not even possible. Anything that claims to work with a touch of a button is not to be believed by any means. I tend to thing scams like Traffic Robot 2.0 are targeting newbies who have little knowledge of how things really work. The price plus the Upsells are just annoying. Glad that you have mentioned that creating a social media following takes work through providing value, and it is not overnight. These are just some of the things that online entrepreneurs should know right from the start. Thank you for exposing this scam.

    • You are absolutely correct. Push button systems target those with little knowledge about the internet marketing world. I’m glad I can expose these fake ass scams for what they really are and stop people from wasting their money and time.


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