Voice Cash Pro Review – Scam or $550 Your First Day?

When you’re trying to find ways to make money online you will come across systems claiming to make you thousands of dollars in a fast amount of time with little work required.

Well, Voice Cash Pro is a perfect example because they say ordinary people are making $9,800 per week.

Of course anyone with half a brain can figure out that there is something not right with this statement.

So I thought I would head off on my own researching journey and see what I could dig up about this system.

This is my unbiased Voice Cash Pro review.


Overhyped and Full of Lies
  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Customer Service


Voice Cash Pro is all about doing voice overs to earn money. However, the claims of making thousands per week and hundreds in your first day are just lies and will never happen. You will not make this type of money with VCP so I would stay away at all costs.

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  • 7-day $1 trial
  • 60-day money back guarantee


  • Has upsells worth hundreds of dollars
  • Hyped up income claims with fake testimonials
  • They don’t tell you exactly what you’ll be doing to make all this money
  • A lot of red flags
  • They tell a lot of lies and mislead the blind into thinking they can make thousands of dollars per week

Quick Look

Name: Voice Cash Pro

Website: voiceprofitsystem.com

What You’ll Be Doing: Voice Overs

Price to Join: $37 + a bunch of upsells

The Claims

After looking at the official sales page, they claim ordinary people are making up to $9,800 per week!

There are also testimonials claiming they’ve made $550 in their first day and another who made a whopping $150,000 in his first 6 months.

Monica White GUARANTEES you will get the success you desire, and if you don’t, you can get a full refund.

Monica says her method is new, easy, interesting and generates cash much simpler than any other method out there.

Well these are some huge claims Monica is making, so lets get to know a little more about who she is and what her intentions are.

About Voice Cash Pro

Voice Cash Pro is a new system that came out on May 2018.

According to Whois information, registration was set to private so we don’t know if this Monica spokesperson is the real person or just a pen name.

You can choose to watch the video or skip all of that and read their sales letter instead.

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, both are full of hype and big promises.

We will find out if these promises and guarantees are true as we move on with this review 🙂

What is Voice Cash Pro?

Now when Monica said this is something really new in the make money online industry I couldn’t believe her.

Because a lot of people make these big claims just to make you think you’re getting a great new system that no one knows about.

And to be honest, you can make money doing voice overs but exactly how is making thousands of dollars per week possible with this thing?

That’s the big question I have too!

So according to the sales page, here’s how you get started:

  • Follow the step-by-step instructions
  • Spend 1-2 hours per day doing voice overs
  • Watch the money roll in “on autopilot”

One big red flag is that Monica doesn’t tell you anything else other than these steps.

This usually means that the big promises she makes aren’t actually genuine.

Or she may be misleading everyone MASSIVELY, which usually happens with these types of things.

The Process/How to Make Money

Like I and many other reviewers have pointed out, they aren’t exactly clear on what you’ll be doing other than doing voice overs.

The truth of that matter is, you are actually going to be a freelancer who does voice overs for video games, commercials, audio books, cartoon characters, etc.

However, this means you will be joining various freelancing websites and building up a reputation.

So it is not possible to make money today and most definitely not thousands in the next week!

Can You Really Make $9,8000 In a Week?

Listen to what I’m about to tell you very carefully.

Systems like these use hype words and false promises just to get you to buy.

And that is what’s happening with Voice Cash Pro.

I mean, they are promising you $550 in your first day of buying this system and implementing the steps!

Really if it was that easy, they certainly wouldn’t be selling it for $37.

They would just keep all their secrets to themselves if they were making a boatload.

But if you read between the lines, you will soon notice that the massive claims they are making are definitely not true.

The Red Flags

Why should you believe anything I have to say if I’ve got no proof to backup my claims that they’re running a massive lie?

Hopefully these red flags will open your eyes and help steer you into the light 🙂

Constant Lies

They do NOT have ordinary people making $9,800 per week using this system.

That is a tactic used to make you think “well, if ordinary people can do it, I am also ordinary so I should be able to do it too”.

The testimonials are also fake and have been found on various other scam systems around the web.

If this was so new and groundbreaking stuff, why is no one stepping forward to provide their own positive feedback?

Because it’s not so great after all and they’re paying actors to lie for them, that’s why.

The “secret”

If I had a dollar every time I heard one of these gurus claim they have the latest and greatest secret to making bank online, I would almost be a billionaire.

For some reason these gurus are always finding some “loophole” or “secret” that no one else knows about.

Well in fact, that secret is only making money with voice overs and it’s no secret at all, lots of people do it!

Getting rich quick

Get-rich-quick schemes simply do not work and getting rich isn’t even possible unless you win the lottery or something.

There’s literally no way of getting rich in a fast manner because if there was, everyone would be millionaires.

That is the sort of stuff Voice Cash Pro is trying to push onto their members.

They want you to think that if you buy this system, you’ll be making bank almost immediately and you won’t even need to try.

However, this is not the way this works because getting rich quick is not possible.

Price & Purchase Details

So to step foot in the door you’ll need to pay a fee of $37 first.

However, there is a $1 trial for those that don’t want to go all in just yet.

After that there are a swarm of upsells that people are ACTUALLY purchasing, because according to Clickbank, average $/sale is 44.

So do keep that in mind before you hand over your money that you might be paying more than you initially planned to.

And if you’re desperate to get out of the rut you’re in and don’t know where else to turn to, you’ll probably end up buying 1 or 2 of the upsells and being more out of pocket than you were before.

Fortunately there is a 60-day money back guarantee just in case you realize it was a bad idea after all.

Is Voice Cash Pro a Scam?

This is my opinion here.

After reviewing this product and reading what everyone else has to say about it, I have come up with my own conclusion.

Some might NOT call it a scam, but in my opinion Voice Cash Pro is definitely a scam.

They claim that people are using their system and making thousands of dollars in their first week, sometimes hundreds within the first day.

They lie non-stop, they hire paid actors to also lie for them about their earnings and they don’t give a damn whether you’re going to make money or not.

In fact, they only care about making a quick buck off of you until they get exposed enough and sales die down, then they’ll rehash the program, name it something different (often times similar) and then sell it all over again.

That is the cycle and extent these scam artists go through just to make a lot of money on the internet.

Now sure, earning 5 figures per month is possible but it doesn’t mean only scammers can make this income.

But more on that in a second.

Before we get to my personal recommendation, do know that Voice Cash Pro is a scam due to the many reasons outlined in this article and you should not believe them when they say you can make money today and thousands per week.


What I Recommend

As I was saying, you do not need to scam people to make money on the internet.

I actually blog for a living and I make a hell of a lot more money than any of my regular jobs were earning me!

I make well over 4 figures per month with the websites I create.

And I’m not even a great writer and never have been.

It’s just even more proof that literally anyone with a brain can do this thing full-time and have no boss to answer to IF they want it that bad.

Keywords are; if you want it that bad.

The ones that want it as bad as they want to breath are the ones reaching the success they desire.

Well enough of my rambling, what you need to build a real online business can be found in this article.

Thanks for your time and I wish you all the best in whatever venture you pursue 🙂

Overhyped and Full of Lies
  • Legitimacy
  • Earnings Potential
  • Growth Potential
  • Customer Service


Voice Cash Pro is all about doing voice overs to earn money. However, the claims of making thousands per week and hundreds in your first day are just lies and will never happen. You will not make this type of money with VCP so I would stay away at all costs.

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